The Bob Dylan Exhibition

The Bob Dylan Exhibition consists of art, drawings Dylan fans on the Net, and everything is published by permission.

      Lou Yanez - Monique Puppo - John Johnstone - Joe Butler     - Joe Butler     - Joe Butler - Fred Hosman - Noelia Marziali - John Uilenberg - Heri Hablick - Jo Stoyanov

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BDX's by artist

Ahab the Outlaw: Collage
Alesi, Jeanine: Dylan RS Cover, Dylan CD Cover 3, Dylan CD Cover 4, Dylan at the Microphone, Dylan 1966, Dylan 2001, Young Bob
Almeros, Ingemar: Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Postcard
Anonymous(es): Bobograph, Bobs, Plasterbob, Too Much, Untitled
Arendsz, Willem: Forever Young
Armstrong, Dave: Bob Dylan
Arnold1: Dylan at the Piano
Baker, Chris: Untitled
Beebe, Mark: Beebe
Baugh, Keith: Dylan
Bergdolt, Rolf: Bob as in 1966
Berns, Richard H.: Alias, Bob Dylan 1975/Blood on the Canvas, Time Out Of Newsweek Bob Dylan Newsweek Cover October 4th, 2004
Bertolotti, Carol: Highway Bob
Billups, Kata The Go-Go Girl Asked If His Shoes Were Gucci...
Bjerke, Vilde: Honeybee Bob (poem)
Bloom, Eric Scott: Dylan 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Borack, Ed: Mural in Baltimore
Botkin, Daniel: Motorcycle Black Madonna
Bourdon, Jim: Thief of Thoughts
Brefka, Dave: Parade, Harlequin
Burk, Michelle: The Man in Me
Butler, Paul: Bob Dylan
Butler, Joe: mr jones, chrome horse, Gates of Eden
Campagna, Mike: Watercolor submitted by Joy Munsey
Carter, Mark: Push Back The Clock # 1, Push Back The Clock # 2, Push Back The Clock # 3, The Sad Dylan Fans 1
Casteel, Sean: The Gentle Harpist, Glare Behind The Shades, "Do I Understand Your Question, Man?", Contemplation
Clements, Scott: HWY61
Coffey, James: Santa Barbara County Bowl, Aug 7, 1988
Cole, KIm: Charcoal Bob
Cook, John W Jr: The night passed away so quickly
crimmins, e: Dylan at concert for Bangla Desh, From a Ford Fiesta
Dare, Peter: Me & my Bobdoll
Davidson, Mattias: Drawing of Bob
Demel, Edit: Bob Dylan Painting #1, Bob Dylan Painting #2, Forever Young, Jokerman, Like A Rolling Stone, Mr. Tambourine Man, Señor, Worried Man, Dignity, Montage, Bob Dylan In The Fog, Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan-kockak
Dixon, Andy: Apocalypse Bob
Eken, Rode: untitled
Ellis, Mark: Bob Dylan, Positively Bob
Engelbrecht, John: Creature void of Form
Fall, C. Dylan-Petty at Farm Aid
Faresi, Paolo: All Along The Watchtower Black Diamond Bay
Fenner, Derek: Thunderbird Cafe
Fortier, A: Forever Young, Harvest
Fratangelo, Mike: In Dylan there is the Light
Freeman, Jason: Dylan
Gallagher, Peter: L'Etranger (Featured on the cover of World Gone Wrong)
Giecek, Ed: Back Pages
Grant, Stewart: Bob Quintet, The band 2004
Hablick, Heri: Bob, Bob
Hamman, Matthew: Untitled 1, Untitled 2 Untitled 3
Hatfull, Nick: Painting featuring Bob
Henderson, Carolyn: Jokerman
Henry, John: joker '81
Hernandez, N.: BobDog, Under The Red Sky, Heart of Mine - plaster 1993
Hinson, Trevor: Bob in Stanhope, Renaldo & Clara
Hochmuth, Hanno: Warhol Bob
Hopley, Narelle Miels: Angelic Bob
Hosman, Fred: Sustenance
Hovland, Karen: Tangled Up in Baby Blues, Sacred Throat
Hughes, Bruce: Bob Dylan
Jansson, Göran: 'Cross The Green Mountain
Johnstone, John: Bob Dylan
Kid Blast: Drugstore Cowboy, Checkmate Blues
Klintman, Rose-Marie: Santa Bob, Something's Burning, Tryin' To Get To Heaven, Pendulums swinging on chains
Kolsrud, Liv: Too Much
KSC772: Don't think twice. It's all right
Ledin, Christer: Sketch of Bob
Levi, Linda: Saved, Dylans, Self Portrait, Blonde On Blonde
Lien, Jostein: Troubadour
Locke, Dee: A Bobcat's 116th Dream, Baby Bob, Halloween Bob, Hearts Of Fire, I Want You, Rhyme Out Of Mind - poem, Standing In The Doorway, The Night Before Christmas, Thinking Twice, Why
Lopez, Diana: Emotionally Yours, Forever Young, Blonde 4, Bobness
Løvdahl, Christina: Dylan on a Good Day
McInroy, Jack: triumph
Marguerita: Untitled # 1, Untitled # 2, Dylans Downloaded - cartoon
Marziali, Noelia: Dylan
Matthews, Stephen: 6th Annual Zim-Art contest winner
Maxwell, Micheal: Covenant Woman
Meader, Gary: Dylan / Simon: The Wave, Half Dylan Face
Meyler, Dan: Blonde On Blonde
Miels Hopley, Narelle: Conference Weary
Miller, Jason: Something Right in a World Gone Wrong (poem)
Missen, MarieAnna: Times are a Changing
Moran, Jim: I want you (excerpt), Chimes of Freedom (excerpt)
Morgan, Gerald: Stirling, Loud Thoughts on Bob Dylan
Munks, PJ: American Icon
Murphy, Ryan: Hard Rain Revisited
Negroni, Giorgia: Blue Bob
Nugent, Andrew: Tangled Up In Blue
O'Neill, Bill: Pencil Sketch # 5
Ornstein, Michael: Rimbaud Bob
Paglia, Mike: Rolling Stoner
Pepper, Luke: Dylan
Pitsaris, Paula: Botticelli's Niece, Rolling Thunder Bob, Stuck Inside of Mobile, The Old Dance Hall, Peace Will Come
Pohl, David: Bob Dylan
Powell, Rich: Dylan's Death Trip
P.S.: Blues Wrapped Around My Head, Smoke Rings Of My Mind, Tangled Up In Blue
Prospero, AnnMarie: Mr. Tambourine Man
Puppo, Monique: Bob Dylan
Reisman, David: Alcatraz, Allen, Chaplin, Desire 1, Desire 2, Elvis, Following, Freud, Merchandising, Outdoor, Raul, Receipts, Requests, Stones, Union
Revier, Christine : Sketch of Bob, Bob and a couple of his friends, Zimmy, Bob's Tour 02, Another Picture of Bob, Forever Young, Biker Bob, Like a Rolling Stone
Rösell, Jorgen: they stone you when
Routhier, William: Bob '66
Rugoff, Gary: Chimes Of Freedom 1st Runner up of The 3rd Annual Zim-Art Contest
Russell, Bob: Visions of '66
Scamvougeras, Anton: Charlie Brown Celebrates Bob Dylan's Sixtieth Birthday
Schwachter, Jeff: Dignity's Never Been Photographed, I Used to Care, Million Miles, Down the Street the Dogs are Barking, Black & White Bob
Scrima, David: Trying To Get To Heaven
Sharratt, Alex: "Last Thoughts on Bob Dylan"
Shuman, Robert: Dylan Younger Still, Young Dylan, Still Younger Dylan
Silverberg, Steve & Marilyn: All Your Reindeer Armies Are All Going Home Zim-Art's 3rd Annual Grand Prize Winners
Smith, Melanie: The Real Deal
Smith, Roderick: Bobdoll, Dylan CD Cover, El Rey Playbill, Hypnotist Collector, Marionette, Memory of Isis, Postcard From Telluride, Roseland Program, A Simple Twist Of Fate, Postcard From Malibu
ST: Cowboy Angel Blues - CD cover, Eyes of the Idol - CD cover
Stoyanov, Jo: Bob
Tausch, Gary: Dylan 66 - Thank you, Sony, Sketch of Dylan
Teeboom, Daniel: You're gonna make mee lonseome when you go
Trumpy, Sigrid: Cafe Lena, To Erik, Live 1966, Tourbus in Portland, Two oil paintings
Totaro, John: In Bob we trust
Uilenberg, John: Dylan
Uriarte, Adriana: Drawing of Bob
Vaughn, C.P.: Mystery Tramp
Verspuij, Aart: Dylan/Utrecht 6/21/96 - 1, and 2
Vollers, Bill: Dylan-'67-8
Walking Mountain Range: Blonde On Blonde, The Unwritten Lyric
Wiegand, Robert B.: Alles Gute zum Gebertstag!
Williams, Dean: Harping, Water Color, Oh Mercy, Heroes, Tired (Busy Being Bored), Carry Weight, Detroit
Wilson, Brian: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Wolf, "Black Jack" Davey: Einstein
Zabriskie, Lyon: 10 000 Men
Zaran, Lisa: Charcoal Dylan, Bob as Art 3
Zim-Art: Mystery Zim-Art # 100 # 101, # 102, # 103, # 104, # 105, # 106, # 107, # 108, Best Zim-Art of All Time, Jokerman, Einstein, Sitting On My Watch, Ghost of Electricity
Yanez. Lou: Dylan Guitar
Åsell, Gunnar: BD 66