From: xyx
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 00:14:58 EDT

   The backlog of titles requiring attention was beginning to wear on me, 
so here is a "rushed" critique of what has transpired the past couple of 
months on the collecting scene......

   Tracks recorded in NYC for the LP on Sept 12, 16 & 23, 1974
Tracks: 10   Time: 52+   Source: Original Test Press   Quality: Superb

Here we have the legendary album as it was originally intended to be
heard, prior to Dylan deciding to re-record 5 of the tracks in Minnesota.
Carefully mastered off a clean, original test pressing, it has never
sounded better, IMO. Period! Anywhere! Listening to Idiot Wind is
an amazing experience, what with the keyboards FINALLY revealing
themselves honestly and without that WHOOOOOOSH and in much
greater detail than previously heard. This is a dynamic listening
experience, the only way to describe it is to say it's like listening in
3-D. The other 4 "original" NYC tracks are just as grand, with a scope 
and depth that's all new, at least to my ears. The album takes on a more
melancholic "tone"  when heard in this original incarnation - I'm not
saying it's better, only different (and just as mesmerizing and awesome
in its ambition). The sound is really something, far superior to what was
previously available. A beautifully done package,  including two rare and
contemporaneous photos gracing a booklet with the original, Grammy Award
winning Pete Hammill essay, plus some nice original artwork. The A&R
Studio label is reproduced on the disk itself and adds a grand final touch
to a first class and essential release. (Note: hold on to your Blood On
The Tapes, this does not supercede it. Two different animals, IMO).

A capsule summary of the latest in a dearth of recent live releases.......

CAN'T WAIT vol 2  1 CD (Essential Series ES 010)   
  Toronto, Canada,  Aug 7, 1997  (remainder of show on Vol 1)
Tracks: 11   Time: 67    Source: Audience   Quality: Very Good

The first 11 tracks of the excellent Toronto performance from last
summer (the remaining tracks can be found as bonus songs on vol 1
of Can't Wait, the bulk of which is the complete Scranton, PA '97 set).
In other words, the 3 disks of Vol 1&2 provide the complete Toronto
& Scranton '97 shows, plus a few other songs to boot. Anyway, back to
vol 2. An excellent performance (I always loved the tape) done justice
on this release, with upfront vocals and distinct and well-balanced music.

The superlatives have run dry for the summer '97 shows (in my book,
at least), but this one is up there (where oh where is Lenox, Mass.??).
One of the first gigs after the histo scare, Dylan delivers with energy and
enthusiasm from the opener here (Sweet Marie) to the raucous main set
closer Leopard Skin PillBox Hat. An incandescent OneTooManyMornings
graces the acoustic set (I'm on my fifth straight listen as I write this!!).
Dylan sings (and the band plays) with a verve and vigor that belies the 2+ 
month respite from the road. He had his mind made up............

Tracks: SweetMarie/IfUSeeHer/TMama/BabyTonight/Silvio/DontThink2X/

THE DAYS BEFORE HARD RAIN  1CD  (Colosseum/Wild Wolf 7605)
    Rolling Thunder Rehearsals, Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, FL
    April 1976 +  Ft. Collins, CO* rehearsals  22May76,  + demo**
Tracks: 17   Time:70    Source: Rehearsal mikes(?)/board  Quality: VG+

A voyeuristic look at the "loose as goose grease" atmosphere of a Rolling
Thunder rehearsal, & funky as all get out!! Nice quality with the vocals
clear, albeit just a bit in the background, and the music hitting a real
groove on some interestingly arranged versions of Dylan tunes. Of
particular note is the totally re-written and crazed version of Tangled Up
In Blue - you gotta hear that one. Most tunes performed whole, with some
fits and starts, and the groove never drags, coming through with a nice
sort of otherwordly,  Desire-like mystical feel. Dig it??  :-)   One nice
unreleased blues, The Sun Is Shining,  is included, plus the original
Spanish Rider demo of Seven Days. This one's a straight re-issue of the
original Scorpio on Wild Wolf but with a great new front & back cover and,
obviously, in the best circulating quality. Highly recommended.

Tracks: IThrewItAllAway/GoingGoingGone/CupOfCoffee/TomorrowIsA
           *: JustLikeAWoman/Tangled/SunIsShining  **: Seven Days  

ACETATES ON THE TRACKS 4  (Lost Recordings 64-94)  1CD
   (Habeamus Papam Records)  Various live/studio tracks 1984-1992
Tracks: 20    Time: 80+    Source: Studio/Audience/Board  Qual:VG to EXC

The 4th volume in the inaptly named acetate series (only 1 & 2 were
acetate sourced, and even then not all the tracks), providing a motley
assortment of cuts from various sources in overall damned good quality.
Among the 20 tracks are some live performances of rarely (if ever else)
played tunes that are indeed the highlights of the set. The tracks are so
diverse that I'll just list 'em all and let you decide whether it's your cup
of tea. I'll just add that the quality is exceptionally quite good throughout,
so if the quality of the sound is your concern, worry not.

Times (Real Live outtake 1984)
License to Kill (Amnesty, LA  6/6/86  board)
Shake A Hand (  same as above)
Had A Dream About You Baby (Mansfield, MA Great Woods 2Jul88 board)
Nadine (NYCity May 1988 soundboard)
Shelter From the Storm (Den haag, Neth  10Jun89  audience)
OH MERCY outtakes: SStar/GodKnows/DiseaseOfConceit/RTBells/
Water Is Wide (Dublin  3Jun89  audience)
Congratulations (Birmingham UK 7Jun89 audience)
Peace In The Valley (Frejus  13Jun89  audience)
HouseOfGold (Madrid  13Jun89  audience)
Crazy Love & It Stoned Me  (w/Van M.  Athens  29Jun89  audience)
I Believe In You  (Offenbach 19Jun91  audience)
Hazy Shade Of Winter!!!!! (Belfort, FR  2Jul92  audience)   GREAT!!!!

From: xyx Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 01:36:44 EDT To: Hi karl Erik, Here's 3 more. I have only 2 left but go with these if you will, I may not get to the others for a day or 2. Best - xyx WEEKEND AT WOLFTRAP 3CD (Scorpio ScBo 001/2/3) 23&24 Aug 1997, WolfTrap Performing Arts Ctr, Vienna, VA Tracks: 28 Times: 58/63/61 Source: Line Transmission Quality: EXC Both shows in their entirety from the wonderful WolfTrap gigs, taken from the hearing-impaired transmission. The first show is an upgrade from the show offered on "Back At WolfTrap," with a much more rounded and balanced sound, particularly on the low end. The mix is more "centered," with the vocals on even ground with the instruments (good or bad , though, depending on your taste. I STILL like the vocals on the "BAW" set - in your face and in all their ragged glory). No need to tweak the eq on the first show, it's a fine mix with fewer moments of "broadcast" distortion described in the "Back At.." review (see previous DEEP for a review of the performance of this incredible show). The second show takes another step up in sound, whoever taped this one really nailed it. The well balanced mix remains but the vocals are a bit more upfront and prominent on this show, which was another terrific performance. The acoustic tracks are amazing and every single pluck and strum comes through replete w/all the nuances and subtle touches intact. You wanna hear how the summer of '97 shows sounded, well, this is it. Japanese release. Nice gatefold, glossy slipcase w/cool "block" graphics house the 3 disks. These are certainly 2 keepers from the summer of '97. 8/23: SweetMarie/BlackCoat/TMama/RedSky/Silvio/StoneWalls/TMan/ Tangled/MemphisBlues/BlindWillie/LeopardSkin/LARS/Think2X/Alabama 8/24: SweetMarie/StayingHereWithU/TMama/Nowhere/Silvio/ RGambler/Tangled/Cocaine/RiverFlow/BlindWillie/H61/LARS/ForYoung/ RDW12&35 NOT DARK YET 2CD (Waveband 01/02) New London, CT 14Jan98 complete show (16) + NewYorkCity 16&18 Jan 1998 filler Tracks: 22 Times: 69/73 Source: Audience Quality: VG++/Excellent Quick and dirty analysis: the TOOM-heavy New London, CT show presented in exceptional quality. SIX, count 'em, 6 TOOM songs given an airing at this outing and the rest of the setlist is a killer, too, what with TIMES & LOVE -0 gracing the acoustic set and THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE thrown in for good measure in an unusual 16 song gig! What's not to like, eh? Bob and the boys are up to the task as usual - strong vocals and energetic backing on the rockers, tender and emotive on the "quieter" ones - as they work out the rust from a few weeks off and gear up for the Garden run. This show is a special one, make no mistake. Well selected filler tracks from the NYC run that followed puts this listening experience over the top. SIMPLE TWIST, the always elegant ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS and a superb slow, powerful JohnBrown are the highlights. This one's a keeper. Nice cover, too. New London: SweetMarie/NotDarkYet/ColdIrons/BabyTonight/Can'tWait/ Silvio/Times/Love-0/Tangled/MillionMiles/ThisWheel's/TilIFell/ LARS/DontThink2X/LoveSick/RDW12&35 NYC: 1/16 - STwist/One2Many/JBrown 1/18: DRow/Knockin' ALWAYS ON MY MIND vol 1 2CD (Exclusive Series ES011 1&2) Detroit, MI State Fairgrounds 29Aug94 + Konstanz, GER 3Jul96 Tracks: 19 Times: 72/71 Source: Audience Quality: Outstanding Another1994 release you say? An outdoor show in Detroit? Must be ho-hum, you think. Think again. This show is a pure joy to listen to. The sound is tremendous. Dylan's vocals jump out of the speakers in a real tour de force performance. If you did'nt know better, you'd swear it was a small club show. This is another example of why really, REALLY good audience recordings are preferable to line recordings. The guitar playing, both acoustic and electric, is tremendous (oh my, what playing on It Ain't Me Babe......and whaddya know, another amazing OneTooMany Mornings!!!). And what a jolt to hear that harp again (I should pull some other '94's out, you forget how good they were sometimes). Just a killer show all around with great sound!! The filler tracks are the last 5 cuts from the amazing Konstanz, GER show from 96 and feature members of the DaveMatthewsBand on all 5 cuts (3 of which are on our friend EYES OF THE IDOL), including the sax man on RDW12&35. All 5 cuts showcase BoydTinsley on violin providing some terrific accompaniment. The TIMES is simply magnificent from beginning to end, particularly Bob's inspired harp playing that wraps up this version for the ages. The first part of this Konstanz show will presumably be released sometime down the road as Vol 2 under this same title. Oh yeah, quality on the filler is most outstanding, to say the least. Detroit: Jokerman/IfNot4U/Watchtower/Pos4thSt/Tangled/RedSky/Mama YouBin/Masters/One2Many/GodKnows/InGarden/MFarm/ThinMan/AintMeBabe Konstanz: IllRememberYou/EverythingBroken/AGetaway/Times/RDW12&35 xyx
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