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Thursday, March 31, 2005
1 - Arlo Guthrie and Muddy Waters interviews - (Peter Stone Brown)
2 - "What Can I Do For You?" Video download - (DVDylan) (link found by Vygi)
3 - German radio show "Experience" will be doing a special on the current tour (with emphasis on Merle Haggard) 23.00 - 01.00 - (Radio EINS) (link found by Helmut Heimann)
4 - E*TRADE Financial Corporation Launches New Brand And Advertising Campaign Features talents such as Bob Dylan... - (Internet Ad Sales) (link found by Tricia)
5 - Is It Rolling Bob? Dub Versions: Visions Of Jamaica May 16 release - (RAS records) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
6 - "I Can't Cover What I Am": Five Favourite Bob Dylan Covers - (The Ratio) (link found by Jared)
7 - Elliott Murphy "Visions of Johanna" cover - (AYGO Live) (link found by Francois Guillez)
9 - Notes on Metakitsch - (Chronicle Reviews) (link found by Timothy Keating)
10 - X-less Doe Gathers No Moss - (Washington Post) (link found by Scott N. Miller)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Denver setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - In Dylan's world, anything goes as fans enveloped in haze of glory - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken, randall johnston, Dave Kohl, David Stenander)
3 - Even zigzagging Dylan satisfies - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Tony Pignataro, David Stenander)
4 - Dylan's show saved by band, opening acts - (Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Minneapolis lab is the quietest place on Earth - (Duluth Superior) (link found by Cliff Warnken, randall johnston)
6 - Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 DVD reviewed: "avoid" - (DVD Zone) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 DVD climbs charts to # 14 in USA.  New review in HARP magazine (from Joel Gilbert)
8 - SXSW 2005 Incl. Wallflowers - (Artist pictures) (lphotos by Per Ole Hagen)
9 - Interview with Elvis Costello about songwriting - (Elvis Costello) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
10 - Bob Dylan - Po' Boy (live Binghampton, 14.11.2004) mp3 - (chimneytop) (link found by Jack Frost)
11 - The Marxist Ministrels David Noebel on "The Communist Subversion of Folk Music." (RealAudio) - (conelrad) (link found by Don Helling)
12 - Crash Test Dummies Recorded in Duluth and partied at Bob Dylan's old place - (Times Colonist) (link found by Greg W)
13 - Soul Music Like a Rolling Stone - (BBC Radio 4 Listen Again) (link found by Steve McDonnell)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Denver setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Johnson snapshots lead to tug of war - (Greenwood Commonwealth) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3- Robert Johnson: "The Complete Recordings" from - .uk - .de.
4 - Supreme Showdown for P2P's Future - (Wired)
5 - Last Sunday night around 7 pm Eastern, during NCAA Basketball tournament on CBS there was a commercial for E- Trade Financial that opened with 2 b/w white shots of Bob circa 1965-1966 (from Bob Gagliardi)
6 - Featured Artist: Bob Dylan - (KEXP) (link found by Severin Theinert)
7 - Pez to dispense MP3s instead of candy - (CNET)
8 - Bright Eyes Sets Tour With The Faint - (Billboard) (link found by John London)

Monday, March 28, 2005 (Second Easter Day)
1 - City Folk: Bruce v. Bob: A Musical Matchup April 7 - (WFUV) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
2 - The Dylan Touch - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Robert Schoen, Mike McGivern)
3 - Vinyl's still got its groove - (Tallahassee Democrat) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Bob Dylan Bingo New Game open for Sign Ups - (dylantree) (link found by Steve Pulver)
5 - Evolving the American Troubador Protest Singer Stephan Smith - (Newtopia) (link found by Murray Pereira)
6 - Comments from an Old Fan - (
7 - Hear him out After 40 years on the road, Haggard still has a lot on his mind - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Sunday, March 27, 2005 (Easter Day)
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan L.A. setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Bob Dylan in Los Angeles From LA Voice - ( (link found by David R. Smith)
3 - Outside the box: Masked and anonymous - (Daily Utah Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Sunday night at 8 pm in the US: Fox Channel will repeat the "dylan episode" "She Used To Be My Girl" of the Simpsons (from the jester on the sidelines)
5 - Bob: "Are you talkin' to me?" Scorsese: "No." - (Courier-Journal) (link found by Tricia)
6 - Mr. Tambourine Man The Life and Legacy of the Byrds' Gene Clark - (Backbeat Books) (link found by John London) Book from - .uk - .de.
7 - Bob Dylan 2005-03-11 Portland Torrent - (Easytree, reg. req.) (link found by Robert Hart)
8 - Original artwork for the handbill announcing Dylan's 1963 concert at Town Hall - (Skyline Books) Carnegie 61 poster (links found by Roger Duncan)
9 - Hundreds of Thousands Stage Mass Rally in Taiwan To Dylan tune - (NY Times) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
10 - Take 35 of the internet Dylan magazine freewheelin-on-line is now freely available to anyone visiting Freewheelin House (from John Stokes)

Saturday, March 26, 2005 (Easter Eve)
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan L.A. setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Dylan's the one for this 'Ballad' - (U-Redlands) (link found by Mary Daley, Tony Pignataro, Tricia, Peter Lloyd, Brian Boyd)
3 - ACT puts rock songs to work in service of the Gospel - (Indystar) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Dave Kohl)
4 - Holmdel New Jersey Event Poster Petty / Dylan poster at low price - (fanfire) (link found by David R Smith)
5 - The last book you read: Chronicles - (Matt Welch) (link found by Stephen Walter)
6 - Ryan Adams Prunes 'Cold Roses' - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
7 - "Tylko Dylan" Dylan covers in Polish by Martyna Jakubowicz - (Sony Music) (link found by David Plentus - Dylan Cover Albums )
8 - Sid Bernstein's Benefit Rocks The Pony Phuket benefit - (Expecting Rain) (review by Maureen Shames)
9 - Trivia Quiz - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Peter Lloyd)
10 - A 60's Holdout and His Daughter, Searching for an Epic "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" - (NY Times) (link found by LeeAnne)

Good Friday, March 25, 2005
1 - Escaping her brutal past Singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier rolls across Canada in vintage style - (Globe and Mail) (link found by randall johnston)
2 - Bless the Child Marianne Faithfull's life after the poison - (LA Weekly) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Cliff Warnken, randall johnston)
3 - Marianne Faithfull's latest: "Before the Poison" from - .uk - .de.
4 - Counting backward Some influences on one person's existence - (CNN) (link found by Dave Kohl, randall johnston)
5 - Dick Boak of Martin Guitar - (Modern Guitars Magazine) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - The Radiators cover "It Takes A Lot To Laugh..." - ( (link found by Ted Gracyk)
7 - The Grateful Dead covers - ( (link found by Ted Gracyk)
8 - Bob Fest 2005! Sunday May 29 - (Spring Green WI) (link found by Paul)
9 - French: Bob Dylan special Le troubadour incandescent - (Chorus) (link found by Antoine Glémain)
10 - "Rooftops": Album reviews from fans - (Larry Campbell) (link found by Joy Munsey)
11 - Tony Trischka w/Larry Campbell & Friends Sat April 2, Teaneck NJ - (Create a Vibe) (link found by Joy Munsey)
12 - Look My Way An' Pump Me A Few An Evening Of Talk On Bob Dylan - (RightWingBob) (link found by Mary Haggett)
13 - Zim Golly Golly Lyrics (pdf) - (B'nai Sholom Reform Congregation) (link found by Rabbi Don Cashman)
14 - Norwegian: De beste til Bob Dylan (2:8) at 18 CET - (HØR (link found by Wenche Karlsen)
15 - Merklin Returns to Bearsville - (MIX) (link found by randall johnston)
16 - 'X' marks the spot for Los Super Seven With Charlie Sexton - (Plain Dealer) (link found by randall johnston)
17 - Judy's 'American Girl' power - (Daily News) (link found by randall johnston)
18 - The Green Door in the Floor - (Village Voice) (link found by Brian Black)
19 - Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 DVD Review - (Relix) (link found by Joel Gilbert)
20 - A Q&A With Merle Haggard - (Billboard) (link found by Bill Alderson, Peter Lloyd)
21 - Dylan's Revolutionary Album `Bringing It All Back Home' Turns 40 - (Newhouse News) (link found by Dave Kohl)
22 - Petty, Crowes Link For Summer Tour - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
23 - KRO's DolceVita (KRO) On Monday - (Radio 747 AM) (link found by Edo)

Maundy Thursday, March 24, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan L.A. setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Concert Review: Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard - (Reuters) (link found by randall johnston)
3 - Haggard and Dylan Bring Twang to Tinseltown - (CMT) (link found by randall johnston, Cliff Warnken, Tony Pignataro, Jack Regan)
4 - Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard hit Pantages - (presstelegram) (link found by randall johnston)
5 - Not much a changin' for longtime Dylan fans - (U-Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Dave Kohl)
6 - The Bob Dylan Show - (SCA Blog) (link found by p. trahan)
7 - Bob Dylan In Los Angeles - (LA Voice) (by Dillon)
8 - Bob Dylan Bingo - (Dylantree) (link found by Steve Pulver)
9 - The Self-Righteous Brothers: "Rusty Swing Feel" Several Dylan covers - (smokecds) (link found by Bill in NZ)
10 - Dont Look Back and Pennebaker In Baltimore - (Expecting Rain)
11 - German: Willy DeVille - Einfach unser Freund With Freddie Koella - ( (link found by Manfred Schwarz)
12 - My SXSW Robyn Hitchcock's diary - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
13 - Elvis at Dylan show, March 21 - (CostelloNews) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
14 - Meet the Halberstam of pop culture Greil Marcus remains the rarest music critic - (MarketWatch) (link found by randall johnston)
15 - "Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads" by Greil Marcus, from - .uk - .de.
16 - Johnny Cash Tribute - Honoring the Legend - (NadaMucho) (link found by randall johnston)
17 - Faraway, So Close 'Spider' John Koerner - (City Pages) (link found by randall johnston)
18 - Vote now: "Little White Wonders" for Dylan's songs - ( (link from Mike Hobo)
19 - The Caen Conference - (Bob Dylan Critical Corner) (review by Chris Rollason)
20 - Bob Dylan 1966-1974 World Tours stays in top 20 in USA DVD Sales Chart - (link from Joel Gilbert)
21 - Highway 61 Revisited Tribute band announces "Forever Young 2005 Tour" for Dylan's birthday week - includes Hibbing, New York, New Orleans, and Nashville (link from Joel Gilbert)
22 - Looking ahead March 26: would people prefer to listen to what Bob Dylan has to say about God than their local preacher? - (Weekend America) (link found by Tim Hill)
23 - On last night's US game show "Jeopardy" there was a "Bob Dylan Chronicles" category. Each clue was a snippet of Bob Dylan song lyrics, and contestants had to supply the name of the song. (tip from Mary Daley, Stuart Lutz)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan L.A. setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - The day that Bob Dylan Home'-schooled rock - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by randall johnston, David Stenander)
3 - "Tryin' To Get To Heaven" Oakland, CA, Paramount Theatre mp3 - (Spoonfeeder) (link found by Roger Duncan)
4 - Here, there and everywhere Mal Evans' life with the Beatles - (Times) (link found by Bob Dunn)
5 - The Bobs they are a-changin' BY Michael Gray - (Guardian) (link found by Andy Kirkcaldy, Andy Muir, Phil & Marie)
6 - Beyoncé as Bob Dylan? - (Star Tribune) (link found by Mary Daley)
7 - Bush the Talking Pig (and Other Curious Casting Choices) - (American Enterprise) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - Haggard Honoured to join Dylan on Tour - ( (link found by Brian Boyd, randall johnston)
9 - Self Portrait Here's 24 minutes of footage of people talking about Bob Dylan's puzzling 1970 double-record Self Portrait - (Palace Family Steak House) (movie by Rich Trott)
10 - Five years later, EMP isn't striking much of a chord - (Seattle pi) (link found by randall johnston)
11 - Search, the Next Generation Lucene - (BusinessWeek) (link found by randall johnston)
12 - Dylan keeps it lean at Aladdin - (Las Vegas Sun) (link found by Paula Francis)
13 - Sightings Huey Lewis singing along - (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
14 - Dylan brings musical poems to Aladdin Theatre - (Las Vegas Review-Journal) (link found by Paula Francis)
15 - Paris's Party Animal Toulouse-Lautrec Delighted in the Demimonde - (Washington Post) (link found by Chris Contakes)
16 - Crowded Fire's 'One Big Lie' is one big blast Inspired by a Bob Dylan Lyric - (Inside Bay Area) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
17 - 'When will we ever learn? Protest song - (Korea Herald) (link found by Mary Haggett)
18 - Philadelphian Amos Lee's Country-Fried Soul - (npr) Amos on Leno tonight, and on Letterman Friday (repeat) (link from Beau Colburn)
19 - Discs Are So Dead Two new formats aim to bury the DVD. But Web distribution will kill them all. - (Wired)
20 - Zimmy's bar in Hibbing - (National Geographic) (link found by Marc Schemansky)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan L.A. setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - The Music Goes on Side A and the Flip Side Is a DVD - (NY Times)
3 - Two American music greats, one great night of music Portland review - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Manuel Cuevas' star-studded work Tailor - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by randall johnston)
5 - 20th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - (Modern Guitars Magazine) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - "Concert for George" book - (Stuff) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - Recollections of Hope and Triumph Chronicles - (NY Times) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - Q&A: Merle Haggard - (Reuters) (link found by Matthew Gordon, Jacki Pajas, randall johnston)
9 - Dylanesque pay tribute to Bob Dylan at The Springhead in Hull in Yorkshire England on Thursday 24th of March. All are very welcome. (from Elaine)
10 - Dying analog tape industry gets reprise - (Tennessean) (link found by John London)

Monday, March 21, 2005
1 - New Orleans Legend May Prove to Be Reputable House of the Rising Sun? - (LA Times) (link found by Dan Levy, Tim Shorrock)
2 - Reno Review - (Ken Layne) (link found by Stephen Walter)
3 - Bob Dylan to be played by six men - and one woman - in film Todd Haynes movie - (Times) (link found by Michael Smith, randall johnston)
4 - Dylan's 'Inner Blackness' Explored in Hollywood Film - (Contact Music) (link found by Tony P.)
5 - Bob Dylan Skips National Book Critics Circle Awards - (SoulShine) (link found by Paul)
6 - 'It's perfect madness' Tom Waits' 20 most cherished albums - (Observer) (link found by Jeremy Taylor, Mick Gold)
7 - "Maggie's Farm", Ames, Iowa 1994 Happy Hour video download - (DVDylan) (link found by Vygi)
8 - Founding Beat generation poet Philip Lamantia dies - (AP) (link found by Paul)
9 - Apple targets iTMS prepaid cards - (IGM)
10 - Bob Dylan's New Tour, Interview Request - (TalkLeft) (link found by Lowell Matthew Wolfe)
11 - Bob Dylan doesn't look back - (Reno Gazette-Journal) (link found by randall johnston)
12 - George Harrison's Widow Plans on finishing Unreleased Projects - (tbsource) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
13 - Knockin' on Haggard's door - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Bill in NZ, randall johnston)
14 - Out of tune in changin' times - (The Age) (link found by Martin Grossman)
15 - Report on colloquium. 'Bob Dylan's Performance Artistry' Caen University 10-12 March 05 - ( (by Christopher Rollason)
16 - Of Mikes And Men: Old Studios Fall Silent Muscle Shoals - (Washington Post) (link found by Chris Contakes)
17 - "Drivin' With The Blues" Incl. cover of Dylan's "I Don't Believe You" - (Mike Garner) (link found by Bill in NZ)

Sunday, March 20, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Las Vegas setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Hank Cochran Recovering from By-Pass Surgery Bob's singing "A-11" for Hank? - (Hank Cochran) (link found by Jerry Chambers)
3 - Pop History Opened Up - (Sky News) (link found by Ellisiv)
4 - Book Critics award for fiction goes to Robinson No Bobby prize - (Boston Globe) (link found by Arthur Yin)
5 - Bricks, mortar, blood, ink and love More than a building, bohemian haven Hotel Chelsea turns 100 - (Daily Yomiuri) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - Standing still: Koerner finally gets his due - (Star Tribune) (link found by randall johnston, Paul Wolters)
7 - TuneTree, spreading music kindly - (TuneTree) (link found by Magnus H-born)
8 - They play what they want Competition forces radio stations to change their tunes - (Kansas City Star)

Saturday, March 19, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Reno setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Dylan shows why he's a legend; the same ain't so for Haggard - (Inside Bay Area) (link found by Mary Daley, randall johnston)
3 - Dylan to perform at Reno Hilton - (Go to Reno) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - They fuck you up, your mum and dad - (Guardian) (link found by randall johnston, Robert Lawrence)
5 - Dylan, Woodstock just didn't mix Chronicles - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by randall johnston, Jim Nicol)
6 - Fifth annual bluegrass festival comes to Old Town - (NCTimes) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - Johnny Cash! The Man, His World, His Music - (Monkeycube) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - Bob Dylan - Masked & Anonymous - (Blogcritics) (link found by randall johnston)
9 - Story of dying Iowa preacher wins fiction award - (CNN) (link found by Michele Caldwell, absharpe, Sean McGuinness, chris jenkins)
10 - Music's soul, from Achilles to Dylan - (Austin American-Statesman reg. req. Bugmenot) (by Tom Palaima)

Friday, March 18, 2005
1 - With the Lights Out: Paramount Theatre - (Seattle Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Not Dark Yet: In Search of Bob Dylan #2 - (The Ratio) (by Jared Bland)
3 - Da Vinci faces Dylan in book race British Book Award - (BBC News) (link found by Jeanne Manion)
4 - Bob Dylan Circa 2002 - (Indianapolis Eye) (by Stan Denski)
5 - Barb Jungr: "Love Me Tender" Hybrid SACD includes two Dylan covers: "I Shall Be Released" and "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" - CD from - .de.
6 - Tour Journal Chronicles comment under March 8 - (David Byrne) (link found by Nijo)
7 - Now That The War Is Over- Dylan/Haggard - (Electric Revolution) (blog by Ron Alcorn)
8 - Blue Crush Bohemia: Surfing Culture Real Third Wave - (NY Observer) (link found by William Robertson)

Thursday, March 17, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Oakland setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Bob Dylan's latest guise: keyboardist - (SFGate) (link found by ElectricGypsy, randall johnston, Tony Pignataro, Alvan E. Fisher, Sean McGuinness, Mary Daley)
3 - Haggard in Spotlight with Dylan, Standards - (Reuters) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Paper Clips Greil Marcus's Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads - (Village Voice) (link found by randall johnston, Gilly Savage) Preorder book (March 29 US release) from - .uk - .de - Isis.
5 - Bob Dylan at the Crossroads with Greil Marcus April 7 talk in NY - (Makor) (link found by Stephen Arnoff)
6 - German edition: Bob Dylans Like a Rolling Stone - Die Biographie eines Songs - (KiWi) (link found by Markus Frehrking)
7 - Dylan autobiography: The intimacy of art Chronicles, Book award - (ynetnews) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - My Conversation With "Mr Z" - (
9 - "request for my new friend Mr. Dean" mp3 clip from Nov 18 2004 concert - (Expecting Rain)
10 - Try this!! Dylan - (amaztype) Type your own word (Safari not supported) (link found by Linda Maultsby)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Oakland setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - The rich, the weird: Hunter's last days - (Examiner) (link found by Natan Chavkin)
3 - 60s legend still sings the blues Spider John Koerner - (Dunn County News) (link found by randall johnston, David Stenander)
4 - The Angry Sound of Wounds Time Has Not Healed Marianne Faithfull - (NY Times) (link found by randall johnston) CD: "Before the Poison" from - .uk - .de.
5 - The March 9th broadcast of The Roadhouse on Seattle's KEXP showcased Bob's early work. It can be streamed here - (KEXP) (link found by Greg King)
6 - The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society Meeting Friday March 18 - (CBDS) (link found by John Nye)
7 - Bob Dylan: a great poet - (Music for Grown-Ups) (link found by Gerry Smith, Michael Gallagher)
8 - Jim Morrison: College Dork - (iFilm) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
9 - "Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-74" DVD at 11 in chart - (StreetPulse) (link found by Joel Gilbert)
10 - Commemorative Guitar Plectrums - (Isis) (link found by Derek Barker)
11 - U2, Pretenders Lead Rock Hall's 2005 Class - (Billboard) (link found by Bernard Vasek, John London)
12 - The Bob & Merle Show Two legends roll into Oakland - (East Bay Express) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - The other literary Dylan Book Award - (NY Times) (link found by Mary Daley)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Oakland setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - National Book Critics Circle prepares to pick best books of 2004. WMU instructor will help choose winners - (Kalamazoo Gazette) (link found by randall johnston)
3 - Rock of ages Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - (Globe and Mail) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Sleeping With the Guitar Player - (NY Times) (link found by Mary Daley)
5 - Bob Dylan at the Paramount - (KTVU) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
6 - Manager bringing big names to Kearney Events Center - (AP) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
7 - Cultures meld for Dylan, Haggard The voice of the counterculture and the hater of hippies create a concert for everyone - (Oregonian) (link found by randall johnston, Nathan Chavkin, Arya Imig, cary krosinsky, Tim Savric)
8 - Vinyl Idling - (NY Times) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet, Mike Feuerstein)
9 - New and Old "New Dylans" - (amazon list) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
10 - Catalan: Bob Dylan agafa la ploma Chronicles - (VilaWeb) (link found by Guillem Turon Mallol)
11 - Bob Dylan's Performance Artistry Colloquium this last week - (University of Caen) (link found by Francois Guillez)
12 - Colloquium Program - (University of Caen) (link found by Francois Guillez)

Monday, March 14, 2005
1 - She opened her mouth and the Who came out Petra Haden re-creates 'Sell Out,' note for note - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev) CD from - .uk - .de.
2 - The Who Pete Townshend Potato - (eBay) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Bob Dylan: Troubadour with a message Bob Dylan can help the PCA... - (byFaith) (link found by charles prince)
4 - Spanish: Al pie de la letra - (Pagina 12) (link found by Jose Simian, Ron Ruiz)
5 - German: Bob Dylans beste Freundin Françoise Hardy - (Welt am Sonntag) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
6 - Shelby Lynne's new album, Suit Yourself, Set for May 24th Release "Johnny Met June" - (Shelby Lynne) (link found by Bernard Vasek)
7 - Bob Dylan T-shirts - (Lucky Brand Jeans) (link found by Matt Bialosuknia)
8 - Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard fill in itinerary blanks - (Live Daily) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Sunday, March 13, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Portland setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Mary Gauthier - (Pure Music) "Mercy Now" from - .uk - .de.
3 - Tomorrow this page will have had 10 million page views since I started using Nedstat less than 4 years ago.
4 - George's legacy lives on Bangla Desh rerelease this year - (Ireland On-Line) (link found by Anders Lindh)
5 - Warehouse Eyes Updated, many reviews revised - (Warehouse Eyes) (link found by Peter and Carol James)
6 - Founding Blind Boy George Scott Dies Blind Boys of Alabama - (Billboard) (link found by John London, Paul Pearson)
7 - George Scott Is Dead at 75; Gospel Group's Baritone - (NY Times) (link found by John London)
8 - Dylan nerdery unleashed online DylanPool - ( (link found by Josh)
9 - Compelling "Chronicles" of Bob Dylan - (Silver Chips) (link found by randall johnston)
10 - Sliding home Cindy Cashdollar returns to play for the home folks - (Woodstock Times) (link found by Heidi & Tom)
11 - 10 Artists to Watch: Amos Lee Norah Jones' male counterpart is set to go on the road with Dylan - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Mary Daley)
12 - It Takes A Lot Dylan tour program 1987 "Hearts Of Fire" interview - (RightWingBob) (link found by Mary Haggett)
13 - Killing Time Ike Reilly Assassination: "Sparkle in the Finish" - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Lowell Matthew Wolfe)
14 - Singer puts faith back in his songs Buddy Miller - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by randall johnston)
15 - Concert Preview: Peering inside the outlaws Tom Russell - (Register-Guard) (link found by randall johnston)
16 - Bob Dylan : Just like a Man Typographic artwork - (transkrypt) (link found by Manfred Endtner)
17 - How the iPod Ran Circles Around the Walkman - (NY Times)
18 - Random Thoughts On Seattle Shows - (

Saturday, March 12, 2005
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan Portland setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Dylan's romantic side shines alongside impressive band - (Seattle Times) (link found by randall johnston, Tony Pignataro)
3 - TheHotSpot: Club Passim Young Bob Dylan used to play between acts - (Harvard Crimson) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Singer-songwriter Kevin So brings his eclectic act to Nashua - (1590 broadcaster) (link found by randall johnston)
5 - At 63, Bob Dylan stays busy - (Reno Gazette Journal) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
6 - Comedian Dave Allen dies aged 68 NDC - (BBC)
7 - Mary Gauthier: "Prayer Without Words" Play it loud: (play song) - Lyrics. CD from - .uk - .de.

Friday, March 11, 2005
1 - Breaking the boundaries Chronicles - (Socialist Worker) (link found by Peter Stone Brown, Bill Linville, randall johnston)
2 - Cynthia Gooding Radio Show (New York, NY); February 1962 - (link found by Steve Riederer)
3 - Soul Man Solomon Burke Gets Help from Famous Pals - (NY Times) (link found by Bernard Vasek)
4 - What's so funny about peace, love and buying tickets? - (Casper Star Tribune) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Aimee Mann: She's no 'delicate hothouse flower' - (North County Times/ Quad-City (Iowa) Times) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - Off the Beaten Path: East Village - (Quadrangle) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - Wilco March 4 setlist Dylan track - (WilcoBase) (link found by rob) Plus March 5
8 - Loudon Wainwright III - Here Come The Choppers Stereo CD! - (Sovereign Artists) (link found by John London)
9 - Alive and jammin' Little Feat walk back into Vail - (The Vail Trail) (link found by Dave Kohl)
10 - Tape Machine as a Fly on the Wall of Jazz W. Eugene Smith's tape collection - (NY Times) (link found by Bill, Dane Strom)
11 - Dylanesque play the songs of Bob Dylan at the Ramshill Hotel on Saturday 12th of March in Scarborough, N.Yorks, England. All welcome! (from Elaine)
12 - Biopics Rock Hollywood Todd Haynes' "I'm Not There" 2006 release - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Ian)
13 - Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974: Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein DVD review - (Blogcritic El Bicho) (link found by randall johnston)
14 - Bob Dylan 2005-03-09 Seattle BitTorrent - (, reg. req.) (link found by Rob Hart)

Thursday, March 10, 2005
1 - Last night's Seattle setlist - (BobLinks)
2 - Bittorrent: Seattle March 7 recording Signup required, then search for "Dylan Seattle" - (
3 - Da Vinci faces Dylan in book race - (BBC News) (link found by David Mallon, randall johnston, Catina Prieur)
4 - Portuguese: Mulher For International Women's Day March 8 - (jotakapa) (link found by Nelson Silva)
5 - "I Shall Be Released" mp3 Performed by The Yellow Fingers - (yellowfingers) (link found by Carsten Weidenhaupt")
6 - Richie Havens - (Modern Guitars Magazine) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - Varsity Cheer University Theatre, Dinkytown - (City Pages) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - Dr. Quinn Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash in episode at 1015 CET today - (Vox) (link found by Joany)
9 - Malaco Records to sell historic sound studios to film company Muscle Shoals - (Clarion-Ledger) (link found by randall johnston)
10 - Cooder's 'Ravine' Finally Comes To Light - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
11 - Dorris Henderson obituary US folk singer who settled in London. appears briefly in "Dont Look Back" - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle)

Wednesday, March 9, 2005
1 - Last night's Seattle setlist - (BobLinks).
2 - 14694 is new record in the number of unique visitors to this page yesterday: stats The previous record was April 6 last year (Victoria's Secret)
3 - "Positively van Gogh" full version mp3 - (link found by Ben Powers)
4 - "Dylan The Show" - (tenderhooksmusic) (link found by Guy Chapman)
5 - Norwegian: Møtte metallgudene My son John with Judas Priest - (Dagbladet) (link found by Ellisiv)
6 - "Mr. Tambourine Man" from Dylan's Seattle 07/03/2005 show AAC file - (link found by Armin Nikgol)
7 - Another persona for Dylan as national tour kicks off - (TheNewsTribune) (link found by randall johnston, David R. Smith)
8 - Grateful Dead at the iTMS: Grateful Dead
9 - Bob Dylan adds to 6-year-old's education - (HeraldNet) (link found by Tony P)
10 - "The Man In Me" and "Queen Jane" Seattle mp3s Look under Multimedia - ( (link found by Sveinbjorn Kristinn)

Tuesday, March 8, 2005
1 - Last night's Seattle setlist - (BobLinks) Queen Jane mp3 (North Country Blues)
2 - Dylan blends old, new in stylish tour opener - (Seattle Times)
3 - Dylan reinvents himself at Paramount show - (Seattle pi) (link found by CliffWarnken)
4 - Busy Year for Bob Dylan - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Gunnar Yttri, Jaap Kappers)
5 - Shakeup at Sony Puts Westerner in Leader's Role No Dylan Mention - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson)
6 - Parody Band Forced Offline by Sony Publishers Beatallica - (Reuters) mp3s (Metafilter)
7 - Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974 DVD USA retail release today - Reviews (link found by Joel Gilbert)
8 - Joni Mitchell Starbucks CD - (Expecting Rain) (info from Scott Miller)

Monday, March 7, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan resumes touring tonight at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle. The band is expected to have changed, Larry Campbell is out and Denny Freeman, Elana Fremerman and Don Herron are in. More in the Who's Who.
2 - John Cale Desert Island Discs - (BBC Radio 4) (link found by Bas Brouwer)
3 - Beck at a Certain Age - (NY Times) (link found by Brendan Faulkner, Mary Daley, Gary Cinnamon)
4 - The Most Expensive Album Never Made Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" - (NY Times)
5 - Ray Davies Sept 28, 2005 - (Royal Albert Hall) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Radio's last radical Veteran host Bob Fass is still fighting to keep urgency on the air - (NY Daily News) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)

Sunday, March 6, 2005
1 - Been On The Job Too Long Tribute to Larry Campbell - (cool hand bak) (link found by Andy Waxman)
2 - mp3: The Painting By Van Gogh Denver Hotel Tape, 3/13/66 - (spoonfeeder) (link found by Roger Duncan)
3 - DVD Review: Bob Dylan World Tours: 1966-1974 - (Harvard Independent) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Turkish: Bono'dan 'özel' vasiyet Bono's wish - (Milliyet) (link found by Bulent Arzan)
5 - Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons TV film - (br-online) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
6 - Believer Hunter S. Thompson - (New Yorker) (link found by Gary Baughn)
7 - Visiting "Bob Dylan - unscripted" at The Perfect Exposure in LA - (time) (link found by Snufkin Rin)

Saturday, March 5, 2005
1 - Who knows what will happen when Dylan rolls into town - (Seattle Times) (link found by George Mount, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Bob Dylan opens latest tour with sold-out Seattle shows - (Seattle pi) (link found by Tom Doubles, George Mount, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Touring is Dylan's destiny - (HeraldNet) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - He's Wandered the Earth an Exiled Man Chronicles - (The Jewish Journal) (link found by randall johnston)
5 - Dylan April 11 Mt Pleasant Tickets on sale March 12 - (Soaring Eagle Casino) (link found by David R. Smith)
6 - Dylan at The Paramount Theatre Purchase tickets online - (Paramount) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Martha Wainwright: Success is relative - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle)
8 - "Banjo Man" Exhibit Celebrates Earl Scruggs - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Italian: Chronicles - (MATEonline) (link found by marinA)
10 - Doing Dylan Craig Reeder - (Tallahassee Democrat, last item) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Sweet sounds coming to Palmer Eric Bibb - (Frontiersman) (link found by randall johnston)
12 - Martha Stewart released from jail Read Chronicles - (Guardian) (link found by Mary Daley)
13 - Joni Mitchell and Starbucks Hear Music Produce and Release Two New CDs Dylan picks "Free Man in Paris" - (Morningstar) (link found by Scott N. Miller)
14 - Joe Carter Dies - (KGET17) (link found by randall johnston)
15 - They know what we are listening to Database company provides song titles and quietly tracks digital music listener habits (Gracenote) - (MSNBC)

Friday, March 4, 2005
1 - "Bob Dylan" and "The Times They Are A-Changin'" to be released as hybrid SACDs - ( (post by Alan Fraser)
2 - Former schoolteacher gets lesson in big time Amos Lee - (Centre Daily Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Amos Lee Contest - (klew media) (link found by David R. Smith)
4 - George Harrison interview, part 3 Dylan inspiration - (Beatles Ireland) (link found by Bill Baratta)
5 - Elkie Brooks: "Electric Lady" includes Shot Of Love, Groom's Still Standing At The Altar, according to Mojo review. March 14 from - .uk - .de. (link found by John Foyle)
6 - Chronicles Volume One by Bob Dylan - (metacritic) (link found by Jack Regan)
7 - Gerry Murphy (vol ii) Sings Bob Dylan Ballads - (CD Baby)
8 - New CD Release: Kenny White's Symphony in 16 Bars With Larry Campbell - (Press release) (link found by Jack Regan)
9 - Bob Dylan jam outlaw outsider folk art Big Chief - (eBay) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - The Band are on the cover of the new UNCUT magazine, with a 20-page spread inside. The magazine is accompanied by a 16 track CD of music "inspired by the Band", featuring, among others, Little Feat, Grandaddy, Wilco, Mercury Rev, Drive By Truckers, and the Band themselves (in self-inspiration mode). (from Tiernan Henry)
11 - Compilation albums hit stores " I Write the Songs" - (the Star) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Pool opens for upcoming tour - (Dylan pool) (link found by Geir Olsen)

Thursday, March 3, 2005
1 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right By Sean Wilentz - (The Chronicle) (link found by Tricia)
2 - Window into Bob Dylan's world Gilbert photo exhibit - (Daily Trojan) (link found by randall johnston)
3 - Jakob Dylan Talks "Rebel" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Outlaw Blues - (Baron Hats) (link found by Jamie Atkinson)
5 - Women's Lax: Delia Cox Q & A - (College Sports) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - Bob Dylan Detroit April 12 - (Ticketmaster) (link found by David R. Smith, John Hinchey)
7 - John Waite won't stop loving music - (City Paper) (link found by John London)
8 - Mild things - (Guardian) (link found by José Iujvidin)
9 - Beautiful Despair! It's Rodney Crowell And Graham Greene - (NY Observer) (link found by ZipLock)

Afternoon addition:
10 - Norwegian: Her er metal-Idol My son John Erik won the competition for the best Judas Priest impression. See the video! - (Dagbladet)

Wednesday, March 2, 2005
1 - The 10 greatest rock'n'roll myths - (Observer) (link found by José Iujvidin)
2 - Covers Of The Month Greg Brown Doin' Dylan - (Olof's Files) (link from Olof)
3 - 2005 updates - (Olof's Files) (link from Olof)
4 - What is Jewish music? The Hand That Rocks the Kneidel - (Vancouver) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
5 - Bono wants beautiful send-off! - (NME) (link found by Ryan Murphy, Mary Haggett, randall johnston)
6 - Surprising winner at web's first Bob Dylan song voting - ( (link found by Mike Hobo)
7 - Bob Dylan: Reluctant Prophet - (beliefnet) (link found by Martin Grossman)
8 - Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash mp3s - (Between thought and expression) (link found by Malcolm Scott)
9 - B.B. Celebrating 80 With Tour, Album, Museum - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
10 - Dylan, Dave, Dead Crowd Bonnaroo Live Set - (Billboard) (link found by John London, John Gregan, randall johnston, Bernard Vasek)
11 - Bootleg Series 7 announced for August release, and more - ( (posted by Bill)

Tuesday, March 1, 2005
1 - Sources comfirm new band members: Denny Freeman, Elana Fremerman and Don Herron. More in the Who's Who
2 - Former teacher gets a lesson in the big time Amos Lee lands Dylan opening gig - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Labor of love: Composer Wayne Horvitz talks about his "Joe Hill" tribute - (Vermont Guardian) (link found by randall johnston)
4 - Independent sextet puts own spin on pacing, brings down the house Wilco - (Plain Dealer) (link found by randall johnston)
5 - Hollywood's restless spirit Sean Penn - (LA Times) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - The Cash Legacy: Johnny, June Boxes Due - (Billboard) (link found by John London)

Monday, February 28, 2005
1 - Cash's second chance caught on film - (Courier-Journal) (link found by randall johnston) DVD from
2 - Dreams Of Iron And Steel Dylan bootlegs - (Fish People) (link found by P. Thomas)
3 - "Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan At the Crossroads" by Greil Marcus, out March 29, from - .uk - .de. (links found by Matt Bialosuknia)
4 - Take 34 of the internet Dylan magazine freewheelin-on-line is now freely available to anyone visiting Freewheelin House (link from John Stokes)
5 - The Times they are a-changin' - (JINSA) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - Crowell Celebrates 'Outsider' Status On New CD incl. "Shelter From the Storm" - (Billboard) (link found by Dirk Krah)
7 - Encyclopedia inscribes Jewish rockers - (Ybetnews) (link found by Mohammed Al-Sahhaf)
8 - Jef Raskin, Father of the Mac, Dies of Cancer NDC - (Wired) (link found by Bob Meyer)
9 - "John Wesley Harding" played in Cleveland last Friday - (WilcoBase) (link found by Andrew Kibbee)
10 - Amos Lee on Letterman March 2 No Bob - (Late Show) (link found by Gil)

Sunday, February 27, 2005
1 - Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan : Poetry and the Popular Song - (Acoustic Guitar Song Collection) (link found by Chris Verkroost)
2 - Jefferson Starship 2005 Tour Schedule - (Jefferson Starship) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
3 - G.E. Smith & Acoustic Hot Tuna featuring special guest David Lindley Tomorrow, Monday - (Great American Music Hall) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
4 - No Starbucks Bob Dylan CD - (Dylan pool) (link found by sugaree)
5 - Solomon Burke Makes Do Soul legend covers Dylan, Stones on new album - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Dave Kohl, Phil Pulido) CD from - .uk - .de.
6 - Abandoned Love Records New label. Dylan's music, especially "Street Legal", was a big influence on the new Morning Spy LP, "The Silver Age" - (Abandoned Love Records) (link from Jon Rooney)
7 - The February 28, 2005, issue of The New Yorker has an essay titled "The Beards" by the novelist Jonathan Lethem (pages 62-69). The section called "Slow Train Coming" is about Dylan and Philip K. Dick. Unfortunately, this is not one of the articles the magazine has made available on its Web site. (from Gary Kass)
8 - David Byrne Bringing Down The House - (time off) (link found by motion)
9 - Bob Dylan & the Poetry of the Blues An Evening with Michael Gray - Norwich Wed March 2nd - (Isis) (link found by Derek)
10 - Larry Campbell with Buddy Miller photos - (Larry Campbell) (link found by Joy Munsey)
12 - Hungarian: A hatvanasoké a világ - (Népszabadság) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Wife Says Thompson Discussed Suicide - (Guardian/AP)
14 - Hunter S. Thompson's Remains To Be Shot Out Of A Cannon - (MTV)

Saturday, February 26, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan on the Late Show with David Letterman? 03/03/05 - (jambase)
2 - The rumored replacements to fill Larry Campbell's shoes in Dylan's band have been added to the Who's Who
3 - Hank Williams Lost Highway And Other Live Favourites - (BBC Folk & Country) (link found by Paul Read)
4 - Buddy Holly Celebrated With Anniversary Set April 25 DVD - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
5 - Historic Muscle Shoals studio closes - (CNN) (link found by Jason J. Molnar)
6 - The Authenticity and Feng Shui of Bob Dylan - (johnjemerson) (link found by Singing Bear)
7 - Kåre Virud Band 4/30/2005 På Det Åpne Teater - (Østkanten bluesklubb) (link found by Lars K. Andersen)
8 - The wonderful world of rock - (Daily Vanguard) (link found by randall johnston)
9 - Tom Russell "Hotwalker" Hightone - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Lonnie Johnson - The Original Guitar Wizard - (propermusic) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)

Friday, February 25, 2005
1 - Update on Mary May need a bone marrow donor - (Peter, Paul and Mary) (link found by José Iujvidin)
2 - Chronicles: Volume One - (SF Bay Guardian) (link found by Tony Pignataro, randall johnston, Bill Lakin)
3 - How Long Has It Been Since Dylan Played... - ( (from Adam Selzer)
4 - Show Business 1991-2000 "This year, there are plans for concerts by Bob Dylan..." - (Kommersant) (link found by randall johnston)
5 - The times they are a-boring! Bob 2001: Architecture would interest me - (NME) (old news, but many have sent me this item)
6 - Bob Dylan: Troubadour with a message Bob Dylan can help the PCA... - (byFaith) (link found by Michael K. Wilson)
7 - Bright Eyes Plan Extensive World Tour - (Pitchfork) (link found by John London)
8 - Wallflowers Ready 'Rebel' Return - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev, John London)
9 - The Billy Lee Riley Interview! Dylan: "My hero" - ( (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
10 - for years i have loved the LA Weekly Interview with Paul Westerberg: Sexy Mother Folker - ( (link found by Ken Feinleib)
11 - Hollywood Y gets a lift from Basement Tapes - (Hollywood Reporter)
12 - The day Boyd saved Bob - (EBRA) (link found by Rolf Anfinsen)

Afternoon addition:
13 - Life after a lonesome death Where is Zantzinger now? - (Guardian) (link found by Jeremy Taylor, Paul W, Simon.Freeman, Mick Gold, Tiernan Henry, Phil and Marie)

Thursday, February 24, 2005
1 - Dylan debunked On Robert Johnson - (SCA Blog) (link found by P. Trahan)
2 - Mark Ford on Bob Dylan Wednesday 9 March, 7.30 pm - (Jewish Book Week) (link found by Duncan Bartlett)
3 - Guests always welcome Railroad Earth packs stage for tsunami benefit - (STar-Ledger) (link found by Jack)
4 - Nobody talks like Elvis Costello - (Nobody Talks) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Photos: Larry Campbell with Buddy Miller - (Larry Campbell) (link found by Joy Munsey)
6 - Purist has earned respect Buddy Miller - (Toronto Star) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - With an Icon's Death, Aspen Checks Its Inner Gonzo Hunter S. Thompson - (NY Times) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - Norwegian: Morsomt gjenhør Reissue: Virud played Vold translated Dylan 1977 - (Aftenposten) (link found by John W. Bakke)
9 - Possible replacements mentioned for Larry Campbell in Dylan's band: Don Herron? Denny Freeman? Elana Fremerman.?
10 - Norwegian: Omfangsrikt vårslipp fra Damm Nyutgivelse av "Damer i regn" og "Tarantula" i mars, "Memoarer del 1" i pocket - (Damm) (link found by John Magne Grindeland)
11 - Curious new Dylan products - (Music for Grown-Ups) (link found by Gary Kass)
12 - Bouncing back with Paul Williams Exclusive talk today - (Cotolo Chronicles) (link found by Frank)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
1 - Happy Hour video download "Simple Twist Of Fate" - (DVDylan) (link found by Vygi)
2 - Larry Campbell pictures Mexicali Blues Cafe 2-20-2005 - (dTbase) (link found by Chris Thaw)
3 - Hungarian: A hatvanasoké a világ - (Népszabadság) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Music photographer rocks Delray Jim Marshall - (Palm Beach Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Keep on grooving Noel Harrison - son of Rex - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by randall johnston)
6 - Thompson / Zevon: You're a Whole Different Person When You're Dead - (London News Review) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - Hunter S. Thompson takes his last trip, echoing Hemingway - (Mercury News) (link found by randall johnston, Gary Baughn)
8 - Mark Ford on Bob Dylan Wed 9 March, Royal National Hotel, London (from Terry Kelly)
9 - A life in reverse "younger than that now" - (Portland Press Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Adam Phillips "Going Sane" He talked about his first hearing Bob Dylan and what he has learnt from Dylan... - (BBC Nightwaves) (link found by David)
11 - Miss. Allstars, Umphrey's McGee Lead Jammy Noms Dylan's "Live 1966" nominated for Archival live album - (Billboard) (link found by Bernard Vasek)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
1 - Larry will no longer be touring with Dylan - (Larry Campbell) (link found by Eric London, Peter Stone Brown)
2 - Dylan Days Creative Writing Contest Deadline April 15th - (Hibbing) (link found by Gregg French)
3 - Reparations for the Blues Justice Demands the 12-Bar Debt be Paid - (Counterpunch) (link found by Clayton Denwood)
4 - Open mike to open road Amos Lee - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Jesse Brookreson)
5 - Muscle Shoals Shuts Down - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Bill Hester)
6 - Touring at 62, folk singer is still defining her legend On the bus with Joan Baez - (Boston Globe) (link found by Rector)
7 - Bob Dylan - O Sionista - (Rua da Judiaria) (link found by Nelson Silva)
8 - Rock and Roll War Stories and Pop Apocrypha Bob's bike and chess roadie (Vic's gone, though) - (The Rocking Vicar) (link found by Kirby)
9 - Italian: "Bob Dylan" New book - (iBS) (link found by Andrea)
10 - Gospel according to Buddy Miller - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Writer Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself - (AP) (link found by Padraig Hanratty)
12 - Hunter S. Thompson, 67, Author, Commits Suicide - (NY Times) (link found by John London)
13 - Bob Dylan papers dress USD 1183 - ( (link found by ElectricGypsy)
14 - What happened to the Emmett Till murder trial transcript? - (Greenwood Commonwealth) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - Coming Soon: Books on Elvis, Cash, Billy Joe Shaver - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
16 - Martha Stewart nears end of sentence Gardening and reading... - (Charleston Daily Mail) (link found by randall johnston)

Monday, February 21, 2005
1 - Author Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself - (AP)
2 - The Basement Tapes - (Trickster!) (link found by Lowell Matthew Wolfe)
3 - Dylan on Display Fixin' to be a museum show (EMP) - (Newsday) (link found by Jonas Viik)
4 - In Rotation Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974: Through The Camera Of Barry Feinstein (DVD) - (Toronto Star) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
5 - "Instruments of Freedom" Forum & Concert to Examine Musicians and Social Engagement - (School of Music) (link found by Brian Garcia)
6 - A folksinger's life: lots of travel, contact with fans - (Tacoma News Tribune, login : gorevidal@me.too password : bush666) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet)
7 - Crystal clear Rufus Wainwright - (Observer) (link found by randall johnston)
8 - Formentera (Dylan) spent time in the commune... - (Observer travel) (link found by francis mckee)
9 - Freddy Koella: Minimal CD now available - (Freddy Koella) (link found by Joy Munsey)

Sunday, February 20, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan... Rollin' Into New York City! Beacon packages - (Bob Dylan Travel Center) (link found by
2 - Breaking the Code: Actions and Songs of Protest The Greensboro Four - Emmett Till - (pbs) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - American Roots Music Arlo Guthrie - (pbs) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Jerry Lee Tearing It Up With Rock Legends - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
5 - Larry Campbell "Rooftops" CD now available - (Treasure Records) (link found by Joy Munsey)
6 - Bob Dylan Attack Modern Bands - (UltimateGuitar) (link found by randall johnston)
7 - The Times They Are A-Boring! - (NME) (link found by Gary Heaford, Nigel)
8 - And the duo played on Hall and Oates - (Weekend Standard) (link found by randall johnston)
9 - Living memories Kazuo Ishiguro: My hero was and still is Bob Dylan - (Guardian) (link found by Mick Gold)
10 - Woman's love of music shows with photo exhibit Susan Wallach Fino - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Finor)
11 - Full house of memories Merle Haggard - (CN & R) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John LaPado)
12 - Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard expand itinerary through April - (Live Daily) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Buddy Miller Universal United House of Prayer - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken) CD from - .uk - .de.
14 - Fire Scorches Garage of High Society Killer Zantzinger - (St. Mary's Today) (link found by Frederic Janik)

Saturday, February 19, 2005
1 - Starbucks to release Gaslight Tapes CD - ( at Google) (post by Alan Fraser)
2 - 'I Is Someone Else' Chronicles etc - (Ny Review of Books) (link found by Padraig Hanratty, David Bachman, José Iujvidin, colin buchanan, David R. Smith, Erik Ringmar)
3 - Get Sick, Get Well. Hang Around an Inkwell Chronicles - (OC Weekly) (link found by Tony Pignataro, randall johnston)
4 - Sammi Smith, 1943-2005 - (Nashville Scene) (link found by John London)
5 - Merle Haggard still shows his "Ramblin' Fever" at 67 - (ChicoER) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Buddy Miller at Birchmere - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Kerouac's 'On the Road' Manuscript Unfurled - (npr) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Woody, Bob and me Rambling Jack Elliott interview - (Telegraph) (link found by randall johnston)
9 - Ramblin' Jack Elliott Leeds review - (Guardian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Ramblin' Jack Elliott Edinburgh review - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - I and I Knopfler and Dylan - (Rhino) (link found by Elliot Majerczyk)
12 - Portuguese: "The Last Waltz", 1978 - (Publico) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Bob Dylan March 7 - 9 - (Paramount Theatre) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Bob Dylan with Merle Haggard and Amos Lee March 7 - 9 - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - "Revolution in The Valley. The Insanely Great Story of How The Mac Was Made" has two Dylan inspired chapter titles, from - .uk - .de.
16 - Stage diving at the Beacon - (DylanPool) (link found by Benjamin Ross)

Friday, February 18, 2005
1 - Dylan - an Internet trailblazer as well! - (Royal Gazette) (link found by Steve Pulver, Randall Johnston)
2 - For some music lovers, sounds on vinyl are still the grooviest - (Toledo Blade) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Spanish: Dylan en si mayor (I) Chronicles - (El Periodico) (link found by Josep Chordà, Miguel Mart’nez)
4 - Bob Dylan's Quote of the Day - (FOXNews) (link found by Keith Venturoni)
5 - Who Destroyed LT? Lyrics by Dave Zirin; Music by Bob Dylan - (Edge of Sports) (link found by ZipLock)
6 - Bob Dylan Interview from the tour program - (Arts & Opinion) (link found by Murray Pereira)
7 - How Big Can Apple Get? Steve Jobs' favorites: Dylan, Beatles - (Fortune subscr. req. to read full article) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
8 - Jug band hootenanny Geezers Jug Band - (Minnesota Daily) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - The People's Highway: Route 66 The Haggard family: "Headed west toward California" - (Smithsonian) (link found by Jeanne Manion)
10 - LaFave and friends to celebrate Guthrie's folk genius - (JS Online) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Unchanged Melody Washington's last jukebox heroes live life three minutes at a time - (Washington City Paper) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Stage Dive At Beacon Theater? What Dylan did in '89 - (EDLIS) (link found by Duncan Bartlett)

Thursday, February 17, 2005
1 - New Dylan tour dates added - ( (link from Dan Levy)
2 - Singer awarded damages Cat Stevens - (Sky News) (link found by Padraig Hanratty)
3 - Spanish: Bob Dylan se confiesa Chronicles - (from El Pais) (link found by Josep Chordà)
4 - Searching for the Next Janis - (E! online) (link found by Paul)
5 - Allen Ginsberg CD Poetry Collection Unabridged Listen to the Author (Right-hand column) - (HarperCollins) (link found by Paul Pearson)
6 - Welfare in the US: Bush attacks pensions Retirees will be people who listened to Bob Dylan - (Socialist Worker) (link found by Miss Information)
7 - Turkish: Robin Hood'lar ilk hedefiniz Bob Dylan! - (Milliyet) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - "Devils & Dust" release on April 26 - (Bruce Springsteen) (link found by Tracy Solum, Victor Puig, John London)
9 - Artist pictures - (
10 - Dylan in rubber boots at Glastonbury 1998 - (Photo: Per Ole Hagen)
11 - Hang on, Paul! Famous Bob Dylan author and founder of Crawdaddy magazine Paul Williams makes rare appearance on hot internet radio show tonight - (Cotolo Chronicles) (link from Cotolo)
12 - The freewheelin' Willy Mason "The new Bob Dylan" - (Guardian) (link found by Mary Daley)

Afternoon addition:
13 - Norwegian: Hører på Dylan - tror på gull Skijumper listens to Dylan and Counting Crows - (Dagbladet) (link found by Hans G. Nilssen, Merethe Myrvang, Geir Olsen)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
1 - Kerouac's 'On the Road' takes trip across U.S. - (CBC Arts) (link found by Warren)
2 - 'On the Road' Unscrolled for First Time - (AP) (link found by Travis Johnson)
3 - 'Chronicles: Volume One' review - (audiobookcafe) (link found by Simon Walshaw)
4 - Woody, Bob and me Ramblin' Jack Elliott - (Scotsman) (link found by Warren)
5 - Spanish: Bob Dylan se confiesa - (El Pais, subscription required - sorry!) (link found by Lorenzo Rodr’guez, James Royston, Wes Weaver)
6 - Soul Legend Solomon Burke Launches New Album - (PR Newswire) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Cowtown turns up the heat at The Egg - ( (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Grammys need to honor the present, get away from make-up calls - (LA Times - Robert Hilburn) (link found by Kate Anschuetz)
9 - A repeat of an excellent article: Rock's enigmatic poet opens a long-private door By Robert Hilburn - (Calendarlive last April)
10 - Woman donates kidney to coworker - (The Spectrum) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
11 - Larry Campbell "Rooftops" Solo album - (link found by Joy)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
1 - Jacko won't stop till he sells enough 4,000-song music catalog of everyone from The Beatles to Bob Dylan to Pearl Jam - (NY Post) (link found by José Iujvidin)
2 - When Dylan was a Christian - (National Catholic Reporter) (link found by Patrick Collins)
3 - Music award eludes Wilentz - (Daily Princetonian) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Super coach shouldn't sweat it "Chronicles" on Pete Maravich - (Washington Times) (link found by Randall Johnston)
5 - Singers win awards of a Lifetime - (commercialappeal) (link found by JRussel) Login from bugmenot
6 - From the Icon to the Boo-boo, you can bank on tried-and-true at the bash Grammy archetypes - (Sign on San Diego) (link found by Randall Johnston)
7 - Ossie Davis, Never Afraid to Do the Right Thing - (Common Dreams) (link found by Jesse Jones)
8 - Italian: Bob Dylan : Chronicles, Vol. 1 - (musicaoltranza) (link found by Marina Macaluso)
9 - Zimmy's Downtown Bar & Grill in Hibbing - (Zimmys) (link found by Mike Giandomenico)
10 - Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys 02-08-1963 Recorded same night as the Dylan "Banjo Tape" at Gerde's - ( reg. req.) (link found by Bill)
11 - Grammy-winning singer Sammi Smith dead at 61 - (AP) (link found by John London)

Monday, February 14, 2005
1 - 10 Million iPods, Previewing the CD's End - (Washington Post, reg.req.) (link found by Lowell Matthew Wolfe)
2 - On Grammy Night, an Elegy for A Folk Hero Dave Van Ronk - (Washington Post, reg.req.) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - The Man who loved women - (Word) (link found by Bob Barton)
4 - Chili Peppers, Neil Young Honor Brian Wilson - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
5 - Grammy Awards - (Grammy)
6 - Random Revolution - (Metroactive) (link found by Steve Riederer)
7 - Math Is Done: Napster To Go Doesn't Add Up - (Washington Post, reg.req.)

Sunday, February 13, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan: The American Adam Web Exclusive - (pbs) (link found by Randall Johnston, Steve Riederer, John Hinchey)
2 - Oxford Poetry Professor Christopher Ricks 3 pm - (CBC) (link found by René Audet)
3 - Amy Rigby: Faulkner, Dylan, Heinz & me Incl. "Hurricane" and "Silvio" - (Village Records) (link found by Bill Hester)
4 - Joan Baez "Any Day Now" from or April 5 remaster from - or now from - (link found by Bill Hester)
5 - A one-year wonder Overlooked gems from 1970 - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle) "Meridian 1970" CD from - .uk - .de.
6 - Wandering star Ramblin' Man: The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie - (Guardian) (link found by Bob Barton) Book from - .uk - .de.
7 - Keep on the Sunny Side The love story that began country music. - (Barter Theatre) (link found by Danny Wilson)
8 - How to Watch the Grammys Like a Pro - (NY Times) (link found by Patrick Crosley)

Saturday, February 12, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan new shows and ticket Info - (
2 - Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard Eagles Ballroom, April 8 - (The Rave) (link found by David R. Smith)
3 - Money Makers 49: Bob Dylan - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Matt Smalley, John London)
4 - In Minneapolis Saturday 10:30 a.m. - (NY Times Travel) (link found by Mary Daley)
5 - Jimmy Smith, Jazz Organist and Pioneer, Is Dead at 76 - (NY Times) (link found by Bernard Vasek)
6 - Samples from "Chronicles" audiobook - (Dylan pool) (link found by Tom Haber)
7 - April 5 3-pak Dylan collection - (MusicTAP) (link found by Bernard Vasek, Austin,Texas)

Friday, February 11, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan opens his vaults for two-part 'American Masters' on PBS - (Hartford Courant)
2 - Sight Unseen Gossip about Scorcese project - (NY Post) (link found by Arie Dosoretz)
3 - Norwegian: Dylan ikke til Halden i sommer Earliest Dylan in Europe: September - (NRK) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken, Lars K. Andersen)
4 - Spanish: Palabra de Bob - (cupedia) (link found by Arturo Moren)
5 - Kerry backs Dean; the secret story of Houndcat's role - (Daily Kos) (link found by Mretramp)
6 - Every Now and Then He Falls Apart Seeing Bright Eyes in the big picture - (LAWeekly)
7 - Norwegian: Apple Norge vil ikke love norsk iTunes - (

Thursday, February 10, 2005
1 - Opens today: Bob Dylan: Unscripted by Douglas R. Gilbert - (The Perfect Exposure)
2 - Rock Museum Sues to Stop Jewish Rock Web Site And "Tangled Up in Jews" web site is considering suing Goldberg, et al, because of the Jewish Rock site promising articles about Torah in Dylan lyrics, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for giving lawyers a bad name.:-) - (Reuters) (link found by Larry Yudelson, Cliff Warnken, Mark Peterson, Michael Battiste, John W. Leys)
3 - Nashville Radio Personality Captain Midnight Dies - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Not Dark Yet: In Search of Bob Dylan - (The Ratio) (by Jared Bland)
5 - Swedish: Martin Scorsese retar filmbolag Dylan doc not ready till September? - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Per Berglund)
6 - Country icon Merle Kilgore dies at age 70 Wrote "Ring of Fire" - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Blowin' in the Wings Twyla Tharpe - (NY Post) (link found by Arnie Bernstein, Tricia, Tony Pignataro, Jesse C. Jones, PlatEarl)
8 - Now, Laila-Majnu on mobiles for the love struck! - (Hindustan Times) (link found by Robert Milkwood Thomas)
9 - Nashville Song a Hit in Hungary - (PRWeb) (link found by Adam Zero)
10 - German: Dylan denken - (Rewirpower) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
11 - German: Dylan denken - (Bayerischer Rundfunk) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
12 - German: Literaturfest "Leipzig liest" Wolfgang Niedecken liest Bob Dylan - (LVZ) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
13 - Organ Legend Jimmy Smith Dies - (Billboard) (link found by John London)

Wednesday, February 9, 2005
1 - Dylan's 'Chronicles' earns praise among literary critics - (Manhattan Mercury) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Dylan not music to literary ears - (Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Dylan, he was a-changin' Chronicles - (National Catholic Reporter) (link found by Jeff Behrens)
4 - Lovesickness might be just that, experts warn - (AFP) (link found by Padraig Hanratty)
5 - Norwegian: "La klokker slå" "Ring Them Bells" 30 sek mp3 - (Tron Granlund) (link found by Øyvind Brunvoll)
6 - Roots-rock box fetes the mercurial Sir Doug Sahm - (ice) (link found by Magne Karlstad)

Tuesday, February 8, 2005
1 - Greek: Bob Dylan "Chronicles" Excerpts - (MiC) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
2 - Bob Edwards talks with legendary gospel singer Mavis Staples Friday Feb 11 - (XM Public Radio) (link found by David R Smith)
3 - BBC unveils book club shortlist Page Turners include "Chronicles" - (Guardian) (link found by James Ketchell)
4 - Lawson featured in BBC book club Dylan, too - (BBC News) (link found by David Mallon)
5 - Michael Gray at Buxton Music Festival, Feb 25th - (Isis) (link found by Derek Barker)
6 - Artists and presenters confirmed for Folk Awards 2005 Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Tom Paxton - (BBC Radio 2) (link found by Warren)
7 - Country icon Merle Kilgore dies at age 70 - (Tennessean) (link found by John London)
8 - Mike Hobo's Legendary Bob Dylan website
9 - Unstoppable band knocks them dead The Ike Reilly Assassination - (Star Tribune) (link found by David Maeda)
10 - Audio books of the week Chronicles - (Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Concert for Asia Nashville Feb 14 - (Belcourt Theatre) (link found by John London)
12 - French: Bob Dylan entreprend une nouvelle tournée de spectacles aux Etats-Unis - (Canadian Press) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Los Lobos Readies Live Disc, Spring Tour - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
14 - Swedish: Bob Dylan en generations hjälte och rebell Chronicles - (Blaskan) (by Thommy Sjöberg)
15 - Swedish: Bob Dylan, en krönikör av samtiden Chronicles - (Blaskan) (by Thommy Sjöberg)
16 - Bob Dylan at the Aladdin Wmv clip of "Tweedledum..." video - (Aladdin Casino) (link found by Lisa Zaran)

Monday, February 7, 2005
1 - "Chronicles" will be out today in Catalan under the title "Cròniques" (from Guillem Turon)
2 - Pollstar's Concert Industry Awards Most Creative Tour Package - (Pollstar) (link found by Bernard Vasek)
3 - 13 February 2005: Christopher Ricks on Bob Dylan - (CBC Writers & Company) (link found by Warren)
4 - What Niall Williams has on his bedside table Chronicles - (Times) (link found by Mary Haggett)
5 - Jimmie Rodgers: The Father of Country Music - (MIssissippi History Now) (link found by Jack Russel)
6 - Mississippi Blues - (MIssissippi History Now) (link found by Jack Russel)

Afternoon addition:
7 - Tonight, Bob Dylan Book presentation and Party in Athens/Greece Chronicles - (metaixmio) (link found by sweeeet_marie)

Sunday, February 6, 2005
1 - Who's the Greatest American? Nominate five - (Discovery) (link found by Brian Neuendorf)
2 - Actor Ossie Davis Dies at Age 87 He introduced Bob last year at the Apollo's 70th anniversary show. - (Reuters) (link found by Jacob Daniel)
3 - Highway blues - (Independent) (link found by dontneedaweatherman)
4 - Françoise Hardy: Belle star - (Independent) (link found by dontneedaweatherman)
5 - Spanish: Según Bob Dylan - (Rolling (link found by Arturo Moreno Obregón)

Saturday, February 5, 2005
1 - Harrison, Clapton and their muse Pattie Boyd - (CNN) (link found by Randall Johnston)
2 - Kinky for Governor in '06? - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Nashville Drummer Kenny Buttrey Dead at 59 - (CMT) (link found by Will Fugate)
4 - A hearty welcome to Charlie Sexton - (Backporch) (link found by Ron Kern)
5 - Caetano Veloso and David Byrne - (npr) (link found by Jeanne Manion)
6 - Life is about jam today Anjelica Huston inspired by Chronicles - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by John Foyle, Cliff Warnken)
7 - Bands embrace sounds of soul Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, and Amos Lee are expected to do a multinight run in Boston this spring - (Boston Globe) (link found by Wiebke Dittmer)
8 - Yarrow's missing guitar found on eBay - (AP) (link found by John London)
9 - Bob Dylan Books a Tour - (NY Times) (link found by Mary Daley)
10 - Bob Dylan Posters - (Bob Dylan Vault) (link found by Matt Bialosuknia)
11 - German: In Wurstland Bob-Dylan-Abend mit Gerhard Henschel und den Doubledylans - (Frankfurter Rundschau) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Friday, February 4, 2005
1 - Bullet the Blue Sky Bob and Willie to play Dell Diamond July 3 - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Tom Friedrich)
2 - Kinky Friedman announces run for governor - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Douglas Schlachter, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Hide Your iPod, Here Comes Bill - (Wired)
4 - Bob Dylan in the House of Lords Search debate transcripts - (UK Parliament)
5 - A Legend of Soul and Voice of a Race James Brown also influenced by Georgeous George - (NY Times) (link found by Gary Cinnamon)
6 - Norwegian: The Respatexans Cover "Blind Willie McTell" - (Dagbladet) (link found by Hans G Nilssen)
7 - The inscrutable Bob Dylan lets us take a look at his life Chronicles - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - He Wandered the Earth as an Exiled Man Chronicles - (Forward) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
9 - Second concert also a twin bill John Fogerty, John Mellencamp will perform on Doubleday Field - (CoopersTown Crier) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Tom Thumb's Blues It's alright, Ma (The generation's voice is only bleeding) - Conor Oberst - (Village Voice) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Taking a backwoods approach Defining country - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by Mikkel Friis) Tres Chicas: "Sweetwater" CD from - .uk - .de.
12 - Singing the praises of rock - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Bill Hester, Mike McGivern)
13 - We're hearing without listening - (SMH) (link found by Phil Teece)

Afternoon addition:
14 - On the road with Dylan Extract from Sam Shepard's Rolling Thunder tour diary - (Independent) (link found by Duncan Pritchard-Davies, Kim Hannisdal, Joe Sonke,, John Foyle)

Thursday, February 3, 2005
1 - CMT Insider Interview: Merle Haggard - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Dylan and Haggard Will Tour Together - (CMT) (link found by Liamy Mac Nally)
3 - Dylan Gets His 'Show' On The Road - (Billboard) (link found by John London, Jack Regan)
4 - New Morning Conor Oberst - (New Yorker) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - Can singer-songwriter Bright Eyes live up to 'new Dylan' hoopla? - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Michael Battiste)
6 - Onstage, Bright Eyes creates many shining moments Conor Oberst - (Boston Globe) (link found by Michael Battiste)
7 - Bright Eyes hits New York Conor Oberst - (NY Newsday) (link found by Michael Battiste)
8 - He's Wide Awake, He's Talking Conor Oberst interview - (New Yorker) (link found by Jack Regan)
9 - Self portrait 2/3 down, Chronicles sentence - (Pith in the Wind) (link found by Cliff Warnken")
10 - Bob Dylan "Live 1964" Review - (Lugs) (link found by Ben Campbell)
11 - Larrry Campbell in Tsunami Relief benefit Feb 20th - (Create a Vibe) (link found by Joy Munsey)
12 - America, shaped and reflected in song "The Rose & the Briar" - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Bit-size revolution BitTorrent - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Jive-talkin' genius The Mondays and Shaun Ryder - (Guardian) (link found by Randall Johnston)
15 - On Letterman: 'Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard are going out on tour together, big spring and summer tour. Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard. Yeah, so break a hip, guys.' (from Jwol, Steve Pulver)

Wednesday, February 2, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan enlists Merle Haggard for U.S. shows - (Live Daily) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Dream Tour For The Common Man Dylan - Haggard - (Pollstar) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
3 - National Book Critics Circle finalists / Biography & Memoir Chronicles - (Christian Science Monitor) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Knockin' on critics' doors Bob Dylan gets nomination for Chronicles Vol. 1 - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Blast from past resurfaces in documentary Roger Salloom - (Indystar) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Who's back Roger Daltrey - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Raymond)
7 - Scorsese looks at how Dylan became Dylan (Reg. req.) - (Austin American-Statesman) (link found by Bernard Vasek)
8 - Bob Dylan album reviews - (Robert Christgau) (link found by Tom Haber)
9 - Okie from Hibbing - (Reason) (link found by Stephen Walter)
10 - The Band's Levon Helm won't be driven down - (Bradenton Herald) (by Wade Tangelo)
11 - Lynne 'Suits' Up For New Disc - (Billboard) (link found by John London)
12 - Scratchy: The Complete Reprise Recordings of Crazy Horse - (Ice) (link found by John London)
13 - Fans note 30th anniversary of Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' - (WCFCourier) (link found by Jack Russel)

Afternoon addition:
14 - DylanPool and Watchtower board backup Refugee board - (link found by Jeremy Koski)

Tuesday, February 1, 2005
1 - Dylan, Haggard to co-headline Auditorium Theatre in April - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Nelson Silva, Cliff Warnken)
2 - Scorsese's Freewheelin' Portrait Of Bob Dylan - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Goin' 'Home': Scorsese takes on Dylan mythos - (Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
4 - Most crucial albums have been released on CD, so these days, rare CDs, not LPs, are going for big bucks - (SFGate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Give Bob Dylan the Nobel Peace Prize - (To the Budgeteer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Weird Al Yankovic : Bob - (The One Network) (link found by Jon White)
7 - Review of Stephen Scobie, 'Alias Bob Dylan Revisited' And more - (Bob Dylan Critical Corner) (by Chris Rollason)
8 - The Labor Theory of Music - (Strike The Root) (link found by mateo)
9 - Bob Dylan in the darkroom Douglas Gilbert photo exhibit - (Boston Globe) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Ronald Ruiz)
10 - Eric Griffiths, original Quarryman - (Liverpool Beatles Scene) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Afternoon addition:
11 - Norwegian: Drømmen om Dylan Dylan to Halden, Trondheim, Skånevik in Norway this summer?? - (Halden Arbeiderblad) (link found by Andreas Nielsen)
12 - Norwegian: En ny vår for Dylan Paperback "Memoarer", "Damer i regn", "Tarantula" reisssues + "Scrapbook" - (Dagbladet)

Monday, January 31, 2005
1 - Dear Grammy Open letter from GQ - (
2 - Lucien Carr, a Founder and a Muse of the Beat Generation, Dies at 79 - (NY Times) (link found by Bernard Vasek, John London)
3 - College Students Studying Martina McBride - (AP / NY Times) (link found by Bernard Vasek)
4 - Articulating a distaste for the freewheelin' Bob Dylan Letters - (Houston Chronicle)
5 - Steal This Show MythTV, BitTorrent - (NY Times)
6 - Apple Edges Google as Top Brand NDC - (Reuters)
7 - 8 Days a Week "Clothes Line Saga" - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
8 - 'I Shall Be Released' finale from last night's Canadian tsunami benefit concert: wmv format - ( (link found by Sam Visser)

Afternoon addition:
9 - Hallelujah, the Mac is back Steve quotes Bob - (Salon, reg. or free day pass req.) (link found by Bill Baratta)

Sunday, January 30, 2005
1 - Bringing it all back home Christopher Ricks - (Guardian) (link found by MIck Gold, Andy Kinsella, Frank Desmond)
2 - Not Henry Porter's Updated - (Not Henry Porter's) (link found by Lars K. Andersen)
3 - Word's finally out on Bob Dylan's visit after the crash - (Record) (link found by Heidi & Tom)
4 - Dylan's book focuses attention on pop-lit links - (AP) (link found by Norbert Krapf)
5 - Highway 61 Revisited tribute band offers free tickets to Los Angeles House of Blues show for Monday, January 31 (from Joel Gilbert)
6 - Scions of Strongbow Bob's alleged left-handendness - (Guardian) (link found by Frank Desmond)

Saturday, January 29, 2005
1 - March/April 2005 U.S. Tour The Bob Dylan Show featuring Bob Dylan and his band, Merle Haggard and the Strangers, and Amos Lee - ( (link found by Norbert Krapf)
2 - Merle Haggard's Tour - (Merle Haggard) (link found by Michael Battiste)
3 - David K. Poole Jr., 78, state's attorney Zantzinger state attourney - (Baltimore Sun) (link found by Laura Ernde)
4 - Traffic Drummer Jim Capaldi Dies - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Jim Capaldi Drummer with rock group Traffic who also enjoyed solo success - (Guardian) (link found by Jeremy Taylor)
6 - Lewis Stone obituary Bob Dylan uncle - (Hibbing Daily Tribune, Jan 27) (link found by Gerry Mantel)
7 - French Dylan forum - (Shelter from the storm) (link found by Broots)
8 - Dylan crosses over from notes to words Chronicles, Page 11 in 5.5 MB pdf - (Metro) (link found by Pete Michener)
9 - On 'Poison,' Faithfull gets down again - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
10 - Shots of love Douglas Gilbert photos - (Amesbury News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - You Ain't Talkin' to Me: Charlie Poole and the Roots of Country Music May 19 CD release - (Cybergrass) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - It Ain't Him Babe Bright Eyes Conor Oberst - (LA CityBeat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Bit-size revolution BitTorrent - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by John J. Wood)
14 - EzTorrent - ( (link found by John J. Wood)

Friday, January 28, 2005
1 - A Nod and A Wink From Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst - (Washington Post) (link found by Justin Leinenweber)
2 - Like a Rolling Stone What would Dylan do?: The music magazine and the Bible - (MSNBC) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Billboard Bits: Sexton Charlie's first solo album this July - (Billboard) (link found by Dave Kohl, HwyCDRrev)
4 - What's that song? - (Scenta) (link found by Marty Lee Megliorino J)
5 - The History of Rock: Bob Dylan - (Scaruffi)
6 - Will Dylan's success catch on? - (USA Today) (link found by Randall Johnston, Tony Pignataro, Chris Gibilisco)
7 - On-line Gallery - (Ray Keats) (link found by the team)
8 - Second Term - (Jibjab)
9 - Marianne Faithfull's incredible Mojo interview - (Anti-) (link found by Gunnar Yttri)
10 - John Hammond "In Your Arms Again" - (backporchrecords) (link found by Ron Kern)
11 - Dylan's 'Tracks' a timeless classic - (Observer) (link found by Julie Bender)
12 - Behind the album cover - (Gazette) (link found by John Dicken)
13 - The Whole Wide World Is Watching Live Aid and Bob Dylan - (rightwingbob) (link found by Mary Haggett)

Afternoon addition:
14 - History of the iPod - (My Personal Getaway)
15 - Fans note 30th anniversary of Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' - (WCFCourier) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Cliff Warnken)
16 - Traveling Wilburys collection for sale - (Rebel with a cause) (link found by Miss Info)

Thursday, January 27, 2005
1 - Dylan is honored, but oh so busy "he'll be on a concert tour in March" - (Daily Herald) (link found by Dave Kohl)
2 - The 'New Dylan's' pain is a pleasure Conor Oberst - (Newsday) (link found by Michael Battiste)
3 - Exhibition, Bob Dylan: Unscripted LA, Feb 10 - ( (link found by David R. Smith)
4 - Now Their Mouth Cries Whoops! - (Bob Dylan Field Recordings Guide)
5 - Legendary music producer for Ray Charles profiled in Immaculate Funk Jerry Wexler - (KET) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Odetta shines at Wolf Trap - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - In love with Leonard Cohen - (smh) (link found by Mary Haggett)
8 - Take 33 of the internet Dylan magazine freewheelin-on-line is now freely available to anyone visiting Freewheelin House (from John Stokes)
9 - "Drive carefully home, kids" - (Tools) (link found by Ingemar Almeros)
10 - Travelling Man - (tii) (link found by Ingemar Almeros)
11 - CD: It Takes A Lot to Laugh - (Andy Hill & Renee Safier) (link from Renee)
12 - Rockers Start Writing, Writers Rock - (AP) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Edward Wierenga, Gary Cinnamon, HwyCDRrev)

Afternoon addition:
13 - March - April Dylan Tour with Merle Haggard? - (Bob Dates) (link found by David MacMillen)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan's Performance Artistry International colloquium, Caen, 10-12 March - (MUSA) (link found by Chris Rollason, Catharine Mason, Dave Eason)
2 - Dior 'Happening' Brings Underground Vibe to Couture - (Reuters / NZ Herald) (link found by Mary Daley, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Dylan Lauded For 'Chronicles' - (Billboard / Book Standard) (link found by HwyCDRrev, John London)
4 - 'We Are the World' Re-Issue Set for 20th Birthday - (Wired) (link found by Randall Johnston) We Are the World (tip from Robert Buchanan)
5 - Buddy Miller "Universal United House of Prayer" - (Cheezeball) (link found by Heidi LaVine)
6 - Croatian: Bob Dylan medu finalistima za uglednu knjizevnu nagradu - (hej) (link found by Bo)
7 - Dylan Won't Attend Critic's Prize Fest - (AP) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Mike Britten, Peter Lloyd)
8 - Search for videos across the web - (Yahoo)
9 - Bob Dylan Headline News videos - (airfarce)
10 - The Answer, My Friends, Is Bob. Bottom of page - (Connect) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Google video search - (Google) (link found by Josh Richmond)
12 - Zimmerman Family - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Special Collections Events April 21: Christopher Ricks lecture - (Texas State) (link found by Jon Lasser)
14 - Paradise Cove Movie with Dylan - (IMDb) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)
15 - Paradise Cove Supposedly never released - (Northern California Movies) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)
16 - This is probably ancient news, but the mountaineer and poet Andrew Grieg's caledonian reworking of THE ALEXANDRAI QUARTET - called ELECTRIC BRAE - uses little samples of Dylan lyrics in most of its chapters. None risk infringing the copyright but they are close enough to start out at the the careful reader. THe main protagonist is a guitar player and Dylan fan so the effect is apt rather than dissonant. (from John McMahon)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
1 - Dylan's 'gypsy circus' now on display in Georgetown Ken Regan exhibit - (Eagle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - The Political Art of Bob Dylan - (Palggrave Macmillan) (link found by Hannah Brierley) - Book from - .uk - .de.
3 - Tales of Beatnik Glory Book by Ed Sanders - (STL Today) (link found by Cliff Warnken) - Book from - .uk - .de.
4 - Italian: Chronicles: Dylan parla di Dylan Added the recordings of the presentation of Chronicles in Milan with the music critic Riccardo Bertoncelli, the translator Alessandro Carrera and the theater director Elio de Capitani. Format Real Audio. - (Feltrinelli)
5 - Dylan's Minnesota party tape surfaces Real Audio - (Minnesota Public Radio) (link found by Doug Kamholz)
6 - Written in my soul from me to you - ( (link found by Larry Yudelson)
7 - Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966 Limited Edition CD - (EMP)

Monday, January 24, 2005
1 - Rock of Ages: Pop Stars Sing Out About Their Judaism - (Jewhoo!) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
2 - Turning the Pages NDC - (British Library)
3 - John Fogerty European tour dates - (John Fogerty) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - The untold story of Emmett Louis Till - (Ain't It Cool) (link found by Brandon MacNeil)
5 - Dougal is more than just a dog What on earth is The Magic Roundabout about? - (Times) (link found by Padraig Hanratty)
6 - Spanish: Otra cara de Bob Dylan Chronicles - (Muzikalia) (link found by Cristina Silori)
7 - Forever young Douglas Gilbert's Dylan pictures - (Boston Globe) (link found by Dan Koko)
8 - Martin Scorsese's research team is looking for early images of Bob Dylan until 1966. If you have images you want to submit for consideration, here's what you can do: Upload your images to a web album, then email me the link, and I will pass it on. I will not publish your link on Expecting Rain. Obviously you must have the rights to the images.

Sunday, January 23, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan a Book Critic Prize Finalist - (AP / Excite) (link found by Jack Regan, Randall Johnston, Mark Peterson, Otto Thompson, Brittany Jenkins, Mike Dorn)
2 - Masters focuses on Bob Dylan for PBS, at last - (Sun-Sentinel) (link found by Jesse Jones)
3 - It's classic case of musical irony Favorite songs in TV commercials - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Hut's recording days hold historic musical moments - (Tennessean) (link found by John London)
5 - Obituary: Michel Thomas Students included Woody Allen, Bob Dylan, Princess Grace, Mel Gibson, FranŤois Truffaut and Emma Thompson - (Guardian) (link found by Phil & Marie)
6 - "Acquaraggia sing Dylan" - ( (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
7 - Charlie Sexton Makes A Run For The Border - ( (link found by Alfred Rufi)
8 - Call them Burns knights - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - German: Cover-Boy-Wonder Conor Oberst - (Frankfurter Rundschau) (link found by Dirk Krah)
10 - "Pete Townshend Vineyards" - (New Yorker Cartoon) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
11 - Gordon Lightfoot and the folk revival Morningside inerview - (CBC) (link found by Barry Daw)
12 - Starring Sean Penn as Bob Dylan and Beck as Himself - (NY Times) (link found by Randall Johnston)
13 - Stuck Inside of New York - Radio City Music Hall, 1988 - (Bob Dylan Bootleg mp3s Unofficial Page) (link found by Niels-Henrik Højbjerg Nielsen, Marco Wolff)
14 - Up to $150 rebates on Macs Expires Jan 26 - (

Saturday, January 22, 2005
1 - Rolling Thunder photographs by Ken Regan In DC, just opened - (Govinda Gallery) (link found by Allen Korn)
2 - Smithsonian's Song Catalog Is Available for Sale Online at - (Ny Times) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet)
3 - German: Der unterschätzte Messias Greil Marcus' fictional Bush obituary - (sueddeutsche) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
4 - Curator Bonnie Wilson holds a rare 1960 reel-to-reel recording Close-up pic - (AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Want Al Kooper's reminisces on his work with some of the heavies. Listen up: - (SignOnSanDiego) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Bob Dylan World Tours: 1966-1974 DVD reviewed by Ray Young - (Flickhead) (link found by Bruce Donnola)
7 - Advance notice: Armbryterskan från Ensamheten Swedish documentary "The armwrestler from Solitude"(?) about Heidi Andersson from a small North Swedish town of 16 inhabitants. We follow her on her way towards becoming the World Champion in armwrestling.

Friday, January 21, 2005
1 - Caring Carolyn Carolyn Wonderland has finally gotten her due: a tour with Bob Dylan - (HoustonPress) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Red Coffee Mugs with Dylan Eye logo - (bobdylan store) (link found by David R. Smith)
3 - Mavis praises Mahalia with stories, spirit and sass Mavis Staples - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
4 - Jerry and Merl at the Keystone Two Dylan covers - (link found by David R. Smith)
5 - Vinyl sightings - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Complex icon Johnny Cash knew his business - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Catatonia's Cerys Matthews: Cockahoop ...including Bob Dylan producer Bucky Baxter - (Portland Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Dylan Drive? Streets can now be renamed for people - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Gregg, Nelson T. French)
9 - Odd Dylan Doc Features Brilliant Photography - (EclipsMagazine) (link found by Joel Gilbert)

Thursday, January 20, 2005
1 - Dylan Gets Spotlight in Upcoming PBS Series - (Reuters / Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Tricia)
2 - German: Der verschollene Verwandte aus Amerika Turkish Dylan relatives? - (Sueddeutsche) (link found by Manfred Schwarz, Willi Gilgen, Reinold Prömpers, Christoph Witzel, Rolf Bergdolt, Catina Prieur, Dirk Schubert)
3 - Tonight: Blood on the Tracks at 30 - (WFUV) (link found by Larry Yudelson)
4 - PBS joins with HBO to air cable films For nearly 20 years, series producer Susan Lacy has been pursuing Bob Dylan - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Bob Dylan 'party tape' donated to Minnesota library - (soundgenerator) (link found by Goran M)
6 - Norwegian: Scorseses film om Dylan - (TV2) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
7 - "Floater" mp3 - (Phil and the Osophers) (link found by Michael Jenks)
8 - Mavis Staples Admits To Old Love Affair With Bob Dylan - (HipHopRnbSoul) (link found by Randall Johnston)
9 - Duluth Armory Guestbook - (Armory Arts and Music Center) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - "Strange Brew" CD includes Marion Williams cover of "I Shall Be Released", from - .uk - .de. (tip from John Foyle)
11 - A Polka Fan Chronicles - (Commonweal) (link found by Jeff Behrens)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
1 - Bob Dylan bares soul in 'Chronicles, Vol. 1' - (Daily Nebraskan) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Tony Pignataro)
2 - 'Nobody invited me' After 30 years, rock pioneer Al Kooper makes a return engagement - (San Diego Union-Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Françoise Hardy Dylan poem - (All over the world) (link found by Alfred Rufi)
4 - "Bob Dylan: Unscripted" photographs Opens in LA Feb 10 - (Douglas R. Gilbert) (link found by Oskar Kvasnes)
5 - Invitation to the blues Singer-guitarist John Hammond has American music in his blood - (NJ Star-Ledger) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
6 - Mavis Staples on Fresh Air - (npr) (link found by Peter Kondrat)
7 - For Bob Dylan, the times they are a changin' - (CourierPress, Reg. req. or use bugmenot) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - End of an era: tape fades out - (Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Scorsese corrals reclusive Dylan for PBS doc - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Randall Johnston, Patrick Crosley)
10 - Bob Dylan in Crouch End The Dave Stewart story - (Expecting Rain)
11 - Bob Dylan's American Journey New videos - (EMP) (link found by sion)
12 - Norwegian: Chronicles, volume one - (Pstereo) (by Thomas Vehus)
13 - Images in yesterday's link #6 are from Feb 2 1980 concert in Birmingham AL (from Bill Allen who took'em)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
1 - Director keeps distance on Dylan film (Reg. req. or try bugmenot) - (access Atlanta) (link found by Anne Ostrenko, Cliff Warnken)
2 - Scorsese isn't dialin' for Dylan - (NY Daily News) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Mike Battiste, Cliff Warnken, Randall Johnston)
3 - Scorsese makes noble attempt to decipher rock icon - (jam!) (link found by Vernon Purnell)
4 - PBS to 'clean up' three HBO films Martin Scorsese will direct an "American Masters" biography of Bob Dylan to air July 13 and 14 on PBS - (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - A memoir masterpiece, and a paean to ballads - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Bob Dylan 1979-80? images - (techsyscon) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
7 - Inside Bob Dylan's mind with Chronicles - (Epinions) (by Joshua Glidden)
8 - January issue Charlie Sexton mention and magazine cover - (ice) (link found by Bonnie Nipper)
9 - A Contrarian's View of Bob Dylan's Discography - (Ear Candy) (link found by Virginia Ganther)
10 - Photographer Douglas R. Gilbert opens one-man exhibition at The Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Feb 10 through March 18. This exhibition will feature rare photographs of Bob Dylan shot in 1964 by Mr. Gilbert as a staff photographer of LOOK Magazine. The magazine killed the story, stating that Mr. Dylan was "too scruffy for a family magazine." (from Rachel E. Gilbert)
11 - Sind Sie der neue Dylan? - (faz) (link found by Matthias Huber)

Monday, January 17, 2005
Thanks to Ted for solving the problem with the unflexible center column in Internet Explorer. Also to Mike and Tim for their work on the case.
1 - Bob Dylan sites in Minnesota - (Bob Dylan's North Country)
2 - A Star Isn't Born Ruth Gerson - (NY Times) (link found by George Lewis, Tony Pignataro)
3 - Do you know your number ones? UK quiz - (Guardian)
4 - Willie Nelson sings the praises of biodiesel fuel - (STL today) (link found by Mary Daley, ElectricGypsy)
5 - Italian: "Senza Weil e Brecht non sarei Bob Dylan" Chronicles - (il Tempo) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - So Says The Washington Post - (fish people blogspot) (link found by Paula Thomas)
7 - When I'm Sixty-Four Aging rockers onstage - (New Yorker) (link found by Randall Johnston)
8 - The Journal of Country Music Article on the Buddy Miller/Shawn Colvin bands working in New York City circa 1978-80, incl. Larry Campbell - (Country Music Hall ofFame) (link found by Joy Munsey)
9 - "This Wheel's On Fire" from Nov 16 2004 7 MB RealVideo - (DVDylan) (link found by Vygi)

Sunday, January 16, 2005
1 - Hey, Mr. History Man Minnesota Party Tape finally in public domain - (Washington Post) (link found by Mary Daley)
2 - Ken Regan's Rolling Thunder photos at Govinda Gallery, Washington, D.C. Jan.21 - Feb.26. (tip from Allen Korn and Russell Belcher)
3 - In an interview on Irish state broadcaster RTE Radio on Friday to publicise his Howard Hughes bio-pic, Scorcese commented that he was making 2 two hour films on Dylan for exhibition around July. He said that BBC Arena had also purchased the films. (from Jim Scott)
4 - Elvis hits No. 1 -- long after death - (CNN) (link found by Paul)
5 - Spencer Dryden -- Jefferson Airplane drummer - (SFGate) (link found by Paul)
6 - Italian: "Chronicles", l'imprevedibile biografia firmata Dylan - (Caltanet) (link found by ma4t)
7 - R&B legend Mavis Staples carries on messages of hope and respect - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
8 - Mavis Staples talks about her idols and friends - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
9 - New Dylan Blog Dylan Postings Are Welcomed... - (Under the Red Sky) (link found by J.D.Davis)

Saturday, January 15, 2005
1 - Kiss me Hardy, said Dylan - (Telegraph) (link found by Tricia, Peter Vincent, terry shute, Cliff Warnken)
2 - "Don't Let the Devil Keep All the Good Tunes" Goodbye, Babylon Anthology Spans Southern Sacred Music - (CMT) (link found by Jack Regan, Cliff Warnken)
3 - So many pieces of Dylan - (Saving Dreams) (link found by Dave Plentus)
4 - Mostly Dylan - (Mostly, Inc) (link found by Dave Plentus)
5 - So who was Polythene Pam and what made Sadie sexy? - (Independent) (link found by John, ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken)
6 - Suburban breaks Minnie Driver: 'Jakob Dylan told me Blood on the Tracks was like listening to his parents yelling at each other'. - (Guardian) (link found by Tiernan Henry, Tony Pignataro, Mike Morgan)
7 - Rock on TV: Bob Dylan - (VH1) (link found by Ed)
8 - Historical Society gets rare Bob Dylan tape - (Star Tribune) (link found by Jennifer Schneider, ElectricGypsy, Mark Buettner)
9 - Benjamin Hedin signs "Studio A..." - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Duke Robillard: A bluesman worthy of the name - (Times-Standard) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Rock Inc. 3. 1997: Applied Materials - (The State) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Friday, January 14, 2005
1 - Rare Bob Dylan Recording Finds Home at Minnesota History Center Original "Minnesota Party Tape" - (PRNewswire) (link found by Tony Pignataro, Mike Bast)
2 - Tilt could put ESPN in the chips Highlights will include a visit by Martin Scorsese to discuss his Bob Dylan project for PB - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Tricia)
3 - Bob on Bob Chronicles - (Listener) (link found by mungo1)
4 - Italian: Chronicles: Dylan parla di Dylan Italian edition, news links - (Feltrinelli)
5 - Rumpus over 'lost' Beatles ballad - (icLiverpool) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Elvis in word on lyric writing - (Elvis Costello Fan Forum) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - De Dolor Viene El Arte The Year in Music - 2004 - (crazewire) (by Arya Imig)
8 - 201 Stories by Anton Chekhov All of them - (jrusk) (link found by Andreas Volkert)
9 - No fidelity Disc Diggers closes as local used-record stores struggle with the digital age - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Get the Carters The Carter Family tribute album is the rare tribute worth a listen - (Rocky Mountain Bullhorn) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Thursday, January 13, 2005
1 - The Ballad Of Carolyn Hester - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Stuart Levitan, Bill Hester, Dan Levy Mark Koz, Allen Korn, Gary Cinnamon)
2 - The singer who disappeared Madeleine Peyroux - (CNN) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Tony de V, Chris Jenkins)
3 - PBS: Dylan, Castro Dylan in "American Masters" series - (SignOnSanDiego) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Mary Haggett)
4 - 100 things we didn't know this time last year #33 How Dylan chose his stage name - (BBC News) (link found by Steve Matthias)
5 - Bob Dylan sat here - (Lamar Sorrento) (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - Al Kooper, 60-year-old Zelig of rock - (Marin Independent Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Music hath charms - (Minnesota Daily) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Bob Marley to be exhumed, buried in Ethiopia - (CNN) (link found by dearest puppy)
9 - Woodwork Squeaks Again Was (Not Was) wrote song with Dylan - (Village Voice) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Blood on the Tracks Jean-Luc Godard - (City Pages) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Anton Chekhov short stories Could these be the basis for a Dylan album? - (Adelaide)
12 - Bob and Willie will tour together again this year. Source: The Kevin and Kevin show, KGSR yesterday. (from Tom in Texas)
13 - Strawberry Fields is not forever - (CNN) (link found by Bruce Donnola)
14 - Pop Pays Tribute to Dylan Listen To Bob Dylan (Because He's Cool - (BBC Radio 2, 80% down) (link found by Peter Davies)
15 - 'We Are the World' update postponed - (CBC Arts) (link found by Way Down Here)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
1 - Dylan Days May 19-24 - ( (link found by Frenchy)
2 - Spider John Koerner March 11 Nisswa, MN - (Grassroots Concerts) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Italian: Chronicles In libreria dal 13 gennaio Italian translation out this Thu - (Feltrinelli) (link found by Feltrinelli)
4 - Turkish: Bob Dylan rahmetli esime çok benziyor Turkish Kirghiz relatives? (p 93 in Chronicles) - (Hürriyetim) (link found by Cumhur Timuçin)
5 - Jokerman - (David Holzel) (link found by Larry Yudelson)
6 - Sony BMG selling Sony's old Music Row headquarters - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
1 - Sit Down Beside Me and Hear My Sad Story By Greil Marcus - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
2 - 20 Year Usenet Timeline Historic posts - (Google)
3 - The irresistible, singable, stick-in-your-mindable jingle is dead - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - The Duluth National Guard Armory That's where Bob saw Buddy play - (Armory Arts and Music Center) (link found by Paul)
5 - Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor did a show in Duluth ( 8 Jan 05) and mentioned Bob, talking about him seeing Buddy Holly at the Armory. There is a great version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Cindy Cashdollar is also on the show. Requires RealPlayer. Bob is in Segment 3, about half way down the page - (Public Radio) (link found by John Berry)
6 - New York Education Music: Bob Dylan, Rock and Roll Prophet - (Newsday, 80% down) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Say it Loud James Brown - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - When I'm Sixty-Four Aging rockers onstage - (New Yorker) (link found by Steve Matthias)
9 - Poetry Please 9 January Incl. Mr Tambourine Man - (BBC) (link found by Maddie Wilson)
10 - Apple to delay webcast of Jobs keynote until 6 pm Pacific Time Tuesday - (MacCentral)
11 - James Brown can't package his life in this old bag Dylan is the exception - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Monday, January 10, 2005
1 - It's not easy being Sean Penn - (U Film) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Peter Stone Brown, Mary Hagggett, Tony Pignataro, Bill Gordon)
2 - Hibbing resident looks to honor Dylan - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Heir on a G-String - (Sunday Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - The Waifs: 'A Brief History... Live' - (NY Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Judas! News of issue 12 - (judasmagazine) (link found by Keith)
6 - Rough Cuts disc 2 mp3s - (Bob Dylan Bootleg mp3s Unofficial Page) (link found by David McMillan)
I have made some adjustments to the page header, and there are still a few kinks to iron out.

Sunday, January 9, 2005
1 - Tangled Up In Bob Chronicles - (Vue Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Philosophizing Disgrace - (Powerline) (link found by Frank Trainor)
3 - Long live The King: Imagining Elvis at age 70 - (SacTicket) (link found by Lou Leary)

Saturday, January 8, 2005
1 - "Concert for George book GBP 275 - (Genesis) (link found by Jason Molnar)
2 - 40 new Bob Dylan soundboard recordings? Righteous To Me-1993 - (Watchtower) (link found by Mike McGarr)
3 - Sad Biltmore going, but memories stay Clearwater - (St Petersburg Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Sunday Morning With Stu Levitan "Tangled Up in the Bible - Bob Dylan and Scripture." - (The MIC 92.1) (link found by Stu Levitan)
5 - Bob Dylan World Tours: 1966-1974 DVD reviewed - (Flickhead) (link found by Joel Gilbert)
6 - German: Dylan. Ein amerikanischer Zeitgenosse Chronicles - (Konkret) (link found by Jörg Passarge)
7 - RealAudio: "With God On our Side" - (Buddy Miller) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Friday, January 7, 2005
1 - Hank Williams Shaped Bob Dylan's Natural Soul Chronicles - (CMT) (link found by Jack Regan)
2 - Willie Nelson to headline charity show - (AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - 40 years since Bringing It All Back Home In February issue - (Mojo) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Dylan's Journey EMP - (AP) (link found by Ronald Ruiz)
5 - iTunes user sues Apple over iPod NDC - (BBC News)
6 - Next Dylan meeting Friday, 28 Jan Sino Tap, Cambridge, UK - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society)
7 - 10 worst album covers of all time - (Pork Tornado) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - Basque: La biografia de Bob Dylan escrita por Paul Williams, ahora en castellano - (gara) (link found by Peio Garmendia)
9 - Sponge Bob Chronicles - (by Tom Watson)
10 - Mystic Knights of The Sea Pictures of Charlie & Will Sexton etc - (The Continental Club) (link found by Jimmy Lee Hannaford)

Thursday, January 6, 2005
1 - Puppy-love lyrics of Bob Dylan, prophet of the Sixties, go on show EMP - (Independent) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Learning takes an unconventional turn in winter at Williams Seth Rogovoy will teach a Dylan course - (North Adams Transcript) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Disc Tim Hockenberry and Tom Corwin ``Mostly Dylan'' - (Mercury News) (link found by Pat Hearity)
4 - Annual event to tout the blues - (Clarion-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Music education program has Delta children singing the blues - (AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - A sampling of the year's best Elizabeth Cotten - (eye) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Elizabeth Cotten: Shake Sugaree - (Eye) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Eminem - Encore - (Spin) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Movie appeal for festival footage Does anyone have video of Dylan at Glastonbury in 1997? - (BBC News) (link found by Tony Pignataro)

Wednesday, January 5, 2005
1 - What a relief! - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Dylan on Dylan - (Blog Beat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - A Beatles Christmas - (BBC Radio 2) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Eat The Document: must-see documentary capturing Bob Dylan at his peak - (Music for Grown-Ups) (link found by Gerry Smith)
5 - LIVE...from Folk Radio WUMB - Volume 1 - (WUMB Folk Radio) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Same Old Song? "The Rose and the Briar" - (Bookforum) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - New Year's baby arrives! With name from a Dylan song - (E-Brief) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Wilson Smiles again Best of 2004 - (Palm Beach Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Kooper Surprise Al plays - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken, HwyCDRrev)

Tuesday, January 4, 2005
1 - Christmas With Dylan - (Creative Loafing) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Has The Music Scene Died In New York? - (Gotham Gazette) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
3 - Masters of War - (The world according to me) (link found by Ronald Woordenaar)
4 - Idiot Wind For once, Dylan wants to talk. So why do all the questions suck? - (Creative Loafing) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jack Regan)
5 - Dylan Pens, Penn Reads - (Creative Loafing) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - At the Was (Not Was) show at Slim's in San Francisco on Dec. 30, Don Was introduced a new song, due out on a new Was (Not Was) album this year, by explaining that it had been written late at night in a studio with Dylan after they'd finished watching an episode of "I Dream of Jeannie." The song is called "Mr. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore."(from Jeff Beresford-Howe)
7 - Robert Johnson is Still the King Chronicles - (Trickster!) (link found by John Haas)
8 - Good art can speak through volumes Chronicles - (Toronto Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - The Tradition of the Protest Song With Oscar Brand - (npr) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Manuel Exhibit Is a Must-See for Early 2005 - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Gil Lamont, Otto Thompson)
11 - Sweetheart deal Roger Bryan - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Iron Curtains and Satin Sheets: "Strange Loves" in Cold War Popular Music - (Russell Reising) (link found by Murray Pereira)

Monday, January 3, 2005
1 - The Stuff of Legend In Seattle, Bob Dylan's Guitar, Homework and More - (Washington Post) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
2 - Carolyn Wonderland's 110th Dream (Might tour with Dylan this year) - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
3 - Singer brings vivid tales back to U.S. Garland Jeffreys (NDC) - (Arizona Republic) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
4 - Singer Holly Williams proud of her family but charts own path - (AP) (link found by Mark Mark)
5 - Bright Lives, Big City Susan Sontag, Jerry Orbach, Joey Gallo - (NY Times) (link found by Peter Kondrat)
6 - An extraordinary year for concerts in the Twin Cities - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)

Sunday, January 2, 2005
1 - These concerts are worth noting Bob Dylan April 6, The NorVa, Norfolk - (Daily Press) (link found by Nelson Silva, Tony Pignataro, Jack Regan)
2 - Dylanology peaks - (SCA blog) (link found by Paul Trahan)
3 - Advertisers spent more in '04, but were cautious on where - (USA Today) (link found by Tricia)
4 - A Meeting of Writers, the Champions of Underdogs Studs Terkel, Alex Kotlowitz - (NY Times) (link found by Tricia)

Saturday, January 1, 2005 - New Year's Day
I wish all a happy new year, and many a better one than last year!
1 - Global Eye - (Moscow Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Chris Floyd, Tricia)
2 - Humorous Quotes attributed to Bob Dylan - (Jest for Pun)
3 - "American Rebels" has chapters on Dylan and Guthrie, and you can Search and read inside the book, at - .uk - .de. (link found by James Helton)
4 - The World's Best Commercials, 2004 In one case Bob Dylan sings dolefully while we view depressed zoo animals - ( (link found by Don Helling)
5 - Audi Commercial "Zoo" - (Portobloggo) (link found by Don Helling)
6 - Audi commercial? Using Dylan's "Not Dark Yet" - (ramsesfilms) (link found by Don Helling)
7 - how-to record on your ipod Involves Linux hack - (hack a day) (link found by Craig Danuloff)
8 - McCartney angry with Ono's Beatles song ban - (Contact Music) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
9 - New CD commemorates Carter Family, their music - (Coalfield) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Dylan returned to musical roots - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
11 - 'Chronicles' offer a glimpse into Dylan's mind - sort of - (McAlester News-Capital) (link found by Tony Pignataro)
12 - 1979: the setlists 24 May 79, CBGB's, New York, NY, Bob Dylan B-day bash - (Patti Smith News) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

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