Expecting Rain.

These Pages They Were A-Changin'
April 1995

This page lists changes made on my other pages during a period in the past.
I have edited it to include only links that work.
Should I do this for the months that follow? Let me know if you think it's worth it. You can mail me at karlerik@monet.no
Monday 10 April 1995:
Removed warning about server being down over the weekend. Removed Dylan@Internet gif. Added this page. Added info on Joey. More tour dates and April reports. Mick Ronson and Phil Ochs info. Added Traveling Wilburys agent to list of EDLIS agents. Added Glasgow report. Added one sound in wav, Next and aiff versions.

Tuesday 11 April 1995:
Added new EDLIS Vinyl Boot agent.
Need more tour reports!

Wednesday 12 April 1995:
Added Craig's Brixton March 30 report.
Added Matthew Zuckerman's Dylan influences

Friday 14 April 1995
Added "Who is Bobby Gregg?" question.
Added Influences Tape Tree info.
Added Dublin 11 April setlist from Dennis Clarke.

Saturday 15 April 1995
Added two June dates to tour schedule.Received jpg of Supper Club ticket by E-mail from Keith Gubitz. Will find a home for it later!

Wednesday 19 April 1995
Too little time to remember: Emmett Till, April 30th,...?
Will soon put up a small Windows helper from Marc de Oliveira for the CD-ROM!

Friday 21 April 1995
Kyle's Parsons, Gram info. Links anyone?

Saturday 22 April 1995
New pages about tools for getting more out of the Highway 61 Interactive CD-ROM.

Drew log statistics. Highlights:
Number of accesses to the default page:
764 (over five days)
Visitor with most files accessed:

Most accessed pages:          
March tour reports 127
Tour schedule  96
Gifs 88
April tour reports 66
FAQ 64
Jokerman 62
Sounds 54      
Unofficial CDs 52
Albums 50        
Newsweek 41
Who's Who 49  
Colour pictures 36
Tape trees 28   
Atlas 27
SNL 26
EDLIS agents 26
Changes 25
Olof 1994  22
Sunday 23 April 1995
Added some images to the CD-ROM page, and made my own page, dedicated to myself! New page about the Unplugged CD.

Tuesday 25 April 1995
Added Belfast setlist.

Wednesday 26 April1995
Interesting article involving Echo Helstrom.
Added Ben's report from the March 29 & the March 30 concert.

Saturday 29 April 1995
Made new statistics for the last week (1177 visits!), and added link to Sony's video clips. Also added Jeffrey Blair's Unplugged review.

Expecting Rain.