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EDLIS Gathering Plans

From: shannon =================================== CINCINNATI GARDENS 2250 Seymour Ave. February 19, 1998 Cincinnati, OH LUNCHEON: 12:30 Kaldi's 1202 Main Street *this coffee shop/bar/restaurant/out-of-print bookstore/& music and poetry venue, is being offered up to all bobcat's thanks to Marty. Great way to spend the day- for more info email me at -OR- contact Marty at: Martin_Walker@mail.tmmn He will give you the low-down on the day's events. PRE-DRINKS: Pacific Moon Cafe 8300 Market Place Ln Montgomery- OH (513)891-0091 *According to Dignity, this place can't be beat. Over 160 entrees to choose from and an atmosphere to die for! APRES DRINKS: Back to Kaldi's, unless otherwise noted! 1202 Main Street *email for more information! -OR- contact Marty at: Martin_Walker@mail.tmmn ================================ VIKING HALL CIVIC CENTER 1100 Edgemont Ave. February 20, 1998 Bristol, TN LUNCHEON: 12:30 Tooties 1310 Virginia Ave. (423) 764-6215 PRE & APRES DRINKS: The Rail 300 Randall St. [Train Station Market Place] (540) 669-1085 *Supposed to be chalked full of charm and a great place for good eats and drinks. ===================================================== PATRIOT CENTER George Mason University 4400 University Drive February 23, 1998 Fairfax, VA LUNCHEON: Black Eyed Pea 3971 Chain Bridge (703) 352-0588 PRE & APRES DRINKS Vienna's Tap 146 Maple Ave. E Vienna, VA (703) 255-0800 *Because it's Sunday, most places close by 11 p.m. Make sure and call ahead to see if the bar/restaurant will be open past 11 p.m. ========================================================== ACIERO ARENA Bob Carpenter Center University of Delaware February 23, 1998 Newark, Delaware LUNCHEON: Little Elk Inn 434 W. Pulaski Hwy Elkton, MD (410) 620-0919 *Don't let the state fool you, it's only 8 miles from the University! PRE & APRES DRINKS: Jokers 216 W Pulaski Hwy Elkton, MD (410) 398-7551 * Great place and the name nearly says it all. Once again, this one is only 6 miles from the venue. =============================================== I hope everyone can make a gathering- it's a great way to meet up with others before and after the show(s). Also, don't be afraid to invite those sitting around you. They'll be happy you did. As with any gathering, call ahead to confirm places are open. And of course, have a great time at the show(s) ! Special Thanks to: Fred, Marty, Dignity, Don- and everyone else that helped with suggestions! Keep them comin' Soon there will be a webpage set up with the P & G information, plus ticket and rides info., and other general information. Once it is set up, I will makes posts to the newsgroup! Thanks for being patient. Peace to you all!!!! shannon