"Jokerman" is a song by Bob Dylan, first published on the "Infidels" album. In 1994 it has featured prominently in his concerts, usually as the first song of the performance.

When the song was new, a video was made to accompany it. This video is unusual, in that it consists of a series of images of classic paintings and other pieces of art. There are also a few shots of Bob singing, but the images are the main thing.

I felt an urge to put these images on the Net, and this was fairly easy, since I already had digitized them more than a year ago, for a friend. I made the images into 27 gif files. Counting the old black and white shots of Bob and freeze frames from the live video of Bob singing, there are about 80 images.

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Web sites & the Jokerman
I've entered the Jokerman interpretive fray with two commentaries on
Jokerman. You can find it at
[note the caps!] if you have a table-capable browser; or at if you do not.

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