Jokerman visuals list (Wade Greiner):
I know that in the book "All Along the Telegraph: A Bob Dylan Handbook" edited by John Bauldie there is a list of all the art pieces shown in the video. It's available in many largish libraries, though it is, I believe, not currently in print. (Seth Kulick):
I've had this book all along! I forgot that this list was in it. So, here it is: (numbers added by Karl Erik)

1. Self Portrait as the Redeemer, Durer (1500)
2. Sumerian idol (2700 BC)
3. The Slave Ship, Turner (1840)
4. Minoan snake goddess (1500 bc)
5. Bob Dylan poster, Glaser (1966)
6. Moses, Michelangelo indeed (1514)
7. Man in Bondage, from The Book of Urizen, Blake (1795)
11. Dead Christ, Mantegna (1490)
32. The Delphi Charioteer (Greece, fifth century BC)
35. Weeping Woman, Picasso (1937)
38. Woman and Man, Lindner (1971)
39. The Magic Garden, Bosch (added by HH) full view
40. The Musicians' Hell, Bosch (1510)
44. Jewish illuminated manuscript (Germany, 1300)
45. Island Man of New Guinea, Kirk (1970)
46. The Battle of San Romano, Uccello (1435-50)
47. David, Michelangelo again (1504)
49. Cow's Skull - Red White and Blue, O'Keefe (1931)
50. Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, Curtis (1903)
55. The Third of May 1808, Goya (1814)
56. The armour of Henry VIII (1520)
70. Muhammed Ali as St Sebastian, Lois (1969)
72. Colossal Head (from the Palazzo Orsini, Bomarzo, Italy)
73. Slain Heroes At Arlington, Lois (1969)
74. The Joker (DC comics)
77. The Scream, Munch 1893) (Norwegian!)
78. Goddess of Earh and Procreation (Aztec, 1400)

Did you know that Uccello made three versions of "The Battle of San Romano"? They are in Florence, the National Gallery, London and the Louvre, Paris.


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