From: xyx
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 20:44:52 -0500

THE WICKED MESSENGER  2CD  (No label)  Hartford, CT 19 Apr 97 +
     filler - Indiana, PA  22 Apr 97 (1)  & Albany, NY 18 Apr 97  (7)
Tracks: 23    Times:75/78    Source: Audience    Quality: Sweet

  The first release from the wonderful Spring US shows and one that
in no way disappoints. My my, I thought I had a great tape of Hartford
but this is truly exceptional in the quality department - crispy,
crunchy sound, all upfront and in your face with nary an intrusion
from the crowd, which sounds way in the back. The only complaint
may be that it has a bit of that harsh, digital feel that tends to make
it come up just a tad short in the "warm & smooth" department, plus
I seem to be hearing a few dropouts (where the sound seems to swim
between the speakers) now and then,  but nothing major. Those critiques
are a stretch, though, so suffice it to say that only "old lady judges"
will complain. IMO, this disk sizzles and is well worth having. The
Hartford show was among the best of the Spring, with a great setlist
and an energetic and focused performance. You want rarities, you
got 'em - Not Fade Away, Rovin' Gambler (for then), I Want You,
Seein' The Real You, This Wheel's on Fire, PillBox Hat, Released. Add
to this the well chosen bonus tracks - Wicked Messenger from
Indiana, PA and a generous helping of literally half the Albany show
w/such treats as an excellent acoustic set of Devil/HattieCarroll/
MrTMan, plus a rollicking Tombstone Blues and lovely ForeverYoung -
so what's not to like?  23 different tracks in all and the quality is
consistent throughout the filler, no complaints there. This "no label"
label has done a bang-up job. A couple more like this, plus the eagerly
anticipated 2CD Spring compilation "(bathed in a stream of) PureHeat,"
and the Spring will be covered nicely.
Remaining Hartford tracks are: Watchtower/YouAintGoinNowhere/River
Flow/Silvio/Masters/Tangled/DontThink2X/RDW12&35. Albany: Thin

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