Honeybee Bob

Hi, Bob Dylan, wondering boy
I wrote a song for you
because you are something for me 
a boy who loves to be free
may be you arenŐt a God 
may be you donŐt teach me to see
but you have a face that makes vibrate
a string of love in me

you give people space and place
without regard to tongue or  race
amazing to get space
for you rich and poor are one
you have a great integrity
you burn your flame right to the core 
and sing your heart out, always more 
that love, Bob, is something for me 

no need to be admired
no need to have control
itŐs all about feelings
your rythm is pure energy
nothing can hold you back, Bob, 
if you can reach a soul
youŐre not afraid to fall
that freedom is something for me

when the world is stupid and crazy
and freedom is cast into prison
when people are deaf for those like us
you still have integrity, will to be free
your candle is blowing high in the sky
people can suffer, people can die
but people who want to fly high will last by
that freedom is something for me

May be youŐre a slow walker 
steady as a stone
lotŐs of people love you 
but you like to be alone
your face is like a window, Bob,
your face is honest, boy
sometimes itŐs filled with silence
sometimes itŐs filled with joy 

If freedom is honey, you are like a bee
Bob, lovelonging bee
whoŐre searching for honey in every tree
loneliness is what you often have found
but, lonely Bob Dylan,  you have found a sound
that sound is a rythm 
which makes people free
that freedom is something for me

Written by Vilde Bjerke

Reproduced with permission.
Expecting Rain