Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 22:58:59 -0400

BIG BOB & HOLDING COMPANY  1CD (HD-9603D)  29 Jun 96 Prince's Trust
   Hyde Park, UK + 2 Sept 95 R&R HOF Cleveland + Frank Sinatra tribute
  Tracks: 11   Time: 70    Source: Stereo TV Broadcasts  Quality: Excellent
 An outstanding Japanese release containing the complete broadcast
portion of Bob's set from the Prince's Trust Concert in magnificent
quality. With special guests Ron Wood and Al Kooper, Bob proceeds to
blister through Leopard Skin, Silvio & Highway 61 w/unbridled energy
and clear, precise vocal flair. Leopard Skin is particularly tasteful,
what with Kooper's killer piano fills and Bob's harp blowin' through the
park like there's no tomorrow. A killer blues rock stomper it is. Tom
Thumb is enlivened by Kooper's organ and Bucky's distinctive steel, while
the lyrics brought a tear to my eye:

        ....I cannot move so good, my fingers are all in a knot
        I don't have the strength
        To get up and take another shot
        And my best friend, my doctor
        Won't even tell me what it is I got
(Funny how I was compelled to keep playing that verse over and over, despite
the fact that I was getting progressively sadder w/each play, imagining Bob
in the hospital & having no control over the situation).

Positively 4th is also performed with gusto and takes on an even greater
poignancy due to the events of late.  The quality is perfect and Bob is in
excellent voice. A shame they decided not to air Tangled & Don't Think
2X from the acoustic set. Also axed were Watchtower and 7Days w/Wood on
vocals. Thus far, this CD is the only release of the 5 broadcast trax.

The R&R HOF trax have been reviewed ad nauseum and released on many
other disks, as has the "Restless Farewell" from Sinatra. IMO, the HOF
trax are found in better quality on Pledging My Time, while the "RF" on this
collection is in pristine, crystal clear quality and is as good as it gets.

Some lines from the last verse of "Restless Farewell" seem oh so timely:
  "Oh a false clock tries to tick out my time
   To disgrace, distract, and bother me.
   And the dirt of gossip blows into my face
   And the dust of rumor covers me........
   So I'll make my stand
   And remain as I am
   And bid farewell and not give a damn"
(Here's to bidding farewell to that hospital bed!!!)

One final note-unlike a lot of Japanese releases, this one is stunning
w/a gorgeous color cover, interesting graphics and a clear tray w/photo
behind. The back cover is graced with a wonderful color pic of Bob & Ron
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