Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999

Well, here we are after a prolonged absence. This was due to
(pick 2): 1) a poisoned headache  2) a graveyard woman who kept
my kid   3) sad complaints of kings and queens 4) searching for
Little Sadie   5) I bummed a ride back to from where I started,
or   6)  the 3 posts to RMD since the last DEEP (wondering when
the next edition was expected) caused a guilt trip. Hey, you
gotta satisfy your fan base, no matter how big (or small :-)
Anyway, I got my mind made up this past weekend to wade through
the new and old and provide a recap of the goings-on of the last
4 months (4 months, whew - laaaaaaaaaaaazy).  Not that there are
a lack of resources anymore for this type thing (see the
relatively new and excellent "Field Recordings" site).  Be that
as it may, KarlErikExpectingRain presents another fun-filled,
grammatically incorrect (and inept), amateurish and befuddling
rundown of the latest field recordings for your aural and, in
some cases, visual pleasure (see Hush Hush), known in "our" idiom
as, simply, THE DEEP....

"DOWN UNDER THE LOUNGE"  2CD  (Dandelion 81/82)  Melbourne, Australia,
   Mercury Lounge Club Show, 19 Aug 1998
Tracks: 21        Time: 133      Source: Audience      Quality:  Very Good
Another in the seemingly endless series of "special" club gigs
where Bob strays from the norm and pulls out some rarely played
tunes to zealous throngs of a thou or less. Following in the
footsteps of Toad's Place 1990, Supper Club '93, & Ft. Lauderdale
'95, the Melbourne club show covers a wide array of eclectic
tunes in an upbeat and energetic performance. Rare outings for
Peggy-O, Shelter, Big Girl, Dungeon & Released are spattered
among some usuals and not so usuals - Tough Mama, for one - and
are performed with an inspired gusto that leaves the club quaking
from the reactions. An exciting change of pace from the "standard
fare" setlists from this period (for the most part, anyway). The
quality is quite good, although not a standout among such
legendary quality sets as SOUL or NY CITY '94, however, I'm told
by folks who seem to know what they are talking about that this
is as good as it gets. Apparently, the security was pretty tight
at the gig, so perhaps the tapers were not as bold as they might
have been. Nonetheless, a wonderful document  of a now-legendary
performance, complete with snazzy 8 page booklet and essay.

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, Pretty Peggy-O, Can't Wait, Shelter
From The Storm, Tough Mama, You're A Big Girl Now, Cold Irons
Bound, Cocaine Blues, Mr. Tambourine Man, Masters Of War, Roving
Gambler, Tangled Up In Blue, Dark As A Dungeon, Forever Young,
Highway 61 Revisited, Love Sick, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35,
Blowin' In The Wind, 'Til I Fell In Love With You, Silvio, I
Shall Be Released.
"IN THE PINES"  1CD  (Dandelion  DL53)  1961-63 live/LeedsDemos/outtakes
Tracks: 20     Time: 73+    Source: Line Recordings       Quality: Excellent
Nine Leeds demos presented in sizzling, best ever quality,
sandwiched between a partial Carnegie Chapter Hall 4Nov61
performance that *should* have included all the circulating
tracks, not just 2 of the 5:  In The Pines, Backwater Blues. The
Bear broadcast from Chicago 1963, quality of which is quite good
albeit a bit compressed: Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance,
Talking John Birch, BDs Dream, Hollis Brown, Talking WWIII Blues,
Hard Rain, God On Our Side. Plus Rocks & Gravel (F'Wheelin'
outtake) and If You Gotta Go, which could have been excised in
favor of the remaining extant Carnegie tracks. The focus here,
though, is on the sparkling quality Leeds demos, presented in far
superior sound than previous incarnations, in my humble opinion:
He Was A Friend Of Mine, Man On The Street, Hard Times In New
York Town, Poor Boy Blues, Ballad For A Friend, Rambling Gambling
Willie, Man On The Street, Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre
Blues, & Standing On The Highway. Now, if we could only get the
rest of 'em plus the Witmark's in the same quality.....

....a particularly tasteful, B&W 16 page package chock full of  vintage
early 60's Bob pics that are more than a bit pleasing to the eye.

"THE FINAL NIGHT & MORE"   2CD  (Dandelion DL 72/73)  See below for 
        venues  and track listing.
Tracks: 33   Times: 151+    Source: Audience    Quality: Outstanding 
Another striking package from the folks at Dandelion, this one a
color, glossy 20 page booklet full of some terrific "Temples in
Flames" pics and a long essay. Some of the pictures have to be
seen to be believed and portray Bob in both flattering and
unflattering terms. Nonetheless, a wonderfullly packaged set.
Ahhhh.....the content. Well, suffice it to say that "Temples in
Flames" on Wanted Man (Euro'87 compilation), "Live" (Rotterdam
'87),  & "Heartbreaker Blues" (Munich '87) all take a seat far in
the rear to this embarassment of riches. The complete Wembley is
presented in oh-so-fine sound and the filler just takes it to
another level. By the end of this stretch of shows w/TP & the
HB's, Dylan was stretching out vocally and they were right with
him every step of the way. Benmont Tench's keyboards seemed to
give the songs more depth and Campbell's lead playing was edgy
and inspired, which in turn drove Dylan to experiment and go off
in some interesting directions, i.e. "...St. Augustine."  A
fantastic Wembley performance, added to the smartly  chosen
filler,  provides a near-perfect overview of the latter stages of
Europe '87.

* *NOTE: Thanks to the "Field Recordings" website, where the below 
source/track info was "lifted" from.**
(1) Wembley Arena (London, UK); October 17, 1987
(2) Wembley Arena (London, UK); October 16, 1987
(3) Arena Civica (Milan, Italy); October 4, 1987
(4) POPB Bercy (Paris, France); October 7, 1987
(5) Paleur (Rome, Italy); October 3, 1987
(6) Vorst Nationaal (Brussels, Belgium); October 10, 1987
(7) Schleyerhalle (Stuttgart, West Germany); September 29, 1987
(8) Europe 1987
(9) Valby Hallen (Copenhagen, Denmark); September 21, 1987
Tracklist: (1) The Times They Are A-Changin, Like A Rolling Stone, Maggie's 
Farm, Forever Young, Dead Man Dead Man, I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine, Simple
Twist Of Fate, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Watching The River Flow, Gotta
Serve Somebody, Man Of Peace, I And I, Don't Think Twice, Tomorrow is A Long
Time, Heart Of Mine, In The Garden, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Chimes Of
Freedom (w/Roger McGuinn), Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (w/George Harrison), Go
Down Moses
(2) Emotionally Yours, To Ramona, Lenny Bruce
(3) License To Kill
(4) House Of The Rising Sun
(5) Wicked Messenger
(6) Desolation Row, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Shot Of Love
(7) Joey
(8) John Brown
(9) When I Paint My Masterpiece

I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET  2CD  (Waveband 10/11)  Copenhagen, Denmark, 
   June 11, 1998  + filler Gothenburg, Sweden, June 10, 1998
Tracks: 22     Time: 148      Source: Audience     Quality: Excellent
Just one more superb offering from the folks at
Waveband.......upfront, in your face sound with great depth and
clarity........hard to fault any of the European  summer '98
efforts, and this one is right up there, particularly considering
the killer setlist and splendid renditions of Shooting Star, Love
-0 and a gorgeous make You Feel My Love, plus some enticing
filler from Gothenburg, highlighted by an engaging Born in Time.
A stunner and highly recommended.

June 11, 1998 setlist:
 STAR/Silvio/RAMONA/Masters/LOVE -0/Tangled/Can'tWait/Feel
MyLove/BLINDWILLIE/H61/Don't Think 2X/ LoveSick/RDW12&35/Blowin'.
Gothenburg, SW 6/10: To Be Alone With You/LONG BLACK COAT/BORN IN

WHITE DOVE  2CD  (Dandelion DL 83/84) (1) Irving Plaza (New York, NY); 
     December 8, 1997 + Prince's Trust Concert London, UK, June 29, 1996 
Tracks: 21    Time: 137      Source: Soundboard/TV      Quality: Sonic Boom
See DEEP 74 ("Tonight I'll Be Playing Here For You") for a review of the
Irving show. This version, though difficult to imagine, is a step
up in sound, seemingly remastered to provide a bit more "boost"
and fullness to the already remarkable sound of the former. A
devastating set, beautifully packaged with a 12 page
cover/booklet. This one also boasts primo quality filler of the
Hyde Park, London 1996 broadcast of 5 tracks w/Al Kooper and Ron
Wood: Pillbox, Tom Thumb's, Positively, Silvio, H61. Irving
tracks: Maggie's Farm/Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You/Cold
Irons/BigGirl Now/Can't Wait/Silvio/Cocaine/ToRamona/Tangled/WHITE DOVE/
I AND I/Till IFell In Love With You/H61 Revisited/Don't Think Twice/
LoveSick/RDW 12&35.  An essential listening experience.
HARD TO FIND 6  1CD  (Magic Hand 457 823-2) various released b-sides, etc.
Tracks:  18     Time:  79       Source: Various       Quality:  Excellent
(Thanks once again to the "Field Recordings" website for the
"stats" below). An off kilter compilation presenting some
officially released material alongside some unrelated unreleased
material that leaves one wondering what was going through the
compilers mind. Somewhat useful if only for the fact that the
"Lovesick" single b-sides are all in one place, and the Doug Sahm
tracks are excellent. The rest is  pretty much rehash and has
been widely available on numerous other releases. For the
completists out there.

(1) "Love Sick" CD singles w/ bonus tracks
(2) extended single
(3) Doug Sahm And Band LP
(4) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); May 1, 1970
(5) Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (official track w/John Hammond intro))
(6) Live '80
(7) Civic Center (St. Paul, MN); October 31, 1978
Tracklist: (1) Love Sick, Cold Irons Bound, Cocaine Blues, Born In Time, 
Can't Wait, Roving Gambler, Blind Willie McTell
(2) Handle With Care
(3) Is Anybody Going To San Antone, Wallflower, Blues Stay Away From Me, Me 
And Paul
(4) I Threw It All Away, I Don't Believe You, Honey Just Allow Me One More 
(5) Oxford Town
(6) Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody
(7) Coming From The Heart

"HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE"  2CD  (Dandelion DL 115/16)  Charlotte,
   NC,10 Dec 1978, plus filler Nashville, TN (12/2) and Columbia, SC (12/9) 
Tracks: 30      Time: 157      Source: Audience      Quality: Outstanding
It does'nt get much better than this. Far and away the most
inspired, smokin' '78 performance I've heard - Dylan sounds
possessed and sings with apreacher's fervor on every tune - not to
mention prefacing the songs with twilight zone-like tales of
"gypsy kings with 16 wives and 130 children, carnival geeks who
bite the heads of live chickens and old men with fire in their
eyes and smoke coming out of their nostrils," to quote from the
liner notes. An awe-inspiring performance by Dylan and  band
(Billy Cross on lead guitar, David Mansfield on violin and Steve
Douglas on sax, particularly) that leaves Budokan and most
everything else from this tour in its wake. The filler tracks
include an incredible Watchtower w/a Mansfield violin solo for
the ages. Dylan could feel the Devil comin' round the corner, it
seems, and rousts the crowd with a legendary performance. - .this
may be the definitive show from '78. Quality is full and bright,
excellent for a '78 show - crank it up and revel in its majesty
while staring wide eyed at the hypnotic, sensational front cover
shot (not to mention the fabulous pics that grace the
poster/collage package). An all-time great.

"MASTER OF ZURICH"  2CD  (Lucky LR 011/12)   Zurich, SWITZ  25Apr99, 
    plus filler from Marseille, FR, 23Apr99
Tracks:  20       Time: 145          Source: Audience        Quality: Exc/VG
Short and sweet on this one. Crunchy, upfront & outstanding sound
quality on the Zurich show, highlights being epic versions of
Hard Rain & Baby Blue. Too tiresome to conjure up any more
adjectives to describe Bob's performance, or the performance of
the crack band during the Euro '98 trek, where Bob presented a
revamped show that opened with 7 acoustic numbers. Suffice it to
say that the Zurich show is strong and tight and finds Bob in top
form. The  Zurich set is appended with 4 tracks from Marseilles,
including an always welcome "Visions…." Quality falls a bit on
the filler, however. This one's a limited, numbered edition of
500, so catch it if you can. The smartly designed package
includes snazzy graphics and terrific color pictures from the
actual show.  

Zurich set: Cocaine/TMan/Masters/Girl
MemphisBlues/  MakeYouFeel/H61/LoveSick/ ToBeAlone/ XThink2X/Not Fade Away
w/Lofgren & Van Zandt. 
Marseille 4/23/99 filler: Visions/Ain't Me Babe/Times/JLAW. 
"DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE"  2CD  (Mighty Quinn 001)  Portland, ME      
     2/25/99 + filler various venues 1999 complete 
  Tracks: 23   Time: 150+    Source: Audience      Quality: Very Good
It's become noticeable that anytime Bob decides to perform
"Visions..," chances are the entirety of the show will be a
stunner. That's the case here, once again, and he pulls out some
other rarities to boot (no pun intended), incl/I'llRememberYou,
Pos4thSt & Pledging. Sound quality is very good, upfront and
crisp with a nice mix of 'top and bottom." For a lengthy recap,
let's stray from the norm and pick up the "master of reviewers
and global Bob-follower" Mr. C. Wohlfield for his take on this
show -- "- shortly after nine pm the familiar introduction was
followed with yet another.....         
       Gotta Serve Somebody
this first song already indicated that Bob was 'on' tonight. You
always know it'll be a good show if she sings "you gotta serve
somebody [very loud] YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH you gotta serrrrrve
        I'll Remember You
was a nice change. Maybe it only sounded so good to me because it
wasn't "illion Miles", but I really enjoyed it. They killed the
song every time they played it up until last summer, but now that
they do it more often they actually do it quite well. It had a
new ending which I thought was very good indeed.
        Can't Wait
Slow and subdued, not sure if I liked it all that much, but at
least it sounded a bit different than usual. And you're bound to
appreciate that if you see many shows.
        Positively Fourth Street
This song already made the night for me. I couldn't imagine it
would get any better. Spoken/sung beautifully, very much like the
awesome summer '96 versions. Very slow with great guitar work
courtesy of Larry. This one made me very, very happy already. The
last verse was a real killer!
As I mentioned before, it now has the stop/start parts again,
which improve the performance, well not a great deal but
slightly. Also they cut short the noodleing part at the end and
just finish the song after the last chorus. Now that's what I
call a welcome change.
        Masters Of War (acoustic)
Again with the spotlight on Bob which makes him look like a 60s
flashback. Tonight he sung the song very much differently, he
sounded like a wise old man, telling a tale. Very impressive.
What totally made the night though was the song that followed. I
wanted to hear that song more than anything and it took me 68
shows and eight years to finally get to hear it. 68 shows, that
makes it roughly 1100 songs that I've heard Bob play live, and
every single time (well, almost) I hoped it would be this one. I
spend a lot of time -  while sitting on the train for 17 hours en
route to Bob's Stockholm show, on the 24 hours planeride to his
Oz tour - thinking about what would be on my mind the second he
starts the song. Would I holler, would I start to cry - I didn't
know. It would be something along those lines though, I was sure
of that. Of course, none of that was true when the big moment
finally came... As soon as they started the song I noticed that
this was a tune I hadn't heard before. For a splitsecond I
thought it would be "Rock Of Ages", another song I would've loved
to hear and which was on the cuesheet a few times. Then I
thought: "oh well, it's gonna be 'Desolation Row', they just
messed up the intro." But then Bob stepped up to the microphone
and sang "Ain't it just like the night..." At that point I was
rattling my brain... "which song does start with that line
again???" It was all very weird. I know some other people had the
same experience.
Then it finally dawned on me: F*cking hell, it's
        Visions Of Johanna (acoustic)
and what a beautiful performance it was. Probably the nicest
band-version of the song I've heard, on tape that is. (well, I
thought so anyways, but then again I'm very biased, see above).
It really sounded a lot like "Desolation" and Bob mixed up the
"ghost of electricity" verse but did I care? No, I didn't. Not
sure if he sang three, four or five verses, but i seemed to be
pretty long, especially the guitar solo by Bob at the end. Bucky
added some very nice melodies on pedal-steel. It was the first
time in almost three years that he did this song in the US and
again it was in Portland. Wonder what the connection is?
        Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
oh my god, he just did "Visions Of Johanna"!!!!!
        Friend Of The Devil (acoustic)
Another great choice. Not as amazing as "Fourth Street" or
"Visions" but still pretty good. Had a new ending, a slow fade
out, which was a cool way to end a pretty perfect rendition of
this great song.
        Pledging My Time
Another long-lost song! The intro sounded a lot like "Train To
Cry" badly done, but the rest was actually pretty good. A raw,
heavy, powerful blues. After that Larry was to change his guitar.
Tommy handed him another electric but Larry shook his head and I
knew what was next... would Bob ever stop pulling out my alltime
favourites tonight? Larry reached for the bouzouki and it was
time for:
        Blind Willie McTell
The first verse wasn't too hot due to some technical
difficulties, but the rest was as gorgeous as ever. Bob always
sends shivers down my spine when we reaches the "St. James hotel"
line. Band intros followed
        Highway 61 Revisited
After a show like that even "Highway" sounded terrific, though
I'm not sure if it actually was better than usual.
        Love Sick
Well, he would've needed to pull out something very special again
to make the encores anything but an anit-climax. He didn't so it
was merely four more songs done nicely.
        Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat
Bob enjoyed singing it and everybody was happy for him. After all
he had given us "Visions". Now it was time for him to play
whatever he liked. He knew that and messed up the solos badly.
        Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)
You wouldn't believe me anyways if I'd say that this was a pretty
good version, so I won't say it! :-)
        Not Fade Away
The usual end of show madness. Great fun. 100 minutes after it
had started, the show was over. With the possible expection of
Dortmund '95 and the first Miami Beach show last year it was the
best Dylan show I've ever seen. And I don't only say that because
it had "Visions". The "Fourth Street" was pretty amazing too and
I very much liked the rest of the song selection as well.  I for
one went home to my cozy hotel room very happy."

The set is filled out with well selected and rarely played filler
from late '98/ early '99, with the Setzer Orchesra horn-backed 
tracks particularly "choice:" 
PassMeNot/BlueEyedJane/HtonkBlues plus w/Setzer & Horns: Thin Man/
H61/RDW12&35, plus Knockin'. 

Tracks: 25   Time: 153+      Source: Audience      Quality: Excellent
A stunning quality presentation of the dynamite Troy, NY show
from earlier this year, appended with tunes Bob pulled out only
once or twice on this leg, and what tunes they are. No need to
ramble on about this one, it's simply "mahvelous," both in
performance terms and sound (Note: thanks once again to the
"Field Recordings" website for the venue/track lists).

(1) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY); February 22, 1999
(2) (Birmingham, AL); February 7, 1999
(3) Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, MI); February 15, 1999
(4) (Binghampton, NY); February 19, 1999
(5) Mullins Center (Amherst, MA); February 24, 1999
(6) (Portland, ME); February 25, 1999 

(1) Gotta Serve Somebody, Million Miles, Maggie's Farm, Tears Of 
Rage, Silvio, Masters Of War, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Tangled Up In Blue, 
The Times They Are A-Changin', Cold Irons Bound, I Shall Be Released,
Highway 61 Revisited, Love Sick, To Be Along With You, Don't Think Twice,
Not Fade Away
(2) My Blue-Eyed Jane
(3) Honky Tonk Blues, Ballad Of A Thin Man
(4) Friend Of The Devil, Every Grain Of Sand, Everything Is Broken
(5) Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour, I Don't Believe You
(6) Visions Of Johanna
"BETWEEN SAVED & SHOT OF LOVE"  1CD   March-May '81 sessions
  Tracks: 18    Time: 74    Source: Studio    Quality: Excellent
Newly circulating outtakes from March-May 1981, presented in
excellent quality. A very interesting listen with (mainly) fully
realized tunes and a couple of instrumentals: IsIt Worth It?/High
Away/Hallelujah/Magic/StillA Child ToMe/Wind Blows on the
Water/All the Way Down/My OrientalHome/We're OnB rrowed Time/I
Want You To Know I Love You/On ARocking Boat/Movin' OnThe
Water/Almost/Don't Ever Take YourselfAway/great, bluesy Mystery
Train. Appended by 3 previously circulating outtakes in excellent
quality: Heart OfMine/Watered Down Love/Shot Of Love, and
beautifully presented with a stunning cover, 12 page color,
glossy booklet and thoughtful essay. Not for everyone.....Crazy
Joe said it best, something to the effect of it being
"unessentially essential," or something like that.

THE GENUINE BOOTLEG SERIES vols 1 & 2 (reissues)    Both 3CD sets
Reissued by Scorpio and now packaged in tri-fold, gatefold
slipcases with the thick booklets. Note that the booklets are now
slightly different and contain several "new" pictures, as do the
"picture sleeves" that hold the actual disks inside the panels of
the slipcase. Several changes have been made to the panel
pictures also. Outer packages are still color and somewhat
glossy, but are not like the original issues, which were a high
gloss finish and embossed in gold. Content remains the same on
each set, which is what really matters anyway.  Content is below
for those who missed out the first time around. Essentialy

1. Black Cross - Bonnie Beecher's apartment, Minneapolis, 22  December 1961.
2. I Was Young When I Left Home -  Bonnie Beecher's, Minneapolis, 22 Dec 1961 
3. Ballad for a Friend - Leeds Music as a publisher's demo, New York, Jan1962. 
4. Hero Blues -  Columbia Studios, New York, 6 December 1962. 
5. Whatcha Gonna Do?   Columbia Studios, New York, 6 December 1962. 
6. Tomorrow Is a Long Time - Witmark Music demo, New York, December 1962. 
7. Milk Cow Blues  -  Columbia Studios, New York,  24 April 1962. 
8. Rocks and Gravel -  on the original version of Freewheelin' 13 Nov1962. 
9. You've Been Hiding To Long -New York Town Hall, 12 April 1963. 
10. Farewell - Witmark Music demo, New York, probably in Dec 1963. 
11. Baby Let Me Follow You Down - Witmark demo, NY, probably in Jan 64. 
12. That's All Right Mama/Sally Free and Easy - "Another Side of Bob Dylan" 
          outtake, Columbia Studios, New York, 9 June 1964. 
13. New Orleans Rag - same as above
14. You Don't Have To Do That - "Bringing It.." outtake New York, 9 Jun 64. 
15. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? - mistake 45 version
16. Desolation Row - New York, 30 July 1965  "electric" version 
17. (Seems Like a) Freeze Out - Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, 30 Nov/1 Dec 65. 
18. She's Your Lover Now -  Columbia Studios, NY, 21 Jan1966 (piano version)

Disc 2
1. Spuriously Seventeen Windows (The Painting By Van Gogh)  - recorded by 
        Robert Shelton in a Denver hotel room, 12 March 1966. 
2. What Kind of Friend Is This? -  Glasgow hotel room, 18-19 May 1966. 
3. One Too Many Mornings -  Gaumont Theatre, Sheffield, 16 May 1966. 
4. Sign on the Cross - "Big Pink", West Saugerties, New York summer of 1967.

5. All American Boy - same as above
6. Nothing Was Delivered (take 2 w/ monologue) - same as above
7. I Threw It All Away - "Self Portrait" outtake, Nashville, June 1969. 
8. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance - same as above
9. Working on a Guru - with George Harrison for "New Morning" in Columbia 
      Studios, New York, 1 May 1970. 
10. Down in the Flood - NY Academy of Music, for The Band's "Rock of Ages" 
        album, on 1 January 1972. 
11. Goodbye Holly - "Pat Garrett...." outtake Mexico City, 20 January 1973. 
12. Rock Me Mama - same as above
13. Nobody 'Cept You -"Planet Waves" outtake, Santa Monica, 2 November 73. 
14. Idiot Wind - from original "BOTT " test pressing,New York, 17 Dec 74. 
15. Hurricane - libelous 45 version
16. Stop Now - "Street Legal" outtake, Rundown Stu., Santa Monica, 2 May 78.
17. (You Treat Me Like a) Stepchild - Civic Center, Augusta, Maine, 15 Sep 78. 

Disk 3
1. Trouble In Mind - b-side, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, 1-11 May 1979. 
2. Yonder Comes Sin - Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, October 1980. 
3. Caribbean Wind (original version) -  same as above
4. Don't Ever Take Yourself Away - "Shot of Love" outtake, Los Ang, Apr-May 81 
5. Thief on the Cross - live New Orleans, 10 November 1981. 
6. Sweetheart like You - "Infidels" outake New York, mid April 1983. 
7. Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart - same as above
8. Tell Me -  same as above
9. Jokerman - same as above
10. Blind Willie McTell - same as above 
11. New Danville Girl - "Empire Burlesque" outtake, Los Angeles,  Dec 84 
12. Important Words - scheduled for inclusion on the original version of 
         "Down in the Groove".  Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, April/May 1987. 
13. Dignity - for "Oh Mercy" New Orleans, March/April 1989. 
14. Like a Ship - "Traveling Wilburys Volume  3"  Los Angeles, April 1990. 
15. Series of Dreams - for "Oh Mercy" , New Orleans, March/April 1989. 

Disc One:
The Two Sisters - Karen Wallace s Apertment - May 1960)
Lang A-Growin  - Carnegie Recital Hall - NY - April 11, 1961
Corrina, Corrina - Columbia Studios - NY - April 24-25, 1962
That s Alright Mama - Columbia Studios - NY - November 14, 1962
Hero Blues - Columbia Studios - NY - December 6, 1962
Long Time Gone - Witmark Music Demo - NY
Lay Down Your Weary Tune - Carnegie Hall - NY - October 26, 1963
Guess I m Doing Fine - Witmark Music Demo - NY
Mr. Tambourine Man I - Columbia Studios - NY - June 9, 1964
Mr. Tambourine Man II - Newport Folk Festival - RI - July 26, 1964
It s All Over Now, Baby Blue - Columbia Studios - NY - January 13, 1965
Lunatic Princess Revisited - Columbia Studios - NY - June 16, 1965
I Don t Wanna Be Your Partner - Columbia Studios - NY - October 20, 1965
Freeze Out - Columbia Studios - NY - November 20, 1965
Does She Need Me I & II - Glasgow Hotel Room - May 19, 1966
Like A Rolling Stone - Royal Albert Hall - May 27, 1966

Disc Two:
I m Not There - Basement Tapes - Sugerties, NY - Summer 1967
Lang A-Growin  - Basement Tapes - Sugarties, NY - Summer 1967
Banks Of The Royal Canal - Basement Tapes - Sugerties, NY - Summer 1967
Silent Weekend - Basement Tapes - Sugerties, NY - Summer 1967
Wild Mountain Thyme - Isle Of Wight, U.K. - August 31, 1967
Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Columbia Studios - NY - June 1970
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - Columbia Studios - NY - June 1970
George Jackson - Blue Rock Studios - NY - November 4, 1971
Goodbye Holly - CBS Mexico City Studios - Mexico City - January 1973
House Of The Rising Sun - Village Recorder Studios - LA - November 2, 1973
Nobody  Cept You - Village Recorder Studios - LA - November 2, 1973
Tangled Up In Blue - A&R Studios - NY - September 16, 1974
Abandoned Love - Other End Club - NY - July 3, 1975
People Get Ready - S.I.R. Rehearsals - NY - October 1975
The Water Is Wide - Shangri-La Studios - Malibu - March 30, 1976
Reposession Blues - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - February 1, 1978
If You See Her Say Hello - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - January 30, 1978
Stop Now II - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - May 2, 1978
Coming From The Heart - Rundown Studios - Santa Monica - May 2, 1978

Disc Three:
Ain t Gonna Go To Hell - Massey Hall - Toronto - April 20, 1980
Coverdown, Breakthrough - Massey Hall - Toronto - April 19, 1980
The Groom s Still Waiting At The Altar - SF - November 15, 1980
Magic - Clover Recorder Studios - LA - April 1981
Heart Of Mine - Clover Recorder Studios - LA - April 1981
Nadine - Lone Star Cafi - NY - February 16, 1983
We Three - Malibu - March 1984
The Dawn Is Gonna Shine ( Almost Gone I ) - Beverly Theatre LA May 23, 1984
Almost Gone II - Arena Di Verona - Italy - May 27, 1984
Freedom For The Stallion - Oceanway, LA - November 1984
Something s Burning Baby - Cherokee Studios - LA - November 1984
To Fall In Love With You - Townhouse Studios - London - August 27-28, 1986
Got Love If You Want It - Sunset Sound - LA - April 1987
Don t Keep Me Waiting Too Long - Club Front, San Rafeal - May 1987
Broken Days - Studio On The Move - New Orleans - March 1989
Born In Time - Studio On The Move - New Orleans - March 1989
Most Of The Time - Culver City Studios - California - March 2, 1990
Series Of Dreams - Wolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia - September 8, 1993

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