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Someone Said:

	...As I grow, ahem, more mature, I start to wonder what will happen
to my Dylan collection when I, as it were, shuffle off this mortal coil. 
None of my immediate family or likely heirs shares my obsession with
Bob, and I can't see that any of them would be delighted to inherit
several hundred cassettes, CDs, books, magazines, etc.  Nor would my
local University Library exactly be delighted by the donation of
several hundred hours of illegal recordings.  Have any other members
of rmd considered their mortality in this light?  Any suggestions?

S.S. (who has no intention of dying just yet, don't all rush at once).

Anyone wanting to discuss this seriously in the privacy of e-mail can seek advice from Seriously. They have eminent archivists, lawyers, and other such souls standing by.

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