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Bardot, Brigitte

I Shall Be Free / The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan / 1963

Well, my telephone rang it would not stop It's President Kennedy callin' me up He said, "My friend, Bob, what do we need to make the country grow?" I said, "My friend, John, Brigitte Bardot, Anita Ekberg, Sophia Loren." (Put 'em all in the same room with Ernest Borgnine!)

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Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 15:41:52 +0500
From: MOE (dsc9bam@IMC210.MED.NAVY.MIL)
Subject: Carnegie Chapter Hall 4 Nov '61 Program

Quote from the program for BDs first NYC concert, at Carnegie Chapter Hall on November 4, 1961. The original program is a 6x9, 4 page foldout w/a great, boyish shot of our man on the front page above the concert info. Dylan self-penned his biography on the inside, and it is uproariously funny. Read on:

         "I started writing my own songs about four or five years
ago. First song was to Brigit Bardot, for piano. Thought if I
wrote the song I'd sing it to her one day. Never met her."

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Laura Maria Sophie
March 10, 2018

I'm not totally sure how this works, but I have a proposition for an addition to the entry on Brigitte Bardot. 
So far, her entry only mentions I Shall Be Free, and the quote from the 1961 concert program. 
Not only does Dylan repeat the info about the first song he ever wrote being about Bardot 
in the 78 Playboy interview, but in the 1966 Playboy Interview with Nat Hentoff 
the following exchange happens:
"PLAYBOY: Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?
DYLAN: Well, I guess I've always wanted to be Anthony Quinn in "La Strada". 
Not always - only for about six years now; it's not one of those childhood-dream things. 
Oh, and come to think of it, I guess I've always wanted to be Brigitte Bardot, too; 
but I don't really want to think about that too much."
Thought this was interesting and worth adding.

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