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James, Paul

Date:    Tue, 30 Apr 1996 04:00:02 GMT
From:    David Sage (dsage@UOGUELPH.CA)
Subject: Re: Who is Paul Jones? (Toronto 28/4/96)

He joined Bob on the Rainy Day Women encore playing lead guitar in Toronto 28/4/96.

Paul James.
A singer/songwriter/player on the T.O. scene for lo these many years (a good'un too).


Paul Jones played guitar with Dylan in Buffalo, New York on Feb 23, 1999. Subject: Re: Paul James From: Spurg ( Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 11:22:56 -0800 Paul James is an excellent rocker who is familiar around the clubs in Totonto. He's friends with Bo Diddley, I believe, and the word on him is that he is multi-talented and his modest success is a curiosity that belies his talent. Anyway, in the mid or late eighties, Dylan was in Toronto filming a movie or something. He was staying in someone's house just north of downtown, and was showing up all over the place. (There is one, now infamous incident, where Dylan showed up at the Royal York Hotel to see Tammy Wynette? [one of those country crooners], and a very young lady on the door, who did not recognize him or who probably never heard of him, refused to let him in because he was so shabbily dressed (the RYH has a strict dress-code). Amazingly, as the papers reported it the next day, Dylan protested for quite a while, saying he was a friend of the performer and he just wanted to go back stage to see her. This didn't work, and I believe someone with Dylan said to the woman somthing like, "do you know who this is?" Anyway, he finally left.) Well, he showed one Saturday night at at the club where Paul James usually performed, and he joined James on stage for the entire evening. When word of this got around, on Monday morning Paul James was interviewed on CBC radio's morning show. He said that after the show, he and Dylan and some other musicians went back to James's apartment and jammed until dawn. Then Dylan up and left for his digs. James said that Dylan asked him, "why haven't you made it?" Then Dylan gave him some contacts in L.A. The interviewer asked James if he now thought he would "make it," and his reply stuck in my mind. "Sure, if cats like that keep comin' around."
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