Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:40:22 -0500

    The dark, murky depths of the DEEP were unnavigable for awhile,
however, the vessel has been righted so we forge ahead and play some
catch-up on the backlog of these past few fortnights........

   Villafranca di Verona, Castillo Scaligero, Italy  4Jul98 + filler
Tracks: 22    Times: 72/73    Source: Audience    Quality: Very Very Good

Waveband seems to have hit a nice stride with yet another solid release
of a fine show. Dylan's rough and tumble vocal is at the forefront of a
clear and vibrant mix - it sounds repetitious but it's ANOTHER  good
show in just-shy-of excellent quality and a keeper, with an absolutely
beautiful version of "BOOTS OF SL."  As mentioned previously, the bonus
trax complete the Malmo show above, plus there's 4 more from the
Nurenberg outdoor gig.

TrackList: Pillbox Hat, If Not 4U, Cold Irons, Simple Twist,
Can't wait, Silvio, MrTMan, Masters, Boots of Spanish Leather, Tangled,
Ill Remember You, H61, DontThink2X, LoveSick, RDW, Blowin'. Filler:
LoveSick & RDW (Malmo), plus Nurenberg 5/30/98: Knockin', Senor, 
JLAW and ThinMan.

Malmo, Sweden  6 Jun 1998
Tracks: 11    Time: 71+   Source: Audience    Quality: Very Good

Another nice offering from the folks at Waveband, following on the heels
of the (2) excellent German '98s previously remarked upon in DEEP 76. A
solid show in all respects and presented in very good quality, with
upfront vocals and clear and distinct instrumentation. No complaints
about this one - it fits in nicely with the many other superb '98 Euro
summer shows that have seen the light of day. A cool setlist with a bare
bones Watchtower opener, followed up by Peggy-O and a rare outing for
Pos 4th Street. Not bad at all.

Setlist: Watchtower, Peggy-O, Cold Irons, Pos 4th St, Silvio,
RovGambler, Masters, Don't Think2X, Tangled, Forever Young, H61. (Note:
the remaining 2 tracks from this gig can be found as bonus tracks on the

San Jose, CALIF  19May98
Tracks: 13    Time: 73+    Source: Soundboard    Quality: Excellent

Another version of the San Jose soundboard.  I recall  the SAN JOSE
SOUNDBOARD '98 from DEEP #74 here:
An astounding recording sourced from either the soundboard or, if you
listen to the rumors, from someone tapping into the frequency that was
transmitted to Bob's "ear monitors," i.e. no monitors on stage at this
show. Feel free to comment on that rumor in the newsgroups. In any case,
a devastatingly bright, true sound highlighted by the full richness of
Bob's vocals, vocals that were strong and energetic during this show,
full of feeling and raw, naked emotion. A seemingly pedestrian setlist
is eclipsed by the amazing recording quality and performances of all
parties involved. You wanna get "next" to him, can't get much "closer"
than this. An "in your face and in your heart" recording. Essential. It
gallops, it trots, it lopes, it sprints - it's a wild ride but enjoyable
every step of the way.

Sweet Marie/ The Man In Me/Cold Irons/JLAW/Silvio/Stone
Walls/Masters/Tangled/Make YouFeelMyLove/H61/ForeverYoung/LoveSick/RDW.

RENALDO & CLARA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)  1CD 
  (AR & CE)    Soundrack from the movie.
Tracks: 20 (some fragments)  Time: 72+   Source: Film   Quality: Exc

A welcome "reissue" of the R&C soundtrack housed in a classy and
colorful glossy slipcase. This one was previously reviewed in DEEP 54
but here it is again: Of the 20 tunes, most are complete or almost
complete, with the exception of abbreviated/cut off versions of never
performed and/or unlikely tunes: Ballad in Plain D, Patty's Gone To
Laredo, Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. Although some of the trax have
dialogue intruding on them, notably a great version of "One Too Many
Mornings," the disk has a nice ebb and flow and fits together nicely.
Quality is excellent considering the video source -  in stereo w/little
hiss, fine definition, upfront vocals. I imagine this is as good as it
could get short of an official release. For fans of Rolling Thunder,
this will not disappoint.

Masterpiece/Isis/Ballad in Plain D/HardRain/PeopleGetReady/ItAintMeBabe/
SheBelongsToMe (nice piano led version)/LotTolaugh/IfYouSeeHer (piano

TEMPEST STORM   1CD (Theramin-Golden Archive 74) 
Empire Burlesque outakes and alternates Dec 1984-March 1985
Tracks: 16     Time: 70+      Source: Studio      Quality: Very Good

The EB outtakes and alternates presented in fine quality. In fact, it
seems to be an upgrade to the long-out-of-print Wanted Man release.
Sound is a bit more true and with slightly less hiss, to my ears at
least. Housed in a color glossy slipcase (like a mini-LP). Nothing new
here and some real stinkers sprinkled in among the bare-bones gems  "New
Danville Girl" and "When The Night Comes Falling...."  Still, it's
interesting to hear the un-doctored mixes and alternate takes........and
there's always the program button.

Tracks:  New Danville Girl, Tight Connection, Clean Cut Kid, I'll
Remember You, Seeing The Real You At Last, Something's Burning, Trust
Yourself, Emotionally Yours, When The Night Comes Falling, Never Gonna
Be The Same, Waiting To Get Beat, Straight A's In Love, The Very Thought
Of You, Driftin' Too Far From Shore, Who Loves You More, Go Away Little
Boy.  A good one.

ROUGH CUTS    2CD   (RC 1/2)  
Infidels Outtakes/Alternates 1983
Tracks: 26    Time: 140+      Source: Studio      Quaity: Excellent

The "Infidels" sessions tapes in excellent quality - on par with the
original and terrific Black Night Crash release of the early 90's. Since
that one is nigh on impossible to find, here you are. Nothing to say
about this one other than it's one of the must have's, with alternates,
outtakes and the "Sweetheart" rehearsals.  Decide for yourself whether
it's the best album that never happend.

Tracks: Sweetheart Like You, Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart, Lord
Protect My Child, Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, Foot Of pride,
Tell Me, I&I, Union Sundown, Julius & Ethel, Jokerman, License To Kill,
Man Of Peace, Neighborhood Bully, Blind Willie (electric), Don't Fall
Apart On Me Tonight, Blind Willie, This Was My Love (1 & 2), Angel
Flying Too Close #2, Dark Groove (inst.), Don't Fly Unless It's Safe,
Clean Cut Kid, Death Is Not The End, Sweetheart Like You, Union Sundown
#2, Sweetheart rehearsals.  Comes housed in a color glossy slipcase
w/terrific shot of Dylan & Knopfler on cover.

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