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Langhorne, Bruce

Bruce Langhorne, Carolyn Hester, Bob Dylan and Bill Lee Columbia Studio A, New York City, September 29, 1961

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Date:          Sun, 20 Aug 95 08:53:00 0400
From:          Daniel Olson (
To:            Karl Erik Andersen
Subject:       Bob Dylan Who's Who

What about Bruce Langhorne?  You'll have to check the references, I'm 
going on memory here . . . but I think he plays on Pat Garrett & Billy 
the Kid soundtrack, and in the liner notes to Biograph Dylan is quoted 
as saying B.L. was the inspiration for Mr. Tambourine Man, something 
about a giant tambourine . . .

From: Thomas C. Hofheinz ( Date: 19. september 1997 17:24 Subject: Bruce Langhorne on BD's Who's Who Great site! One thing though... Where is the great Bruce Langhorne? He was Dylan's guitar sideman on *Freewheeling* ("Corrina Corrina"), *Bringing It All Back Home* (throughout), *Highway 61 Revisited* ("Desolation Row"), and *Pat Garrett and Billy the Kidd*. Dylan said at one point (the Biograph notes?) that he had Langhorne in his mind when he wrote "Mr. Tamborine Man"...he really loved Langhorne, who was a big sweet guy, and he had had a memorable music session where Langhorne was playing a big tamborine. I don't know if Langhorne is alive or dead, but his playing on "Desolation Row" is the greatest guitar performance on any Dylan record, as far as I'm concerned. Tom Hofheinz
From: Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 05:07:20 -0400 (EDT) To:, Subject: Bruce Langhorne Dear Daniel and Karl: I recently bought Celebrations for a Grey Day, a Vanguard CD of their 1965 recording of pieces played by Mimi and Richard Farina (you probably recall that Mimi Farina was originally Mimi Baez, sister of the more famous Joan, and that Richard Farina died in 1966). I noticed the name Bruce Langhorne (playing tambourine and electric guitar on three of the thirteen tracks) because I thought I remembered it from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid... A quick HotBot search threw up some other references, including an appearance with Bob Dylan on TV in 1965, see, and some recipes (yes, it's the same person). Ken Davies. Bruce Langhorne Discography by Stefan Wirz

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