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Monday, April 30:
Last night's Blacksburg setlist
Cash Sues Urban Outfitters - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A Long Struggle Against Triumph Sounes review - (Irish Times) (link found by Mick Brennan)
A Nod to Bob: An Artists’ Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 60th Birthday Order it in the Corner Shop - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Sunday, April 29:
Last night's Charlotte setlist
Knocking on sixty's door - (The Herald) (link found by Roddy Forsyth)
Like a rolling stone And so, on May 24, Bob Dylan turns 60. "Turns" is the right word here, suggesting yet another rite of passage for an artist who has always kept several steps ahead of his audience. - (Sunday Times)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door German 1997 movie - (IMDB) (link found by Sigurjon)
Answers are still blowin' in the wind Sounes, Heylin reviews - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack, Sarah Poynting and Terry Kelly)
Saarbrücken: eine Performance zum 60. Geburtstag von Robert Zimmerman - (Savoy Truffle) (link found by Zippo Zimmermann)
July 1, 1978 West Germany show is now being treed at

Saturday, April 28:
Last night's Knoxville setlist
Senior citizen Bob Dylan may well be at peak of his career - (Knoxville News-Sentinel)
Reaching a turning point Cornerboys and "The Wanderers" - (Irish Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Copying Styles, Stealing Riffs - The Harry Smith Project (Wired) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Anthology of American Folk Music
Bob Dylan und Neil Young kommen nach Lörrach - (Badische Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Legenden lever - endnu - (Jyllands-Posten) (link found by Jörn Eskildsen)

Friday, April 27:
The new is now online. In addition to the bootleg reviews and info, there is also ability to view all setlists, search setlists, submit concert reviews, view lyrics, trade boots, find boots, etc. etc.... (made by Dennis Cleary)
Bob Dylan Pirate Radio will soon broadcast a few shows from May 2000.
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton - (monicasdude) is in a new, temporary location.
Janis Joplin's stand-in reaches the big time - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
Dylan went subterranean at the Fox ...spent three days rehearsing, the Fox locked tight as a drum - (Colorado Daily) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
May 2001. Bob Dylan - (du magazine) (link found by Beat de Roche)

Thursday, April 26:
Last night's Cape Girardeau setlist
Dylan's first-ever Cape concert meaningful to fans of all ages - (Southeast Missourian) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman and Alex Leik)
May Your Song Always Be Sung Again - The Songs Of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 out May 7, see Corner Shop
Dylan gig to turn city into 'top venue for concerts' - (Unison) (link found by Catina Prieur)
The 400 Bar (a very popular bar in Minneapolis) will be having their 15th Annual Dylan Sound Alike Contest on May 25th. There have historically been some very talented performers (link found by Jake Hertel)
BOB DYLAN-kveld på Rockefeller! - Norwegian birthday celebration (link found by Geir Olsen)
Rocka feiring for Bob Dylan - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Bob Dylan 60th Birthday Bash to be Held at Wetlands - ( (link found by David Buchbinder)
the bob dylan project - (hiwayfreaker) (link found by Steven Mcclenning)
'Sundazed' Brings Back Old Classics - (LA Times) (link found by Daniel Green, Jack Regan and Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan London Meeting Saturday April 28 - (On The Heels Of Rimbaud) (tip from Jim Johnson)
Dylan book author to speak in Hibbing (He already did) - (The Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Come Writers And Critics has a new URL!

Wednesday, April 25:
Last night's Columbia setlist
Durable Dylan - (Knox News-Sentinel) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rockers roll on - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Van, the automatic man - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Emmylou's inclusive, embraceable-you spirit - (the age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bluegrass's New Blades Stand Tall - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Tangled up in blue - (paz-online, German) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Forever Young: Bob Dylan. Alles Gute zum 60. Geburtstag Book offers - ( (link found by Tini Fuchs)

BILBAO (SPAIN) will have itęs own 60 anniversary Bobęs Bash. THE PLACE : The Palladium, Iparraguirre street, near the Guggenheim Museum. DAY: may 24 HOUR: 22:00 H.
THE PROGRAM: Roots oF Bobęs music/ twenty soul covers in cd/ complete Paris October 2000 concert/ videos / old spanish eps collection and vinyls/especial T-Shirt day/ rarities/ a Dylan freaks encounter with good beer!!! Please in you have interest, e-mail me!! JOSERRA D.J. SWAMPDOG. BILBAO,.

Tuesday, April 24:
Last night's Lincoln setlist
Young, Old Experience Bob Dylan - (Omaha World-Herald) (link found by Nelson T. French)
George Starostin' Reviews: Bob Dylan - (link found by Ed)
Peter Stone Brown plays at Doylestown PA April 26.
BBC Knowledge will have Dylan Night - (tvtalkin)
The 5 cd summer of 99 small club compilation "Ace of Clubs" is now being treed at
Das Leben als "Neverending Tour" - ( (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Live 1961-2000 review - (Jam!) (link found by Catina Prieur and Bobby Fay)
Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand - (4:12 into) 43:10 GK Talk About Voting, into Celebrities script (Prairie Home Companion) (link found by Brian Jones)
Today's Question: Did Bob Dylan lift "Blowin' in the Wind" from a high school yearbook? - (The Straight Dope) (link found by David Davis and drp) See also : Who is Lorre Wyatt?
Bad to the Bone: The Best Artists' Worst Albums Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by LostSok)
Tangled up in new? Bob Dylan has moved forward from his folk-blues days, breaking ground with new sounds in rock - (Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Jim Langdon)
The Road Winds On For Emmylou - (Pollstar) (link found by Robby Prince)
O Brother Goes To Carnegie Hall - (Pollstar) (link found by Robby Prince)

Monday, April 23:
Folk Circle 1974 interview - ( (link found by Manor Folsom)
Celebrity cod calls it a day NDC - (Aftenposten) - Toralf er død - (Bergens Tidende, Norwegian)
Dylan devotees enjoy singer's Expocentre one-night stand - (Topeka Capital-Journal) (link found by Richard E. Standridge)
Troubadour of the golden age Sounes review - (Spectator) (link found by John Morrison)
Dylan brings tour to Lincoln - (Daily Nebraskan) (link found by Isaac Azumba)
Und Herr Dylan kommt doch - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Thomas Huber)
Cantrell’s Swell … Richard Thompson: The Original Slim Shady - (NY Observer) (link found by Kenneth Wilson)
I've got the blues: I couldn't be happier - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Martin Abela)

Sunday, April 22:
Last night's Topeka setlist is the URL for Dansk Dylan Netværk. Nice site with news in Danish and pictures in lingua franca. (tip from Flemming Madsen)
Bob Dylan Pirate Radio mp3 broadcast for iTunes, SoundJam, WinAmp, RealPlayer etc etc. (oh, I forgot: link found by Tom)
Expecting Rain Chat - try it out!
Like a rolling stone - (Topeka Capital-Journal) (link found by Jack Regan)
The Blues Is Dying in the Place It Was Born - (NY Times) (link found by Michael Garrett)
Love is the drug Nick Cave on writing love songs - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Pre-fab pop - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The new face of protest - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Nice Dylan photo spreads in Vanity Fair Magazine (May issue) and American Photo Magazine (May/June issue) (tip from Lee Kaufman)

Saturday, April 21:
Bob Dylan is set to spend some time in the studio during May and June. Augie Meyers may join Bob and the band.
Dylan, Stones, Sinatra On 'Sopranos' Soundtrack - (mtv) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Last night's Kearney setlist
The art of the ageless Bob Dylan by Michael Gray - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Fans chill to sounds of legendary Bob Dylan - (Kearney CyberHub) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Bob Dylan on the record Oct 1997 - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Folksmen Tapped To Play Tribute To Anthologist Harry Smith - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Will they become the Rolling Stones of rap? - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute May 24th - (Birchmere) (link found by George Spanos)
Coke Unveils 'Life' Campaign w/Jakob Dylan- (Yahoo/
Backstage The video - (Coca-Cola)

Friday, April 20:
Emmylou Harris will be on Letterman tonight, with Allison Kraus & Union Station and Gillian Welch (Birmingham News) (tip from Charles W. Prince)
Blowin' in the wind Dylan - legend or has been? - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
"A Nod to Bob" tribute album out May 8, find it on the bottom shelf in the Corner Shop
Tangled up in new? Bob Dylan has moved forward from his folk-blues days, breaking ground with new sounds in rock - (Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Doug Richard and Isaac Azumba)
G.I. residents jump at chance to see living legend - (Grand Island Independent) (link found by Isaac Azumba)
"Don't Look Back" in Pittsburgh PA Friday 27th - (CMU Film Festival) (link found by drp)
A Folk Music Pied Piper "Harry Smith: The Avant-Garde in the American Vernacular," a symposium being held Friday and Saturday at the Getty Center - (LA Times) (link found by Ron Mura)
"O Brother" to Hit Carnegie June 13- (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylanology lives on Howard Sounes - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
He didn't dis Dylan - (Salon)

Thursday, April 19:
Boulder setlist from last night.
Bob Dylan proves he's still going strong at 59 - (Daily Camera) (link found by Jack Regan and Alex Leik)
Dylan reclaims place as great performer - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Back to the Sixties - Bob Dylan zum Sechstigsten Birthday show May 23 - (Thalia-Theater in Hamburg, Germany) (link found by Tobias Mählmann)
Dylan-oppvarmere i kø Many local bands want to open for Dylan June 26 in Bergen, but Dylan hasn't yet decided if he will hire an opener. 200 tickets left, probably gone now. - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
Toning it down East Coast International Blues and Roots Music Festival, Byron Bay April 13-16 - (The Age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Echo & The Bunnymen Ready Career Retrospective And New Album It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Colleyville council OKs amended ethics resolution on disclosure In a heated two-hour debate that included references to cockroaches and Bob Dylan... - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bob Dylan Embraces Paganism and Records a Rap CD - ( (link found by Daniel Green)

Wednesday, April 18:
Will Dylan headline Babington gig? - (People News) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylan e le ceneri di Corso Dylan will be in Italy, in Rome, on fifth day of may, for the ceremony of the burial of the ashes of Gregory Corso... - (La Repubblica) (link found by Gizetaenneti) (hard to reconcile with his concert in Nashville the same day)
Dylan remains enigma in rock - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
All These Inches Away From Where Greil Marcus Began - (Powells) (link found by Brent Howard)
Portrait of a mad genius Arthur Rimbaud - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From
A Ramone Leaves Home - (Village Voice) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Joey Ramone Solo Album Due Later This Year - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Dylan webcast? :-)

Tuesday, April 17:
Wonder Boys author wins Pulitzer - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Sinatra voted as Voice of the Century - (Scotsman) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Ol' Blue Eyes is tops, poll shows - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Voices of the Century - (BBC) (link found by Peter Slack)

Monday, April 16:
Where High and Low Culture Meet It was almost as if Dylan, answering only to himself, and the eager-to-please Ma/Perlman duo had simply changed places on the high-low continuum. - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
Punk Pioneer Joey Ramone Dead at 49 - (mtv)
'Things have changed...Bob Dylan and Milton in the same breath? Professor Christopher Ricks thinks so...poetically speaking. Listen to the arguments at a free lecture. This Wednesday, 18th April. Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR Doors open 5:30 pm, lecture begins 6:00 pm. For seats contact Karen Wight at, or phone 020 7244 6255.' (tip from Sarah Poynting)

Sunday, April 15:
Gott wird 60 - Zu Tode dylanologisiert - Spurensicherung Mentions Expecting Rain - ( (link found by Patrick Aeschbach)
En karrière som endret verden Rating Dylan's albums - (Adresseavisen)
Dylans hemliga fru - (Expressen) (link found by Michael Bällstav)

Saturday, April 14:
Stirling Date for Legend Dylan - (Daily Record) (link found by Ray Smith and Stevie Mochrie)
Dylan promises fans Stirling stuff - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Nothing really changes - (Scotsman) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Marino US Debut album featuring Carol Dennis Dylan - (link found by Tricia)
Sandy Bull, a Master of Musical Fusion With Open Ears, Dies at 60 - NY Times (link found by Robert Buchanan)
Freewheelin' has new Tape News, cartoons and contents for volume 19.
Chicago Old Town School of Folk Music All-Night Party - (Old Town School) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan verschwieg zweite Ehe - (Focus) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler)
Pop goes the PM's street cred - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Are You Ready for the Country by Peter Doggett - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince) + revised edition of Clinton Heylin's biography Bob Dylan: Behind the Shades.

Friday, April 13:
Dylan's 'Secret' Daughter - (People) (link found by Mark Peterson)
Desolation Row/Dignity can help you reserve early tickets for Stirling Castle, see the Isis current news page
Eclectic musician Sandy Bull mixed cultures - (Tennessean) (link found by Ron Mura)
Poetry smackdown! Christopher Ricks - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan sings Peter Gzowski - (National Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan-Baez excerpt produces flashbacks - (Boston Globe) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
Syd Barrett Wouldn't You Miss Me? - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack and Charles W. Prince) -

Thursday, April 12:
Singer Acknowledges Secret Marriage to Bob Dylan - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Mick Brennan, Tricia and Otto Thompson)
Dylan's secret marriage uncovered - (BBC) (link found by Tareth Casey)
Vedgår ekteskap med Dylan - (Aftenposten, Norwegian) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
The movie "Backtrack" with Dylan and a saw will be released on DVD April 24, preorder at (tip from Dag Braathen)
38 years ago today: Bob Dylan performs a solo concert at New York's Town Hall - (Rock Clock, VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Carol Dennis: "Who is Bob Dylan?" - (Breadcrumb Sins) (link found by Erik Belmal)
Paul Peek (NDC, rockabilly) - (Salon) (link found by Bill Robertson)

Wednesday, April 11:
40 years ago today: Bob Dylan's first live appearance in New York - (Rock Clock, VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur) ... but not "Blowin' in the Wind", surely? (Stu Levitan) It's the United States of Australia, and let us all rejoice (LDC) - (Craig McGregor in the Age) (link found by Phil Teece)
We Need Arlo Guthrie More Than Ever - (the Stranger) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
can I crawl out your window? The day Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue unwound at Mama Frasca's Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA - (lenoxian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
New cover album with Dylan tracks only (real CD) released in Holland. Dutch band from the town of Leiden called Second Floo, CD title : "Second Floor Plays Dylan". Buma/Stemra C 855, matrix number 580637-1/6131. (tip from Anneke)

Christopher Ricks will give a talk on Bob Dylan ("Not Dark Yet" and "Hattie Carroll") at Suffolk University in Boston, Mass. (USA) on Thursday, April 12 at 1:00 pm. His lecture is part of an academic honors' society ceremony and he was selected for honorary initiation and to give his talk. Directions via the Suffolk University website or by 'phone at (617) 573-8271. (tip from Mike Madden)

Tuesday, April 10:
Join the Expecting Rain group at, and enter the poll by guessing which song Bob will open his US tour with next week. There is also a message board and a chat.
The best albums of the rock era. By Fred Muller - (AudioEnz)
Das Hohe Lied des Liedermachers Book review - (Die Tageszeitung) (link found by Jörg Hausmann) is a new site for the Danish Dylan Network (tip from Jesper Petersen)
Oh Brother, it's a concert tour - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Ein Freund von uns allen: Mister Bob Dylan "du" May issue will be dedicated to Dylan - (du) (link found by Igor Arslan)
Bob Dylan quizbook pdf document - (Under Your Spell)
Rakin' in the cash Second Sounes excerpt - (National Post) (link found by Sue Osborne)

How that 'grocery list' begins

Was there a motorcycle crash -- or did he just fall off?
R&B Stars Turn Out Covers On 'Rhythm & Spirit' Set Nona Hendryx, "Gotta Serve Somebody" - (Billboard) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan: Open Air in Schwäbisch Gmünd - (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Monday, April 9:
Only Dylan when he wants to be Sounes book review - (This Is London) (link found by Avery Lerner)
Dylan's back pages - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Tom Kennelly)
On the road again - (Boston Globe)
"Don't Look Back" DVD and VHS rerelease in May - (paper) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Catina Prieur)
Dylan is coming – City to welcome living legend - (Kilkenny People) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Four exclusive excerpts from a revelatory new biography - (National Post) (link found by Robert Smirnow, Sue Osborne and Scott Gilbreath)
Secret wife of Bob Dylan
When Bob Dylan and Joan Baez became lovers, it was a good career move for both of them.
The answers, my friend, are at the foot of the page
Dylan left a trail of disinformation with reporters - (National Post) (link found by George Ziavras)

Sunday, April 8:
"Letters From the Wasteland", new Wallflowers video RealVideo - (tip from the Wallflowers Network)
Eksklusiv A-ha konsert A-ha plays Langesund June 30, two days after Dylan - (Nettavisen) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Dylan Fantasy Pool now in sign-up mode for the April/May 2001 US tour

Saturday, April 7:
Tonight: Fine Arts Theater 2451 Shattuck, Berkeley (510)848-1143 Bob Dylan in DON'T LOOK BACK 9:00PM

Ten part Bob Dylan Story on BBC Radio 2 from July 11 - (Smooth Operations) (link found by Gavin Brightwell)
This Land is Your Land: The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie - (Washington State History Museum) (link found by Mitch Rath)
Famous Jews : Song Writers, Composers and Lyricists (Vote) - (Yahoodi) (link found by Tricia)
The Band: "Rock of Ages" will be out May 7, with four Dylan tracks. See the Corner Shop (tip from Peter Gilmer)
100 Students Catch Illness During Break Histoplasmosis - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan and Paul)
Top Ten Things Overheard At The 73rd Annual Academy Awards - (CBS - Late Show) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Last week's snowshoweling and Saturday in the sun where I live.
Woodstock & The Region Tuli Kupferberg's view of Dylan's Oscar performance - (Woodstock Journal) (link found by Thomas Lennox)
Rolling thunder revival - (Australian) (link found by Maris Sayner)
"Blow" soundtrack includes Bob Dylan's "All The Tired Horses", from - -
The Tribal Mind After his Oscar for best song, Bob Dylan's Best Of album ... has jumped into the Top 20 - (Sydney Morning Herald)
The Carthy Chronicles Includes cover of "Hattie Carroll" and several songs influencing Dylan- (Free Reed Records) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From - -
Featured Author: Allen Ginsberg - (Ny Times) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)

Friday, April 6:
Famous Jews : Vocalists and Singers (Vote) Susanna Hoffs was way out front... - (Yahoodi) (link found by Ed)
Osaka March 6th mp3s - Downloads - My mp3s (heavy front page) (CleanCut Kid)
Freewheelin' can now accept online subscriptions for the magazine.
Aussie Perspective of recent tour (The Learners Realm) Toyko, Japan 03.03.01 tree is now is sign-up mode at
Driven to distraction Cars in rock songs - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack and Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan : An Early Birthday Tribute Satire - (Private Eye) (link found by Peter Slack)
This week in 1961, Bob Dylan made his first professional appearance at a club in New York's Greenwich Village. - (Entertainment Highlights in History) (link found by Charles W. Prince and yvonne mytka)
New Yorker Fest Honors Dylan - (Yahoo) (link found by yvonne mytka)

Thursday, April 5:
Front page - Well, how does it feel? - (The Mail & Guardian, South Africa) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Weathermen Blues - (Asia Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A 25-Year Salute To Phil Ochs - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A Heartfelt Slice of Americana Johansen, Harry Smiths - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
No need to think twice, Bob Dylan's work will live on long after he has gone - (Sunday Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan comes to the aid of the GAA in Kilkenny (Irish Times) (link found by Tiernan Henry, Catina Prieur, Jack Regan and Michael Farry)
Live CDs: No Loss Of Gloss For the Boss Springsteen Live in NYC - (Washington Post) (link found by Tom Coburn) From
"Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village in the '60s" - (Salon) (link found by yvonne mytka) From
Dylan to be Honored at NYC Town Hall - (WCBSFM) (link found by Peter Pearson)
Willi Winkler, Bob Dylan. Ein Leben review - (Addenda) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler) From
Thousands Pay Tribute to 'Vietnam's Bob Dylan' - (Excite) (link found by Manor Folsom)
Trinh Cong Son, Vietnam-era Antiwar Singer, Dies at 62 - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Wednesday, April 4:
Bob Dylan London Meeting Saturday April 28th at the Coach and Horses pub in Mayfair.
Tracy Chapman, Patti Smith To Salute Bob Dylan - (SonicNet) (link found by Many)
Dylan's Oscars demand - ( (link found by Yvonne Mytka and Patricia Jungwirth)
Bob Dylan looks set to play in Kilkenny this summer (July 15) - (Irish Examiner) (link found by Sean McArdle and Markus Prieur)
Dylan feires pĆ Rockefeller Norwegian birthday celebration will include Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen and Garth Hudson - (avis1) (link found by Geir Olsen , Land of the Midnight Sun)
...og pĆ Rockefeller blir det bursdagsfest - (Dagbladet) (link found by Dag E Braathen, Shelter From the Storm)
Ballina reviews
Freewheelin' has been updated and has new address:
Vietnam mourns its 'Dylan' - (BBC) (link found by Jim Johnson)
Singing praises for Dylan - (Seattle Times) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
Bob Dylan's Lyrics: Superior To All Poetry Written Since The Wasteland - (Jeffrey Side) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Hylles med norsk biografi Dylan bio in Norwegian - (Dagbladet) (link found by Thomas Vehus and Heine Pedersen)
Poetry:   How to Read it and How to Write About It - (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Woody Guthrie Festival in July - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, April 3:
Getting Mick to sing Baul, with Dylan & Das - (Telegraph, India) (link found by Siddhartha Ghosh) Who are the Bauls of Bengal? Purna Das is trying his best to cajole long-time friend Dylan to come out of his one-gig-a-year wilderness... (?)
Horsley: 'Key Largo, Montego, Baby why don't we go?' Songs that get stuck in your head - (Amarillo Globe-Times) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
Today In History In 1965, Bob Dylan appeared on the music charts for the first time with the song "Subterranean Homesick Blues." - (CNS News) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
Old rock stars never die Brian Wilson- (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Legends in the making (NDC, thankfully!) - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A perfect final, you betcha accompanied by a merged soundtrack of local boys Prince Rogers Nelson and Robert Zimmerman- (ESPN) (link found by Derek)
Magazine Arts Fest the Talk of the Town - (Yahoo/NY Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, April 2:
Byron blowin' in the wind as Bob blisses Ballina - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
Real Life Rock Top 10 By Greil Marcus - (Salon) (link found by John Bouldry and Peter Slack) "The Blues Roots of Bob Dylan", see the Corner Shop.
Knockin' on Dylan's Door - (NY Daily News) (link found by Daniel Green) Tickets for New Yorker Festival Salute to Bob Dylan at Town Hall May 19. (link from Sam)
What's the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" all about? - (The Straight Dope) (link found by Ron Mura)
Vietnam Musician Trinh Cong Son Dies - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Sunday, April 1:
Bob Dylan til Nordkapp Bob Dylan plays North Cape June 22, wants to see the midnight sun - Finnmark Dagblad (story published 01.04.2001 - 00:00)
Bob Dylan: Bringing it all back home by Andy Gill - (Independent) (link found by Jesse Shanks and Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Fantasy Pool results - (
The chosen folk - (St.Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Jeff Khoury)
Peter Himmelman's big score on 'Judging Amy' - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French) (website-to-be)
Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan by Howard Sounes - He's never been afraid to change his tune (cartoon) - (Sunday Times) (link from Paul Summergrad, James Smith) From Book from the Corner Shop.
Willi Winkler: "Bob Dylan. Ein Leben" reviewed: Heiliger Zimmerman - (Berliner Zeitung) (link found by Wolfram Winkler) Wolfram's review - From
With the Auteur Passé, Rock Gets Impersonal - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Summergrad)
These are words without music Songwriting, at one time poetry's poor cousin, is flush with new literary respectability. - (Montreal online) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Times They Have A-Changed - (TV Guide cartoon) (thanks to Sweet Marie and Andy)
You Don't need a Weatherman... (Mutts cartoon) (thanks to Sweet Marie)
Dylan arriving in Perth and Live at Centennial Park, Sydney - ( (link found by Donna Mytka)
Looking for David Blue - ( (link found by SarahTuk)

Saturday, March 31:
Ballina setlist and Brisbane reviews.
Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle among artists on new CD: "Concerts for a Landmine Free World", out April 10 - (tip from Dag Braathen)
"Don't Look Back", with French subtitles on TV: Sunday, April 1st, 9:30PM, on Télé-Québec (Canada). (tip from Michel Jacques)

Friday, March 30:
Brisbane setlist
Careful Bob, they're talkin' a frame-up - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
Henley, Petty, Love Urge Artists To Fight The Labels' Power - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A look at the other '1's - (USA Today) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Explorer and adventurer Helge Ingstad has died - He found proof that Norwegians had lived in North America, 500 years before Christopher Colombus landed on the continent. (Norway Post) (NDC) His book at
Home entertainment - Andy Kershaw - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)

Thursday, March 29:
The Summer Grandpops BOB DYLAN (80% certain) and Tom Jones are set to headline Liverpool's Summer Pops. - (Liverpool Echo) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Cairns setlist
Page of Spanish Leather (by Pachi Becerril)
A night to remember - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by Jack Regan)
''O Brother'' tour in talks - (Yahoo) (link found by Scott)
Oscar Night's Memorable Moments - (San Francisco Chronicle) (link found by Jack Regan)
mp3 download: "Across The Borderlines" - Live 1999 - (Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Marco Wolff)
mp3 download: 23 Sep 2000 Cardiff - (Tombstoneblues) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Wednesday, March 28:
Artist of the Month - (basement) (link found by Ed)
Bob Dylan Biography - ( (link found by Bobby)
Bob Dylan: Des Sängers langer Weg "Live 1961- 2000" review - (Thüringer Allgemeine) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
- En stor begivenhet for musikkelskere A great event for music lovers - (Porsgrunns Dagblad) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
Naboene gleder seg til Dylan-konserten Neighbours looking forward to Langesund concert - (Porsgrunns Dagblad) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
Things haven't changed Stavanger wants Dylan, but noone made the effort - (Stavanger Aftenblad) (link found by Geir Olsen and Dan Ove Nilsen)
Nicht alle Wege führen nach Rom - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
Must Be Some Way Out of Here Funkstar De Luxe sampling of "All Along the Watchtower"- (Village Voice) (link found by Kris)
Bob Dylan: "20-Year-Old Singer Is Bright New Face at Gerde's Club" - (Shelton article in NY Times Sept 29, 1961) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Boston musician's Hollywood pals go wild on benefit CD ... next project, a CD of the songs of Smokey Robinson. Bob Dylan wants to sing `Tracks of My Tears.' - (Boston Herald) (link found by "The Wallflowers Network")
Oscars 2001 Best & Worst - (E! online) (link found by Ian)
At the Oscars, Carrots, Pepsi and a Kidnapping Joke - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan and Social Consciousness - (U of C transcriptions) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Documentary Spotlights 'Mermaid Avenue' Sessions - (Yahoo! Music) (link found by Robby Prince)
Blowin' in the wind - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Chris Sotirias and Peter O'Donnell)

Tuesday, March 27:
Tangled Up in Bob - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Kris)
A Few Things We Just Had to Know - (LA Times) (link found by Subhash)
Welcome to Oscars fright night ... Bob Dylan, who provided one of the genuine fright sights of the evening- (Telegraph)
Dylan til torgs Trondheim town square will hold 15.000 - (Adresseavisen)
4000 Dylan-billetter solgt i gĆr 4000 tickets sold on first day - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Breie glis for Bob i boks Wide grins in Langesund - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Dylan seiles inn Dylan will be sailed to the stage - (VG)
The three German dates confirmed - (Marek Lieberberg) (link found by Tobias Mählmann)
Bob Dylan var publikens favorit - (Expressen, Swedish) (link found by Tobias Yamabe-Törnell)
Le cose sono cambiate. Ma in peggio. la statuetta a bob dylan a hard and severe judgment on Bob's Oscar song... - (Repubblica, Italian) (link found by Gianni)
Retirement not an option for woman who has worked in Hibbing for 60 years at the Hibbing Monument Company - grave stone monuments. - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Slow Train: Bob Dylan and the art of American song - (Turk's Head Review) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
Dignita' Italian "Dignity" lyrics, rhymin'! - (Michele Lipparini)
Some spend night in line for tickets to see Oscar winner Bob Dylan - (Kearney CyberHub) (link found by Isaac Azumba)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Kick Off 15-Date Tour May 9: Wallflowers To Open - (CDNow) (link found by "The Wallflowers Network")
Dylan, Dun Take Home Musical Oscars - (Billboard) (link found by Sean McGuinness)

Monday, March 26:
Dylan Wins Oscar for `Wonder Boys' - (AP/NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
Dylan finally knocks on Oscar's door - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Still pictures - acceptance speech (QuickTime, from Mike)
"Things Have Changed" performance in RealVideo at TVTalkin and in QuickTime (4.8 MB) here.
A whole bunch of Oscar/Dylan stories here - (
Dylan til Trondheim 24 June - (Adresseavisen)
Dylan kommer til Bergen 26 June - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Johan Henden)
Offisielt: Dylan til Langesund 28 June - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land Of The Midnight Sun)
Langesund venue: Wrightegaarden - (link found by Dag Braathen, Shelter From The Storm)
Norwegian tickets on sale now from +47 815 33 133
Dylan gifte sig i smyg - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Henrik Åslund)
The secret's out on Bob Dylan Book excerpt - (Courier-Mail) (link found by Mark Harrison)
Howard Sounes: "Down the Highway:The Life of Bob Dylan" from
Dylan Housekeeper Reveals All - (dotmusic) (link found by Fri›Ŗjófur Björnsson)
Dylan fans face the big question - (Sunday Mail) (link found by Mark Harrison)

Sunday, March 25:
Sydney setlist and review: On the grass in more ways than one as Dylan plays again - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Alex Leik)
Bob blowin' into town - (Northern Daily Leader) (link found by Amanda Rose)
Song and Dance Man with Michael Gray tonight at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast
Well, how does it feel? - (The Observer) (link found by Peter Slack)
The Best Pictures I Didn't See "How does it feel..." - (Washington Post) (link found by Joe Pop)
Caught on film! Why rock stars are so criminally bad at playing rock stars - (Mojo) (link found by François Kahn)
Die Antwort weiß ganz allein der Fan Silly review of Willi Winkler's "Bob Dylan - ein Leben" From (Welt am Sonntag) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Maria Muldaur's "Richland Woman Blues" will be out April 10. From

Saturday, March 24:
My daughter Ellisiv and her husband Heine are refurnishing their bathroom. Check out Heine's model railway pages, too! (NDC)
Bob Dylan zeitmäßig ausgeknockt "Aimless Virus" played "Knockin'" for 12 hours and are in Guinness... - (stimme) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
A treasury full of vinyl Music Man Oldies, Catonsville MD - (
Tamworth and Newcastle setlists.
Waiting For Dylan Tickets - Dedicated fans camp outside Pershing - (Journal Star) (link found by Jack Regan and Doug Richard)
Crowes Pair Up With Neil Young, Dylan - (Billboard) (link found by Jack Regan)
Three Norwegian papers carry the same wire report stating Dylan will play Trondheim, Bergen and Langesund June 24-26-28 before Roskilde June 30th: Aftenposten, VG, Nettavisen (link found by Dan Ove Nilsen)
Dylan To Take On The Oscars All The Latest News On Saint Bob - (Mojo) (link found by Dave Holmes)
Do you keep notes? - (PioneerPlanet) (link found by Jack Regan)
The John Green Memorial Convention Saturday 31th March in Northampton, tickets still available. Details from Freewheelin' website.
No Byron mountains, but at last his range is back - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Alex Leik)
Live 1961-2000 review in Swedish Why not rather the complete Portsmouth show? - (feber) (link found by Tobias Levander)
GN'R, Dylan to Play Roskilde - (Yahoo) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Friday, March 23:
6. Juli Steinbach- Langenbach - (Frankenpost) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
Dylan in disguise Roots artist Steve Forbert always a Zimmerman fan - (Canoe) (link found by Jack Regan and Gary Rusak)
Adultery Revisited "Faithless" compared to "Blood On The Tracks" - (Scotsman)
Dylan has secret daughter: book - (Canoe) (link found by François Kahn and Sue Osborne)
Times sure have changed for Dylan - (NY Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Taquilleras Figuras Compiten por la Mejor Canción Oscars preview - ( (link found by Andrés Urrutia)
Oscar Producer Wants Short Speeches - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Turn it up, we can't hear you - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Roll over Mancini, Oscar's ready to rock - (Calgary Herald) (link found by Jack Regan)
Oscars, Where Is Thy Sting? - (metroactive) (link found by Jack Regan)
Let there be light - (Nick Cave on meeting Bob Dylan) (link found by Ron Mura)
"Shining Star" includes cover of "Positively 4th Street" - ( (link found by Matt Bialosuknia) From
Kerouac's 'Road' Scroll Is Going to Auction - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Thursday, March 22:
Three Swedish Dylan Dates confirmed: June 29: Trädgårdsföreningen Göteborg, July 1: Sofiero Castle Helsingborg and July 3: Castle ruins at Borgholm (tips from Anders Fajersson and Mikael Westberg)
Swedish dates - (EMA) (link found by Patrik Winquist)
Bob Dylan-konsert i fare Yesterday's leak endangers Trondheim concert - (Adresseavisen) (link found by Øyvind Mo Larsen)
- Langesund er det sikreste Dylan-kortet Langesund June 28 still the most likely Norwegian date - (Varden) (link found by ?)
Papa John Phillips' death reminds us we're not forever young - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Times Sure Have Changed for Dylan - (NY Post) (link found by Patrick Collins and Daniel Green)
Bob Dylan: Melbourne Rod Laver Arena - ( (link found by David Holmes)
The Man Behind Oscars Curtain Producer swears show will be shorter - (SF Gate) (link found by Jack Regan)
American Storyteller Pete Seeger - (Book Magazine) (link found by Rachel Day Klingberg)
Elliott Murphy and Iain Matthews: "La Terre Commune" Includes cover of "Blind Willie McTell" - (Eminent Records) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From

Wednesday, March 21:
Melbourne setlist.
New site: Bob Chronicles contains data base of the Never Ending Tour! (Made in Italy by Sergio, Federico & Franco)
Dylan Artwork (link found by Jesse Alonzo Lambertson)
Bob Dylan til Trondheim og Bergen - (Dagbladet) (link found by Øyvind Mo Larsen)
Dylan aktuell for Norge - (Nettavisen) (link found by Merethe Myrvang)
But don't forget - confirmed dates will be released March 28.!
Dylan Hitting The Road Again - (Billboard) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Bob Dylan coming to Kearney, Lincoln - (Journal Star) (link found by Scott Bauer, Jack Regan)
Memphis Beale Street Music Festival May 4-6 - (Memphis in May) (link found by Jim Maynard)
Times a changin' for Dylan (Herald Sun) (link found by Alex Leik)
Music sells the message - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Garth Hudson/ Jonas Fjeld/ Eric Andersen will play in Langesund May 25 - ( (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Tuesday, March 20:
US concert dates announced - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)

Adelaide setlist.
"Tangled Up In Bob" article in latest Rolling Stone Magazine.
Salute To Bob Dylan for Pen - New Yorker Festival, Town Hall, May 19 - (Ticketmaster) (link found by Tom Farnsworth)
Francoise Hardy on meeting Bob Dylan in 1966 - (Mojo) (link found by Andrew Lindholm)
David Gray discusses "Bringing It All Back Home" - (Mojo) (link found by Andrew Lindholm)
An das Tor zum Rekord anklopfen A German teenage band named Ainless Virus wants to play Knockin' On Heaven's Door for 12 hours (yawn!) March 23 - ( (link found by Sven Simonsen)
Lloyd Cole Stays Positive With Negatives LDC - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Oscars voting ends today - (Ananaova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Director keeping honors in perspective If "Wonder Boys" loses, writer-director Hanson will still be just fine - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Chuck Koch)
You'll Find Out When You Reach The Top is the Bob Dylan fantasy pool

Monday, March 19:
Used, autographed harmonica Hurry up and get it - (Vintage 429) (link found by Ed)
Bob Dylan's star signs - (Rock'n'Astrology Palace) (link found by Ed) have their first vinyl Dylan reissue up for sale, the mono mix of "Bringing It All Back Home" (link found by Tony Perry)
John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas dies - (CNN)

Sunday, March 18:
Perth setlist. has opened, and looks like it will become another important and frequently used Dylan bookmark.
The Holmes Brothers: Speaking In Tongues contains cover of Dylan's "Man of Peace" - Order from (link found by Peter Slack)
Can you outguess Ebert? - (Sun Times) (link found by Fabio Augusto)
Dylan may accept Oscar from Australia - (Sunday Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Oscars getting in tune - (Bergen Record) (link found by Jack Regan)
Help Julie Felix pick Dylan songs to cover on her next album. ( (link found by Michael Smith)

Saturday, March 17:
Music Icon - Bob Dylan arrives in Australia - ( (link found by Nick Miller)
Front page picture - (Daily Telegraph) (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
Times have changed for Bob Dylan fans "He's no longer someone I would listen to" - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by gianni zanata)
Dylan plays May 5th, Wallflowers the day before - (Nashville River Stages) (link found by Michael Smith)
Spiller trolig i Bergen Dylan will probably play in Bergen. All European dates will be published March 28th. - (Bergens Tidende, Norway) (link found by Dan Ove Nilsen and Dag E. Braathen)
Demme Mines Vaults For 'Blow' Includes Dylan's "All The Tired Horses" - (Billboard) (link found by Jack Regan and Joy Munsey)
Let the locusts descend - (The Daily Princetonian)
Napster Says It Has Done All It Can To Block Songs Incuding Dylan's "I Want You" - (Sonicnet)

Friday, March 16:
The times, they may be a-changin' for Oscar's taste in music Dylan considered the front-runner, but even Bjork and Sting have a shot - (Edna Gundersen in USA Today)
Dylan, Offspring, Run-D.M.C. Sign On For Atlanta Fest - (House of Blues) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylan to Play Music Midtown - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Just passing time "Live 1961-2000" review - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
Isis has added a "back issues" page.
Can you see the Beatles on the John Wesley Harding album cover? See Bob Meyer's scans.
DylanArt has launched online shop where you can buy prints.

Thursday, March 15:
You gotta Wonder - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Wonder Boys still wonderful - (Ottawa Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Wonder Boys" script - (bizland) (link found by tom)
Dylan to Play Music Midtown Turner South will broadcast a live two-hour concert on May 5th. It will include "a legendary headliner and several special guest appearances" - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince, tip from Paul Pearson)
Olof's updated '92 chronicle - (Olof) (link found by Eben Hensby)

Wednesday, March 14:
Tokyo setlist.
Dylan och Young på väg till Roskilde Festival may be called off due to foot and mouth disease - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander, Dante and Martin Omberg)
Atlanta's Music Midtown Fest Sports Impressive Talent - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Taormina Arte 2001, forse ci sarà anche Bob Dylan Bob is expected to perform in Taormina Sicilia on 28 July - (kwMusica) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
Because it is Dylan - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Stephen Baker)
Wallflowers play Nashville May 5 - (Kick) (link found by Gary Parker)
Eagles European Dates Announced, Schmit To Release New Solo Album Covers "To Make You Feel My Love"- (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Let the locusts descend - The Daily Princetonian) (link found by fringdwlr)
Dylan at Music Midtown 2001, Atlanta in May - (Musicmidtown) (link found by Jack Regan)
Jeff Tweedy revisits recent Wilco tunes - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Al Tuck 'The New High Road Of Song' - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Jimmy LaFave's "Texoma" out now from Mp3 of "Emotionally Yours" - (Bohemiabeat) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, March 13:
Hamamatsu setlist.
Bob Dylan sjekker Bergens-været Bob Dylan scrutinizes Bergen weather to avoid ruin voice - (Bergens Tidende, Norwegian) (link found by Jon Magnus Follesø, Dan Ove Nilsen and Dag E Braathen)
Dylan Set For Satellite Oscars - (Mojo) (link found by Tim Norford)
Vold feirer Dylan på Sting Jan Erik Vold celebrates Dylan at Sting (Stavanger) - (Rogalands Avis, Norwegian) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
"O Brother, Where Art Thou" release date: June 12, 2001. Pre-order from
Yahoo! -- The Bob Dylan of the Net - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)

Monday, March 12:
Nagoya setlist.
Un nouvel inédit de Syd Barrett ą paraĒtre - (99octane) (link found by Ed Ricardo)
Bob Dylan til Langesund i sommer? ... according to a renowned American web site - (NRK) (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Try searching, see the Google search box further down this page! (thanks to Charlie)
Tangled Up in Bob x - (the Age)
Wonder Boys: Third time lucky? - (Toronto Star) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
** FINALLY! "Wonder Boys" release date in stores is March 13th. - (Robert Downey Jr. site) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From
Dylan to Hit Oscars via Satellite - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince) 12 Famous Men, spoken word jazz opera - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Valerie De LaCruz at May 24, 2001 Bob Dylan's Birthday Tribute Show, Union College, Schenectady, NY - (Valerie De LaCruz) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Yakkity Yak - Ramblin' Jack talks back - (OC Weekly) (link found by Jack Regan)
Madonna as Lucy? Casting Pop Stars on TV Bob Dylan as Grandpa Munster. - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Aimster Pig Encoder Renames Napster files - (Aimster) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Sunday, March 11:
Forever Young - the 2001 Bob Dylan Convention Manchester, May 25-27 - (from Dave Dingle)
6th International festival of poetry at County Hall, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Thursday 22 March 7.30pm Keynote Address "Bob Dylan: The Rhyme Schemer" by Prof. Christopher Ricks. Newsletter of the Irish Writers' Centre (Not mentioned on this page) (link found by Michael Farry)

Saturday, March 10:
Hiroshima setlist
Discussing Dylan's recent concert - (Japan Times) (link found by Georgianna Johnson)
New Yorker Magazine's 3-day festival celebrating Bob Dylan's 60th birthday - ( New Yorker Festival site
Blue Heaven "Miles Davis is my definition of cool," Bob Dylan has said. - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Time Out of Mind Interview - (IZine) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rock History Exam #3 - (Michael Anderson, Dana College) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The 60's Revisited - "Positively Fourth Street" When the foursome went to visit novelist Henry Miller, Dylan and Miller played pingpong. - (SFGate) (link found by a bobfia spy)
Last Thoughts on Woody The voice of Bob Dylan … the music of Chris Copping - ( (link found by Roland)

Friday, March 9:
Fukuoka setlist
Greg Trooper scheduled to open for Bob in Langesund, Norway - ( (link found by Robert Eriksson)
Greg Trooper and Larry Campbell in Oslo 1986 - (Joy's Larry Campbell site)

Live 1961-2000 short review - (Mirror) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Plans to recreate 1966 Manchester Free Trade Hall concert - (Highway 61 Revisited) (link found by Kelly George) They play the House of Blues March 13th, free tickets here.
Downtown dilemma Desolation Row in Paterson - (Bergen Record) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Johnny Cash : "Roads Less Traveled" to be released on March 13, 2001. From
Steve Howe : Portrait of Bob Dylan In Indonesian? - ( (link found by Jesse Alonzo Lambertson)
John Hiatt Sunday at the House of Blues - (Times-Picayune) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prizes nominees Rock'n'Roll Jews by Michael Billig From - - - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Look Back, Don't Look Back - (Dallas Observer) (link found by Jack Regan)
A Legend Passes - John Fahey redefined American guitar music - (SF Gate) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
Bob Dylan has agreed to appear (live via satellite from Australia) on the 73rd Academy Awards telecast - (Newsday) (link found by Vernon Purnell and Bobby Fay)
It Ain't Me, Babe - Bob Dylan, reluctant prophet - (Christianity Today)
I received my new Titanium Powerbook G4 today, so I may be a bit incommunicado for a while. :-)

Thursday, March 8:
It seems that some European Dylan Dates are close to being finalised, among them several possible ones in Norway. Venter pĆ den siste signaturen (Waiting for the last signature. 100 posters already printed in Nashville.) - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Best of Bob Dylan Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 special tour edition, exclusive to Australia... will be deleted June 30th. (chaosmusic) (tip from Peter O'Donnell)
J Files 3 hour Dylan radio show March 15th - (ABC/Triple J) (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
Sun Records Rises Again Tribute album, documentary out this summer. Bob sings "Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache". - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince, Catina Prieur and Vernon Purnell)
The Oscar picks for this year's flicks - (CNN) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
RIIA "Songs of the Century" project - (CNN) (link found by Stuart Lutz)
Buget surplus should go to assist state's schools Dylan quote - (Pioneer Planet)
Cisco Houston compilation charts Vanguard career of folk veteran - (ananaova)

Wednesday, March 7:
Osaka setlist
Field Recordings guide updated (tip from Ole Lien)
New, unconfirmed tour dates at BobDates
Bob Dylan confirmed - (Nashville River Stage) (link found by Ricky Cobb)
Dylan may beam into Oscars - (Edna Gundersen, USA Today)
T-Bobe Burnett: O Brother in Arms - (VH1) (link found by Robby Prince)
Bob Dylan Album Reviews - (George Starostin's Reviews) (link found by Jesse Lambertson)
World's first Webcam coffee pot to be scrapped - (Register)
From Bakhåll in Sweden, a bilingual Swedish-English edition of Tarantula, including a 12 minute bonus CD with Klas Burling's Dylan interview from 1966. Info in English.
Nation breathes sigh of relief as celebrity cod recovers - (NDC) (ananaova)
The Wolf Hunt (NDC) - (Aftenposten)

Tuesday, March 6:
Osaka setlist
Downtown music fest to feature Dylan, son Dylan highlights a lineup May 4-6 at Nashville River Stages. Three day passes on sale today. Also Lucinda Williams, Joan Osborne and Blues Traveler. - (Tennessean) (link found by Stefanie Spayd)
Top 100 Voices Of The Century (vote) - (BBC Radio 2) (link found by David Wheeler)
Rare Dylan track features on new album "Acne" - (ananova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Judge nixes Napster Song-swapping service ordered to remove copyrighted titles - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
ISIS has been updated with news from the current print issue.
Lucinda's Butterfly Will Fly New album in May - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Patrick Elias)
Reggae Legends Pay Tribute To Rock Royalty In 'Reggae Rocks: The Tide is High' "Blowin' In The Wind" cover - (press release) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Patrick Elias)
Napster starts limited blocking, but users unfazed - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer) lists these coming books in German (Tips from Jürgen Kloss):
Willi Winkler : Bob Dylan. Ein Leben. (March)
Günter Amendt : Back to the Sixties. Bob Dylan zum Sechzigsten. (April)
Bob Dylan : In eigenen Worten. (2001)
"Real Emotional Girl" by Patricia O'Callaghan, out March 20, includes cover of Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and several Leonard Cohen songs. From (tip from Eben Hensby)

Monday, March 5:
Dylan may beam into Oscars - (USA Today) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Live 1961 - 2000 limited import to Norway (Sony Music Norway) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
Levon Helm and the Barn Burners at Biscuits & Blues - (Greil Marcus' Real Life Top 10) (link found by Peter Slack)
An All-Star Tribute to Bob Dylan March 18 - (Delta College, University Center, MI) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The History of Rock'n'Roll - (Dr. William McKeen, U of Florida) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan course by N Cooke - (College of the Holy Cross) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Napster users anxiously await screening technology - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Budget surplus crisis solved ... build a bus museum Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing - (Miami Herald) (link found by Nelson T French)
Bob Dylan kommt nach Schwäbisch Gmünd - (Schwäbisch Gmünd) (link found by Xavier Cardeña)

Sunday, March 4:
Tokyo setlist
Dylan's Tribe - (The Age) (link found by Sue Robinson)
Still raging, at the dying of the light - (The Age)
"Don't Let Go" - Jerry Garcia CD with "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" from (link found by Leo Nierse)
Linda McCartney's Sixties - Portrait of an Era Photo exhibition in Edmonton - (Provincial Museum of Alberta) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Lydon lost his connection with the real World "Maggie's Farm" quote - (Boston Herald)

Saturday, March 3:
Tokyo setlist. is an extensive new Dylan site in Norwegian.
Napster filter welcomed by music industry - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
The Band "Rock Of Ages" reissue with four Dylan tracks Out May 8 - (Ice) theband.hiof (links found by Lars steen jacobsen and Jaap Kappers)
House of Blues free tickets March 13 - (Highway 61 Revisited tribute band) (link found by Kelly Alblinger)
Dylan's greatest song voted ... - (Learner's Realm)
Songs of Dissent Live! Includes four Dylan covers - (Cultural Center for Social Change) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Trey Ansastasio Dylan covers in mp3 - ( (link found by sodamnhip)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: "Blow in the Wind" Includes punk cover of "Blowin' In The Wind" - ( (link found by Johanna)
"It Must Be Love" from Rolling Stones' Cure For The Blues has a guest vocalist that might be Bob? (Napster)

Friday, March 2:
Yokohama setlist.
"Return To Me" Bob Dylan shows his Italian roots by crooning "Return to Me" ("Ritoma-Me") on "The Sopranos 2" soundtrack (Columbia) - (Bergen Record) Out April 3, from (There has been some uncertainty as to whether the Dylan track will be on the CD, so you may want to wait before ordering.)
Live 1961-2000 review - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bud On the Tracks Dear Dark, Is it true that Bob Dylan coined the phrase "whassup,"... - (Request Magazine) (link found by Robert Wilkenson)
UPDATE 1-Napster faces music in court on Friday - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Jeff Tweedy Slays the Gotham Masses Plays the Dylan-esque, "She's A Jar" - (Virgin Mega) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Thursday, March 1:
Court expected to shut Napster down March 2nd - (mp3 newswire) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Take five: the daily news quiz - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
King Bob & Queen Joni - (Blaclisted Journalist) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
George Harrison Promotes Old Album 300 000 tuned into his chat session - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
News from Duluth (near the end of the page) Duluth Armory, where Bob saw Buddy Holly, is going to be torn down - (Prairie Dog Productions) (link found by Jesse Olley)
Gregory Corso memorial service Sun., March 11 - (NY Press) (link found by Ben Schafer)
Highway 61 Revisited tribute band plays Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Saturday, March 3rd (link from Kelly Alblinger)
The Sundance channel shows "Don't Look Back" this month - March 1, 6, 14 & 17. (tip from Stephen Baker)

Wednesday, February 28:
Akita setlist.
Napster attack launched on behalf of the late Roy Orbison - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Big Festival at Milton Keynes, UK July 27-29 might include Bob Dylan (link from Jack Regan)
David Bowie has recorded Dylan's "Tryin' to get into heaven" (Rare Hours Outtake) (Napster)
BOB DYLAN: Thirty-nine Years of Great Concert Performances review (Daily Yomiuri) (link found by Otto Thompson)
(from Lee Kaufman:)
I don't think I have seen this info posted yet and thought it would be of great interest:
1. There is a very nice photography show of Dylan called LEGACY-DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK--by Elliott Landy, Daniel Kramer, John Cohen and Lynn Goldsmith at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, New York from January 13-March 11, 2001. Website --
2. Also, and perhaps even more exciting, is an exhibit of work by John Cohen and Fred McDarrah at a restaurant called the Clove in Highfalls, New York (very close to Woodstock) which includes a large number of Dylan photos many of which are unpublished and VERY INTERESTING. These images will be up on there walls through the spring. Unfortunately, no website.
Anyone in the New York metropolitan area may want to plan a trip to see these shows in the next couple of weeks. By the way, I understand the food at the Clove is very good, but did not have time to eat there on my trip.

Tuesday, February 27:
Sendai setlist.
Knockin' On Oscar's Door "Bob wants to be at the Oscars. We're trying to switch some of the dates around..." - (NY Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
Goodbye, Columbus If Bob Dylan would refuse to record for Hitler Records, how much longer in good conscience can he and other artists record for Columbia Records, named for this genocidal monster Christopher Columbus? - (FrontPageMagazine) (link found by Ed Ricardo)
Bob Dylan Birthday Countdown Clock - (
"Bob Dylan Returning Shirley Temple to Liza Minelli" Painting by Elliot Green - (artnet) (link found by jesse lambertson)
Arista Records Releases Jerry Garcia Band - Shining Star Includes cover of "Positively 4th Street" - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From

Monday, February 26:
New Yorker Festival May 19: An evening tribute to Bob Dylan - (NY Convention and Visitor's Bureau) (link found by Charles W. Prince) (very slow)
Rockin' for Folk Beck joins Harry Smith tribute at UCLA April 25-26 - (eOnline) (link found by Doug Evans)
Johnny Cash is 69 today, February 26, 2000 - (RockClock) (link found by Catina Prieur) - today-in-music
"Muzac" - (Radio National) (link found by Phil Teece)

Sunday, February 25:
Bob opened his Japanese/Australian tour today in Omiya, here is the setlist!
Anastasio Hits Road Without Phish Covers "Rainy Day Women 12 & 35" - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
180 gram Dylan vinyl albums - (Simply Vinyl) (link found by Tim Carter)
Andrea DeCarlo says: "Bob Dylan has been my most important literary influence. If there had not been him, my books would not be as they are". - (Italian) (link found by Gianni Zanata)
Takin' care of business Playing corporate gigs such as Bob's Applied Materials - (Boston Globe) (link found by georgianna)

Saturday, February 24:
Dylan still speaking to our hearts and minds - (Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Scott Bauer)
PJ Harvey Webcasts Show - (Spin) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Olof's FilesNew: 1991 Accepting Chaos Chronicle (tip from Markus Prieur)
Who's Spinning What "I don't want to say I'm a little slow, but I've just discovered Bob Dylan," confesses stand-up comic Rita Rudner, - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Fantasy Pool - entries must be in one hour before Bob plays Omiya tomorrow.
The Holmes Brothers "Speaking in Tongues" Covers Dylan's "Man of Peace" - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince) -
The Cruzados early recordings, Dylan plays harmonica on one track (link found by Doug Richard)

Friday, February 23:
Big Issue Festival Dylan concert rumour - (efestivals) (link found by Ian)
A Grammys Postmortem - (Time) (link found by Doug Evans)
Revisiting The Band's Rock of Ages - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by Tricia)
The label maker - (Times Union) (link found by Rob Madeo)

Thursday, February 22:
Grammy Winners Bob not included, but Johnny Cash won! - (Grammy) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Johnny Cash leaves hospital after 10 days The only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame - (msnbc) (link found by Alex Leik)
Johnny Cash leaves hospital - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Emmylou Harris won the Best Contemporary Folk Album award for Red Dirt Girl.
"Sanningen behöver inget manus" The truth needs no script - D. A. Pennebaker, in love with digital video cameras - (Dagens Nyheter, Swedish) (link found by Ole Lien)
Isis updated with of the MY BACK PAGES convention to celebrate Bob's 60th Birthday.
'Mature' musicians -- on the road again - (CNN) (link found by Rabbi Avram Rothman)
(Third Day, Gospel group) "Bob Dylan made probably the most spiritual record I've ever heard in my life," - (Crosswalk) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Profile: Andrew Pinder, e-envoy - Changing of the guards - (Accountancy Age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, February 21:
Grammy Night tonight (8 pm ET - PT CBS)
Artist Profile: Bob Dylan - (Grammy) (link found by Paul Pearson)
Steve Jobs Macworld Tokyo Keynote 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST) - (Apple, NDC)
Funkstar DeLuxe covers "All Along The Watchtower" on CD out Feb 20th : -
You just kinda wasted my precious time - (The Byron Bay Echo) (link found by Tricia)
"Nothing To Win and Nothing To Lose" Guess which songs Bob wil play in the coming concerts. (Arthur Louie)
Critics Say Grammys Are Often Out of Tune - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Yvonne Mytka)
Oscar nod a big step for singer Bjork In all likelihood, Bob Dylan will win the best original song Academy Award next month for ''Things Have Changed'' from the film ''Wonder Boys'' because he's Bob Dylan, and that's just the way the world works. - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Napster Offers $1 Billion Settlement Deal - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Scontro fra titani per la miglior canzone Oscar commentary - (La Repubblica) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
What Might Have Been - (Robert Hilburn, LA Times) (link found by John Fischer and Alex Leik)
Self-Righteous Leftists Broadside - (Houston Press) (link found by Craig Jamieson)
Dylan articles - (Rock's Backpages) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
pazz & jop poll - (Village Voice) (link found by Several)

Tuesday, February 20:
PC sales show no recovery In the words of Bob Dylan, ... - (cnet) (link found by Joshua H Richmond)
More snow in Mo i Rana.
Johnny Cash's Health 'Improving' - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)
Film Looks At Billy Bragg, Wilco Tribute to Guthrie - (House of Blues) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Brit hit Coldplay quietly invades America - (Bergen Record) (link found by Luke Davis)

Monday, February 19:
Give the Award to This Guy Grammy producer Pierre Cossette- (NY Post) (tip from Jack Regan)
Dylan Video Clips and MP3 of the day - (Dana Hanson)
And the winner isn't... - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
Critic Christgau Wraps the '90s - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Examiner's Job Can Be Taxing, But He Enjoys It To relax, he listens to rock music during lunch, and often when he gets home. But ... - (Hartford Courant)

Sunday, February 18:
Their own worst enemy Manic Street Preachers - 5th last paragraph about Bob's New Morning voice. - (Sunday Times)
Remembering A Guitar Genius Mike Bloomfield - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Feberkrönikan: Rockhistoriens Mest Hemliga Platta Most Secret Record in Rock History: "The Road From Turkey Scratch" by the Band - (Feber, Swedish) (link found by Eyolf Østrem, My back Pages)
The Most Secret Record in Rock History - (theband, English translation) (link found by Tricia)
Grammy Whammy But, Slim, what if you win? (Eminem) - (NY Post)
Grammy Preview - EW) (link found by Steven Dube)
'Hurricane' to bring justice theme to CSU - (Denver Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
David Blue would have been 60 today - (Rock Clock) (link found by Tom Coburn, correction from Jon Bercovici)
Who was David Blue?

Saturday, February 17:
Jimmy LaFave's "Texoma" - Release: March 13 Includes cover of "Emotionally Yours" Downloadable mp3! (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer) Order from
This Day in Music 1969 - Johnny Cash records a session in Nashville, Tenn., with Bob Dylan. ``Girl from the North Country'' is the only duet released from the session. - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Peter Stone Brown plays Fergie's Pub, PA tonight.
Things Have Changed - (Antonio García Muñoz) (link found by nonio)

Friday, February 16:
Bob Dylan - on the Side That's Winning - (Oscarwatch) (link found by Tricia)
Las Konmfesiones de Kiko Veneno Se ha sustituido a Bob Dylan por Alejandro Sanz como modelo. - (El Pais) (link found by Vicenç Cabanes)
I'm out to shovel more snow, will be back in an hour. 1733: Done

Thursday, February 15:
The Son Also Rises Jakob Dylan: The world's most fashionable Wallflower - (the-wallflowers-net/GQ)
George Harrison Live Chat - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince and Charles W. Prince)
Syd Barrett Song Unearthed "Got the Bob Dylan blues/And the Bob Dylan shoes/ And my clothes and my hair's in a mess/ But you know/ I just couldn't care less." CD out April 16th - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Syd Barrett Song Unearthed - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Katie O'Donnell)
'Jurassic Park' Unearthed in Argentina's Patagonia - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan DA Doubt - (Echo) (link found by Tricia)
Keep it Cool - (Sydney Morning Herald) Paul Kelly has been asked by Dylan's manager not to gush too much when talking about his hero (link found by Phil Teece)
Triple Crown is Blowin' in Wind for Bob Not too shabby for an old songwriter who sings like a wounded dog. - (NY Post)
La prima volta di Dylan - (La Repubblica) (link found by Manuel Rosini)
The Neverending Birthday - New English and Spanish versions of the site dedicated to the festival for Dylan's birthday. (Tip from Giorgio Ferrero)
Name that tune -- before it names you - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)

Wednesday, February 14:
Lots of places write about the Oscar nominations, but not many weighty comments on Dylan.
Dylan goes knockin' on Oscar's door - (Reuters/Yahoo ) (links found by Charles W. Prince, Peter Patton, Ben Schafer)
It's Julia's party, but Oscar has other guests ... anyone who's hip will feel compelled to vote for him - (USA Today) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
Music Veterans Compete for Oscar - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Alex Leik)
Freewheelin' has Tape News No 185, and the Saturday 31th March John Green Memorial Convention is getting closer.
David Pritchard Joins Paradise as CEO; Jesse Dylan to Focus On Commercial and Theatrical Film Directing - (MSNBC/ (link found by Rob Stuart)
Rock Clock, February 14, 1974 - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
The Chinese New Year and Snake people Famous people born in the Year Of The Snake: ... Bob Dylan - (CNN) (link found by Rabbi J. Avram Rothman)

Tuesday, February 13:
First things first: I had to shovel the snow that fell from the roof before I could give you the news.

Bob Dylan's first Oscar nomination - ( (link found by Jan Semneby, Dana Hanson, Sean McArdle, Randy Johnston, Marion Hizenhammer, Alex Leik, Vernon Purnell and Sven Simonsen) Other nominees are Sting, David Hartley, Bjork, and Randy Newman.
"Wonder Boys" DVD includes "Things Have Changed" video, soon from
Olof's Files have been updated with Session pages for 1990 and an updated version of the 1990 chronicle called Days of 49. There is also the 2000 chronicle "The Best Is Yet To Come". (I Happen to be a Swede Myself)
Tangled Up In Bluegrass A Tribute to Bob Dylan, from
The Crowd Was One For The Record! Bob and Jacob in the crowd at LA Forum - (Elton John News) (link found by greenea) (actually, Jacob was in Japan!)
Elton outshines Billy at costly concert - (Yahoo/Variety) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Academy Honors New Class of Pop Classics Among them are the Bob Dylan rock anthem ``All Along the Watchtower,'' as performed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968) - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Opening acts for the Australian tour: Pixie Jenkins will open for Bob in Tamworth 23 March, and Mick Hart will open in Newcastle 24 March (tip from Phil Teece)

Monday, February 12:
A Blow to Napster - (CBS News) (link found by Alex Leik)
Court Says Napster Must Stop - (Excite/AP)
Cash in Hospital With Pneumonia - (AP)
Dylan among the Poets : Christopher Ricks explores the work of Bob Dylan - (15 MB RealAudio, a couple of snags at the outset) (from BBC Radio 3) (thanks to Arthur Louie)
Iowa State U. author recounts rock 'n' roll road stories - (Excite/U-Wire) (link found by Jack Regan) "The Hunger Bone" from
"Across The Borderlines" - Live 1999 mp3 download, CD1 - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Christopher Leipold)
Nothing is revealed - (The Byron Bay Echo) (link found by tricia)
Grammy Uncensored - (MTV Mon, Tue, Fri) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Napster fans in song download frenzy ahead of ruling - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Robby Prince)
The Chelsea Hotel (Tour) - (New York Today) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Words and Music for a Revolution - (New York Today) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
With 'Angels,' Eliza Carthy Spreads Her Sturdy Wings Daughter of Martin Carthy - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
'Circus' Star Brewster Stays Out of Spotlight - (SF Gate) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Sunday, February 11:
Larry Campbell performs tonight with Charles Lyonhart at: Danny's Cafe, 143 Main Street, Ossining, New York
Tom Waits stricken with Dylan-phobia - (dotmusic) (link found by the wallflowers network)
Dylan among the Poets: Christopher Ricks explores the work of Bob Dylan, who turns 60 this year, and argues that he deserves to be considered 'among the poets'. - (BBC Radio 3 at 5.45 TODAY) (link found by Paul Read and David Pester)
"Life Under Mike" - (from the Sunday Sun) (link found by Eddie)
The Golden Age That Wasn't Beat poet Gregory Corso knew what Dubya never will - (NY Daily News) (link found by Halibut454)
Crowell Uses Chorus of Cash Song CD: "The Houston Kid" out Feb 13 from - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince)
Snapshots of Leonard Cohen New book, CD, video fill void while singer keeps out of limelight - (The Star) has the hardback - paperback (April) - CD: Tour of Field Commander Cohen.
First Look at Human Genome Shows How Little There Is - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Court won't halt wolf hunt (NDC) - (Aftenposten in English)

Saturday, February 10:
Blind cod clings to life after numerous catches (NDC) - (ananaova) (link found by Andrew Gray)
Navnestrid for blind torsk To call the cod Toralf or Balder? 57% vote for Balder. He is poorly, does not touch his food. - (Sunnmørsposten, Norwegian)
The Napster parasites Online marketers are snooping around in your hard drive, taking notes on every MP3 file you download. - (Salon)
Bob Dylan in Gmünd - (Südwest Presse) (link found by Thomas Erle and Markus Prieur)
A round table of telecoms dreams Dylan quote - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Choice cuts: Janice Blackburn The curator may listen to Belle and Sebastian, but she prefers Bob Dylan - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan, Beatles Shots at EMP "Artist to Icon" exhibit at Seattle's Experience Music Project - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bucky Baxter, ex-Dylan band member, is doing a short tour with Steve Forbert beginning February 15th in Nashville and ending with 2 dates in NYC followed by a taping for World Cafe on March 5th. (from Jim Tillman)

Friday, February 9:
2001 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards nominations Dylan nominated for Best Acoustic Guitarist (Male) - (MTV)
Guitar makers honour the world's finest plank spankers - (intermusic) (link found by Catina Prieur)
To The Tree With Roots is a Dylan CD Tree site (
Billy Bragg And Wilco DVD Due As Wilco Parts Ways With Drummer - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Elliott Murphy in Gent on 24th Feb (Vooruit) with Michael De Jong for a special singer-songwriters night featuring a Dylan tribute. M.De Jong 20.30-21.45 - Elliott 22.00-23.30 + final with special guests. Tickets and reservations: (32)092321790) (tip from Michel on the NightLights list via Olof)
It was 37 years ago today that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. (tip from drp)
So shall I compare thee to 'A Perfect Day'? - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Thank you, Gregory, for saving me from the '50s - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Ry Cooder's Cuba Trip Questioned In Clinton Controversy - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Thursday, February 8:
How's your pal, Bob Dylan? (Brando) - (Clean Cut Kid)
Rock Clock "Eat The Document" premiered 30 years ago today. - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Sue Foley's "Back To The Blues" has cover of "Positively 4th Street".
From - - (tip from Leo Nierse)
Victor Maymudes Obituary - (LA Times) (link found by Jack Regan)

Wednesday, February 7:
Dylan tour the test for Australia's winning rock promoter of the year - (Sidney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
Personal Struggles Fueled Kristofferson's Songwriting - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
All-Star Punk Band Covers Oldies - (Yahoo) (link found by Vernon Purnell)
Dylan Does Dino for Sopranos - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur and Tobias Levander)
Paul Kelly to open for Dylan down under - ( (link found by Stephen Baker)

Tuesday, February 6: A whole bunch of tips today!
Dylan among the Poets: Christopher Ricks explores the work of Bob Dylan, who turns 60 this year, and argues that he deserves to be considered 'among the poets'. - (BBC Radio 3 on Sunday) (link found by Paul Read and David Pester)
Just how good is he? Why Eminem belongs in the pantheon of literary greats - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack and Frank Desmond)
'My mind is as blank as fresh snow' David Johansen has outlived three other members of the New York Dolls. - (Guardian)
'National' tour by Bob Dylan to miss national capital - (Canberra Times) (link found by Phil Teece)
Tout le monde n'aime pas Bob Dylan Byron Bay bother - (Le Monde) (link found by Valérie Charlez)
Concerned residents may stop Dylan concert - (Canoe) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
Dylan Australian Show May Be Nixed - (Excite) (link found by Luke Davis)
Byron blocks Dylan - ( (link found by Jim Short)
Lucinda, Beck to Cover Hank Bob, too: "I Can't Get You Off of My Mind" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Vernon Purnell, Michael Collins, Tobias Levander, Ian, Rune Roalkvam and Paul Pearson)
Mobster Mash Dylan's "Sopranos" recording "Return to Me" - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Steve Matthews)
Dylan's greatest song - soon to be released. Here are descriptions of some voted songs (Learners Realm)
All Along The Watchtower has lyrics by Dylan, Young, Hendrix.
Q's Five Star Dylan box set ... new wrapping - (Q 4 Music) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Music lyrics ("Mondegreens") - (US News) (link found by Jack Regan)

Monday, February 5:
Mystery Man - (nudeasthenews) (by Jeff Rose)
1. Bob Dylan Festival 24 th May in Turkey (link found by S.Canbay)
Sing Me in, O Muse! Man of Constant Sorrow - (Britannica) (link found by Chris Elliott)
Dylan gig blowin' in the wind - (Australian) (link found by Phil Teece)

Sixties folkie Julie Felix appeared on the Ed Stewart show on BBC Radio 2 in Britain, on Sunday, February 4, and talked about appearing with Dylan at Isle of Wight Festival and chatting to him backstage. Felix chose It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) as her favourite Dylan track, calling it "an anthem of individuality." (from Terry Kelly)

In May, coming from Red House Records, "in celebration of the 60th birthday of Bob Dylan":
"A Nod to Bob: An artists and label tribute to Bob Dylan."
Ramblin Jack = "Dont Think Twice"
Spider john Koerner = Delia
Guy Davis (w/ Levon) = Sweetheart like you
Suzzy and Maggie Roche = Clothesline Saga (!)
Rosalie Sorrells = Tomorrow Is a Long Time
Lucy Kaplansky = It Aint Me Babe
Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko= Restless Farewell
Greg Brown = Pledging My Time
Cliff Eberhardt = I Want You
Eliza Gilkyson = Love Minus Zero/No Limit
John Gorka = Girl from the North Country
Hart-Rouge = With God on our Side (in French!)
The Paperboys = AATW
Martin Simpson = Boots of Spanish Leather
(tip from Seth via PSB)

Sunday, February 4:
Norwegian acoustic duo "Kings of Convenience" has released "Quiet is the New Loud". From
The race is on - Oscar nominations coming up Feb 13 - (Chicago Sun-Times)

Saturday, February 3:
Bob Dylan Discography - (discographynet) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Boston U. Prof Lectures on Bob Dylan's Lyrics 11/10/2000 - (Daily Free Press) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Issues in Rock Music - Song Site Project Fall 1995 (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Man in the Sand: Woody Guthrie - (Vision TV) (link found by Sam C. Visser)
Dialling for Dylan - (MetroActive, 1998) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Loneliness and Individualism in America - (Nathaniel McDonald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rolling Thunder - Dylan Tribute Band. Try the quiz at the Jokerman Casino!
Tower of Ambition - (NY Observer) (link found by William Robertson)

Friday, February 2:
At 81, Seeger weaves quilt of folk classics, topical songs - (Boston Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Victor Maymudes death notice - (from NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Isis site has been updated with lots of news including the official track listing for the Japanese CD.

Thursday, February 1:
The Best Is Yet To Come - Olof's 2000 Chronicle
Reissue of ``Rock Of Ages'' by the Band - (EW) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Hey, Mr. Design ManMilton Glaser: Art is Work - (LA Times) (link found by Timothy Hart)
Picasso of pop - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
VictorPage lists several of Victor Maymudes' book projects (link found by Patricia Jungwirth)
February 1 1978: premiere of Renaldo and Clara - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Bob Dylan will be on "Before They Were Rock Stars" TONIGHT--VH1 at 8 P.M. (US Eastern Time) (According to "Rolling Stone Daily") (tip from Paul Pearson)
Dylan shows recommended by Olof - (Page by Francois)
Travis Resume Recording - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Odetta Sings Dylan" at - -

Wednesday, January 31:
Never-ending birthday for Bob - (Italian) (link found by piercarlo)
Some complaining about complaining - (McSweeney's) (link found by Adam Hindman)
Written on Their Souls: Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylan, Emmylou Harris To Pay Tribute To Hank Williams - (sonicnet) (link found by Drone)

Tuesday, January 30:
All Things Must Pass - (George Harrison) (link found by Jack Kelleher)
Rock Clock (30 Jan 1990) - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Farm Aid 2000 Willie Nelson clips - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Victor Maymudes has left the arena (link found by James_Rodewald) Who's Who entry

Monday, January 29:
Passion for Music Drives Columbia Chief to Make Plenty of Industry Noise Don Ienner - (LA Times)
Earle's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll - (Newsday)
Stjernelag for Zwart A-ha, Dylan and Cash on the soundtrack - (VG, Norwegian) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
1999 discussion assignment - Which best describes Bob Dylan's voice: abrasive, untrained, and wretched -or- a fitting "instrument" to carry the messages of his lyrics? (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Never Ending Tour [IMPORT]" from may be the upcoming Japanese release?

Sunday, January 28:
"Drifter's Escape": tracking Dylan's trip through time McGill Undergrads evoke the romanticism of a lost generation - (McGill Tribune)
The Rock of Aged Levon Helm - (Houston Press) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
RecorderMan - Flash anim with Dylan at Newport. (link found by Ray Rehayem)
Rock Hall to Honor Masters Bessie Smith, Hank Williams to receive Rock Hall honor - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Beneath the Surface, Dion's Restless Melancholy - (Robert Hilburn, LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Highway 61 Visited Tribute Band plays Agoura Hills, CA Sat Feb 3 - (link found by Kelly George)
A different perspective - (Pranksterism) (link found by David Bondrow)
Original 3-track Who mastertapes for sale - (Shel Talmy) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Il rock in una stanza d'albergo Chelsea Hotel - (kwMusica, Italian) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
Blood, ballads and bullets - (Guardian)

Saturday, January 27:
Rolling Thunder Logbook by Sam Shepard
Peter Stone Brown plays in NYC tonight.
Harrison revisits solo highlight. Rocker's back after setbacks - (USA Today, Edna G)
Milan’s millennial male (LDC) - (Economic Times)
No Dylan Content: Soft-hearted fisherman frees confused cod - (AltaVista/Reuters) (link found by Andrew Gray)

Friday, January 26:
EU to investigate CD overcharging claims - (Sky News) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Blood on the Tracks - The purpose of the site is to provide a resource where Dylan traders can check out the features of master field recordings that might appear to be flaws.
Beginning to see the light Polly Jean Harvey - (the Age)

No Dylan Content:
Dig Unearths Remains of Colonial Philadelphia - (abc)
A Warrior Camp Pre-Viking Chieftains Likely Drove Scandinavian Conflicts - (Discovering Archeology)
News from Norway - (Aftenposten)
The Norway Post - (Norway Post)
Liv Ullmann i fokus Annie Leibowitz photographs her for Vanity Fair's Oscar issue - (VG, Norwegian)
'Faithless': Scenes From a Not So Great Marriage - (NY Times) (link found by Kenneth Wilson)

Thursday, January 25:
'Wonder Boys' Golden Globe Winner Receives New Home Video and DVD Release Date: March 13 - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
John Mellencamp's Sundance Debut - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Sneer Or Bob Dylan Or A Long Concersation Between Two Nice People - ( (link found by Robert Purcell)
Leanin' on Bob (The r.m.d Song) - ( (by Will Rigby)
"Hearts of Fire" trailer - (Windows Media) (link created by Dag Braathen)

Wednesday, January 24:
Transcending the Ordinary CMT Sponsors Steve Earle's "Transcendental Blues" Tour, Airs Concert Special (NDC) - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dire Straits Frontman Happy As a Dinosaur - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by R.L. Hargis)
Larry Campbell's father has died - (Joy Munsey's LC page)
Nifty Fifties race ahead with advertisers in pursuit - (Telegraph)

Tuesday, January 23:
Weekend Golden with Parties - (Yahoo/Variety)
Quick Hits - (NY Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
QuickTime video of Bob's Golden Globe award (from Christian Zeiser via Marion Hitzenhammer) (with German commentary) (1 MB)
Dylan, 'Almost Famous' Win Golden Globes - (MTV) (link found by Alex Leik)
Bob Dylan Live On Stage A limited edition of "The Best of Bob Dylan Volumes 1 & 2" will be released on the 5th March 2001. - (Sony Music Australia) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)
Composer Bacharach Awarded Top Music Honor - (Yahoo/Reuters)
Freewheelin' updated with a new "Tape News" No 184
Highway 61 Revisited - Prossime uscite (L'Espresso) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
Kerri-Anne gives PM the boot PM's favourite music? - (Australian) (link found by Phil Teece) w

Monday, January 22:
Last night, Bob Dylan won a Golden Globe award for "Things Have Changed" from "Wonder Boys" as best original song.
Bob's award and thank you speech in RealAudio (thanks to Marion Hitzenhammer)
Dylan Nabs Golden Globe (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Aftonbaldet (Swedish) (link found by Dante)
List of Winners (
Seattle Times (link found by Jack Regan)
New Musical Express (link found by Nick Jordan)
LA Times (LA Times) (link from Manuel Rosini)
Thanks to Randy Johnston for the pictures!
Chris Haston/NBC via Reuters picture at Yahoo (link from Michael Smith)
58th Annual Golden Globe Awards Coverage - (DigitalHit) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Blow by Blow - (E online) (link found by Mark Purdy)

This year's Polar Prize awards go to Burt Bacharach and Karlheinz Stockhausen, plus there is a special award to Robert Moog. You may recall that Bob Dylan received this award last year.

New chapters and verses Bob Dylan gets two biographies for his 60th birthday - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Byron De La Beckwith dies He was only a pawn in their game (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik) - Medgar Evers

Sunday, January 21:
Bob Dylan is reported to be on the Golden Globe awards show tonight.
Jesse Winchester cuts his first new album in 11 years - (SF gate) (link found by Michael Britten)
Danny Kelly, 44, the man behind the successful network of internet sites discusses the gadgets in his life with Richard Johnson. What's the first thing you do when you log on? - (Sunday Times)
Setlist info for 28 Feb 2001 Japanese release - (Searching For A Gem) (link found by HwyCDRrev) Sony Music Japan version
Daniel Kramer on Bob Dylan.. Report from EMP panel discussion in Seattle - ( (written by rainyday1235)
The Dylan of drama From his base in Paris, the radical director Peter Brook still exerts huge influence over the British stage. - (Sunday Times)

Saturday, January 20:
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton has been updated with new or revised entries for more than 60 items. The Guide now also includes links to about 350 higher-grade cover scans for listed CDs, with many more to be added shortly.
The cost of losing Bill - (Scotsman)
Dylan heads down under - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, January 19:
'Strange Frequency' Is Dark and Funny "Knockin'" plays a role in new movie - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan Summer Course in Denmark, end of June, with Billy Cross lecture - (tip from Jan Pöhlmann)
Beat Poet Gregory Corso, 70, Dies of Cancer - (SF Gate) (link found by Sven Simonsen)

Thursday, January 18:
Dylan is among "Featured Artists" at Golden Globe Awards NBC this Sunday at 8 PM - (Musicstation) (link found by Kris K)
Beat Poet Gregory Corso Dies at 70 - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by PSB)
Raisins in the Sun With former Bob band members - (Wall of Sound) (link found by Jack Regan)
recorderman - (Flash required) (link found by Ray Rehayem)
Heir to the great tradition Tom Paxton - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Thaon Communications Subsidiary has launced camapaigns for Bob Dylan,.. - (Yahoo/Press release) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The times they are a... Oh, you know - (Daily Yomiuri) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, January 17:
George Harrison'S All Things Must Pass Is Restored With Five Previously Unreleased Additional Tracks - (mi2n)
From - -
howmanyroads - ("Six Degrees of Separation") (tip from Birgit Krah)
Sheryl Crow's Congressional Testimony on Work For Hire - (Music Dish) (link found by Hodah)
A survivor of the next-Bob-Dylan syndrome Steve Forbert - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by Joy Munsey)
Sam Shepard - (Salon) (link found by Leo Nierse)

Tuesday, January 16:
I got my Mac back today, with a new DVD-ROM drive. Hopefully I can do better updates again!
Johnny Cash's New Diagnosis - (MSN) (link found by yvonne mytka)
T-Bone Burnett Helps Fine-Tune Coens' `Brother' - (The Hartford Courant) (link found by Gil Walker)
Dylan came to Minnesota to paint his masterpiece - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Jennifer Schneider)
The Ten Best Live Rock Recordings, Part 5-10 : Before the Flood - (allaboutjazz) (link found by John Gregan)
Roots & Rhythm - try it out! - ( (link found by Dave Plentus)

Monday, January 15:
Artist to Icon - (Experience Music Project in Seattle) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Enough of the porky pies, Skase - we've acquired a taste for blood Señor quote. - (Sidney Morning Herald)

Sunday, January 14:
70's Rock: The Bad Vibes Continue - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
`It's a Man's World': Ahead of Its Time, And Ahead of Ours - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Van won't do it (end of page) - (Washington Post) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
Sacred squeal of now Detroit's Grammy- winning Eminem is said by critics to be a musical genius; his book of liner notes and lyrics begs the question - (Toronto Star) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Saturday, January 13:
At last!! Do look back - Highway 61 Revisited is the "world's first and only Bob Dylan tribute band" tonight at the Canyon Club, 28912 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills. - (The Star) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
'Oh Brother' A Boon For Ralph Stanley - (Billboard) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Deserves All-Star Tribute - (Billboard) (link found by Joy Munsey. Webpage for Larry Campbell)
Grey power rules as the over-fifties begin to flex their political muscles As Bob Dylan used to sing, the times they are a-changin', and it is people that grew up with the Sixties’ favourite singer/songwriter who are now influencing those changes. - (Scotsman)
You had to be there Pearl Jam and bootleg history - (Irish Times)

Friday, January 12:
He's Got You, From Cradle To Grave Bono's Q Dylan tribute - (u2 homepage) (link found by Mary Syvanto) lists the "Q 5 Star Reviews" Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3. They seem to be 3-packs of nine Dylan albums.
Bob Dylan chase 1977 The hunting down of Bob Dylan – the hunt for the myth, and the hunt for the flesh and blood from where the myth rose
Dylan's not done (bottom of page) ...Paragon II is still the champ at the house mix position - (audiotoys)
Isis has video news and more for sale ads.

Thursday, January 11:
More Australian dates, see above.
Johnny Cash Recovering, Recharging - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Preliminary details about the coming Japanese CD (from Masato Kato)
"Bob Dylan Live - Forty years of great concert performances"
SRCS2438 2520yen (tax in)

1) Somebody Touched Me Portsmouth England, 9/24/2000*
2) Wade In the Water 12/22/1961*
3) The Times They Are A-Changin'-1963 or 1964*
4) Don't Look Back - 1965
5) I Don't Believe You - Free Trade Hall, Manchester,5/17/1965
6) Minstrel Boy - 1969 (Self Portrait)
7) Grand Coulee Dam from Woody Guthrie Tribute Concert
8) Knockin' On Heaven's Door - NY MSG, 1/30/1974 (Before the Flood)
9) Shelter from the Storm - Fort Collins, Colorado , 5/23/1975 (Hard Rain)
10) I Want You - Tokyo Budokan , 3/1/1978 (Live at Budokan)
11) Slow Train - Foxboro,MA, Sullivan Stadium, 7/4/1987 (Dylan and The Dead)
12) Dignity - NY 11/18/1994 (Unplugged)
13) Cold Irons Bound - El Rey Theatre 12/16/1997
14) Born in Time - New Jersey Center 2/1/1998
15) Senor - Lucca, Italy 7/6/1998
16) Country Pie - Portsmouth, England, 2000*
17) Things Have Changed -TBD/2000*
*Previously Unreleased

Isis has a different list under "Current News"

Mike Scott: 'I'm as good as anyone in rock'n'roll' - (Telegraph)
Yearning of the artist as a young man - (The Age) (link found by Jesse Shanks)

Wednesday, January 10:
Bob Dylan 'Returns' On Soundtrack "Sopranos 2" with "Return to Me" out March 20 - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik, Chris Oxley, John Gregan and Jim Baumann)
Marianne Faithfull - (Salon) (link found by Dan Selicaro)
Alexander Gets 'Miracles' Marker - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Andrew Nugent has opened his site Tangled Up In Blue and welcomes suggestions.
AudioFind can find mp3s for you (link found by Sean McArdle)
Baby Boomers Turn 55, Eye Retirement Communities... Forever Young? - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Jon Bon Jovi Am I a big Dylan fan? - (Q) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Ricky Martin, Van Morrison, Kelsey Grammer set for Bush inauguration show - (Yahoo/Variety) (link found by Patrick Collins)

Tuesday, January 9:
Australian dates at BobDates
Bob Dylan interviews - (Hodah)
I have borrowed an iMac while my DVD-ROM drive gets fixed. BTW did you see the new Apple stuff?

Monday, January 8:
Van Morrison on the Tonight show - (musicstation) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
An appeal to appreciators of Bob Dylan's Music - (Paul Williams) (link found by Kristian Baardsen)
Isis site updated with news of a Sony CD being released to coincide with the Japanese tour and Grammy and Golden Globe nominations.
George Harrison: 'All Things' In Good Time - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Sunday, January 7:
I sessant'anni di Dylan e Baez Dylan and Baez will be sixty this year. - (la Repubblica) (Italian) (link found by Davide Bernardi)
Freewheelin' site is updated with news of Vol 18, out now.
Joan Baez Tour Dates Tour dates cancelled, sister Mimi in a battle with cancer. - ( (link found by Paul Pearson)
A call for a Catholicism that renews parental ties Review of: "Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews", mentions Dylan, the Pope and "Blowin' in the Wind". - (Boston Globe) From
1. Bob Dylan Festival in Turkey, May 24 - (CBDS) (link sent by Suha Canbay)
Road Songs: A Portrait of Robbie Robertson CBC-TV Tuesday, Jan. 9, at 7pm - ( (link found by hodah)
Pop musings: Schoolhouses rock Picking the "Songs of the Century" - (Star Tribune) (link found by Jennifer Schneider)

Saturday, January 6:
Arthur Louie has put together An Introductory Guide To Bob Dylan CD-R trading.
The performance of Friend of the Devil released on the Grateful Dead's "Stolen Roses" is from March 1, 1999 performed at The Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This was a "private" show for Lucky Brand Jeans. (info from Masato Kato and Carsten Baumann) See
Peter Stone Brown plays in Lahaska, PA tonight.
Prestigious Polar Music Prize to Be Announced Jan. 22 Dylan got this award last year. - (Yahoo!/Entertainment Wire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
EMP Unveils New Photography Exhibit -- Elvis, Dylan and the Beatles Becoming Rock Icons - (Yahoo!/Entertainment Wire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Gaslight Tapes - (BobsBoots)
Guitar Great James Burton to Join Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince) Burton played with Dylan in Shreveport, Louisiana Oct 30, 1996.

Friday, January 5:
Birmingham June 24, 1998 concert download - (No Direction Home) (link found by Lee Richardson)
Broadbandbob is a group for Bob fans with fast Internet connections who wish to exchange - (eGroups)
How about making a Twin CD-R set containing the same 13 songs each which have been performed live by our Bob & which have been recorded by the Stanley Brothers? Neat idea, yes? - Horst Schrader thought so. Contact Horst for more info.
Two Dogs Oslo Dylan meeting report from 9/12-2000 - (Norwegian) (The Land of the Midnight Sun)
"It Takes A Lot To Laugh" Dylan cover album by L.A. duo Andy Hill and Renee Safier - (link found by Dave Plentus at
Bob Dylan Survey Results of previous survey: "Never - Ending Tour" most inspiring period. Now new survey. (Learners Realm)
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton has been updated with "well over 100 new entries".
Harry Smith Changes American Music--Again - (Baltimore citypaper) (link found by Wayne Rhodes) The Corner Shop has links for buying.
2001 Glastonbury Festival Canceled - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Thursday, January 4:
VH1 Awards Beatles for Top Album Four Dylan albums on the list. - (AP) (VH1 list) (link from Bo)

Wednesday, January 3:
Grammy nominations:
Field 3 Rock, Category 15, Best Male Rock Vocal Performance: Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan
Field 13 Folk, Category 63, Best Contemporary Folk Album: Billy Bragg & Wilco - Johnny Cash - Steve Earle - Emmylou Harris - John Hiatt
Field 20, Category 73: Two albums w/ Dylan songs (High Fidelity and The Sopranos)
Field 20 Film/TV/Visual Media Category 75, Best Song...: Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan
Field 23 Album Notes, Category 81, Best Album Notes: The Best of Broadside 1962-1988
Field 24 Historical, Category 82, Best Historical Album: The Best of Broadside 1962-1988

On This Day in 1974, Bob Dylan and The Band started a 39 date US tour. Dylan's first live appearance for over 7 years, there were more than 5 million applications for the 660,000 tickets - (music365) (40 dates actually, says Bob Meyer)

Tuesday, January 2:
The greatest: Artists find new life in old hits Review of "The Essential Bob Dylan" - (CNN)
Two Vintage Jerry Garcia Band Sets Due Includes "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Shame Close to bottom: Sebastian Cabot does "It Ain't Me Babe" and "Like A Rolling Stone" - (Fade to Black) (link found by Adam Hindman)

Monday, January 1 (New Year's Day 2001):
Billy Bragg: He Sings of Regular Folk and Dreams Their Dreams - (NY Times)

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