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A Sunday Times article of 15.March 1998 says Susan Ross is writing a book
about Bob Dylan's love life, herself claiming to have dated Bob Dylan for 10 years.
She also names four other women, all named Carol, that have either been married to, 
or even had his children.

Dylan's only officially known marriage was to Sara Lownds.

Carol I : After secretly marrying Dylan in the mid-1980s,
this backing singer is believed to have been pregnant with his
then sixth child.

Carol II: Dylan is said to have remarried during the
1980s, this time having two or more children.

Carol III: Also during the 1980s, he is supposed to have
had an affair with another of his backing singers, allegedly two
children resulted.

Carol IV: Ross says Dylan is seeing a fourth woman who
lives in California and is in her late thirties.

You are referred to these Carols in the Who's Who, with no
assurances whether any of them are identical to the Four Carols:

(2001:) Actually, most or all of the above could be Carol Dennis.


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