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An exhaustive (and exhausting) commentary on the latest in a remarkable
series of triple disk sets providing a unique overview of the greatest 
singer/songwriter/musician of our times........ 

The Third One Now. GBS Booklet.
THE THIRD ONE NOW (GENUINE BOOTLEG SERIES VOLUME 3) 3CD (GBS3) Content: Myriad assortment of tracks from 1962-1995 DISK ONE: 1962-1966 Tracks: 17 Time: 76:38 1) Hard Times in New York (Mackenzie Tapes 1962) Anyone notice the irony here? Same kickoff track as on BS1-3!! From the legendary McKenzie home tapes but what appears to be a previously uncirculating version and in terrific quality that far surpasses the quality of the previously circulating MacKenzie home tapes. Cool version done at a faster clip than the Minnesota Hotel '61 version on BS1-3. Note: quality on the other six (6) Mackenzie tracks below is equally splendid. These are identified on GBS3 as being from the "Smith Home tapes." First time on glass mastered CD for all these. 2) Death Of Emmett Till (Mackenzie Tapes 1962) If you're reading this, you probably know this song well from the Freewheelin' sessions or various other performances in the early years. One of the great topical songs and a chilling performance. "Emmett Till" is not listed by Dundas or Dylanbase as part of the MacKenzie tapes but _is_ listed by Clinton Heylin in his Day By Day book for 29 Jan 62 along with "Hard Times". 3) Sally Gal/The Girl I Left Behind (Oscar Brand show, WNYC, 10/29/61) Previously available on "Sings For His Supper" (complete with the interview), here's the 2 performed tracks in the same perfect quality as on "..Supper." Fit's in nicely here, IMO. These two songs are on the one CD track even though they were sung separately on the radio show and not as a medley. 4) I Rode Out One Morning (Mackenzie Tapes 1962) 5) House Of the Rising Sun (Mackenzie Tapes 1962) The beautiful, Mississippi John Hurt-influenced guitar playing on #4 is a joy. This one sounds like an outtake from Hurt's 1928 sessions :-) What a pleasure to hear the gorgeous tones of his guitar in this quality. A highlight. Both of these are from the 4th Mackenzie tape from12 Apr 62 (in lesser quality) and neither previously available on glass-mastered CD. 6) See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Mackenzie Tapes 1962) (fragment) 7) Ballad Of Donald White (Mackenzie Tapes 1962) More gems from the early songbook in near perfect quality, particularly the chilling "Donald White," a frightening tale of society as criminal. These are from the 3rd Mackenzie tape (again identified as the "Smith" tape here), but found in much better quality here, plus a longer "See That My Grave..." 8) Farewell (Witmark demo, NYC, March 1963) A repeat from GBS1, also available on "The Witmark Years," "The Witmark Demos" or "Through A Bullet Of Light." 9) Percy's Song (Carnegie Hall, NYC, 10/26/63) From the unreleased "Bob Dylan In Concert" album, previously available on the CD of the same name. 10) I Shall Be Free #10 (false start) alternate from acetate 11) I Shall Be Free #10 (Columbia Studios, NYC, 6/9/64) alternate In reverse order from the CD insert details, these were recorded at Columbia Studios, New York on 09 Jun 64 (CO82224). The full one is not the alternate take from the Emmett Grogan Acetates or the Highway 61 Interactive CD- ROM, which is around a minute longer. I've yet to compare these to the 5 takes on Spank's "Seven Years Of Bad Luck," but they appear to be uncirculating. 12) If You Gotta Go, Go Now (listed as unknown '65 recording) The NY Philharmonic live October 31, 1964 version. Available on many releases but none as good as "All Hallow's Eve." Excellent sound. 13) It's Alright Ma (Les Crane Show, WABC-TV studios, 2/17/65 A mind-blowing version with Bruce Langhorne accompanying Dylan on electric guitar. Nice upgrade from the very good sounding version on the 14CD "Highway 65 Revisited" box set, with the guitars ringing more clear and true and a crisper sounding vocal. 14) Tombstone Blues (Columbia Studios, NYC, 7/29/65 w/Chambers Bros) 15) From A Buick 6 (Hollywood Bowl, 9/3/65) The overdub version with the Chambers Bros. brought in on the chorus......not hard to see why they did'nt use it. Still, a nice curiosity piece and one that fits in well on the set, this one as an "intro" to the live "From A Buick 6" from the Hollywood Bowl '65 show. Raucous rave-up with some tasty Robbie leads in good quality (note: the entirety of this show eventually surfaced in much better quality and can be found on "From Newport to the Ancient Empty Streets Of LA"). 16) Visions of Johanna (Gaumont, Sheffield, UK, 5/16/66) An otherworldy, ethereal version that assaults your senses. Superb quality with a haunting kind of vibe, Dylan's vocal sounding like it's drifting down from the clouds and covering you in a fog while conquering your mind. Truly transcendant, perfect sounding version and previously uncirculating. 17) Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Liverpool Odeon, UK, 5/14/66) Robbie at his economical, "slice and dice" best. Check out the "cut through ice" solos from 3:13-3:39 and 4:30 until the end. Dylan's vocal is so confident and spot-on, this may be the definitive version. Uncirculating. DISK TWO Tracks: 18 Time: 76:27 1) Mr. Tambourine Man (Gaumont, Sheffield, UK 5/16/66) Another uncirculating gem from Sheffield...ten minutes and 40 seconds of pure genius, full of Dylan's unique phrasing, clipped delivery and a harp run from 8:27 until the applause that will knock you out. Perfection. 2) This Wheels' On Fire 3) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 4) I Shall Be Released 5) Too Much of Nothing 6) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 2 Don't be deceived by appearances. These are the Basement's like you've never heard 'em, IN STEREO and, I mean IN WIIIIIDE STEREO!! A brand new listening experience. "Go pick up your nose, you foreign bib..." Wacky, uncategorizable, legendary, unique, meaningful and meaningless ...... all those things and more, in the way they were (or were not :-) ) meant to be heard. Previously *included* on the Genuine Basement's 1-5 but never sounding like this. 7) Folsom Prison Blues (Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN Mar 3, 1969) 8) Ring Of Fire (same as above) Out-takes from "Self Portrait", recorded Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN, 03 May 69, previously available on "Possum Belly Overalls". 9) Went to See The Gypsy (Columbia Studios, NYC, March 1970) 10) If Not For You (same as above) 11) Sign on the Window (same as above) w/instrumental/string overdubs done at Columbia Studios, Nashville, TN 7/2/70) Wonderfully "orchestrated" versions with oh-so emotive vocals from Dylan. While "...Gypsy" is better served by the funky, upbeat backing of the released version with that terrific "choppy" electric guitar and Dylan's increasingly "excited" vocal as the song progresses, this slower version with only electric piano and bass backing has a certain charm. Dylan delivers the vocal on an even keel from start to finish and, as on the entire "NM" album, sounds terrific. "If Not for You" (electric piano, bass, steel guitar and violin) is, to put it mildly, monumental. IMO, this version so far eclipses the released version as to make any debate about which is better of the two ridiculous. Slower, plaintive and oozing "truth," this version gets to the heart of the lyrics and emotions behind the words much more powerfully than the released version. Gorgeous use of the violin and steel guitar brings this song home......a pure joy to hear Dylan sing it and one of the highlights of this entire set. Of course, comparisons are ludicrous when one realizes we can enjoy ALL 3 versions now (BS1-3 being the other), so it matters not which is "better," eh? "Sign on the Window" is the same take as the released version but spiced up with a full string orchestra and a terrific harp (yeah, the tall thing that you sit down to strum), a divine flute (?) before the last verse and perhaps a xylophone (you musicians out there, help us out here). Very enjoyable and well done. Of course, it would be hard to do any damage to this song, what with Dylan's vocal simply astounding. All 3 previously uncirculating. Krogsgaard and Heylin disagree on the dates of both the recording and overdubbing of these sessions. 12) Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Sweet Amarillo (Burbank Studios, CA Feb '73) Great stuff from the "PG&BTK" sessions, "perhaps" previously available on "Peco's Blues" and then again, it may be an alternate. "Sweet Amarillo" unlisted on the track list. Perfect quality. Both recorded at Burbank Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Feb 1973. Knockin' is an alternate version although it sounds very much like the version that was on the soundtrack of the original film (not the "Director's Cut"). Reportedly the boot CD is an edit of the circulating session tapes, so this track may be from those and new to CD. 13) Nobody 'Cept You (Montreal Forum, CAN, 1/11/74) Rare live audience recording in exceptional quality. Unavailable on CD. 14) Lily/Rosemary&Jack Of Hearts (Columbia A&R, NYC 9/12/74) 15) If You See Her, Say Hello (same as above) Original "Blood" versions from the test pressing.....keeping the flow going nicely. Available on "Blood on the Tracks-The NYC Sessions," among others. 16) Simple Twist Of Fate (WWTW-TV Studios, Chicago, IL 9/10/75) 17) Oh Sister (same as above) Two cuts from the John Hammond PBS-TV special in superb quality. Both, along w/Hurricane, previously available on "...Patty Valentine" and "Live at the Warehouse" (as bonus cuts), albeit not in this crystal clear quality. Oh, by the way, a couple of tremendous versions. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the identity of the woman who Dylan dedicated "Oh, Sister" to? 18) Rita Mae (Columbia Studios, NYC, 7/14/75) B-side alternate take Wild, raucous and totally revamped, with an even more upbeat and energetic vocal from Dylan and sensational female back-up vocals, not to mention the Clapton-like slide guitar cortesy of Dave Mason, who apparently also provided the back-up singers. runs. Great stuff ......... and a bitch-slap to all the "pundits" who decried the inclusion of the "b-side" on here. This ain't it, folks :-) Disk Three: Tracks: 19 Time: 77:28 1) Never Let Me Go (Montreal Forum, 12/4/75) Perfect quality from the R&C film and the "4 Songs From Renaldo & Clara" promo 12" EP released Jan 1978. Also found on "Songs For Patty Valentine," "Hard To Find 3" and others. Perfect quality. 2) Sign Language (Shangri-La, Malibu, CA March 1976) An alternate version from Eric Clapton's album "No Reason To Cry" (1976). 3) Ballad Of A Thin Man (Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, CA Jan/Feb 78) 4) Blowin In The Wind (same as above) 5) Blowin In The Wind (same as above) A few more gems to add to the terrific Rundown's already circulating. Excellent quality versions that sound like anything but rehearsals - polished, poised and performed with great gusto. Neat little Spanish guitar intro on "..Thin Man, " also used elsewhere with nice results. Dylan's vocal is tough and confrontational and the horns add even more bite to the song. Great stuff. The first "Blowin..." starts off with female voices and you think it's "Just Like A Woman" until Dylan starts singin' the reggae version and abruptly ends it after about a minute.......immediately a lovely instrumental begins and Dylan says, "Can you hum, just hum this one through like a church choir," and they launch into a lovely, touching version that takes your breath away. You wonder if he came up with this on the fly or it was prepped this way before. What instinct this man has. (Note 1: I imagine this arrangement would have been perfect for Elvis in the late 60's, early 70's. Note 2: cue up take 2 of "Blowin" at 00:16 until he starts singing and witness the remarkable resemblance to "Every Grain Of Sand." You half expect him to sing, "In the time of my confession...." :-). Note 3: these cuts are not included on "Darkness At The Break Of Noon). All previously uncirculating. 6) Shot Of Love (Rundown Studios, 4/6/81) 7) Watered Down Love (Clover Studios, H'Wood, CA May 1981) Perfect quality alternate versions, each with an additional verse. The CD insert information is at variance with the details of the "Shot Of Love" sessions given in the fourth Krogsgaard Recording Sessions article, but does agree with the Heylin book. 8) Tangled Up In Blue (Rome Paleur, 6/19/84) Many would consider the '84 Tangled's to be the best of the tangled web of Tangled's performed over the years. I am among them and I must say that this incredible soundboard sourced version may be the best of all. Previously available on the rare "Oh The Streets Of Rome," this version is chock full of the phrasing genius of Dylan emphasizing line-ending words at certain points in the verses and utilizing 'that voice' to great effect. When he finally sings that last "blue" as "blue-oo-oo-oo," ya just gotta shake your head in wonder. 9) A Couple More Years ( Townhouse Studios, London UK, Aug 27-28/86) Cool little acoustic number from "Hearts Of Fire" in super quality. Previously found on "Dignity" and "Hard To Find 3." The HTF3 version has Bob as Billy Parker saying "I wrote it for ya and never finished it.", which is not included here. 10) The French Girl (Dead Rehearsals, San Rafael, CA Mar/Apr 87) Superb quality (without the hiss), wonderful performance. Blows away the inferior sounding version on "The French Girl" & "Dylan & Dead Rehearsals" 3CD sets. 11) Series Of Dreams (Studio On The Move, N.O., LA March '89) Yet another alternate take, this one sounding the most straightforward and seemingly not fucked with (excuse my French)...could possibly be the alternate mix from the promotional CD. 12) Ring Them Bells (Nara, Japan Great Music Experience 5/20/94) Proof positive that Dylan's tunes are so elastic that one day we'll probably be hearing operatic versions, and good ones at that. Just a terrific arrangement and performance in pristine quality........listen in awe as Dylan perfectly negotiates the lyrics amongst the orchestral twists and turns. If you didn't know better you'd think it was written for this. Well worth seeking out are the equally grand "Hard Rain" and "I Shall Be Released," from the same series of performances. This version appears to be a line recording from the 20 May 94 performance, with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen. If the date is correct this is a new to collectors, the "Hard To Find 4" version is from 22 May 94 (the same songs were performed on each of the 3 nights)., as is the version on "If My Thought Dreams Could Be Seen." Reportedly only the 22nd circulates as a line recording, and the circulating audience tapes from the 20th and 21st are not that good, supposedly. 13) Handy Dandy (Oceanway Studios, Louisiana Jan 6, 1990) alternate Let me just say that if you're not busting an ear splittin' grin after this one then you are probably a zombie. A rip roaring, ball bustin alternate (longer) version with an incredibly excited Dylan ripping into the vocals with glee, Jimmi Vaughn's guitar slicing through the funky energy and the whole affair one big barrel of joy. Listen to the uncharacteristic "YEEEAH" at around 4:04 and by the time Dylan ends it with the triple treat "..just like, just like, just like sugar and candy..." you can imagine everyone in the studio laughin' and exchanging high fives. Whew........previously uncirculating alternate version. 14) TV Talkin Song (The Complex, L.A., CA March 1990) alternate version Heylin hit the nail on the head in his sessions book and this must be the take was referring to. A menace of a version, scary in fact......check out some of the alternate lyrics** and imagine a lower, more guttural Dylan vocal delivering the lines about the "TV GOD"........
I moved in closer an' got up on my toes, Two men in front of me were comin' to blows The man was saying something 'bout children when they're young Whoever puts their face in it he said they should be hung***** "The news of the day is [an eye sore] all the time, All the latest gossip, all the latest rhyme, Puts your brain inside your eye and penetrates your skull, ** Lays an egg inside your head and makes you dull." ** T.V. judges and T.V. clerks, T.V. repairman to fix it so it works** T.V. daddies and T.V. moms, and on the T.V. cities under bombs, **** The crowd began to riot, they grabbed hold of the man, Hung him from a lamppost and they ran. *** The T.V. crew was there to film it, jumped right over me, I walked back to my hotel and watched it on T.V.
Relased version would be PG-13. This one: No one under 18 admitted. Previously uncirculating. 15) Anyway You Want Me (Sony Studios, NYC, 9/10/94) unreleased Recorded for an aborted Elvis tribute album project, along with "Money, Honey" and "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", this was previously uncirculating. Way cool version and we can only hope the rest of these sessions surface. 16) My Blue-Eyed Jane (Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN, 5/9-11/94) An alternate take with Emmylou Harris from same session as the "Highway 61 Interactive" CD-ROM version. This has previously appeared on the "House Of The Blues" and "Hard To Find 5." 17) Blind Willie McTell (WolfTrap, Vienna, VA 8/24/97) From the hearing impaired line transmission recording and previously available on the "Weekend At Wolftrap" and "Back At Wolftrap" sets. Excellent quality. 18 Hard Times (Austin TX, KRLU Studios, 28 Apr 1993) Killer version previously available on "Lucky 13", "Hard To Find 4," "Highway Of Diamonds Vol. 2," others. Great stuff. 19) Restless Farewell (Shrine Auditorium, LA 11/19/95) Recorded at the Frank Sinatra 80th Birthday Tribute and previously available on many releases. A fitting capper to a startling collection of unreleased tunes and perhaps the most enjoyable and surprising of the 3 released so far. Once again, the packaging is more than deluxe.....four panel gatefold glossy slipcase with picture sleeves for each disk, rare glossy Bob pics on each panel and a 40 page booklet replete with two dozen more rare, vintage, what may be the most candid interview Bob has ever given, this the Song Talk interview with Paul Zollo from the early 90's. Zollo quotes Arlo Guthrie in this interview, who says what a million other songwriters must have have been thinking since Dylan broke on the scene: "Songwriting is like fishing in a stream, you put in your bait and hope you catch something. And I don't think anyone downstream from Bob Dylan ever caught anything." Bottom line: GBS3 is a desert island collection. The tracks flow together so perfectly and capture each of the many phases of Dylan's ever changing art perhaps as well as anything ever's a good thing we're out of the vinyl age, or else the grooves would be getting worn out on this one. (Thanks to the bloke who helped out with a lot of the facts above....he knows who he is.....cheers) Final Note: Corrections of factual errors or inaccuracies contained in the above overview would certainly be welcomed by Karl Erik (I hope).
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