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Eddie Gorodetsky

   October 12, 1999  ABC-TV--(Tuesday)

   Appearance on the "Dharma & Greg" TV show
   Title: Play Lady Play    
   Show #3ABD04 
   Broadcast Time: 9:00 PM (eastern); 8:00 PM (central) 
   Length: 30 minutes 
   Bob plays guitar on 2 instrumental songs with a band.
   Dharma is auditioning for her friend's high school band
             and plays drums. 
   Band members: Bob Dylan, T-Bone Burnett, John Field,
                              Tony Gilkyson and Joe Henry. 

The appearance was engineered by Eddie Gorodetsky, a writer on the sitcom who is friendly with Dylan. When producers sought a nationally known musician for the cameo role, they decided to test the contact. Through his manager, Dylan requested a few tapes of ``Dharma & Greg,'' said the show's creator, Chuck Lorre. About a month later came the word: Bob was game.

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