Expecting Rain.

These Pages They Were A-Changin'
May 1995

This page lists changes made on my other pages during a period in the past.
I have edited it to include only links that work.

Monday, 1 May 1995
Added Matthew Zuckerman's and William L. Harwell's posts about the Italian poet from the 13th Century. And a link on the BobSounds page, to The Captain James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page, with Mr. Tambourine Man! Added a New York Times review of Unplugged.

Wednesday, 3 May 1995
Ed's All Along The Watchtower expose, more on the Italian poet, more on the Unplugged editions, a mention of Om Kalsom, the coming newsgroup alt.music.the-band.

Thursday, 4 May 1995
The latest Townshend numbers for bootleg Cds, first published here! New concert date: 14 July in UK. More on the the Italian poet. More on All Along The Watchtower. Images of the Dignity Unplugged CD maxi single. (Warning! Large graphics!)

Friday, 5 May 1995
A preview of Sven Erick Alm's CD-ROM guide, to arrive on Monday!

Sunday 7 May 1995
Sound clip: Expecting Rain. "Special Thanks"on Unplugged. Sorted lists of unofficial CDs.

Monday 8 May 1995
USA Today Interview (with insightful annotations by Jules N Binoculas!)

Wednesday 10 May 1995
Added Part Two of story including Echo Helstrom. Added Sven Erick's CD-ROM database (Trouble with the internal linking). Added quote on Senor, from Ed. Will add pictures from Mark Hausman, and Dalis from Harpreet.

Thursday 11 May 1995
May tour reports, Tom Thumb, Concert pictures from Mark Hausman.

Monday 15 May 1995
Einstein disguised as Robin Hood added to Who's Who. Corrected an html error in many recent documents, hopefully this will improve things. (Thanks for pointing this out Sven Erick! My macro inserted /HTML instead of /HEAD at the top of new files.)

Friday 19 May 1995
I have rearranged the front page. There is new stuff on: Tiny Tim, monkeys, and Hurricane. Some new setlists from May.

Saturday 20 May 1995
Added Hamilton Camp discography from Ed. More May setlists. Someone please tell us about Wavy Gravy and Victor Maymudes! I added question about The Castle, but overwrote the file on Chaney County! Grrrrr. Fixed the Monkey layout. New statistics. 1323 visitors last week, up from 1130 the week before!

Sunday 21 May 1995
Wrote a short history About this server.

Monday 22 May 1995
Trinh Cong Son, "the Bob Dylan of Vietnam". 4th Street. Another Red Hook in New York State.

Thursday 25 May 1995
Noznisky, Shirley deserves a lookup, if you don't know of her already!
I gave the vandals the place they deserve in history!
Simplified the Who's Who page.
CD Plus to be issued!
More May setlists

Friday 26 May 1995
Law, Tom

Saturday 27 May 1995
Removed old page of Official albums, which had too many little thumbnails. New page: Official CDs
Found a backup of Chaney County (see 20 May). Who is Len Chandler?

Wednesday 31 May 1995
Added Black Diamond Bay to the Atlas. And Paul Campbell does not equal Pete Seeger.

Expecting Rain.