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Hagler, Marvin

Date:    Tue, 8 Apr 1997 00:20:37 +0100
From:    Ben Taylor (bptaylor@LAGUNA.DEMON.CO.UK)
Subject: Re: DESIRE REVIVAL???

Alan Myers  writes:
>I saw Bob in NJ at the Meadowlands in 86, and recall that someone in the
>audience called for Hurricane.  I don't remember the exact words used,
>but it seemed to me that Bob was not pleased.  He spoke back to the
>audience saying something indicating he had no intention of playing that
>song in the state of NJ after what was done there to Hurricane Carter.

Before "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine" 21 July 1986, East Rutherford,
New Jersey:

   OK. Song about St. Augustine, a martyr, real martyr. What hurricane?
   You should say that. Come on now "Hurricane"? Are you from the
   States? Do you know what this State did to Hurricane? Don't talk to
   me about Hurricane. You got some people here who don't like him.
   Marvin Haggler he's OK though. Right? Yeah, ha ha you get it straight
   first then I'll get it straight.

   [Source: DylanBase]

Who is Marvin Hagler?

From: Richard Hart (HART11@AOL.COM) Subject: Re: Hurricane and Marvin Hagler Date: 10. april 1997 14:41 In response to Ben Taylor's query re: Marvin Hagler, Marvelous Marvin Hagler was middleweight champion of the world at the time of Dylan's comments regarding not performing "Hurricane" in New Jersey. Hagler lost his fight via what many consider a controversial decision to Sugar Ray Leonard. In an e-mail to Ben (because Ben is from the UK), I mentioned, also, that Hagler won the title by destroying Britain's Alan Minter. Hagler had to be escorted from the ring after the fight, because angry fans (with no reason to be angry; Minter was no match for Hagler--I think the fight was stopped after 4 rounds) threw cans and chairs into the ring. By the way, there is a film clip available of Dylan at ringside at one of Sugar Ray's fights. Does anyone know which one?
From: "GARY GALBRAITH" ( Subject: "Bob Dylan Who's Who" : Marvin Hagler Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 01:24:05 -0000 Further to Richard Hart's posting (10/4/97) on the Marvin Hagler section of "The Bob Dylan Who's Who", he mentions Dylan's appearance at a Sugar Ray Leonard fight and asks which one. The fight in question was the Leonard - Donny Lalonde fight at Caesars palace,Las Vegas in November 1987. Lalonde,the reigning WBC Light-Heavyweight champ was a big Dylan fan and was quoted as saying he played Dylan tapes for inspiration whilst in training. He sent Dylan tickets for the fight but sadly for him was knocked out by Leonard in nine rounds..if you watch the slow-mo replays of the final knockdown of the fight (taken from a different camera angle than that used for most of the fight) you should be able to make out Dylan,a few rows back,stretching for a better view.. Bob's not right in front of the camera during the fight as many publicity-hungry celebrities tend to you won't see him during the course of the bout..only when a different camera angle is used as he seems to be off to the side a bit. Gary

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