EDLIS Agents

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                  Good car to drive, after a war

Last updated: 2000.07.11

Several EDLIS Agencies have Web pages at Giulio's Bread Crumb Sins.

Sometimes you see old lists of some of the more public EDLIS agents,
but they are very unreliable and out of date. 

It is much safer to use an agent's @edlis.org address. If you don't
know the correct address, you do really, just guess. 

If you want the EDLIS Tapes agent you would e-mail


This is better than the old system. If an agent changes e-mail addresses
edlis.org changes the forwarding e-mail address, and you did not need
to do anything. Such addresses are easily remembered should you find 
yourself away from home on a strange computer with no address book. You
know all the agents addresses now! How many do you know individual
personal home e-mail addresses for, and how accurately can you remember 
them? And if the agent changes, or takes on an assistant, you need do
nothing, your enquiry goes quickly to someone. If the agent goes on 
holiday, in retreat, in hospital, or is captured by aliens, you are
not inconvenienced, the e-mail gets through to a responsible adult
(except for those six agencies run by irresponsible adults). 

The Bob Dylan Boot Data Base is a case in point. When Joe's new supplier
was bankrupted by his volume of use, those using that provider's e-mail
address for Joe got bounces for weeks. Those using


were redirected seamlessly to an old working address when the first 
bounce was reported. 

Which agencies are there you might ask? The answer is all. All the 
topics you can think of that are Bob Dylan related are covered. Just
compose the address and use it. 

And if you detect some aspect of Bob Dylan and his work not covered
well, then jump in and help. E-mail


and set out what needs doing... 

(Still wonderin' what might work? Want some examples? Topics like
interviews@edlis.org or youth@edlis.org. Names like ron@edlis.org
or joe@edlis.org. Areas linguistic or geographical like german@edlis.org
or new.zealand@edlis.org. Bear in mind that names like the.band@edlis.org
or elvis.costello@edlis.org may not go directly to the named being, but
may instead go to someone who has a pronounced interest in The Band
or Elvis Costello. Or not. As the case may be.) 

Well, my head's full of questions
My temp'rature's a-risin' fast.
But, I'm lookin' for some answers
But I don't know who to ask???

EDLIS - Death of an Agent, a eulogy for Ben Ryan.