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This page contains links that used to be on the front page.
The links are no longer guaranteed to work!

Friday, December 31:
12 Discs That Shaped the '90s - (Philly Inquirer) (link found by Len Colner)
Elliott Documentary To Be Screened At Sundance - (Billboard)
George Harrison Stabbed by Intruder - (NT Yimes, requires registration) (link found by G. Bassen)

Thursday, December 30:
Danny O'Keefe Enters Millennium With New Album On Miramar Recordings - (Business Wire) "Well, Well, Well," co-written with Bob Dylan
George Harrison stabbed - (BBC) (news found by Jay Spiegelman)
Former Beatle George Harrison hospitalized after stabbing - (CNN) news.
A Lot Of Nerve - (Guardian) (link found by Robin Haylett)
Dylan Quotations, Per Lindgren's new site. Be an early visitor!

Wednesday, December 29:
Macster and Napster for Mac and Windows help people share their mp3 files across the Net.

Tuesday, December 28:
Nordmann på jakt etter Bob Dylan - (Drammens Tidende - Buskerud Blad) (Norwegian) (TV2 Wed at 1930) (link found by Land Of The Midnight Sun)
The poetic life of Mr. Zimmerman - (About Stephen Scobie.) (Globe and Mail) (link found by Chris Skelton)
Albums of the century - (Dagbladet) (Norwegian)

Monday, December 27:
Bob Dylan is on the Time 100 list of Artists & Entertainers of the century.
(Page loads a short sound clip of "Like A Rolling Stone".)
Hurricane Carter Lives to Tell the Tale - (Yahoo) (link found by Otto Thompson)

Counting Spies - (Salon) - Numbers stations
Short Wave Espionage

Records of the Century - (Aftonbladet) (Swedish)
To Ramona (RealAudio) at, taken from Don't Look Back, which will be rereleased on VHS and DVD Jan 4th, available from

Best of '90s - (LA Times)
Rummaging Through Peter Schickele's Records - (NY Times)

Sunday, December 26:
Will We Ever Get Over Irony? - (Newsweek) (This century's other most influential poet...)
TURNING POINTS OF A CENTURY: Pop Music - Putting It On the Record; The Advent of the Phonograph Signaled Sound Waves of the Future - (Washington Post) (found by Otto Thompson)

Christmas Day, December 25:'s Rock Years: 1975 - (
So, what's the Dome really like? (Dylan quote among financial aphorisms) - (This is London)

Friday, December 24:
Artists of the Century - (Aftonbladet) (Swedish) (link found by Mattias Davidsson, Pelle, Steffe & Micke)
And the winner is.... : Dylan är bäst!!
Storm of the century - (Salon)
In the Eye of Hurricane - (NY Daily News) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)

Thursday, December 23:
Dylan writes a track for Danny O'Keefe - (Business Wire)

Wednesday, December 22:
Vote: Who Was the Biggest Entertainer of the Century? - (MSNBC Poll) (link found by Alex Leik)
11-13-99 Alabama Getaway (RealAudio) - ( (link found by Erik Belmal)
Vienna 30.4.99 Mp3s available for download.
Champaign, Illinois - (mp3 & info)
Abschied von Rick Danko - (Basler Zeitung) (German (language, I mean)) (link found by Thomas Erle)

Tuesday, December 21:
Den elektriske poet (Highway 61 all time #2) (Aftenposten) (Norwegian) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
Under The Red Sky - (John D. Williams)
Order Song & Dance Man III : The Art of Bob Dylan, from the author Michael Gray, and signed by him. It seems Amazon has misleading info about availability, and they definitely don't sign the books, so I recommend ordering from MG.
First look by Jim Linwood - (

Monday, December 20:
Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few - (Dylan covers om mp3)
Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan
Dylan and the Pope short RealVideo for download.
Hank Snow died today at 85.

Sunday, December 19:
In Seattle today at noon, the 7th Annual Bob Dylan Holiday Choir, on 4th Ave @ Pine,
under the fountain in Westlake Park (Seattle). Contact: Sinus Rob, 206 322-6834
Joni Mitchell - In Her Own Words - (last paragraphs) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Bob Dylan - In Own Words - (link found by Arthur Louie)

Saturday, December 18:
The Year in Music - (CityBeat, Cincinnati) (link found by John Zureick)
Radio show with Natalie Merchant, Rick Danko & Pete Seeger - (streaming mp3) (link found by Pelle)

Friday, December 17:
"Don't Look Back" DVD, VHS, Laser Disc release on Jan 4, 2000 (NTSC Region One = USA), at
DVD has commentary by director D.A. Pennebaker and tour manager Bob Neuwirth, an alternate version of the famous "Subterranean Homesick Blues" cue-card scene, and five original audio performances not included in the film.
It Ain't Me, Babe, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, To Ramona and Love Minus Zero / No Limit.
Bob Dylan Man On The Road The Never Ending Tour 1988-1999 from

Thursday, December 16:
Family, friends pay tribute to Band's Danko - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Mike Willys)
Death of a neighbor - (Des Moines Register) (link found by Pat Bauer)
Recalling a Free Spirit of Woodstock - (NY Times) (link found by Jonathan Katz)
Danko "Bigger-than-life" - (Woodstock Times) (link found by Jonathan Katz)
The Bridge - Issue # 5 just out. Contains Part 7 of Michael Krogsgaard's Recording Session information (1984 -1985).
Rick Danko memorial service - (RadioWoodstock) (link found by Jonathan Katz and Dag)
In the January 2000 issue of ACOUSTIC GUITAR magazine an article about Gordon Lightfoot mentions "And there's talk of a Lightfoot tour in 2000 with Bob Dylan". (found by Hodah)

DVD: Antonio Gaudi directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara
Book: "Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter", also from

Wednesday, December 15:
BARF update with 7 revisions and additions (A list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs).
NPR List of century's top music creators includes Gershwin, Dylan - (Canoe)

Tuesday, December 14:
Paul McCartney live at the Cavern Club tonight - RealAudio or Windows Media Player
Paying tribute to Danko - (Canoe) (link found by Bob Meyer)
'Catch-22' Author Heller Dies at 76 - (Yahoo)
Without "Catch-22" it's hard to imagine Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Slaughterhouse-Five," films such as "Dr. Strangelove" and "MASH" and songs such as Bob Dylan's "Clothesline Saga" and Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant."

Monday, December 13:
Rick Danko 1942 - 1999 - (Official Press release) (link found by Harri Huhtanen)
A list of celebs who had something extremely non-obvious in common - (go to Thu, Dec 9, 1999) (RobotWisdom) (link found by Arthur Louie)

Sunday, December 12:
The last Rick Danko interview - (Allmusic) (link found by z)
Peter's Rick story in the Who's Who.

Friday, December 10:
Rick Danko, Bass player of the Band, died in his sleep Friday morning.
Original Band member Rick Danko dies at 56 (CNN)
The Band Musician Rick Danko Dies - (Yahoo)
The Band's Rick Danko Dead - (E!online)
May you rest in peace (
Thanks to many who alerted me to this sad event while I was away in Oslo.

Tuesday, December 7:
Dylan meeting,12/11-1999 on Two Dogs Pub (what went down) (Norwegian)
Never mind peace in Ireland - what's that camera? (product placement) - (Guardian) (link found by Tiernan Henry)

Monday, December 6:
The top minds of the 20th century - (USA Today) (link found by jlaw)
Michelangelo is in, Chubby is out (Book: 100 years, 1000 people) In hardback and paperback.

Precious memories (The Guardian) (link found by Nick Jordan and Tiernan Henry)
Fiona Banner on her silk screen installation based on Don't Look Back.
Reader's correction: Fiona Banner is mistaken in thinking that the film of Bob Dylan performing Subterranean Homesick Blues at the beginning of the film Don't Look Back was shot in New York (Precious Memories, December 4). It was filmed in Savoy Hill, London. (
"Don't Look Back" DVD, VHS, Laser Disc release on Jan 4, 2000:

Sunday, December 5:
WTO Protests Calm Down - (AP) (crowd sang Bob Dylan anthem, "The times they are a-changing")
'The Hurricane' Original Soundtrack Features Bob Dylan Classic - (MCA Press Release)
"When Singers of Their Own Songs Record Others«" - (New York Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)

Thursday, December 2:
"Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes" by the Cowboy Junkies contains a version of "If You Gotta Go, Go Now". At
Stars send E-mail directly to fans - (USA Today/Associated Press) Alan Fraser and Roger McGuinn.
Bucky Baxter starts his tour tonight, in Creede, CO (follow Tour News link),
and signed copies of his CD are now available (click on "Most Likely, No Problem").

Wednesday, December 1:
Sony releases Super Audio CD (SACD) of "Blonde On Blonde", see Acoustic Sounds, then follow the SACD link on the left.
Grammy boxes up hits for holiday set (includes Dylan's "Cold Irons Bound") - (CNN) (link found by Thomas Erle).
Buy at

Tuesday, November 30:
At 80, Pete Seeger Still Practicing What He Preaches - (Washington Post) (link found by Otto Thompson)

Monday, November 29:
Doug Sahm cover story - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by SVC)
New Phish 6-CD box "Hampton Comes Alive" includes "Quinn the Eskimo".

Sunday, November 28:
A new Mystery Zim-Art in the BDX.
1000 Mourners Attend Doug Sahm's Funeral - (CDNow) (link found by Otto Thompson)
Long ramble on the tours and audiences by Frinjdwelr (DejaNews). Interesting analysis.
The 100 Best Albums of the Century - (WFUV) (link found by Mel Hausner)

Saturday, November 27:
December 99 issue of GQ magazine --Matt Damon on cover-- features an article about Ruben "Hurricane" Carter. Includes a picture and several Dylan references.

Friday, November 26:
Finally, some new UNofficial CDs are reported to appear in the UK, after a long drought. Check the bottom of the T-list.

Thursday, November 25:
Dylan Pokemon joke - (Sacramento Bee)
"Let the white guys sing!" - (Salon) (link found by Dane Strom)
ÇTexas TornadoÈ ist tot! - (Basler Zeitung), Texas im Herzen, die Polka im Blut (Det Standard) (in German) (link found by Thomas Erle)
Bob Dylan and the Never Ending Tour Band - new site opens!
From Bakhåll in Sweden, a bilingual Swedish-English edition of Tarantula, including a 12 minute bonus CD with Klas Burling's Dylan interview from 1966. Available from December 6, at SEK 225 plus postage.
This month's issue of Vanity Fair has a pull-out section called "Icons of Rock--Fifty Years of Rock 'N' Roll". On page 13, there's two sentences about Dylan, and one picture on page 15, under which a caption reads, "Bob Dylan in his noir phase, photographed by Daniel Kramer at New York City's Lincoln Center, 1964." (Thanks to Dane Strom)

Tuesday, November 23:
Daedalus Books has a very good price on Clinton Heylin's book "The Recording Sessions (1960-1994)". (List: $24.95, Sale: $6.98) Use the Quick Find box to find it!

Sunday, November 21:
Newark setlist.
Larry Campbell web page by Joy.
Sheryl Crow & Friends : Live In Central Park, out Dec 7th includes "Tombstone Blues" finale.

Saturday, November 20:
Atlantic City setlists and comments.
CONCERT REVIEW: Bob Dylan at Cornell University - (Campus Times)
Sahm: pure San Antonio - (San Antonio Express-News)

Friday, November 19:
Amherst setlist.
Bob Dylan Invites Susan Tedeschi To A Gig - (CDNow) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
Susan Tedeschi CDs: Better Days - Just Won't Burn

Doug Sahm obituary - (Nando Times)

Thursday, November 18:
Durham setlist.
The day Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue unwound at Mama Frasca's Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA - (berkshire music pages) ( link found by Ron Mura)
2 Bob Dylan fans found dead in motel, evidently from drugs - (Bergen Record)

Tuesday, November 16:
Superstar agent dead at 35 - (Variety)
Nat Finkelstein "Andy Warhol: The Factory Years, 1964-1967" by Greil Marcus - (Salon) (link found by Kaiya)
Step forth from the shadows - pictures from the book.
Ithaca setlist
Long-time Dead man's fans were Grateful for Dylan, too - (Boston Herald) (link found by TomBaseB)
Friends bring out the best in Bob Dylan - (NJ Star-Ledger) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
The Bob & Paul Tree

Monday, November 15:
Dylan, Lesh take audience back - (Telegram & Gazette Online) (link found by Steve Lynch)
Lesh has lots of 'friends' playing the Dead - (paper) (link found by William)
Worcester setlist with "Highlands".

Sunday, November 14:
The Bridge site has been updated.
E. Rutherford setlist
Behind The Seams - (N Y Times) (link found by Faith Hartzler)

Saturday, November 13:
Et portrett av Bob som ung mann - (Dagbladet) (Norwegian) A rewrite of the 1966 interviews.

Song & Dance Man III : The Art of Bob Dylan by Michael Gray out at the end of November 1999 in
hardcover, paperback or Limited Deluxe hardback signed by Michael Gray
Man Gave Names to All the Animals illustrated by Scott Menchin, words by Bob Dylan, out November 1999

Baltimore: Dylan hits right note - (SunSpot)
Rabbi rocks U. Maryland - (U-Wire)

Wednesday, November 10:
There will be no updates here until Saturday, I'll see you then!

Philadelphia setlist
The Dead in Afterlife, And a Dynamic Dylan - (Washington Post)
HMV, Channel 4 and Classic FM poll Music of the Millennium - (New Musical Express) (link found by Sean McArdle)

Newsweek recommends the remastered Street Legal,
The dense, passionate 1978 album, remixed so you get the words and hear -yes- a master singer's every nuance.

Tuesday, November 9:
Baltimore setlist
Crossroads - A page that focuses on when Dylan went electric in 1965 and the World Tour of 1966.

Monday, November 8:
Dylan tangled up in Web blues - (The National Law Journal) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)
Dylan på torsheimsk - (Dagbladet) (Norwegian) (link found by Jahanne)
"I sing as bad as Dylan", says Oddvar Torsheim, who will release a Dylan CD in New Norwegian next year.
Do those lawyers have the time to take on yet another case?
Hip-Hop Artists Put Own Spin on Dylan Classic - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Mark Peterson)

Sunday, November 7:
Penn State setlist
Larmen og vreden - (The Sound and the Fury) 100 essential rock albums, Dylan on the cover. In Norwegian.
By the same author (or one of them): Den nye Dylan (The New Dylan)
What was Bob doing before MacCPU? - (No Dylan Content)

Saturday, November 6:
Suzie Rotolo in Rock Wives, out of print but available from alibris.
Troubles aside, tour enlivens Dead guitarist Lesh - Dylan picture (Tribune-Review) (link found by Otto Thompson)
Today's new BDX is a cartoon by Mark Carter, taken from the Freewheelin' Journal.
There will be a new cartoon from Freewheelin' in a month's time.

Bob Dylan Man On The Road - The Never Ending Tour 1988-1999. In English and German, out now at

Pittsburgh setlist
The 4 CD Ultimate Grammy Box contains Bob Dylan's "Cold Irons Bound". Out Nov 16.

Friday, November 5:
Bucky Baxter will be travelling down to Birmingham, Alabama for a couple of guest appearances this weekend. On Friday, November 5th, Bucky will join the Kudzu Kings at Zydeco's (2001 15th Avenue South 205-933-1032). And then be sure and stick around for Leftover Salmon who will be appearing Saturday at the Five Points Music Hall 205-322-2263 because Bucky will be making a special guest appearance.

Thursday, November 4:
Columbus setlist
Maximum Overdrive - (Music Box)
Rubin Hurricane Carter - Dylan, strofe di fuoco - (La Repubblica) (Italian) (link found by gianni)

Wednesday, November 3:
October 31 and
October 26 reviews - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Nelson French)
East Lansing setlist.
Dylan, Lesh rock all-age Breslin crowd - (The State News) (link found by Alex Leik)
Fur Slippers lyrics, transcribed by Ben Taylor.
Infidels Revisited by Veronica Keohane.

Tuesday, November 2:

Gusts leave operator of corn maze amazed - (Oregon Live) :-)
Oslo Dylan meeting at Two Dogs on Nov 12 at 1930!
Dylan rocks; Dead's Lesh is lost in space - (Daily Herald) (link found by Alex Leik)
Available only from for the first half of November: ReplayTV 2020 Personal Video Recorder offers 20 hours of video on line.

Monday, November 1:
Like a chameleon, Dylan reinvents his best - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by jregan)
Johnny Cash Released From Tennessee Hospital - (link found by Otto Thompson)
Vol 13 of the Freewheelin' Journal is out! is a NEW Bob Dylan site!
RealAudio of Fur Slippers - (Shake, Rattle & Roll) (link found by Brian James).
Really Randoms(Dylan item 1/3 down the page) - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Otto Thompson).
Bucky on working with Bob - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Stephen Welch)
Clapton and Kravitz do Dylan at the White House - (paper) (link found by Otto Thompson) now sells CDs, and they have the Blonde On Blonde "millennium edition".
Bob Dylan at the Park West - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Alex Leik, Andrew Buettner, David Faulkner, Mark Peterson and Carla)
Stranger in Town (Duke Robillard talks) - (Louisville Eccentric Observer) (link found by Andrew Burnett)
Dylan Scores In Second Half - (Cincinnati Enquirer) (link found by Scott Hakes)
Bob Dylan will be given the classical treatment at Carnegie Hall on March 15, 2000 - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Otto Thompson)
Dylan here with 'family' - (Daily Illini) (link found by Josh Miller)

(There were no updates between Oct 23 and 31, as I was away.)

Saturday, October 23:
B B King does a Bob Dylan song called Fur Slippers on the soundtrack album Shake, Rattle & Roll to be released Oct. 26.

While writing the song "Seen Enough", which touches on the Littleton, Colo., shootings, Internet addiction and TV news, Steve Stills said he realized he'd given it Dylan's melody for "Subterranean Homesick Blues."
Seen Enough to appear on Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Looking Forward, out Oct 26.
Duane Eddy: Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville - 6 CD set out Oct 26.
Grateful Dead : Grayfolded out Oct 26.

Friday, October 22:
I will be off line most of the week until Sunday Oct 31st, but there will be a few updates.

Three years ago today John Bauldie, music journalist and editor of The Telegraph, was killed with four others in a helicopter crash. Read about the investigation of the crash.

Thursday, October 21:
Help Bob Meyer with the Bob Dylan & The Band - Project 74.

Old-New Bluegrass - (Steve Earle) (Atlantic Monthly) (link found by Chris Elliott)

I made Beatty Zimmerman's Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf Bread to bring to work tomorrow.

Two Chicago club shows announced at

mp3s by Elliott Murphy - (Dylan and other stuff) (Blue Rose) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Johnny Cash Back In A Tennessee Hospital - (Reuters) (link found by TheThompsons)
Johnny Cash hospitalized, in serious condition - (CNN) (link found by Dag Braathen)

Wednesday, October 20:
Ramblin' Jack Elliott does "With God On Our Side" on his new The Long Ride.
Words from the studio - interview with Rick Danko of the Band. (link found by Dag Braathen)

Tuesday, October 19:
Peter Bellamy's 3-CD set: Wake The Vaulted Echoes with cover version of Dylan's "Death Is Not The End" (link found by Bob Hudson).

Monday, October 18:
A one-shot trombone gig turns into a summer tour with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon - (Post-Gazette)

Sunday, October 17:
Somewhere Between Heaven And Earth - Cindy Bullens. - Songs reflect mom's pain - (deseretnews)

'Alan Lomax Collection': Revelations From a Delta Journey - (New York Times) (registration required)
Mississippi the Blues Lineage, Alan Lomax Collection. Sampler. - Rounder Records.

Forever Young (Cover picture, will disappear) - (San Francisco Sunday Examiner Magazine) (link found by Llrrbb4) Young Man Blues - the article by Greil Marcus about the book Early Dylan. Photographs and Introduction by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer and Jim Marshall

Saturday, October 16:
A New Tale of the Tapers - (L.A. Times) (link found by John Fischer)
Chat Transcript with Author Kinky Friedman - ( (link found by Geir Olsen)
Several new entries in the Who's Who (thanks to Dino and Eddie): Silvio, Eddie Gorodetsky, John Fields, Tony Gilkyson.

Thursday, October 14:
Dylans mange liv - (Norwegian) (Universitetsavisa)
The winds of change blow in Beijing - (the trading room) (link found by Bill Parr)

Bob Dylan's Dharma & Greg appearance in RealVideo rm or zip files. (New site)

Wednesday, October 13:
A reminder about the big Dylan Karaoke Night, tomorrow, Thursday, 8 pm at the Hudson House in Nyack, NY, on Main Street, sponsored by the great Dylan-loving station WFUV, with prizes...bring a lyrics sheet..... (epic1934 at

Ein paar Informationen über Bob Dylan (German, follow the "Weiter" link) (link found by Wolfram)
How Dylan hoaxed the poets - (Guardian) (link found by Tiernan Henry) (May require registration)
Dylan Makes Sitcom Appearance - (AP) (link found by Joe Pop)
Bob Dylans komedie-debut - (VG) (Norwegian)(link found by Magne Karlstad)

A cover of Dylan's 'Forever Young' was performed by Australia's Wendy Matthews at the Australian Football League Grand final on the 25 of September at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of 95 thousand. The song was performed in the pre match entertainment when past and present football legends were doing a lap of honour. (from Elwood Chap)

Tuesday, October 12:
Tonight at 9PM EST on ABC-TV in the US: Dharma & Greg: Play Lady Play, featuring Bob Dylan, John "Strawberry" Fields, T-Bone Burnett and Joe Henry.

Monday, October 11:
The Bob Dylan Bootleg CD Artwork Archive has opened.
The Mark Seliger Photographs may include a Bob Dylan image?

Sunday, October 10:
The Anthology Of American Folk Music is 30% off at CDNow.
A new Mystery Zim-Art.
Vineyard of the Lord - (Deseretnews) (link found by Bill Parr)

Saturday, October 9:
Jimmy Lafave : Trail contains 12 Dylan covers, including "If Not For You".
"Amanatullah" wrote: It's not well known, but a singer named (I think) Jimmy LaFavre did a version of "If Not For You" that makes the Dylan version sound lightweight. It was sung with a degree of yearning and anguish that made the lyrics stand out as though they'd been written with flames.

Happiness rules for Bergen kings - (This Is London)

Friday, October 8:
Vote for the 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century - (National Public Radio) (link found by Thomas Andersson)

Thursday, October 7:
Poets and Pop, featuring Bob Dylan lyrics, on tonight's BBC News (RealVideo) tonight. You can find it 22 minutes into the programme.

Richard Avedon, Doon Arbus, new book called The Sixties. available from Item in Newsweek.

Britain's Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, will answer questions on the Internet about his love of Dylan's music at today.

In New York City today from 6 AM until 9 PM WFUV at 90.7 FM will play only Dylan Covers, this week Tim O'Brien's Red on Blonde

Wednesday, October 6:
Early Dylan. Photographs and Introduction by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer and Jim Marshall

Various Dylan covers (thanks to Anton Bohnen):
Druh Trva with Peter Rowan New Freedom Bell: Tryin' To Get To Heaven, Cold Irons Bound.
Scott Holt Dark Of The Night: You Gotta Serve Somebody.
Ramblin' Jack Elliot Long Ride: With God On Our Side.
Kingfish Sundown On The Forest: It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Jon Shain Brand New Lifetime: Meet Me In The Morning

Tuesday, October 5:
Gina Gershon, once Dylan's sparring partner - THE LATEST FROM NINA... - (Tower Records) (link found by Robert Purcell)

Monday, October 4:
Laureate gives laurels to Dylan (The Observer, requires registration) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
Dylan's Entry Into Brussels - (Yahoo!music) (link found by Nait Rey) - The Superhuman Crew at
'60s folk singer Odetta brings her latest take on blues - (Seattle
An Interview with Bobby Vee - ( (link found by Dag Braathen)
They're painting the town blue (Tangled...?) - (The Norway Post) (link found by Dag Braathen)

Sunday, October 3:
The Best of The Band - Volume II is out Oct 5. Two Dylan songs.
The Kingston Trio: The accidental folk stars - (San Antonio Express-News)
Eric Clapton and Friends in Concert - A Benefit for the Crossroads Centre in Antigua is scheduled for video release 26 October. Bob Dylan sings "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right", and shares vocals with Eric Clapton on "Crossroads" and "Bright Lights, Big City".
(Tracklist) - (Reviews).
From Amazon: Crossroads (VHS) - (DVD)

Friday, October 1:
Something Is Happening But Mr. Yardley Don't Know What It Is - (
Kula Shakers to release Dylan cover - (NME)

Thursday, September 30:
The Nobel Prize for Literature 1999 goes to Günter Grass. Read about the nomination of Bob Dylan.
Salman Rushdie's comment (Le Monde, translated by Christopher Rollason)
Bruce Springsteen : Chimes Of Freedom CD single from 1988.

Wednesday, September 29:
Dylan lyrics text for new Getty Museum book - (CNN) (link found by Brian James)
The Superhuman Crew - (art book/CD) buy at

Saturday, September 25:
Tonight's CNN World Beat - "And some of the century's most important artists are also in the Sony vaults -- Bob Dylan's 1962 audition tape is there," Watch the video clip! In Europe: 2030 CET
Soundtrack for a Century - Sony's 26-CD collection, and 12 individual 2-CD volumes include "Blowin' In the Wind" (1962) and "Like a Rolling Stone" (1965) by Bob Dylan. Out Oct 12th.
Price for the limited edition collector's deluxe box set: $282.49 at CDNOW
140 GB CDs to be announced - (Yahoo!)
Kris Kristofferson - (Salon) (link found by Mike Britten)

Friday, September 24:
Corn Bread When I'm Hungry - Doc Boggs and rock criticism (Atlantic Monthly) (link found by kvd)
Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings at

Thursday, September 23:
"" - (Stereophile) (link found by Doug Richard)

Monday, September 20:
Touched by the Hand of Bob - Book with BobFans' experiences, including yours truly. Available from - which is this side of the Atlantic.
Pete Townsend's Latest Recording Unveiled on Internet - (Yahoo) at, includes "Girl From The North Country". Dylan has one track available there: "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown" with Mike Seeger, from 1994.
Simon satisfies; Dylan rocks - (Houston Chronicle)
Fans can't fight power of 'Hurricane' - (USA Today) (link found by Scott Hakes)
English Woody Guthrie - (Bergen Record)
Reaching to the Converted - Billy Bragg.

Sunday, September 19:
Find out about Natural Capitalism. " ambitious, visionary, monster book.....the book's reach is phenonmenal. It belongs to the galvanizing tradition of Frances Moore Lappe's Diet for a Small Planet and Stewart Brand's The Whole Earth Catalog." (Publisher's Weekly).
Mother Jones article.

Simon, Dylan draw all kinds of folks - (Dallas Morning News) (link found by Dag Braathen)
Dallas setlist

Saturday, September 18:
The Beatles Yellow Submarine 30th Anniversary Celebration

Brice Marden's The Dylan Painting - (ARTnewspaper) (link found by Geir Olsen)
UC Riverside Museum of Photography displays photographs of Bob Dylan from the 1960s and the work of Mark Seliger, chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine.
Houston setlist
Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh To Tour Midwest, Eastern U.S. Together - (Sonicnet)
Peter Stampfel interview - ( (link found by Michael Rapp) Who's Who entry.

Friday, September 17:
Priority Tickets for the shows in Milwaukee, Baltimore, New Haven and Philadelphia shows are supposed to be for sale starting at noon *today*, Friday, September 17.

Bob Dylan to appear on the TV show "Dharma and Greg", says Jenna Elfman (Dharma) on The Late Show With David Letterman. (reported by Ryan)
St. Paul Pioneer Press:
It's not every day that a guy gets to play with Bob Dylan, but that's exactly what happened to Minneapolis-based producer John "Strawberry" Fields last month. Fields was in Los Angeles the past month, doing some recording work, when his colleague T-Bone Burnett recruited him for the last-minute gig. Seems that Dylan accepted an offer to appear on the sitcom "Dharma and Greg" (!), the story line for which has would-be drummer Dharma trying out for a band. When she shows up for the audition, the band in question includes Dylan, Fields, Burnette and Joe Henry.

Tuesday October 12th 9PM EST: Dharma & Greg: Play Lady Play
Greg's litigious instincts are driving everybody crazy, even though he's no longer a practicing attorney. Also, Dharma (Jenna Elfman) hooks up with a garage band. Donald: J.D. Walsh. Stuie: Neil Cox. Oliver: Mark Allan Staubach. Jeanie: Elaine Bromka. Richard: Harry S. Murphy. Bob Dylan: Himself.
(TV Guide, posted by John Junker)

Thursday, September 16:
Confirmed concert dates posted at
The Superhuman Crew - (art book/CD) (link found by Bob Hudson) buy at
Restless farewell - (Dallas Observer) (link found by Glitch) ;-)
Dylan, Simon deliver on duet - (Austin-American Statesman ) (link found by Dag Braathen)
Marijuana documentary a drag for filmmaker - (Ottawa Citizen)
Flaco Jimenez makes accordions sing with Tex-Mex flavor - (CNN) (link found by Paul Lyman) (slight Bob mention)
Austin setlist and review.

Tuesday, September 14:
Here come Simon and Dylan to complete a classic night - ( Commercial Appeal) (link found by Jim Maynard)

Monday, September 13:
Emmy Awards (New York Times): Emmy to Peter O'Toole. Buy and read his autobiographical Loitering With Intent ( Lafayette setlist.

Sunday, September 12:
Million-Dollar Man - (Salt Lake Tribune)
Unforgettable name for Bono's boy - (BBC News)

The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society has its next meeting September 24th. If you can't be there, at least you can read their Tight Connection Newsletter on the Web!

Memphis setlist.

Saturday, September 11:
Larry Campbell and Tony Garnier played on Charles Lyonhart's first album, Leap of Faith. See Lyonhart Live throughout September and October in Pennsylvania and Florida, NY and in November at appearances in New York City.

Friday, September 10:
A new BDX.

Noblesville setlist. Guest Stuart adds punch to Dylan set - (Tennessean)

Thursday, September 9:
Catfish Hunter dead - (CNN) (link found by Dag Braathen)
Who's Who entry: Catfish

They're still touring. We're still showing up. STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? - (
BOB, PAUL & TOM: The early years. The best years. What's left. - (

Antioch setlist.

Wednesday, September 8:
Check out Bucky Baxter's site - it looks as if he's expecting rain!

Tuesday, September 7:
Dylan piece on NPR Weekend Edition (RealAudio) - (at the bottom of the page) (link found by David)

Monday, September 6:
Today, the KCRW program "Morning Becomes Eclectic", a three hour three part documentary on Woody Guthrie. (My RealAudio behaves strangely here: It connects and buffers, connects and buffers over and over.)

Charlotte setlist.

Sunday, September 5:
Songs Of The Underground - a collector's guide to the Rolling Thunder Revue 1975-1976 (.pdf format, 800 KB). Requires free Acrobat Reader!
The Comedian Harmonists liner notes by Lester Bangs in The New York Times.
I just remembered: I taped a record by them off the radio in 1971, and here it is:
"Das ist die Liebe der Matrosen" by the Comedian Harmonists. (788 KB QuickTime)
Atlanta setlist and review.
The "bluegrass gospel song" Bob opened with in Atlanta last night might be "I am the Man Thomas", according to Jeff Quinn. It's a Stanley Brothers tune, of course. The Stanley Gospel Tradition
Matt Groening's TV show Futurama features Katey Sagal as Leela.
(Yes, there is some Dylan connection here.)
In the UK it's on Sky One at 8.30pm from September 21. (Sunday Times article.)
Rich Man's Table - "the Great American Novel About Bob Dylan" now in paperback. Bergen Record review.

Saturday, September 4:
I updated the story of my life.
Visit the Gap Shop at CDNOW, cast your vote for Artist of the Millennium, and you're entered to win Gap jeans and khakis FOR LIFE! (Look for the "Fall Into the Gap Shop!" link) US residents only :-(

Friday, September 3:
CD-R Trading FAQ from Hyperrust, the Neil Young fan site.
Sophie Zelmani on Bob Dylan tribute CD? - (Aftonbladet - Swedish) (link found by Patrik Winquist)
West Palm Beach setlst.
Dylan / Simon review - (Palm Beach Post) (link found by jregan)

Thursday, September 2:
Bob on the cover of Jewish Journal! (link found by Diana)
B-92 radio station uses Blowin' In The Wind in TV ad - (CNN)

Monday, August 30:
Starz Gallery, Vintage 1870, Yountville-Napa Valley features works of such artists as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana etc.
4 CD selection: Stanley Brothers : Early Years 1958-61 at CDNow. Make use of $10 discount before Sept. 6!
Seth Zimmerman's Tangletown : Ordinary Freaks. 100 Hot CDs List features Linda & Emmylou, Ry Cooder, Tribute to Gram Parsons etc.

Sunday, August 29:
Tangletown with Seth Zimmerman played at Minnesota State Fair Grandstand Stevens does rocker Vaughn's ghost proud at Grandstand - (Pioneer Planet)
Please visit the Hunger Site down on the left of this page once a day!

Friday, August 27:
Live Highlands from Madison Square Garden July 27 at!
Woody Guthrie CD Set Looks Back at a Great American Voice - (L.A. Times)
CDNow has Woody Guthrie's Vol. 1-4-Asch Recordings.
Steve Stills/ Bob Dylan song Seen Enough to appear on CSN&Y album in October. (Addicted To Noise) (link found by Steve E. Walls)
A new Zim-Art Competition piece in the BDX.

Thursday, August 26:
Dylan May Revisit Grateful Dead Days With Tour - (Rolling Stone)
Daniel Kramer Dylan pictures: A shot in the dark and then a shooting star - (National Post) (link found by Martin Abela)
Dylan's "Dear Landlord" on Reissue of all of Joplin's Recordings - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)

Wednesday, August 25:
Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh Reportedly Planning Winter Tour - (Live Daily)

Tuesday, August 24:
Webster's New World College Dictionary - 4th edition (July 1999) (I am waiting for a new edition of the American Heritage Dictionary)
Microsoft's new dictionary (called "version 0.1" by competitors) (New York Times, requires free registration).
In memory of Emmett - (Chicago Sun-Times) (found by Bernard J. Farber) has mailed out unconfirmed Dylan/Phil Lesh dates for Oct 27 - Nov 9. They are working on plans for a limited number of mail order tickets for these shows.
Blonde On Line is intended to act as a discussion site.

Sunday, August 22:
Added New Pony to the list of Other Dylan Sites.

The Daily .WAV brings you odd sound clips. (NDC)

I painted my house this summer, and would like to share the results with you.

Saturday, August 21:
Western Wall-Tucson Sessions - new album from Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. - More details. - Tour dates
Nicolette Larson memorial page. - Very Best Of Nicolette Larson.
A new BDX - Million Miles.
New entry in the Who's Who: John Herald.

Thursday, August 19:
OFFICIAL "Time Out Of Mind" Lyrics now available at
Compare to the UNofficial lyrics at this site.
Dylan blowin' in the hymns - (MSNBC, scroll down) (More Bob-Pope play?)

Wednesday, August 18:
Digital Nation: Rescuing Lost Sounds From History's Dustbin - (Dylan mentioned) (SonicNet)
Tramps Is Trampled - (N.Y. Times) (found by jregan)
"Tramps, the New York City nightclub that has hosted performances from artists ranging from Bob Dylan to RZA, is scheduled to close Sept. 24" (Addicted To Noise) (found by William H. Horton Jr.)

The Hurricane - (Universal) (link found by Dag Braathen)
Review - (Ain't It Cool News (ALL CAPS!) (link found by Adam Hindman)
Hej, herr Tamburinman - Swedish book review (Aftonbladet) (link found by Mattias Davidsson)
Voices of the Millennium: A Musical Legend, Bob Dylan (CNN) (link found by Bob Meyer)

Sunday, August 15:
Tweeter Center in Mansfield fined because the Dylan-Simon shows went on too long. (CNN) (Dag Braathen)
A Day in the Garden - another Woodstock festival, with people who were there, including Rick Danko of the Band.

Saturday, August 14:
John Mellencamp covers Farewell Angelina on new CD: Rough Harvest, out Tuesday, August 17.

Friday, August 13:
The Ralph Stanley album "Clinch Mountain Country" with Bob Dylan as one of the guest stars has been nominated for the International Bluegrass Music Award. The awards ceremony will be held on October 21, 1999 in Louisville, KY.

Thursday, August 12:
Van Morrison's recording of It's All In The Game can be found on his 1979 CD Into The Music.
Dylan Thomas Festival in Wales includes the play " A Handful of Rain", a "hilarious fantasy meeting between Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan" (Saturday 14th August).
Virtual tour of Santiago de Compostela - Bob Dylan played there April 9th this year. (Requires free QuickTime.)
What happened in 1941? - Bob Dylan was born

Wednesday, August 11:
Eric Clapton: Blues - new double CD.
Finding Room to Live - Singer Anders Osborne covers previously unreleased Dylan song "Coast to Coast Blues" (Gambit Weekly).
Maxi single by Bruce Springsteen includes Chimes Of Freedom.
Catfish Hunter In Critical Condition - Dylan's Catfish lyrics. Who's Who entry

Tuesday, August 10:
A new Deep Beneath The Waves! - #80
Rare Dylan Gem To Grace Rock Soundtrack (Variety) - Words to "Fur Slippers".
Very old version of Expecting Rain that I found out on the Web. The links are all dead, check the present Contents page for live links.
Bob Dylan: Life On The Tracks (Lebensspuren in Bob Dylans Songs) is a privately published book in German by Guido Bieri.

Sunday, August 8:
Disk vs. Disk: The Fight for the Ears of America (New York Times, Requires free registration).
DVD Info.

Saturday, August 7:
Don't Look Back will be screened in Seattle next week.

Friday, August 6:
Songs Of The Underground - a collector's guide to the Rolling Thunder Revue 1975-1976 (.pdf format, 800 KB). Requires free Acrobat Reader!
Allen Ginsberg items to be auctioned at Sotheby's Oct 7th.

Wednesday, August 4:
"He's Alive!" - Alex Ross' excellent story on Dylan, from the New Yorker May 10th.
Free Bob Dylan Promo CD "Million Miles" at US independent record stores if you present this coupon. Tracks: Love Sick (2/25/98, Grammys NYC) - Can't Wait (12/20/97, El Rey LA) - Million Miles (2/19/99, Binghamton, NY) - Cold Irons Bound (12/20/97, El Rey LA)

Monday, August 2:
Roger McGuinn brings folk history to the Internet (Bergen Record)

Sunday, August 1:
Wantaugh setlist.
Early Blues Legends - Blues Portraits by Neil Harpe.

Friday, July 30:
A new BDX - concert photograph from Santa Barbara County Bowl, Aug 7, 1988
Greil Marcus' 1975 Bob Dylan Quiz
Bob Dylan in Europa (clippings)

Thursday, July 29:
This is where I work: National Library of Norway.
Treasures from Europe's National Libraries. Find my library's contributions under New.!
While we're at it: I am also the Webmaster of the site for the International Federation of Television Archives, - FIAT.
Bob Dylan and Paul Simon: Counting to 10 (Boston Phoenix)
Bob Tops Paul At MSG (New York Post)
Dylan & Simon: A Good Mix, With Great Remixes (New York Daily News)
Dylan Duets With Costello At Rare Club Show (SonicNet)
The Sound of Simon and Dylan (New York Times)

Wednesday, July 28:
Madison Square Garden setlist.

Tuesday, July 27:
Tramps setlist.
Dylan warms up for Garden with red-hot club gig (New York Post).
Simon Steals Show At Meadows (Hartford Courant)

Monday, July 26:
A new Deep Beneath the Waves! 11 new CDs plus reissues. has updated its News page and gives mention both to BobDates and Expecting Rain.

Sunday, July 25:
Hartford setlist.
Check out the Blonde On Blonde site, with articles and pictures from Dylan's 1966 concert in Melbourne.
'Forever Young' performed at mass for JFK Jr (Boston Herald).

Saturday, July 24:
Robot Wisdom - interesting site.

Friday, July 23:
A new BDX: Dylan and Petty getting off stage at Farm Aid.
Georgetown radio station WRVG-FM is on the Web in RealAudio, and often play Dylan, says Hannah Allen.
Tangled Up In Blues: Songs Of Bob Dylan - This Ain't No Tribute.
Italian Poet From the 13th Century news: Library rediscovers ashes taken from Dante's tomb. (CNN)
Mansfield setlist. Dylan offers grit to Simon's polish (Boston Globe)

Thursday, July 22:
Heaney (and Dylan) back music festival (Irish News).
Life after death - Bergen Record story about the CD from Townes Van Zandt : Far Cry From Dead.

Wednesday, July 21:
Apple has introduced the iBook!
Return Of The Grievous Angel - a tribute to Gram Parsons. Includes Emmylou Harris, Wilco, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle. - They Done Him Right.
Simon and Dylan musical mismatch (Post-Gazette)
Albany setlist.
'Chimes of Freedom' would have been JFK Jr.'s anthem. (Newsweek)

Monday, July 19:
Two '60s Icons And Their Chestnuts (Washington Post).
Burgettstown setlist.

Sunday, July 18:
On The Highway, Bob Dylan Concerts 1998, is the ninth in the series of tour books. 64 pages with 8 pages of full colour pictures with many other images. The cost is 9 pounds in the UK 11 pounds in Europe and $20 cash in the rest of the world. These can be ordered from:
The Bridge C/O Wardley Post Office, Wardley, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE10 8AT, England with cheques made payable to Two Riders.

Saturday, July 17:
Here is a collection of recent BobJokes!

Friday, July 16:
US cable station VH1 will show the Crossroads concert "Eric Clapton and Friends" (including Bob Dylan) at these times: Saturday, July 17th, 9pm-11pm EST, Tuesday, July 20 at 12:30 a.m., Thursday, July 22 at 7 p.m.. Sunday, July 25 at 5 p.m.

Thursday, July 15:
Duke Robillard : New Blues For Modern Man includes cover of "Love Sick". (Boston Phoenix review)
Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack. The last Stanley Kubrick movie premiers tomorrow in the US.

Wednesday, July 14:
The tribute album by Steve Howe etc.: Portraits Of Bob Dylan has just been released.

Tuesday, July 13:
An up-close Dylan makes magic at Bogart's (Cincinnati Post).
Dylan gives Bogart Crowd Peek at Legend (Cincinnati Enquirer).

Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival starts Wednesday.

Sunday, July 11:
Icons On Tour (Chicago Sun-Times).

Saturday, July 10:
In the BDX, a new Mystery Zim-Art.

Friday, July 9:
Dylan pictures from Spain (Takk, Dag!)
Rock Match Scores (Detroit Free Pres).
Dylan, Simon shine at Pine Knob (Toledo Blade).

Thursday, July 8:
Dylan Sizzles in Intimate Club Show (Wall of Sound)
Bob & Jakob on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch tonight at 9 PM (ET) and 10 PM (CT) in the USA.

Wednesday, July 7:
A recipe from Bob Dylan's mother repeats the Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf Bread recipe from the Duluth News article. (I made it today, but had forgotten the Norwegian name for "baking soda". I now remember it's "natron". Had to chip the chock myself, too. Anyway, my version came out a bit flat, but tastes good!)
Townes Van Zandt : Far Cry From Dead - out since June 29th.
Under a Duluth sky, Dylan revisits his roots
Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange attended the Duluth concert, and were backstage; so did Larry Kegan and others.
The Norwegian base jumper from Mo i Rana who earlier this year was arrested in New York City for jumping from the World Trade Center, and who also jumped from the Eiffel Tower, died yesterday after a jump from a 950 m high mountain. Rana Blad (Norwegian) - VG (Norwegian) - UPI - New York Post.

Tuesday, July 6:
Olof's 1998 files now available! (in .pdf format)

Show had homecoming feel about it (Duluthnews)

Monday, July 5:
The Crossroads concert will be on VH1 July 17, according to rockonline.

Dylan was playful in black; Simon drove 'em into the aisles (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Still rockin' (Picture from Duluth)
Mismatched icons Readers' letters in LATimes.

Milwaukee setlist.

Sunday, July 4:
Duluth setlist.
Rock legends wow Duluth (Duluth News)
Wandering poet Dylan comes home again (Duluth News)
Dylan, Simon concert a blast from the present (Pioneer Planet)

Saturday, July 3:
In the BDX, a poem called "Last Thoughts On Bob Dylan".

Shakopee setlist.
Old and young came to hear Simon and Dylan perform (Star Tribune)
Dylan and Simon: Pop's odd couple (Star Tribune)

Friday, July 2:
Pals make Crossroads giga turning point for Clapton (NY Post).
Clapton and Dylan Tiptoe Toward Common Ground (NY Times).

Dinner For A Song - Bob Dylan's mom talks about food and family. (duluthnews)

Thursday, July 1:
Last night's setlist. The concert will be shown on cable station VH1 on July 17.

Report from Dylan meeting in Oslo at Geir's site. In Norwegian, but maybe you can answer some of the Quiz questions?

Hibbing Plans Dylan Museum

The 100% pure cult Bob Dylan web site

Tuesday, June 29:
Glen Dundas: Tangled Up In Tapes : a Recording History of Bob Dylan (4th edition) available at

Sunday, June 27:
Early release of Kubrick film review upsets Warner Bros. Dylan content: item written by Anthony Scaduto!

Saturday, June 26:
Chula Vista setlist with BIG surprise. Discussion on DylanChat.

Check out Bleeker Street with Loudon Wainwright III, Iris deMent, Chrissie Hynde, the Roche sisters, Marshall Crenshaw singing "My Back Pages" etc etc.

Lou Reed Duet, Townes Van Zandt collaborations for Eric Andersen's reissued 1972 album. (Blue River is the title, and I'm not him. :-) )

A Clockwork Orange - Recollections of the shooting at "Skybreak", Radlett, Hertfordshire.

Dylan Live article at Salon.

Wednesday, June 23:
Al Kooper writes on Dylan in Newsweek.

Simon Vegaslike, Dylan Bowerylike at the Pond (Daily Breeze).

Tuesday, June 22:
The Heavy weight Summit - Anaheim review in the L. A. Times.

Monday, June 21:
60s Legends Revisit Hits On Twin Bill. Bob Dylan, Paul Simon delight Shoreline crowd - SFGate

Dylan stuns, rocks crowd at Shoreline says San Jose Mercury News.

Sunday, June 20:
Los Angeles Times: They Are A Rock by Robert Hilburn.

The New York Times: Seeing the Familiar in Ever New Ways Thanks to technology, exploring familiar pop-culture masterpieces in all their permutations -- from studio outtakes to director's cuts -- has never been easier. (Now only available for purchase from the archives.)

Saturday, June 19:
The Dylan/Simon show makes Buddy Seigal embarrassed to be old. (ocweekly, bottom of page)

Concord setlist.

Eugene review at

For his book "Stand and Be Counted", to be published in the fall, David Crosby interviewed "prominent artists-activists such as Bob Dylan".... (Rolling Stone)

"Don't look back" will be broadcast by the German TV Channel 'Bayern 3' tonight, Saturday, June 19, at 22:15 (10:15 p.m.). (Bayern 3 can be received in the South and Southwest of Germany, in parts of Austria and Switzerland via antenna, and in other parts of the 3 countries via cable or satellite.)

Friday, June 18:
Derek Keogh found this review of Bringing It All Back Home.

It has just been announced that Paul Simon is going to be playing the House of Blues in Hollywood,CA on June 23. What will Bob do that night?

Tuesday, June 15:
DIVX Dies, and a good thing it is too!

New BDX: Sketch of Bob.

Bob Dylan Digital Arts Center? in Duluth.

A case of apples and oranges - Portland review in Oregon Live.

Monday, June 14:
Sacramento Bee: "Like a Rolling Stone" Meets "I Am a Rock"

Sunday, June 13:
George Harrison may reissue the Traveling Wilburys.

Dylan and Simon dynamic, but no duo says the San Jose Mercuru News.

Boyish Simon and Craggy Dylan Transport Salt Lake Crowd to '60s Greenwich Village says the Salt Lake Tribune.

A LaFave Rave.

Saturday, June 12:
Denver review at

Thursday, June 10:
Nando Times concert review.
Inside Denver review.

Wednesday, June 9:
USA Today Dylan/Simon review.

Tuesday, June 8:
Updated setlists. Denver Post - "imagine this backstage conversation".

Released June 8 on World Circuit in the U.K. and Nonesuch in the U.S.: Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer produced by Ry Cooder. Billboard article.

Sunday, June 6:
Denver setlist, with Charlie Sexton, and special guest Paul Simon!

Thursday, June 3:
Sitting down? Why concerts cost so much - article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wednesday, June 2:
Bucky Baxter has retired from the Never Ending Tour... He is selling four instruments at E-bay.

Tuesday, June 1:
You can find mp3's by my son John's band Navel Flush at

Monday, May 31:
Bob Dylan resumes touring on Saturday, when he plays in Denver, Colorado. Then on Sunday the tour with Paul Simon gets under way. Bucky Baxter has left the band, and Charlie Sexton will take his place. The new lineup starts rehearsing Tuesday.

Sunday, May 30:
Bob Dylan Apple Think Different poster for sale at $19.95. It was withdrawn for some reason (used to cost $10.00 for a set of five).

Friday, May 28:
You have to see the new BDX: "Marionette"!

Bob Dylan Rare Images

Thursday, May 27:
The 100 Greatest Moments In Rock at Entertainment Weekly.

Check out DylanBase.

Tuesday, May 25: has an article about "Dylanlology" titled Positively Fourth Rate.

Check out DylanBase.

German Dylan tribute this coming Saturday. Includes Swiss Liz!

Monday, May 24:
Birthday! Happy Bob!

Sunday, May 23:
Not Dark Yet RealVideo at Also: 2 MB QuickTime and 27MB QuickTime.

netHollywood has a one minute clip in RealVideo from the 1966 Eat the Document outtake where Bob Dylan and John Lennon ride in a taxi together.

Saturday, May 22:
In the BDX, a piece of Zim-Art with a competition attached.

Collectors may want to get the Japanese version of the Not Dark Yet single.

Thursday, May 20:
The Northern Lights Route, part of The Council of Europe Cultural Routes. (NDC)

Wednesday, May 19:
Dylan in Austria '99 has some nice pictures.

Tuesday, May 18:
Sing America includes Bob Dylan track "Blowin' In The Wind".

Monday, May 17:
Bob Dylan will play the Crossroads benefit organized by Eric Clapton, June 30 at Madison Square Garden.

Sunday, May 16:
Nina Simone Sings the Blues - interview in the National Post. "The jazz legend who gave us My Baby Just Cares for Me is a now a bitter, lonely old woman haunted by a lifetime of heartache and betrayal."

Saturday, May 15:
Put your computer to use, help search for extraterrestrial intelligence through the SETI@home project.

Friday, May 14:
A new BDX!

Thursday, May 13:
Two Times A Day by Martin's Folly at is said to be a "Dylan/Band like charmer".

Daniel Kramer exhibition of Dylan photographs in Washington, D.C. opens May 21.

Songwriter and author Shel Silverstein has died. Dylan has performed some of his songs: "Couple More Years". He also performed Silverstein's "Carry Me Carrie" and Daddy's Going On "One More Ride" at soundchecks in 1978. (Thanks, Alan!) And Marianne Faithful recorded his "Ballad Of Lucy Jordan" on her album Broken English.

Wednesday, May 12:
You can see QuickTime BobClips from the movie "Backtrack" here.

There is an important Dylan article in the May 10th issue of the New Yorker, if you can get hold of it. I have applied for permission to publish it, the author is positive.

Kenny Aaronson interviewed by Tom Guerra here (Interviews with Great Guitarists).

"For no special reason - Andrei Codrescu is thinking about how much he loves Bob Dylan" - RealAudio at National Public Radio (NPR).

The BARF List (A list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs) has been updated!

Columbia Records release Schedule.

Q Online: Street Legal remastered.

Thursday, May 6:
Napoleon In Rags - article in Atlantic Monthly.

Monday, May 3:
München setlist.

Sunday, May 2:
I have added several new April reviews, from Carsten Wohlfeld and others. Just click on the dates to find them.

Blues With A Feeling Various Artists, Newport 1963-66 and '68.
Does this look like an interesting album or what?

Saturday, May 1:
Ischgl setlist and review.

Friday, April 30:
This rumour just in, from a good source: Possible UK/European tour with Paul Simon in September/October.

Bob Dylan's Son Takes Helm Of Multimedia Firm

Tuesday, April 27:
Tom Waits' new CD is Mule Variations

Sunday, May 2:
I have added several new April reviews, from Carsten Wohlfeld and others. Just click on the dates to find them.

Blues With A Feeling, Various Artists, Newport 1963-66 and '68.
Does this look like an interesting album or what?

Saturday, May 1:
Ischgl setlist and review.

Friday, April 30:
This rumour just in, from a good source: Possible UK/European tour with Paul Simon in September/October.

Wien setlist

Thursday, April 29:
Graz setlist

Wednesday, April 28:
Ljubljana setlist

Bob Dylan's Son Takes Helm Of Multimedia Firm

Linz setlist

Tuesday, April 27:
Tom Waits' new CD is Mule Variations

CD to Benefit Preservation of America's Historic Landmarks, Parks and Artifacts. Includes "Blowin' In The Wind" by Bob Dylan.

Sage Sossel's Dylan cartoon after the Grammies last year.

The Swedish Rockguiden says (in translation): "The Traveling Wilburys will reunite now that George Harrison has been declared well from his throat cancer. At least that is what Wilbury member Tom Petty says. Together with Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and the late Roy Orbison surprised the world with this unlikely supergroup ten years ago."

Monday, April 26:
Santiago de Compostela review.

Monday, April 26:
Zürich setlist and review.
Valencia review and poster.

Sunday, April 25:
Another Barcelona review.

Saturday, April 24:
Three new songs at
Marseilles setlist and review.
D.A. Pennebaker interview at CDNow.
Bruce Springsteen: 18 Tracks is out.

Friday, April 23:
Barcelona setlist and reports.

Dylan mentionings by Salman Rushdie.

Thursday, April 22:
Zaragoza setlist.

TNT's All Star tribute to Johnny Cash will be rebroadcast Thursday at at 10 pm EST in the USA.

Tuesday, April 20:
Murcia setlist.

Monday, April 19:
CD-R discussions between Clinton Heylin and Crazy Joe.

Granada setlist.

RealAudio of Bob Dylan's Train Of Love performance at the Johnny Cash Tribute.

Sunday, April 18:
In the US, remember TNT's All Star tribute to Johnny Cash, tonight at 8PM. Bob included.

Málaga setlist.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Echo is out.

The soundtrack to Star Wars-Phantom Menace will be out May 4th.

Saturday, April 17:
Salman Rushdie picks Bob Dylan, Lennon-McCartney and Paul Simon for his desert island discs, according to Reuters. The Ground Beneath Her Feet : A Novel is his new book, from the world of rock'n'roll.

Friday, April 16:
The new BDX is called Apocalypse Bob.

Valencia setlist.

Thursday, April 15:

Madrid setlist.

Wednesday, April 14:
Santander setlist.
Great White Wonder article from Rolling Stone, 1969.

Tuesday, April 13:
Steve Howe talks about Dylan in the Yes Newsletter (about halfway down, search for "Dylan", of course).

Monday, April 12:
San Sebastián setlist.
Spanish Tour Incidents

Sunday, April 11:
Gijón setlist.

Roger McGuinn interview (NDC) and McGuinn's mp3 site, which offers free mp3's of "James Alley Blues" and "John Henry" plus more.

Saturday, April 10:
The Bridge magazine Spring 1999 issue is out. Articles on "Blonde on Blonde", The Gnostic Dylan as demonstrated in "Foot of Pride", cover versions, and more.

Santiago de Compostela setlist.

In Ken Follett's great historical suspense novel Pillars of the Earth the medieval cathedral builders travel to Santiago de Compostela to learn their craft.

Friday, April 9:
Oporto setlist.
Johnny Cash Tribute review.

Thursday, April 8:
First setlist from Europe: Lisboa.

Wednesday, April 7:
Have you heard the word from the Church Of Bob?

Monday, April 5:
Tour dates confirmed in USA Today.

On Wednesday Bob Dylan opens his tour of Southern Europe in Lisboa. According to USA Today, a live segment from a concert in Spain will be taped for TNT's All Star Tribute To Johnny Cash to be aired April 18.

Sunday, April 4:
Seth Zimmerman and Birgitte Bardot together? Well, they are both in the Who's Who, and both have had updates made to their entries today.

Friday, April 2:
Check out 12 live performances at!

The existence of a previously unlisted Dylan concert has been determined: Bob Dylan and the Hawks played in Jacksonville, Florida on March 5, 1966 at the Coliseum. Richard Batey was there.

Thursday, April 1:
Several updates in the Who's Who: Dylan, Anna, Dylan, Jakob, James, Paul, Langhorne, Bruce, Zimmerman, David.

Wednesday, March 31:
Think of the Self Speaking: Harry Smith, Selected Interviews. The man behind the Anthology Of American Folk Music.
"Amazing that one human being could know what he knew and do what he did-quite simply, there has never been anyone else like him."
Harry Smith Archives.

Check out the Billy Mackenzie Tribute Page (No Dylan Connection)

Monday, March 29:
The April 22, 1998 Millennium Lecture at the White House mentions Dylan in a very positive way! (about 80% down the document)

Bob Dylan / Paul Simon tentative tour dates released at Bill Pagel's site, see above!

Check out pictures by David Michael Kennedy.

Saturday, March 27:

Added picture of Sally Grossman with Bob Dylan to the Who's Who.

Police Arrest Parachute Daredevil - here is another of Mo i Rana's great sons.

Stanley Kubrick : A Biography paperback edition will be out in April. 1997 hardback here.

Friday, March 26:
There is a great new oil painting by Paula Pitsaris in the BDX!

Monday, March 22:
A new Deep Beneath The Waves (6 new CDs)!

Sunday, March 21:
"William J. Clinton" has a guide to Dylan's Field recordings.
The Shelter From the Storm chat room will have another chat session Sunday March 21 at 7:00pm EST.

Bob Cato has died. He won a Grammy for his design for the cover for "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits" (1967).

Music Boulevard to "join forces" with CDNow. Music Boulevard's Bob Dylan page.

John Le Carre's new book is Single & Single.

Saturday, March 20:
Bob Dylan to perform via satelite on Johnny Cash tribute in New York April 6 (on TNT April 18th). (AP)

Wednesday, March 24:
Dylan sings for avalanche victims, says Tiroler Tageszeitung about the May 1st concert.

Tuesday, March 23:
There are reports that Bob Dylan has been signed to play at Idalpe in Ischgl, Austria on May 1st. Tiroler Tageszeitung article in German, or copy and paste the URL to get an English translation at AltaVista.

I added Mark Howard to the Who's Who. He was the recording engineer on "Oh, Mercy" and "Time Out Of Mind". A new BDX today

Saturday, March 13:
Bob Dylan, Paul Simon may team up for summer tour (CNN)

Friday, March 12:
Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to duet? (Eonline)

Thursday, March 11:
Back On Top - first new Van Morrison album in more than two years.

Wednesday, March 10:
Pickin' On Dylan is a country/bluegrass tribute by various artists.

The Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival at Okemah Oklahoma will take place July 14-l8, l999. Not much information available yet, but interested folks can take a look at Also check out

The Shelter From The Storm chat room invites you to a club chat on Sunday, March 14 at 7:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time. One can discuss tape trading, Dylan stories, whatever, says mac-cam.

Sunday, March 7:
Film director Stanley Kubrick died today.

Saturday, March 6:
Wilco's Summer Teeth reviewed by Rolling Stone
Songs Never Played Live has a new URL.

"Possible US Summer tour with Paul Simon" says Bob Dates.

Dylan in the groove at Vegas House of Blues (Reuters/Variety)

Thursday, March 4:
Las Vegas setlist.
Many February reviews in place, click on the links at the top of the setlists.

Wednesday, March 3:
Picture from Las Vegas? - but no setlist yet.

Tuesday, March 2:
There was a Free Tom Petty MP3 track from his upcoming album available at

Eat the Document will be showing Friday, March 5 at: International House, 3701 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA, 8:00 and 9:30PM. Cost: $5 per show.

Eat the Document will be shown at the American Film Institute at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on March 6 at 6:30, 8:00, and 9:30 p.m. The film will be introduced by a Dylan author who appeared numerous times in the Telegraph. Tickets are free from Kemp Mill Music and Olsson's with the purchase of The Bootleg Series Vol. 4. Tickets are available at the AFI.

Sunday, February 28:
European tour dates confirmed, check out Bob Dates.
Atlantic City setlists (Early show & late show).
Shelter From The Storm chat room.

Saturday, February 27:
Jennifer Jason Leigh loves Bob Dylan and Apple computers, plus many other things. (Papermag article.)

Friday, February 26:
Presenting the Zim-Art's 3rd Annual Grand Prize Winners in the BDX.
Congratulations to Bill Pagel for having had 1 million visitors to BobDates!
Portland setlist.
The Telegraph.
Don't Look Back video available at

Thursday, February 25:
Natalie Merchant adds her voice to a couple of tracks on Mermaid Avenue, the CD of Woody Guthrie's lyrics done by Billy Bragg & Wilco. Listen to "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key". Great album.

Vote for your favourite music of the millennium!
Amherst setlist.
Sheryl Crow, Brian Setzer, Lucinda Williams among the Grammy winners. All with a Dylan connection of some kind.
'Cause The Vandals Took The Handles - new link on the left.

Wednesday, February 24:
Buffalo setlist.
Who is Paul James? Find him in the Who's Who.
The Village Voice Pazz and Jop poll has Dylan's Live 1966 in 3rd place.

Monday, February 22:
1st Runner up of the 3rd Annual Zim-Art Contest revealed in the BDX
The Telegraph.

Saturday, February 20:
Normal reviews: Pantagraph, PJStar.
Please help me pay for this site by getting your CDs, books, videos and DVDs through my links!

New book: The Bob Dylan Companion : Four Decades of Commentary.

Lyrics, 1962-1985 : Includes All of Writings and Drawings Plus 120 New Writings
Revised edition (August 1998), but still none of the post-1985 songs.

The Hollies Collection Vol 1, 2, 3 contains "The Mighty Quinn" on Vol 3.

Thursday, February 18:
Be among the very first visitors to this new Dylan site: Desolation Row by Shaun McDonald.

Thursday, February 18:
The day Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue unwound at Mama Frasca's Dreamaway Lodge in Becket .
Cleveland setlist.
Young But Daily Growin', Ben Taylor's new site is on the Web!

Wednesday, February 17:
Apple Think Different desktop pictures, including Bob Dylan.
Eat the Document will be playing at the Roxie theater in San Francisco on Thu, Fri & Sat this week. Here are the times: Thurs:7:00pm, 8:30, 10:00 Fri:7:00, 8:30, 10:00 Sat: 2:00pm, 3:30, 5:00, 7:00, 8:30, 10:00 A poster at Tower Records says that these shows are a team effort from Columbia, Tower Records, and the Roxie theatre. (Thanks to Randy Hayes)

Tuesday, February 16:
Grand Rapids setlist.

Monday, February 15:
South Bend setlist.

Sunday, February 14:
Normal setlist. (Except it's unusual!)
Daily Vidette university paper "A letter to a musical legend".

Sunday, February 7:
"Awful Truth" is devoted to posting the thoughts/reactions/reviews of the Internet public to their favourite performances by Bob Dylan.
Lycos has an MP3 search site which lists many Dylan tracks.

Saturday, February 6:
Dylan interview in Guitar World, the March issue.

Friday, February 5:
Still Younger Dylan - a BDX picture by Robert Shuman.

Tuesday, February 2:
Bob Dylan has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature 1999.

Friday, January 29:
Last night's Sunrise setlist.
Added scans of the GBS3 set and of the man who cried "Judas!" in 1966.

Sunday, January 31:
Slinging the Hash in Minneapolis - Washington Post story about Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown, Minneapolis.

Wednesday, January 27:
"Eat the Document" will be shown in Evanston, IL (Chicago suburb) on January 27 at 7:00 and 9:00PM at McCormick Auditorium, Norris University Center, 1999 S. Campus Drive at Northwestern University. Call (847) 491-2378 for details.

Tuesday, January 26:
Dylan opens The 1999 Winter Tour at Fort Myers tonight.
A New Deep Beneath The Waves, reviewing The Third One Now (The Genuine Bootleg Series Vol 3) is a bootleg, and thus probably not available in reputable stores.

Monday, January 25:
My son Greg has made his snowboard home page at, and welcomes guests!

BBC Radio One Thursday 28 at midnight: In a special edition, Andy Kershaw goes in search of the truth behind the mysterious `Live 1966' album by Bob Dylan.
Another picture of Annie by Robert Altman.

Sunday, January 24:
Tom Thumb's Blues "If you see St.Annie, please tell her 'thanks a lot'...". Picture by Robert Altman.

Dylan sings "The French Girl" (with the Grateful Dead) on some bootlegs, including the new Genuine Bootleg Series Vol 3. The words are unclear, and attempts at transcribing the lyrics have been made. Several people recommend Ian & Sylvia's CD Play One More, which contains the original version.

Saturday, January 23:
Keith Butler, rock legend - Andy Gill writes in the Independent, revealing the man behind the famous Judas" shout which can be heard on Live 1966. Keith deserves a place in the Bob Dylan Who's Who, I think.

Bob Dylan To Join Natalie Merchant For Northeast Tour (Live Daily)

Rober Shuman made the new picture in the BDX.

Thursday, January 21:
Lone Justice: "This World Is Not My Home" includes "Go Away Little Boy", written for the band by Bob Dylan and featuring performances by both Bob Dylan and Ron Wood. RealAudio clip.
Paradise Music & Entertainment Names Jesse Dylan, Jeff Rosen and Soledad Bastiancich to the Board of Directors.
"Eat the Document" screenings in Minneapolis tonight, three shows according to City Pages. At the Oak Street Cinema [phone 612/331-3134].

Wednesday, January 20:
Victor Maymudes, Dylan's tour manager and friend in the sixties and seventies, writes a prologue to a book to be. UK Bootlegger jailed, says

Tuesday, January 19:
"Eat the Document" will be shown in Evanston, IL (Chicago suburb) on January 27 at 7:00 and 9:00PM at McCormick Auditorium, Norris University Center, 1999 S. Campus Drive at Northwestern University. Call (847) 491-2378 for details.

Dylan and band will be rehearsing for the new tour from Thursday till Monday, and they were spotted in the LA airport last Sunday. New movie "Another Day In Paradise", will include Dylan's "Every Grain Of Sand" on the soundtrack.

Monday, January 18:
Report from Ventura celebration, not attended by Dylan. Paul Metsa and Larry Kegan did "I Shall Be Released".

Saturday, January 16:
Bob Dylan wrote "Every Grain Of Sand" for her, according to this AP story.
A new BDX by Karen Hovland.
Tonight 8:30 - 9:55 pm Central Time (GMT+6):Ventura Inauguration ball to be broadcast on NPR. Dylan was previously said to attend, but the rumour proved to be false.

The Muddy Waters tribute took place in 1997, says John Pruski:
the muddy waters tribute show at the Kennedy Center here in DC WAS in about october 1997 (not 1998...). This surely is the same show referred to on y'all's page, as cast and host are same. But dylan and keith richards were not there, did not perform, and their part must solely be comments about muddy. They set us up on tables on stage to simulate a bar atmosphere and it was filmed by maryland public tv for broadcast in march 1998, but presuambly not shown yet.
the show was poorly organized, ran for about 4 hours, but performances were great and should make a great one hour show.
tell me if you want more info, fliers, newspaper clippings etc. The show was also reviewed about 9 months a go in either Blues Review or in Living Blues, can't remember which.
best, john pruski,

Friday, January 15:
More new concert dates, look at the top of the page!
Recommended book: Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards : Memoirs of a Rock 'N' Roll Survivor by Al Kooper. Soul of a Man - Al Kooper Live is a 2 CD set from 1995 with great flashbacks. EQ Magazine Nov 1998 wth Kooper cover. Itsuko Nishimura has updated her Filmography. A new Deep Beneath The Waves is here, and a new BDX some time this weekend.
A Beneath review of the Genuine Bootleg Series 3 is also just around the corner.

Tuesday, January 12:
The Bridge magazine has a web site which includes material from the venerable "Telegraph".

Saturday, January 9:
A new BDX from Ingemar Almeros.
Visit DylanChat this weekend?

Tuesday, January 5:
Grammy Nominations: Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love" for best country song.
New PowerMacs introduced.

Sunday, January 3, 1999:
Sixties - TV Soundtrack features Bob Dylan and Joan Osborne in a newly recorded (Oct 31, 1998 according to ISIS) duet of "Chimes Of Freedom". Expected release date: January 26, 1999.
Peter Alenov died in St. Paul. He was the owner of a vintage guitar shop that served Dylan and other famous names.

"Love Sick" and "Not Dark Yet" singles are still available.

Saturday, January 2:
Finally an update to the BARF list, with 20 new entries!

Friday, January 1, 1999:
Happy New Year from Norway!
The year's first BDX, from William Routhier.

News in 1998 - Expecting Rain

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