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Bob Dylan 960629 in Hyde Park, London, England

From: Bruce Yettra (
Subject: Prince's Trust Concert
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 13:19:26 -0700

All I can say is I'm glad I saw Dylan with the Band in 70's. This
preformance at the Prince's trust was embarassing. Although Dylan's lyrics
could be understood for a change, his overall preformance was mediocre, &
his band played extremely sloppy. Dylan's harmonica playing was lousy &
his lead guitar just horrible. 

When you compare him to his contemporaries at the concert, his decline is
more disturbing. Eric Clapton was incredible, with an extremely tight
band, & while I'm not that big of a Who fan, they were very together.

I just don't think Dylan is giving much care to his act anymore. He's
resting on his laurels, & or getting to high before he plays.

"I've had enough, my box is clean, you know what I'm saying, & you know what I mean."...Odds & Ends 

Subject: HBO Bob Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 08:16:14 +0500 My take on the Prince's Trust is as follows: - Bob looked great (healthy, thin AND STRAIGHT!!!!!!!) His hair did look a bit reddish, did'nt it. And those sideburns......... - His vocals were strong and CLEAR - How could you not dig the "Tom Thumb's" and "Positively 4th?" Both shone but the "Positively" was positively glowing. What a great re-arrangement. OK, "Leopardskin" dragged a bit, I must admit. - Excellent version of "Silvio," was'nt it? - Bucky is the man - Ron Wood must have felt right at home, playing rhythm along with the ragged but effective leads - Anyone else catch those half-smiles during "Highway 61?" - Whatever HBO did, they certainly got the sound right. Seemed like the vocals were right there and all the instruments were loud and clear, much better than the R&R HOF or Woodstock sound, IMO. Anyone else think the sound was outstanding? - Only caught the first 2 Who songs but Daltrey was rolling. And, of course, Big John's bass lines on "The Real Me" were to die for. - OK now, who has the whole show? That is , the Bob and Who sets.
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