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Expecting Rain

This page contains links that were on the front page in 1998.
The links are no longer guaranteed to work!

Thursday, December 31:
Dylan "celebrates" with Ventura Jan 16th, says Yahoo. Magnetic Poetry will be prominent.
Ventura Inauguration ball to be broadcast on NPR!

WannaBe is a new, small text-only web browser for Mac OS 7.5 and higher. Very quick!

Wednesday, December 30:
ISIS #82 is out. Subscription info.

Tuesday, December 29:
Unconfirmed Dylan Dates in Italy, Spain - at Bob Dates.

Monday, December 28:
Send Dylan postcards! from Dag's site, Shelter From The Storm.

Friday, December 25:
Visit Alibris for out of print and rare books. Here's a (slight) connection between Bob Dylan and Ally McBeal. :-)

Thursday, December 24:
Ask volunteer experts questions about Bob Dylan's music: Allexperts Music Q&A.
There is also a roster of experts at EDLIS.

Thursday, December 24:
Ask volunteer experts questions about Bob Dylan's music: Allexperts Music Q&A.
There is also a roster of experts at EDLIS.
Unconfirmed March 12, 1999 date in Ancona, Italy at Bob Dates. You can mail order U.S. tickets.
Latest inside rumours about January's new Apple products at AppleInsider.

Wednesday, December 23:
Charlton Heston item with slight Dylan content. (Gun control, Kennedy Honors.)

Tuesday, December 22:
Bob Dylan a likely performer at the Jesse Ventura "People's celebration", says The Nation.

Monday, December 21:
Last Dance at New York City's Rainbow Room.

Sunday, December 20:
Greil Marcus' introduction of Bob Dylan at the Lillian Gish award ceremony in 1997. One of several Dylan relevant pages at rolling, which I have been permitted to link to. Also check out their Dylan covers.

Friday, December 18:
New BDX by Gary Tausch.
Rolling Stone's Kurt Loder interview with Bob Dylan from 1987.

Thursday, December 17:
The Password - an interesting collection of Dylan links. (I know I have seen that picture before!)

Tuesday, December 15:
Voices of a Generation 2: Bob Dylan is an educational English radio programme, to be broadcast by Norwegian radio January 20th.

Monday, December 14, 1998:
January & February tour dates now confirmed! Dylan will tour with Brian Setzer.

(No links saved for July - November 1998)

Tuesday, June 16, 1998:
L.A. Weekly review of "Don't Look Back": In effect, Dylan and Pennebaker are playing with and trumping 30 years of rock-music movements that hadn't happened yet.
Monday's Rotterdam setlist and review.

Monday, June 15:
Sunday's Bremen setlist.

Saturday, June 13:
Four remastered Bob Dylan cds are scheduled for release in September 1998, according to the Sony Germany news (04.05.98) for their sales agents:

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan CD 32390
Highway 61 Revisited 	       460953-2
Blood On The Tracks	        467842-2
Oh Mercy		         465800-2

The "old" product will not be re-pressed if stocks run out.

Friday, June 12:
Hamburg setlist. Love Sick CD singles info and scan. Copenhagen review

Thursday, June 11:
Copenhagen setlist with lots of surprises and great performances!

Reviews of the Berlin, Malmø and Stockholm concerts.

Tuesday, June 9:
Setlist from Stockholm includes Every Grain Of Sand and more good stuff!

Sunday, June 7:
In Oslo tonight, we were expecting rain, but we stayed dry and kept warm. There is also Saturday's Malmö setlist.

Thursday, June 4:
New in the Who's Who: The Pope of Eruke. The Oslo concert on Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary since Bob Dylan started the Never-Ending Tour. Read Olof's 1988 file.

Wednesday, June 3:
Bob Dylan in the Time 100 Poll.

Tuesday, June 2:
CDNow has a $10 off offer until June 30th.

Saturday, May 30: lets you listen to The Lonesome River duet between Bob and Ralph Stanley. Buy it at CDNow.

Thursday, May 28:
From Deep Beneath The Waves, Xyx brings us reviews of a fresh bunch of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs.

Wednesday, May 27:
BDX "Visions of '66" by Bob Russell was unaccessible until the filename was corrected.
You can see it now. (You can also go to CDNow.:-))
One of my favourite Dylan songs (RealAudio from

Sunday, May 24:
Happy Birthday, Mr Bob!

Setlist from the last US show before the start of the European Tour.

Friday, May 22:
Setlist from last night - Bob played Restless Farewell, the one he did at the Frank Sinatra tribute in 1995.

New 2-CD by Ralph Stanley: Clinch Mountain Country featuring 30 different artists among them Bob Dylan on "Lonesome River". You can get it from CDNow.

Sunday, May 17:
Today's new BDX is called Checkmate Blues.

Read Dialing For Dylan, in which (among other things) Greil Marcus argues that Bob Dylan deserved the Nobel Prize for Literature more than winner Dario Fo did.
Rock legends bring out the boomers says the Edmonton Journal.

Vancouver May 16 setlist.

Bob's quote on the death of Frank Sinatra: "His music had a profound influence on me, whether I knew it or not. He was one of the very few singers who sang without a mask. It's a sad day."

Friday, May 15:
Vancouver May 14 setlist

Thursday, May 14:
OK, here we go: Vancouver Rage setlist.

Wednesday, May 13:
Bob Dylan will play at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark at the end of June.

Saturday, May 9:
TEN new UNofficial Dylan CDs added to the T-list.

Thursday, May 7:
An extra show on Wednesday 13th in Vancouver has been added! Details at Bill Pagel's Tour Dates page.

Wednesday, May 6:
While we are waiting for Bob to start his American West Coast tour in Vancouver on May 14th, the world is fairly quiet Dylanwise. So I'll put in a couple of notices:

The Danish Bob Dylan coverband Dylan Revisited will play a one time only tribute to the famous Budokan show(s) 20 years ago.
The concert will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark at "Vega" on May 24th 1998 at 20 pm. Tickets can be bought at "Vega" or ordered in advance by "billetNet" : +45 3888 7022.

The famous Dylan magazine The Telegraph is no more. But there are plans for something new. It will be called The Bridge, will be published 3 or 4 times a year, each isssue about 80 pages of A5 glossy paper. There will be articles, interviews, more Krogsgaard articles on Dylan's recording sessions, letters and photographs. Available by subscription only, it is estimated to cost USD 40 in the US, GBP 20 in the UK and GBP 24 in Europe and elsewhere.
If you are interested, contact this address for more information:
The Bridge, c/o Wardley Post Office, Wardley, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE10 8AT, ENGLAND.

Friday, May 1:
A new BDX by Nancy Hernandex in paper maché: BobDog
Three Years Ago, in May 1995, this was the news at this site.

Sunday , April 26:
Drugstore Cowboy is a new BDX.
A translation of a review of the April 4th concert in Buenos Aires.
The May - June tour dates are in place.

Sunday , April 19:
Willie Nelson's new CD Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer)is exclusively for sale on the Internet until its normal release May 12th. (More CD news further down on this page.) We have a new BDX, by KSC772.

Wednesday , April 15:
Images from Buenos Aires concert can be viewed here.

Tuesday , April 14:
Last night's setlist fromSão Paulo. A new BDX by Karen Hovland.

Easter Sunday , April 12:
Last night's setlist from Rio. My life is now at least one notch closer to perfection after I discovered Alistair Cooke's Letter From America transcripts on the Web.
Yesterday in 1961, Bob Dylan made his professional singing debut in Greenwich Village.
Tonight there is a full moon, and that means a new issue of Luna Kafé.

Wednesday, April 8:
Setlists from the Latin America concerts.
A new update of the great Barf List from Dan and his helpers.

Monday, April 6:
"What will happen to my collection?" The Not Dark Yet agency helps you find a solution.
A new BDX named Glare from Behind The Shades.

Saturday, April 4:
These Pages Were A'Changin: A look back on what was new at Expecting Rain three years ago this month.

Monday, March 30:
Visit the new EDLIS Parties & Gatherings Web site and plan get togethers with other Dylan fans from around the world in connection with your next Bob Dylan concert. Where you see a gap in plans help them out with advice on restaurants, bars, accommodation or anything else to improve the plans. You make EDLIS pages by YOUR contributions!

Sunday, March 29: Dylan article by Howard Cohen in the Miami Herald: Dylan's hot again, but was he ever not?

Saturday, March 28: Welcome to the Expecting Rain Book Corner, with Dylan selections.

Thursday, March 26: Van Morrison and Lou Reed to play at the Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo, Norway on June 6th, while Bob Dylan plays on Sunday, June 7th..

Saturday, March 21:
Deep Beneath The Waves #69 reviews seven new UNofficial CDs.

Friday, March 20: In Norway, tickets for Bob at the June 7th Norwegian Wood Festival go on sale Saturday the 21st at 0800 CET. Norwegian news items: Dagbladet VG

Thursday, March 19: CDNow offers $10 off (one order per customer). See other conditions.

Thursday, March 19: It seems the June UK tour is confirmed, with tickets likely to go on sale very soon; 20 - Newcastle Arena, 21 - Glasgow SEC, 23 - Sheffield Arena, 24 - Birmingham NEC, 25 - Manchester Nynex, 27 - Wembley Arena, according to Ken.

Wednesday, March 18: Scandinavian Dylan dates in June, according to Jan Semneby: 6 Malmö, Sweden - 7 Oslo (Norwegian Wood Festival), Norway - 9 Stockholm (Globe Arena), Sweden - 10 Gothenburg (Scandinavium), Sweden - 11 Copenhagen (Forum), Denmark

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys have finished recording a 2-CD bluegrass complilation featuring 30 different artists, Bob Dylan being one of them. Bob joins Dr. Ralph singing a rendition of "Lonesome River". The set will be out on May 19. (Say Melissa and Chad)

Monday, March 16: Susan Ross has added herself and the four Carols to the Who's Who, with the help of the Sunday Times, of course.

Sunday, March 15: Bob Dylan will play Florida in early April.
The Carolyn Hester album where Bob played harmonica on three songs: "Come Back Baby", "Swing And Turn Jubilee" and "I'll Fly Away", recorded on September 29, 1961 (the same day Robert Shelton's review "Bob Dylan: a distinctive folk-song stylist" was printed in the New York Times) is for sale at USD 9.99 from CDNow. (I get 5% credit if you buy via this link.)

Friday, March 13: Bob Dylan will tour with Joni Mitchell for 7 dates in May.
Read about the Anthology Of American Folk Music, important influence on Bob and others.
New BDX: "Time Out Of Newsweek" by Richard H.Berns.
Small changes and additions here: Not Dark Yet, Grammies, Don Ienner, Milwaukee Nov 12, 1997

Friday, March 6: A new BDX called "Face" is on show.
Sony Music Holland say that Time Out Of Mind will be the last Dutch vinyl pressing of a Bob Dylan album.
Three new UNofficial CDs added to the "T-list".

Thursday, March 5: After winning three Grammy awards, "Time Out Of Mind" has jumped from No. 122 to No. 27 in the US charts.

Tuesday, March 3: Bill Pagel has posted the latest tour information.

Sunday, March 1: RMD t-shirt transfer by Dee Locke available.

Saturday, February 28: The final issue (#56) of the Telegraph is out.

Saturday, February 28: Grammy Night was Dylan Night.

Saturday, February 21: "Not Dark Yet" CD single is out in Norway, Sweden.

Monday, February 23: Fairfax, VA setlist.

Sunday, February 22: Some new or revised entries in the Bob Dylan Who's Who: Blind Blake, Anthea Joseph, Judge Magney, Raquel Welch.

Saturday, February 21: Bristol, TN setlist. A new BDX by Sean Casteel. "Not Dark Yet" CD single is out in Norway, Sweden.

Friday, February 20: Kenneth Braaten from Båsmoen, where I live, won one of today's Olympic medals, in Nordic Combined. Elin Nilsen, in women's skiing, came in no 4 in 30 km, and she also comes from Båsmoen. Not bad!

Friday, February 20: Cincinnati setlist.

Thursday, February 19: "Time Out Of Mind" has just been voted the #1 Album Of The Year in the 1997 Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critic's Poll.

Tuesday, February 17: Plans for Parties and Gatherings around the present concerts.

Monday, February 9: Dylan convention in Manchester, 22-24 May, 1998

Tuesday, February 17: St. Louis setlist.

Friday, February 13: A new BDX, this time a ceramic relief by Jostein Lien.

Wednesday, February 11: Full moon tonight means a new issue of the Luna Kafé E-zine.

Saturday, February 7: A sketch by Gary Tausch in the BDX. Bob at a boxing match, see Marvin Hagler

Tuesday, February 3: Xyx's Deep Beneath The Waves # 68, reviews seven new CDs. - Springfield setlist. - 429 people clicked on the banner ad during the last two weeks. Thanks!

Monday, February 2: Newark setlist.

Sunday, February 1: The banner ad on this page leads to a place under Music, where you can vote for your favourite artist. Who might that be?

Sunday, February 1: Something's Burning, a new BDX by Rose-Marie Klintman.

Sunday, February 1: Taj Mahal setlist.

Saturday, January 31: Brookville setlist.

Friday, January 30: This site even has visitors from Papua New Guinea! so says the log.

Thursday, January 29: Sound clip of the Bob Dylan song"Legionnaire's Disease", recorded by the Delta Cross Band.

Thursday, January 29: Syracuse setlist.

Wednesday, January 28: Poughkeepsie setlist.

Tuesday, January 27: Some info on "Legionnaire's Disease". I will put up a sound clip by the Delta Cross Band later. Springfield show cancelled due to Bob being sick.

Monday, January 26: Boston reports.

Sunday, January 25: Boston setlist

Saturday, January 24: El Rey Playbill in the BDX. Boston setlist. February concert dates.

Wednesday, January 22: New York setlist from last night.

Wednesday, January 21: New York setlist from last night.

Tuesday, January 20: Not Dark Yet single to be released, says Sony Sweden
Report from the Dylan conference at Stanford.
The Digital Tradition database is at
Voices from the Dust Bowl at The Library of Congress.

Monday, January 19: Pictures from the Kennedy Center Awards.
New York setlist from last night.

Sunday, January 18: Don't Look Back review at TV guide.

Friday, January 16: David Reisman had a dream about Bob, see it in the BDX!

Thursday, January 15: Read about why I am trying out a banner ad on my site.
Thursday, January 15: Tuesday reviews, Wednesday setlist: Not Dark Yet.

Tuesday, January 13: Seven additions to the Barf List - A list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs.

Tuesday, January 13: Blackjack Davey has set up a Dylan Chat room: Highlands. Requires Java and took my Netscape 4.04 five minutes to reach before it crashed. Hope it works better for you!

Sunday, January 11: Isuko Nishimura has compiled discographies for Bucky Baxter, Larry Campbell, Tony Garnier, David Kemper and Winston Watson.

Sunday, January 11: More concert dates.

Saturday, January 10: Two new UNofficial CDs added to the bottom of the T-list.

Saturday, January 10: Watercolor, a new BDX.

Thursday, January 8: Bill Pagel reports on unconfirmed Brazil concerts in early March and the possibility of a European tour in late May and early June.

Thursday, January 8: Bob Dylan Conference at Stanford University on January 17.

Tuesday, January 6: Bob Dylan's "Time Out Of Mind" has received Grammy nominations for "Album Of The Year", "Best Male Rock Vocal Performance" and "Best Contemporary Folk Album".

Sunday, January 4: Bob Dylan resumes his tour in New London, CT on January 13.

Sunday, January 4: Shadowy Contemplation, a new BDX.

Saturday, January 3: Anthea Joseph died.

Saturday, January 3: Three UNofficial CDs reviewed by Xyx in Deep Beneath The Waves Vol. 67

Friday, January 2: Back at work for a new year, I woke up the old Mac at to redirect you people who blinked while I moved to this site. Funny thing: guests started rolling in right away, so I put up a small counter to see how many (including search engines) that still hang around there.

Friday, January 2: Swedish paper Västerbottenskuriren has an article about Expecting Rain. Look under "Nyheter" and then in the left column click on "Fredagen", then the 6th item, with "Dylanfans" among the Swedish words. Direct link. Good luck with your Swedish!

Thursday, January 1: MTV has a QuickTime excerpt of a Wyclef Jean video that features Bob Dylan.

Thursday, January 1, 1998: Picture of Bob with Mom at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Monday, December 29, 1997: New Who's Who entries: Michael Boshears, Carol Dennis, Howie Epstien (sp?), Eddie Freeman, David A. Noebel, Arthur Rosato.

Sunday, December 28: Remember The Dylan Atlas? It is alive and well at Panama Hat's place.

Sunday, December 28: Kennedy Center Honors described.

Sunday, December 28: Thinking Twice, a new BDX.

Wednesday, December 25: New picture here was borrowed from

Wednesday, December 25: The Gentle Harpist, a new BDX.

Wednesday, December 24: Setlists and reports from the recent Club tour.

Sunday, December 21: A score of corrections have been made to the T-list and related pages. Thanks to Lonesome Sparrow!

Saturday, December 20: Baby Bob, a new BDX.

Saturday, December 20: Setlists and reports from the El Rey Theatre.

Thursday, December 18: Peach Chat Room - in case the one below (The Grey Room) does not work.

Wednesday, December 17: DylanChat is gone; this URL (The grey Room)has been suggested as a replacement. I offer no guarantee, but suggest you try it out if you are among those left stranded (though you're doin' your best to deny it). Feedback welcome!

Tuesday, December 16: 4 titles added to the "T-list" of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs.

Monday, December 15: Setlist from the Metro in Chicago. David Bromberg helped out.

Sunday, December 14: 12 titles added to the "T-list" of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs.

Sunday, December 14: Non Dylan Content: Plan for the Preservation of Norwegian Sound Recordings.

Sunday, December 14: Setlist and review from the Metro in Chicago.

Friday, December 12: The old DylanChat server is down. I could not get the machine connected to the Net. Consider it permanently closed, I am sorry to say. I suggested people try a replacement at TalkCity last night, but it seems nobody had any good experience with that one.

Friday, December 12: Setlist and review from the Trocadero, Philadelphia.

Tuesday, December 9: Pay a visit to Fuzzlogic and their Luna Kafé e-zine!

Tuesday, December 9: Reviews of the Irving Plaza concert.

Monday, December 8: Washington Post article on the Kennedy Center Honors. See also John Lewis.

Monday, December 8: I had two Swedish journalists visiting me for about two and a half hours today. Their article about Expecting Rain will be printed and on the paper's web site some time during Christmas.

Thursday, December 4: Free Dylan Live CD in the US, details at

Tuesday, December 2: First day at the new address. Please send comments to

971110: Gadfly Magazine article on Dylan.

971109: Rhyme Out Of Mind - A poem in the BDX!

971109: A new Beneath The Waves review of Eyes Of The Idol.

971107: Greil Marcus: "Lost In America: Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind' Conjures Images of an Endless Highway"

971106: A German vinyl release of "Time Out Of Mind" is a bit late,
reportedly because the cover design will be altered or added to.

971105: A page of interesting News Items - Bob makes a video.

971104: Orange County Register Duke Robillard interview where he talks about working with Dylan.

971102: Tracy Johnson and Patricia West write:
We are currently working on a Bob Dylan book titled If You See Him Say Hello. The book is a compilation of stories and anecdotes from fans across the world who have made contact with Bob. Thus far, we have received contributions from Japan to New Mexico and are definitely in the market for more. All contributors will receive a free copy of the book upon publication. Contact

Chris Rollason reviews Greil Marcus' "Invisible Republic".

971102: A new Beneath The Waves review of

971102: Why..., a new BDX.

971031: Not Dark Yet performed in Columbus, Georgia!.

New Musical Express review of UK concerts.

A preview of the cover of Eyes Of The Idol, a new UNofficial CD.

971016: Bob Dylan was presented with the Lillian Gish Award this week, for making
"an outstanding contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind's
enjoyment and understanding of life."

971019: The Norwegian newspaper VG had a Dylan interview in their Sunday paper.

David Bowman reviews "Time Out of Mind" in Salon Magazine. With 792 K sound clip from Love Sick

The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers

I Want You, a new BDX.

Setlists and reports from the August tour.

Bob has talked on the phone to Edna Gundersen in USA Today.
He will play for the Pope in Bologna at the World Eucharistic Congress on September 27.
Dates in the UK early October have been announced.

On Sunday, Dec. 7, in Washington, D.C. Bob Dylan will be presented with the Kennedy Center Awards, together with actress Lauren Bacall, actor Charlton Heston, singer Jessye Norman and choreographer Edward Villella.

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Please disregard any references to that one on my pages.
My correct e-mail is karlerik at

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Expecting Rain