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Fields, John "Strawberry"

Former bassist in "Dying Man", played with Bob Dylan on "Dharma & Greg".
   October 12, 1999  ABC-TV--(Tuesday)

   Appearance on the "Dharma & Greg" TV show
   Title: Play Lady Play    
   Show #3ABD04 
   Broadcast Time: 9:00 PM (eastern); 8:00 PM (central) 
   Length: 30 minutes 
   Bob plays guitar on 2 instrumental songs with a band.
   Dharma is auditioning for her friend's high school band
             and plays drums. 
   Band members: Bob Dylan, T-Bone Burnett, John Field,
                              Tony Gilkyson and Joe Henry. 

John Fields

The Rembrandts:
A band called T.H.R.U.S.H., in the spring of '95. This
Minnesota based band consists of Phil Solem on lead guitar and vocals,
John "Strawberry" Fields on bass guitar and vocals, and Michael
Bland on drums and vocals.

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