From: xyx
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 20:53:02 EST

TAILGATES & SUBSTITUTES  2CD  (No label-TS1 & 2) Bournemouth,
    UK 10/1/97 + filler same venue  10/2 (8 trax)
Tracks: 23   Times:         Source: Audience    Quality: Very Good(+)

   Complete show from Bournemouth opening night in the UK, nicely
filled out w/8 tracks from the next night. Very, very good recording
quality - crisp, clear vocals, distinct instrumentation, and well
rounded sound. Ditto for the filler tracks, which IMO may even be a
tad better sounding overall.  Notable for being the debut performance
of a TOOM track - of course, if you're reading this you know it was
"Love Sick." 
   Dylan picks up where he left off in September, kicking it into a
high gear right from the opening bell (Sweet Marie) and giving the
Brits a shot of atmospheric foreboding (Black Coat), a raw and well-
seasoned rarity (Tough Mama), country stomp (Nowhere), and the usual
stabs at guitar god-ness (Silvio), before launching into a "fireside
chat"-like acoustic set of Cocaine, Tangled & T'Man. A rootsy and
beautifully rendered Blind Willie precedes a wildly emphatic H61
and LARS is  reined in a bit and given a nice, punchy reading. A kick-
up-your heels Don't Think Twice is next and then the crowd starts
buzzing when the opening chords of "Love Sick" are recognized. Man,
this tune is sooo much better live than on the record. RDW closes
things out but the festivities are not over, as the filler trax take 
things to another level - melodic Staying Here With You, a slow and
bluesy Lot to Laugh,  twangy Rovin' Gambler.  The highlight comes
next with a truly sublime Love-0, quicker and a bit heavier than 
in the past (remember the spoken '92 version?) but a wonderful
rendition of a most elastic tune.  Goosebump material, with some
great picking and Bucky coloring it all in with some of that ringing
keyboard sound he gets from the steel. God Knows, This Wheel's,
Pillbox and It Ain't Me Babe all shine just as brightly - not a tune
here that isn't played with great conviction and purpose.

April 1963, Carnegie Hall and 26 Oct 1963 - New York City, NY
Trax: 9     Time: 49    Source: Original Acetate    Quality: Excellent
   Well, you Dylan fans who were disappointed in 1963 when Columbia
canned this album, your 34 year wait is over.  The album, just as it
was originally intended, is within your grasp. Complete with a color
glossy reprint of the original intended cover (beautifully reproduced
picture of Bob on stage wearing brown jacket, jeans, boots and work
shirt, the ever-present harp rack & strumming a guitar, alongside a
stool with an open notebook - A CLASSIC SHOT from above the stage),
replete with the "STEREO 360 Sound" at the top and the old Columbia
logo in the left top corner, plus a gorgeous color shot on the back cover, 
PLUS an unseen b&W pic of Bob and Suze on the inside booklet and
one of Bob alone on the back booklet, PLUS 2 original ads for each of the 
venues, PLUS a long essay by Bob called "Blowin' In The Wind" (or 
"Busted") that is vintage early 60's Bob wit and keen insight and 
written in that inimitable fashion - whew! Bottom line - the classiest, 
most attractive and best put together single CD package that these eyes
have ever seen - and we ain't even talked about the music yet.  

Ahhh, the music - this does for 1963 what "All Hallow's Eve" does for 1964,
"Now Is the Time For Your Tears" does for 1965 and "Guitars Kissing"
does for 1966 - Dylan at his best in 1963 singing tunes that had not,
and would not, grace any of his official albums (except*). Songs of wit,
candor and insight that would have caused, had the LP been released, as
much mixed-up confusion and study as the classics that followed. 
Taken from an original copy of the acetate and in sharp, cutting, full bodied
and TRUE quality, the best to date of this material (save "Last 
Thoughts....",  since officially released on TBS1-3):

Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie
Lay Down Your Weary Tune
Dusty Old Fairgrounds
John Brown
When the Ship Comes In*
Who Killed Davy Moore
Percy's Song
Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
Seven Curses

 presented 34 years after the fact, and packaged in a way that 
 would have done 'em proud had it been issued like this in1963.  

ACETATES ON THE TRACKS 3  1CD  (Howlin Wolf BDAT03)   Various trax
Trax: 15   Time: 74   Source: Studio/Aud/SBD/Test  Quality: VG+/Exc
Let's get one thing straight, these tracks are not from acetates.
Having said that, this is a collection of wildly unrelated but nicely
selected tunes, presented in chronological order from '74 to '82.
A myriad of sources has been used, I feel it best to just run down
the tracks and let you decide if they are for you. The one "notable"
inclusion is the only live performance of Caribbean Wind. I believe all
the other trax are available on other disks (save for the live '79/80
offerings - Dr. Jibe, a bit of help??), although the quality on here seems
at least as good and, in some cases, better.

1) Lily & Rosemary - from BOTT original test pressing
2) Hazel - Last Waltz (not included on official album)
3) The Water Is Wide - ShangriLa sessions w/Clapton 1976 - excellent!
4, 5) Stop Now 1 & 2 - Street legal outtake previously available only
       on the Genuine Bootleg Series 1 & 2
6) Don't Ever Take Yourself Away - Shot Of Love outtake 1981
7) Precious Angel - audience live  6 Nov 1979 San Francisco
8) Saving Grace - audience live  6 Nov 1979
9) Caribbean Wind - audience live  12 Nov 1980  San Francisco
10) Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody - audience live 17 Nov 80 S.F.
11) Magic - '81 Shot of Love outtake (previously on GBS 2)
12) Heart of Mine -'81 Shot of Love outtake
13) Jokerman - Infidels session alternate version 1982
14) Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight - Infidels alternate version
15) Tangled Up In Blue - not listed on cover. Excellent quality live
      version from Rolling Thunder. I believe this is taken from the
      video used to promote BIOGRAPH in 1985.

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