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Backtrack (1989). Directed by Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper, Jodie Foster,
Joe Pesci,
Bob Dylan,
Charlie Sheen,
Vincent Price,
John Turturro,
Dean Stockwell,
Fred Ward,
G. Anthony Sirico,
Julie Adams,
Sy Richardson,
Frank Gio,
Helena Kallaniotes
- I haven't seen Ann Benton in a long time. Her forms aren't exactly simpatico. Who did you say you were working for?

- I work for Bank of America. I need a hundred pieces for lobbies up and down the state here. I really need to talk to Ann!

- For banks Ann's stuff ain't any good. Too distracting, too literal. Gets in the way of business as usual.
Hit man is hired to kill murder eyewitness, but falls in love with her instead and takes to the road.
Bob Dylan appears for 50 seconds.

Also check out Dag's hilarious Husquarna ad!

- Use something less threatening, more abstract. My friend Laddie Dill, he works in concrete.

- Ye
ah, I used to work in concrete, too, shoes. Art! Huh! Fuckin' artist.
"Backtrack" DVD from Back to Expecting Rain.
Apologies to Mondrian. Bob Dylan Cameo Catchfire - (YouTube)