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Monday, March 31, 2003
1 - With God As Their Ally - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Tedeschi versatile in Orpheum homecoming stellar version of Dylan's ``Don't Think Twice,'' - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Decades Later, 60's Icons Still Live by Their Message - (Ny Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Norwegian: Rockemakta ruller også Rock protests - (Dagbladet) (link found by Andreas Nybø)

Sunday, March 30, 2003
1 - Petty, Harris Join Zevon CD "My Dirty Life and Times" almost finished - (Rolling Stone) (link found by John Foyle)
2 - What a choice predicament -- Will it be Dylan or Brown? - (Orlando Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - "Wild Mountain Thyme" reggae mp3 - (Roger McGuinn Folk Den) (link found by Paul Pearson)
4 - "String Quartet Tribute to Bob Dylan" out April 8, from (link found by Dave Plentus)
5 - Apocalypse now but art will last - (Financial Times) (link found by Peter Meier)
6 - Review: 'Highway 61,' by William McKeen - (Star Tribune) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken)
7 - Music book is a little bit country - (Indystar) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - "Acoustic Vol.3" includes Bob Dylan: "She Belongs to Me", from (link found by John Foyle)
9 - Sony Unveils Ambitious Plan to Stick With Music - (LA Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Joan of march Baez in North Tonawanda on Tuesday - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Striking a political chord Bonnie Raitt - (SF Gate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - War spurs on songwriters - (Detroit News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Iraq 'n' roll sounds off Here's a rundown of peace-pushing downloads - (Globe and Mail) (link found by René Audet)
14 - Lucinda Williams, Vic Chesnutt Cover Dylan And Waits On TV Soundtrack Crossing Jordan - (chartattack) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - The Beatles Anthology on DVD, from - .uk - .de (links from John Foyle)
16 - "Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking" - new lyrics - (notdarkyet) (link found by Markus Prieur)
17 - Young never stops! New Neil Young CD / DVD - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
18 - Book, out 30 June: "Chimes of Freedom: The Politics of Bob Dylan's Art", from - .uk - .de (tip from John Foyle)
19 - Vote for the most essential Dylan bootlegs and CD-Rs at Dylan Pool (tip from Nick Hawthorne)

Saturday, March 29, 2003
1 - San Fransisco through Sunday: "Forever Young: The Music of Bob Dylan" - (Mercury News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - 10 things I hate about Fitzy "Ferris" FitzSimons - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Cathy Cronin)
3 - The Hawk has landed - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by Miss Information)
4 - Finnish: "Mitä rakkaus hyödyttää" (Dylan suomeksi) - (eastway) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)
5 - "Highway 61: A Father-and-Son Journey throughout the Middle of America" - (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Soundtrack of Conflict - (Washington Post, register: Male, born 1965, zip 20171, that'll teach'em!) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Cockburn, Lavigne sing out for peace Canadian CD "Peace Songs", out 15 April, includes Lavigne "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Paul Pearson)
8 - Rite of Spring South by Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin - (East Bay Express) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - War on War Songs - (East Bay Express) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Times Have A-Changed Protest Songs Few, And Forget About Air Play - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - There's nothing new about song content controversies - (Tennessean) (link found by "Cliff Warnken)
12 - Another generation joins Guthrie tradition - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - "Into Plein Air" - Roderick Smith (see BDX) exhibits landscapes in oil April 2 - 26 at the Broderick Gallery, 814 SW Front Ave, Portland, Or. 97204, Tel 503 224 4020
14 - Area Code 615 - many Bob backers (link found by Robert Buchanan)
15 - David Kemper interview - (music so good) (link found by Alex Leik)

Friday, March 28, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan brings his show back to the U.S. - (live daily) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Douglas Schlachter)
2 - Bold statements, made with grace Nanci Griffith - (Lexington Herald-Leader) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - Culture in the classroom - (Orion) (link found by John Foyle)
4 - Reissues Planned for 3 Warren Zevon Albums - (AP / Herald Tribune) (link found by John Foyle, ElectricGypsy)
5 - "Dave Van Ronk Day" Sunday May 18th at the Bottom Line in New York City (FolkDJ-L) (tip from Ron Mura)
6 - Rosanne Cash Appalled By Dixie Chicks Backlash performs Bob Dylan's 'Licence To Kill' - (Undercover) (link found by Bill Hester)

Thursday, March 27, 2003
Yesterday this site was unreachable for a large part of the day from most locations. I don't know why, but it seems to be OK now.
1 - "Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan" reviewed: Barnes & Noble - Associated Press - New Haven Advocate. Order from - .ca - .uk - .de (links found by tmi)
2 - "Gotta Serve Somebody" review - (NY Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Soozie Tyrell's CD "White Lines" shipping April 1, has appearances by Dylan band members Tony Garnier and Larry Campbell. (Treasure Records) (I get a 10% commission on sales through this link!)
4 - "Beth Loves Bob - The Songs of Bob Dylan" by Beth Scalet, from
5 - Born to run the Bada Bing Steven van Zandt - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by Fred Muller)
6 - Tom Petty cancels European tour - ( (link found by Oliver Batz)

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
1 - Reviews: "Gotta Serve Somebody" and more - (Rolling Stone) (link found by John Foyle, pepe)
2 - freewheelin-on-line take eleven is now available for you to download using your user name and password (tip from John Stokes)
3 - "Blues on Blonde on Blonde" - (Telarc) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums) From
4 - Hunter Thompson Urges Bush to Quit, Americans to Vote - (News From Babylon) (link found by Miss Information) His book "Kingdom of Fear" from - .ca - .uk - .de.
5 - No Denying War's Score on Music - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by Nicholas Hawthorne, John Foyle)
6 - Folk, blues legends bound for 'Glory' - (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) (link found by John Foyle)

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
1 - Number one with a bullet? - (Miami Herald) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
2 - Phil Ochs Ain't Marchin' Any More - (Plastic) (link found by Jim Linwood)
3 - Triple play Jayhawks, Mark Olson - (Pioneer Press)
4 - Fan Footage Revives Westerberg Tour DVD - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Canberra stage picture - (here) (via Richard Haslop)

Monday, March 24, 2003
1 - No Blood On The Tracks Early Broadside recordings to be saved - (dotmusic) (link found by Alan Fraser)
2 - Protest Songs A Hungry Audience - (NY Times) (link found by News Tracker, Jack Regan)
3 - Folk-rock architect goes back to the future Roger McGuinn - (Buffalo News) (link found by Bob Meyer)
4 - Baez performs Saturday in Collingswood - (Press of Atlantic City) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Walker's poems are hit and miss - (Detroit Free Press) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - The tracks of her 'Tears' Lucinda Williams can't find lasting love, which only enriches her songs - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Pre-order "World Without Tears" from - .uk - .de.

Sunday, March 23, 2003
1 - "Both Sides Now: Best of Americana 2002" 2CD includes Dylan's "High Water", from - .uk (link found by John Foyle)
2 - Exploring Springsteen's spirituality - (Boston Globe) (link found by Larry Fishman)
3 - "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" by De Mono attributed to Robert Palmer - (RFM FM) (link found by Artur J)
4 - Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R 10 pack, from (only in the US )
5 - Swedish: Det här betyder faktiskt nada? nada Surf listen to Blonde on Blonde when depressed - (Aftonbladet) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - 1978 Dylan Film Auction Ends 3-24-03 (tomorrow) - (eBay) (link found by Steve Cowart)
7 - "Forever Young" show reviewed - (Steve's No Direction Home Page) (link found by Steve Michel)
8 - "Crossing Jordan" soundtrack has two Dylan covers, by Vic Chesnutt and Jill Hennessy. From (link found by Richard Seay)
9 - Norwegian: Please, please me NDC - (Aftenposten)
10 - Surveying the musical landscape with a decades-old road map - (New Bern Sun Journal)

Saturday, March 22, 2003
1 - ACT teens roll Dylan's stone - Young Conservatory to interpret songs - (SF Gate) (link found by Jeffrey Marculescu)
2 - Spanish: Dylan cover photo - (efe eme) (link found by Lorenzo Rodríguez Gómez)
3 - Why are there so many songs about rainbows? - (WXRT) (link found by Karl Meyer)
4 - Petty Aims To Beat The Scalpers - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Norwegian: Lang ferd mot evig TV-liv See me archive TV programs for the future - (Aftenposten)
6 - Norwegian: Sikra seg stor-kontrakt National Library of Norway (where I work) signs contract for 22 TeraBytes of digital storage - (Rana Blad)
7 - 'Spinal Tap' Stars Exhale 'A Mighty Wind' - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - Blues preservation begins with 'Down in Houston' NDC - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Nancy Hernandez)
9 - Aaron Neville still tells and sings it like it is Records ninth Dylan cover - (San Antonio Express-News) (link found by Catina Prieur)
10 - A changed world, a changed life Filmmaker Todd Haynes - (Oregonian) (link found by Catina Prieur)
11 - My Blues heaven by Bill Wyman - (Times) (link found by John Foyle)
12 - "Bill Wyman - Blues Odyssey" DVD from - .de - CD from - .uk - .de - book from - .uk - .de.
13 - Judas! news of issue 5 (tip from Keith Wootton)
14 - North Wales Musicians plan peace recording - (BBC) (link found by John Foyle, ElectricGypsy)
15 - Radio: Brian Levinson, the son of "Positively Dylan" - (Newsday) (link found by John Foyle)
16 - Singer's voice resonates anew Joan Baez - (Los Angeles Daily News) (link found by Nick Hawthorne) - Joan's Appeal (link found by Avery Lerner, Norm Sigurdson)
17 - Pushing Uphill Ramsey Midwood - (Sisyphus Tracks) (link found by Adam)
18 - William Routhier is editing a book project, tenatively titled "115 Dreams of Dylan," which will consist of dreams people have had about Bob Dylan. These should be dreams you've recalled and written down, actual dreams in which Bob Dylan played a prominent part. Not looking for wish fantasies of meeting Dylan, etc. Length should be between 250 and 1500 words. Send submissions as text in the body of an email - no attachments - to William Routhier

Friday, March 21, 2003
1 - Covers of the Month, March - (I Happen to be a Swede Myself) (link found by Olof)
2 - War & Music - (The Local Planet) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
3 - How Many Deaths Will It Take - (Common Dreams) (link found by Jerryn)
4 - Gospel trio: It's all about words Blind Boys of Alabama - (Miami Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Songs of the Underground - a collector's guide to the Rolling Thunder Revue 1975-1976 (link found by Olof)
6 - Reggae Inna Polish Style: "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" mp3 and AVI - (T.Love) (link found by Artur J)
7 - Spanish: Bob Dylan ofrecerá un concierto en Jaén el 27 de julio - (el mundo) (link found by Alex García)
8 - Polish: Bob Dylan "All along the watchtower" - (gazzeta) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Spanish: Y ahora, Bob Dylan - (El Pais) (scan by Lorenzo Rodríguez Gómez)
10 - Spanish: Bob Dylan y Peter Gabriel actuarán en los próximos meses en España - (Diario de Noticias) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Portuguese: A contribuição de Dylan - (Diario de Noticias) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Country music purist Eleni Mandell - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Thursday, March 20, 2003
1 - Don't look for protest to pop up in this crowd - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Nick Hawthorne, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Protest songs find a home - (Toronto Star) (link found by Nick Hawthorne, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Moments of Truth, Masters of War - (znet) (link found by Pádraig Hanratty)
4 - On the road again, DiFranco goes it alone - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Nick Hawthorne)
5 - The Hurricane Hoax - (Crime Magazine) (link found by Nick Hawthorne)
6 - The Unofficial Bob Dylan Message Board - (Luna's Back Pages) (link found by Laura)
7 - Norwegian: Gods & generals - Shelter from the storm (live) - Dignity - (pstereo) (link found by Ingve Aalbu)
8 - Gypsies - - Tramps and Thieves - (Desert Spirit Films) (link found by Marguerita)

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
1 - Havana, Cuba unconfirmed concert - (BobLinks) (link found by Fausto Pastrone)
2 - Official new concert dates - ( (link found by David R. Smith)
3 - Downloads from concerts may be just the ticket - (San Diego Union-Tribune) (link found by Brian Boyd)
4 - People's Poetry Gathering April 11-13, NYC Arlo, Pete etc tribute to Alan Lomax - ( (link found by Patrick Saunders)
5 - Paul Westerberg mp3s of Dylan covers - (man without ties) (link found by Jonathan Werre)
6 - "She Belongs To Me" mp3 cover - (Hank Shizzoe) (link found by Hank)
7 - Activists ask, where have all the peace songs gone? - (SF gate / Boston Globe) (link found by Mark Mikeska)
8 - Dylan 1978 Concert Film Footage - (eBay) (link found by Steve Cowart)
9 - 1966 Home Movies Film Screening and Bob Dylan 1966 Concert Simi Valley April 12 - (1966 Home Movies) (link found by Joel Gilbert)
10 - The MPB and Bob Dylan - (All Brazilian Music) (link found by Miss Information)
11 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - (Jimmy Breslin - Newsday) (link found by Paul Pearson, Douglas Schlachter, Jesse Shanks)
12 - "Ride on the Peace Train" download - (Cat Stevens/ Yusuf Islam) (link found by me)
13 - French: Joni Mitchell, muse en retraite musicale - (Le Monde) (link found by John Foyle)

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
1 - Dylan concert in Dallas April 18 - (BobLinks)
2 - Johnny Cash Hospitalized With Pneumonia - (Yahoo / Launch) (link found by Catina, Marion Hitzenhammer)
3 - Man indicted for allegedly selling bootlegs - (NEPA news) (link found by Tricia, John Foyle)
4 - Richie Havens - a biased account - (Vail Daily) (link found by John Foyle)
5 - Italian: Un palcoscenico lungo tutta l'Italia Dylan & petty July 11 at Lucca? - (L'Arena) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
6 - Paying Dues Amid Some Singing of the Blues Sondre Lerche from Norway - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker, Philip Gibbs)
7 - Saving the music industry a common tune at SXSW - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
8 - Never Ask Questions, God's on Our Side? - (apmforum) (link found by Otto Thompson)
9 - Chicago Jazz Band serves up an irresistible concert with style "How many roads must a man drive on before he admits he is lost?" - (Herald Tribune) (link found by John Foyle)
10 - Italian: Realismo Pop - (Angelo Liberati) (link found by zan)
11 - Performance Channel Tu 18 Mar 2003 UK time: 10:00 Sky 259 The All Star Bob Dylan Tribute. Part 2 Fri 21 at 10, Part 3 Fri 28 at 10. (found by Miss Information)
12 - Song and Danceman - (Sat March 22: "Kulturkeller" in Fulda, Germany) (link from Hermann Diel)
13 - Sell-out of the week Bob's Victoria's Secret ad - (NY Post) (link found by Patrick Collins)
14 - CNN Headline news ran a short feature Sunday night on musician Ben Harper. The segment included a scene, which is all of 3 seconds, in which he is playing and singing "Tomorrow is a Long Time" with his mother. (tip from Arthur Fields)
15 - Norway: "Hurricane" on TV3 Sunday March 23
16 - Guitarist Knopfler hurt in crash - (CNN) (link found by Steve Frevert)

Monday, March 17, 2003
1 - 'Hunted' follows action manual "Highway 61 Revisited" spoken and sung by Johnny Cash - (calendar live) (link found by LeeAnn Hansen)
2 - D. A. Pennebaker etc. - (!Tarantula!) (link found by Tricia)
3 - Minnesotans offer their two -bits' worth on quarter's back - (Star tribune) (link found by Tricia, Jerryn)
4 - Costello sends PM a message Dylan mention - (The Age) (link found by Tricia)
5 - bob dylan - festival austria June 6 - 9 (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
6 - Flattering imitation or cultural larceny? - (USA Today) (link found by me)

Sunday, March 16, 2003
1 - Blues on Blonde on Blonde - (Telarc) (link found by Alexandre Froemming) From
2 - "Gods and Generals" pictures - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link found by Geir Olsen)
3 - I received a Gods and Generals BDX contribution from someone, but lost the address, could you email me, (Örjan?)?
4 - Music Downloads / samples - (Kurt's Music) (link found by Kurt)
5 - European Tom Petty tour in July - ( (link found by Oliver Batz)
6 - Transcript: The Boss Bruce Springsteen - (msn) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Saturday, March 15, 2003
1 - Don't think twice, it's all lingerie "Love Sick" in Victoria's Secret commercial - (calendar live) (link found by John Foyle)
2 - Bob Dylan at Jillian's! - (Courier-Journal) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - Bob Dylan sets two Houston concert dates - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Mark A. Mikeska)
4 - Pop Musicians Sing Out About War - (Fox News) (link found by Padraig Hanratty)
5 - Forever Young - The Music of Bob Dylan - (american conservatory theater) (link found by John Sorrenti)
6 - Bones of creativity sate Hounds of Hell Johnny Cash - (Toronto Star) (link found by Dave K. in Ohio)
7 - New DNR regime, but same sad, old story Dylan Quote - (Star Tribune) (link found by David Maeda)
8 - 02/09/2002 Atlanta, GA tree - (Dylantree) (link found by Mike)
9 - Lanois Declares Producing Moratorium - (Billboard) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Norwegian Dylan meeting May 10 at Two Dogs Pub, Oslo (tip from Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
11 - Pete Townshend to be 'given a caution' - (Evening Standard)

Friday, March 14, 2003
1 - A Mighty Wind - (comingsoon) (link found by Paul Fredrickson)
2 - Ben Sidran Concert To Celebrate Jewish-American Music - (Channel 3000) (link found by John Foyle, ElectricGypsy)
3 - "Bob Dylan: A Critical Study" by Christopher Ricks, to be released 25 Sept, from (tip from Michael Smith)

Thursday, March 13, 2003
1 - Beyond the CD: A Bid to Burnish Records' Sheen - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker, ZipLock)
2 - Absorbing Tales Carry One-Woman Play - (Las Vegas Sun / AP) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - China Orders Rolling Stones to Ax Songs - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by David Stenander)
4 - Duly noted: There are limits to science in popular music - (Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Godsmack, LL Cool J, Sheryl Crow, others on Music Midtown bill - (Live Daily) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
1 - Eli 1960 - 2003
2 - Gotta Serve Somebody - The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan (link found by Jörgen Lindström, Dan Poppe)
3 - "Gotta Serve Somebody" review - (NY Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy, John Foyle)
4 - Gods and Generals - (Mr. Cranky) (link found by Niels-Henrik Nielsen)
5 - Norwegian: Dylan ved fronten - (Dagbladet) (link found by Henning Klokkeråsen, Sten Tore Ødegaard, ElectricGypsy, John Foyle)
6 - Norwegian: "I Want You" Live - (pstereo) (link found by Ingve Aalbu)
7 - All Star Bob Dylan tribute on 14 March in 3 parts starting at 1600 - (Performance Channel) (link found by Steve McDonnell)
8 - Hairdresser buys up Harrison's hair - (BBC) (link found by John Foyle)
9 - Antiwar protesters trash 9/11 memorial - (Whittier Daily News) (link found by Kaliph Hayes, Ben Schafer)
10 - Phony 'Antiwar protesters' trash 9/11 memorial - (antiwar) (link found by DJS)
11 - "Woot Was it You Wanted?" - (Dylan Cover Albums) (link found by tarantula)
12 - German: Johnny Cash Biografie: Joaquin Phoenix spielt den "Man in Black" - (Der Spiegel) (link found by Ulrich Schneider)
13 - Music Midtown 2003 Dylan in May - (access atlanta) (link found by Joseph Hunt)

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
I will be away until Saturday, and don't know how well I will be able to update the site.
1 - Another Version: How Garrett Found the Kid NDC - (History Net) (link found by Gabriel Gervais)
2 - Spanish: La Feria del Disco de Girona subast— pelo de George Harrison y un libro de Dylan - (La Voz de Gallicia) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - 'Waltz' wields a wealth of talent in its final bow - (Yahoo / Daily Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Monday, March 10, 2003
1 - New Songs, Old Message: 'No War' - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker, John Foyle, Harvey Bojarsky, William Robertson, Douglas Schlachter, Gary Cinnamon, Victor Puig)
2 - Same old song - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev, ElectricGypsy, Victor Puig)
3 - Bob Dylan and the History of Rock n Roll Michael Gray April 2 iin Hatfield - ( (link found by Jim Linwood)
4 - Bob Dylan Art Gallery - (by Angele Boni)
5 - Industry pioneer, 3 sidemen feted saxophonist Steve Douglas - (Beacon Journal) (link found by John Foyle)
6 - "The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll" mp3 of 30.10.1975 show - (smartcall) (link found by Armin Nikgol)
7 - "Gotta Serve Somebody: Gospel Songs Bob Dylan" - song samples available at (link found by Tony Pearson)
8 - Rock 'n' roll lens photographer Eric Hayes - (Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy, John Foyle)
9 - Mp3s of recent Australian shows - (notdarkyet) (link found by ragged surfer)

Sunday, March 9, 2003
1 - The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Written from January 1660 to May 1669, this is a major work of English literature. I once toyed with the idea of putting it online, I even once placed an excerpt on Expecting Rain. Some readers took this mysterious prose to be a clip from Bob Dylan's yet unreleased song "Highlands"! Now Phil Gyford has done it, with daily entries starting this January. Hop on the train and stick with it, you will not regret it. I know I will try to make it part of my day, just as making Expecting Rain is. Karl Erik
2 - Winning obsession Claire Tomalin, this year's Whitbread award winner with Samuel Pepys -NDC - (Guardian)
3 - Italian: Bob Dylan: un arrivo possibile Treviso July 13? - (Il Gazzettino) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
4 - Cesar Diaz built 100 watt Marshall head - (ebay) (link found by Juergen Wasser)
5 - The Hornby set - (Guardian)
6 - Master of his art Andrzej Krauze... illustrated Dylan's lyrics - (Guardian) (link found by John Foyle)
7 - Italian: Brivido rock con "Tolo" - (Il Gazzettino) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
8 - RHCP's Anthony Kiedis To Pen Autobiography with Larry Sloman - (chart attack) (link found by John Foyle)
9 - White Flash - (A Prairie Home Companion) (link found on
10 - I wait for you there! Last letter from a Civil War soldier - NDC (link found on

Saturday, March 8, 2003
1 - New Bob Dylan Musical, Forever Young - (Playbill) (link found by Elisa, Victor Puig, John Foyle)
2 - Got a (Legal) Concert Recording? Pass It On - (NY Times) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - In Athens, photos from a mythic time and place "There Is No Eye: Photographs by John Cohen" - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Time to end online music battles - (BBC) (link found by Patrick Saunders)
5 - Neil Young concerts in Germany, April-May - (MLK) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)

Friday, March 7, 2003
1 - The poetry book with Dylan references in Wednesday's item #5 is "The Jupiter Collisions" by Lachlan Mackinnon, from (tip from Antonio Iriarte)
2 - Kinky Friedman 60 second interview - (Metro Café) (link found by Tim Burrows)
3 - German poet and songwriter Wenzel revisits the songs of the father of American folk music Woody Guthrie - (Kennedy Center) (link found by Willy Groening)
4 - German: "Ticky Tock - Wenzel singt Woody Guthrie" - (sansibarkult) (link found by Willy Groening)
5 - Rock 'n' Folk: Musicians of the 60s - (John Byrne Cooke) (link found by David Hill)
6 - Neil Young to play Vicar Street - (aiken) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
7 - From Pete - (Pete Townshend) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
8 - Bob Dylan lists - (NRK) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Musicians divide over protesting the war - (CNN) (link found by David Bilodeau)

Thursday, March 6, 2003
1 - In Garcia's Shadow, the Dead's New Guitarist Has His Own Sound - (NY Times) (link found by Philip Gibbs, Karl Johnson)
2 - Disney's "Country Bears (sort of "Blues Brothers", except with bears) includes a snippet of "Everything is Broken" (Oh, Mercy). Song is played during a scene where the villain, actor Christopher Walken, smashes a model of "country bear hall". The song, however, is not included on the soundtrack album. (link found by Scott Bradshaw)
3 - German: Sie singen Huntingtons Woody Guthrie - (Frankfurter Rundschau) (link found by Bianca Buegler)
4 - Norwegian: Svindyr Neil Young til Norge Expensive Neil Young concerts in Norway $133-168 - (Aftenposten) (link found by Jonas Paulsen)
5 - Stone Glee! best albums of all time poll - (NME) - Full top 100 list (NRK) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Critical mass of bands Daniel Lanois - (Toronto Star) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Spin Magazine Presents 'The Ultimate List Issue': 115 Lists on Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll! - (PR Newswire) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Conference: Skip a Beat: Rewriting the Story of Popular Music - (emplive) (link found by Steve Farowich)

Wednesday, March 5, 2003
1 - Bob will play Tunica, Mississippi April 27 - (Bob Links)
2 - Apple music service forthcoming? - (MacCentral) (link found by me)
3 - Doc of ages Doc Watson - ( (link found by Travis)
4 - Book of the Week: "31 Songs" by Nick Hornby Wed. March 5th 9.45 am UK prg pays homage to the talents of Bob Dylan - (BBC Radio 4) (link found by Steve McDonnell) From .uk - .de. In the US: "Songbook" book and CD-ROM, from
5 - In a new book of poetry by poet, WH Auden critic, and teacher of English at Winchester College (England), Lachlan Mackinnon, there is a piece called 'Bob Dylan's Minnesota Harmonica Sound'. There is also a poem where the specific day is identified as 'the day Dylan released Street Legal'. (from Nick Hatfull)
6 - 'Highway 61': University of Florida Professor's Book a Father-Son Look at American Life - ( (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Lanois gets in his own licks - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Tuesday, March 4, 2003
1 - Dylan will play Houston April 22 & 23 - (BobDates)
2 - Old master better with age Wellington review - (Wairarapa Times-Age) (link found by NN)
3 - Dylan's "Love Sick" was used on a Victoria's Secret TV commercial in the U.S. last night (from Bob Schuren)
4 - Guitar from Dylan's first band donated to Hibbing library - (Star Tribune / AP) (link found by Dana Hanson)
5 - Singer-Songwriter Hank Ballard Dies - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky)
6 - Hank's for the memories of a Country great - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy, John Foyle)
7 - Killing 'em softly with a song kiss-off songs - (New Straits Times) (link found by John Foyle)
8 - Local fans author of rock-guitarist biography Mick Ronson - (Cantonrep) (link found by John Foyle)
9 - French: Harry Smith, pas psyché des vers - (Libération) (link found by John Foyle)
10 - German: Bacchanalien in Mississippi Othar Turner - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
11 - Clash Won't Play Rock Hall of Shame Dinner - (Fox News) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky)
12 - Famous faces jog amnesiac's lost memory - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Monday, March 3, 2003 (or 03.03.03)
1 - Bob's 1983 comment on the Israeli situation "Neighborhood Bully" - (indymedia - a different one) (link found by steve c., Richard Bacon)
2 - Common ground The wild men of rock who'd rather be playing golf - (Observer) (link found by Frank Desmond)
3 - Othar Turner, Mississippi Master of the Fife, Is Dead at 94 - (NY Times) (link found by Philip Gibbs
4 - invites comments (link found by Mike)
5 - "Live 1975" review - (figgle) (by Steve Walsh)
6 - "Blowin' in the wind" bonus track - Bob's Newport 1963 and al diesan's version ) (link found by al diesan)
7 - John Hammond - (Performance Channel) (link found by Steve McDonnell)
8 - Canadian legends muse over music Similarities abound for Robertson and Lanois - (National Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Sunday, March 2, 2003
Some readers have objected to yesterday's link #4. It shall not be removed, but I can warn you against following the link. It does not offer a balanced view of the Palestine - Israeli situation. This site will not be balanced on every question. I advise you to supplement your diet with intake from other sources.
1 - Don't think twice, Todd, it's all right: Why Bob Dylan's story is made for the big screen Haynes biopic - (Scotsman) (link found by Homer)
2 - 2003 Tour Down Under - (Olof's Files) (link from Olof Björner)
3 - Covers of the Month - (Olof's Files) (link from Olof Björner)
4 - dylan cd singles sleeves and more - (new site) (link found by Pachi Becerril)
5 - Croatian: Dylan na gospel nacim Gospel songs - (HT hinet) (link found by Bo)
6 - Croatian: Gospel Dylan - (VIP online) (link found by Bo)
7 - Final cover for "Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan" - (here) (link found by tmi) Order from
8 - slow train revisited - (ice) (link found by Alexandre Froemming, Mike Britten)
9 - Boxing: Slim Chance for Thin man - (Mirror) (link found by John Foyle)
10 - Musicians Band Together Against War Threat - (Common Dreams) (link found by John Foyle)
11 - Spanish: Madonna es amada en Irak At the opposite extreme [to Madonna, who was previously banned but is now receiving attention in the official Iraqi media due to her anti-war stance], artists like Barbara Streisand, Cher and Bob Dylan are still vetoed, in spite of having stated their opposition to the war, since their Jewish ancestry makes them much more suspect than the libertine ideas championed by Madonna. (translated by Jan Zoltowski) - (El Pais) (link found by John Foyle)
12 - Unify is the key word to Willie Nelson - (KnoxNews) (link found by John Foyle)
13 - Scott Amendola Band "Cry" Bob Dylan's "Masters of War," sung passionately by Carla Bozulich - (calendar live) (link found by John Foyle)
14 - Guidebook author hits oddity bonanza in Minnesota - (Star Tribune) (link found by John Foyle)
15 - Folk music songwriter once opened for Dylan - (Star Tribune) (link found by John Foyle)
16 - Norwegian: 01.30 Artist: Bob Dylan (Dylan for Dummies) - Listen at 730 pm EST/ 0030 GMT (NRK)
17 - Just Like a Woman Haynes biopic - (dotmusic) (link found by Robert Seward)

Saturday, March 1, 2003
1 - Austin, Texas concert dates - (BobLinks) (tip from Bernard Vasek)
2 - My webcam
3 - Charley Patton and Alan Lomax: Dead men waking - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle)
4 - Song For Palestine - (indymedia) Lyrics by Lawrence McGuire, using chords of "Chimes of Freedom" (link found by Wally Brooker)
5 - WFUV complete show: "I'll be your baby tonight" at 42 minutes - (Norah Jones) (link found by Alex Sherman)
6 - Library's Bob Dylan exhibit gets special guitar - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by John Foyle)
7 - Review: "The Essential Bob Dylan" - (Financial Review) (link found by John Foyle)
8 - 10 most dangerous intersections in the US #9 is on Hwy 61, says Justin Sullivan - (State Farm) (link found by John Ford)

Friday, Feb 28, 2003
From today on, I will be online from home, using a borrowed G4 Mac until I get my 17" PowerBook in a month or more.
1 - Museum Of Sound Recording Opening Soon In RKO Keith's - (Queens Chronicle) (link found by John Foyle)
2 - Just Like Old Times, a Jug Band in a Stompdown Jim Kweskin - (NY Times) (link found by Philip Gibbs)
3 - "Blowin' In The Wind" RealAudio guitar instrumental - (Inyo's Musical Renditions) (link found by Jim Linwood)
4 - The most patriotic of all Phil Ochs quote - (Metro Times) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
5 - Robbie Robertson gets most important award yet - ( (link found by John Foyle, Catina Prieur)
6 - Warren Zevon: "First Sessions" - (Varese Sarabande) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - Book of the Week: "31 Songs" by Nick Hornby Wed. March 5th programme pays homage to the talents of Bob Dylan - (BBC Radio 4) (link found by Steve McDonnell)
8 - Croatian: Glazbenu legendu Boba Dylana glumit će &zcirc;ena - ( (link found by Bo)
9 - The Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Homer - (Pitt News) (link found by John Foyle)

Thursday, Feb 27, 2003
1 - Pop essays from the heart Nick Hornby - (BBC) (link found by John Foyle)
2 - "Crazy: The Demo Sessions" Willie Nelson - (Hindustan Times) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - Gotta Serve Somebody - (Today in 1980: Grammy for Best Vocal Performance) (link found by Catina Prieur)
4 - Strummin' on my gay guitar - new site for live Dylan chords (link found by dylan81)
5 - Bono's American Prayer - (Christianity Today) (link found by Danny Wilson)
6 - Rocker Robbie Robertson says aboriginal honour is one of his special awards - (Canadian Press) (link found by John Foyle, Patrick Saunders)
7 - Blues legend returns to Vail James Solberg - (Vail Daily) (link found by John Foyle)
8 - Why the music is dying scroll down - (MSNBC) (link found by Patrick Saunders)
9 - French: Trois questions à Elliott Murphy, chanteur et guitariste new-yorkais - (Le Monde) (link found by Patrick Saunders)
10 - It's game about fame - (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune / KnoxNews) (link found by John Foyle)
11 - German: Junger Bob Dylan soll von einer Frau gespielt werden Haynes biopic - (Spiegel) (link found by Ulrich Schneider)
12 - Barbara Allen Part 3 - (link found by Henry's)

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003
1 - Today's Christchurch setlist (BobDates)
2 - The Trouble With Corporate Radio: The Day the Protest Music Died - (NY Times) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
3 - Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan photos - ( (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
4 - Tom Glazer, Folk Singer, Is Dead at 88 "On Top of Spaghetti", "Talking Inflation Blues" - (NY Times) (link found by John Foyle)

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003
1 - Tomorrow's concert in Christchurch, NZ, ends the Tour for now.
2 - Ex-Petty bassist Howie Epstein dead at 47 - (CNN / AP) (link found by Alex Leik, Larry Natkin)
3 - Overdose suspected in musician's death - (HeraldTribune / AP) (link found by John Foyle)
4 - Ex-Heartbreakers Bassist Epstein Dies - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Mike Dorn)
5 - Howie Epstein, formerly of the Heartbreakers dead - ( (link found by Harvey Bojarsky, Mike Dorn, Rog Dalrymple, Paul Pearson, Todd Bartolo)
6 - freewheelin-on-line take ten is now available to subscribers (link from John Stokes)
7 - "Gotta Serve Somebody: Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan" cover image - (grassrootsmusic) (link found by Sean Curnyn)
8 - Dylan Catalogue Goes Online - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Victor Puig from Barcelona)
9 - Norwegian: Things have changed - (pstereo) (link found by Ingve Aalbu)
10 - Gods and Generals is Good Hollywood -- Don't Go See It - (History News) (link found by jean-paul buquet)

Monday, Feb 24, 2003
1 - Wellington setlist (BobDates)
2 - Bob Dylan: at the North Shore Events Centre - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by Fred Muller, David Goldsmith, Phil Teece)
3 - Newcastle review - (BobLinks) (link found by Nick)
4 - "Gotta Serve Somebody: Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan" from - .ca (tip from Markus Prieur)
5 - A Stranger in Nashville, Struggling to Be Heard Willie Nelson - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson) From - .ca - .uk - .de.
6 - Where have all the protest songs gone? - (BBC) (link found by EH, Peter Dixon)
7 - 'Five years from now you'll see virtually no CD stores' - (Boston Globe) (link found by Norm Sigurdson)
8 - Newcomer Has a Big Night at Grammy Awards That's Norah, but Solomon got one too - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker)
9 - Solomon Burke Departs New York City With a Grammy in His Pocket and a '60 Minutes' Piece Under His Belt
10 - The Civil War Returns - (American Enterprise) pdf (link found by Jim Morrison)
11 - Italian: La leggenda Bob Dylan sul grande schermo - (il manifesto) (link found by Giorgio Brianese) - (Yahoo/PRNewswire) (link found by Catina Prieur)
12 - It ain't me, babe - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Songlist for the current Warren Zevon tour - (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Sunday, Feb 23, 2003
1 - Sweet Tunes, Fast Beats and a Hard Edge Chuck Berry - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker, John Foyle, ZipLock)
2 - New Lucinda Album +2 tracks on vinyl edition - (Lost Highway) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Norwegian: Dame som Bob Dylan Haynes biopic - (Dagbladet) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land Of The Midnight Sun)
4 - MSG reviews under "Writings" and new review in "Members" area - (Peter Stone Brown) (link found by Trev)
5 - Top Ten Grammy Moments: Dylan and Soy Bomb - (aol) (link found by Paul)
6 - Bob Dylan $57m richer after selling muse on eBay :-) - (Sean Hegarty's Journal) (link found by Miles Crawford)
7 - Ten deserving recordings that were given their due as Grammy Album of the Year - (Post-Gazette) (link found by drp, SoDamnHip, ElectricGypsy)
8 - Making 'Survivor' a Real Survival Test - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker)
9 - 1969: New' Dylan Album Bootlegged in LA - (taxhelp/Rolling Stone) (link found by Eric DeBeck)

Saturday, Feb 22, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan plays Auckland again today. Auckland setlist (correct link now) (BobDates)
2 - Bob Dylan to be played by a woman in his life story Todd Hayes biopic - (Independent) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken, David Brazier, Derek Keogh, René Audet, Lenka from Slovakia, Øyvind Brunvoll, Bill White, Eric DeBeck, Ian Daley)
3 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Dylan's horoscope - (StarIQ) (link found by KSS)
4 - Laugh the Blues Away - Cookbook illustrated by Suze Rotolo - (bluefishcookbook) (link found by Richard Hart) Order from
5 - The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton has been updated - (link found by Stephan Weber)
6 - Gods and Generals - (Globe and Mail) (link found by René Audet)
7 - "'Cross the Green Mountain" review - (EW) (link found by Michael Collins)
8 - Eat, drink and make music - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack regan)
9 - The Brilliant Mistakes - Larry Campbell plays on two tracks (link from Paul Mauceri)
10 - Bruce Springsteen tour rider - (Smoking Gun) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
11 - Sound of silence to end - (Evening Standard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
12 - New Lucinda Williams album "World Without Tears" March 25: Vinyl, April 8: CD (from HwyCDRrev)
13 - Grimmys or Grammys? - (MSNBC) (link found by Tom Coburn, Jack Regan)
14 - War! What is it good for? A brand new mix tape - (The State) (link found by John Foyle)
15 - "The Price of Oil" protest mp3 - ( (link found by Johan Decroos, Belgium)
16 - On the Letterman show they used Dylan's Suze-The Cough Song in the segment "Biff Henderson's America" Wednesday night as a segway (from Dakota Hawkins)
17 - Who won, who lost on trade deadline day Dylan quote - (ESPN) (link found by Gary Cinnamon)
18 - Woman to play Dylan in biopic - (BBC) (link found by Tom, John Foyle, Victor Puig from Barcelona)
19 - Todd Haynes: Heavenly bodies - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle)
20 - Dylan-sang på Radka Toneff-CD - ( (by Øyvind Brunvoll)

Friday, Feb 21, 2003
- - It's Larry Campbell's birthday today! Happy birthday!
1 - Today's Auckland setlist (BobDates)
2 - Bertelsmann sued over Napster - (MacCentral) (link found by me)
3 - Good vibrations from rock legends - (Australian) (link found by Phil Teece)
4 - Country Singer Johnny PayCheck Dies at 64 - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Carter Lewis)
5 - Paycheck enjoyed reputation as 'honky-tonker' - (Tennessean) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky, Magne Karlstad)
6 - Robert commercial "Subterranean Homesick Blues" look-alike video- (Boxer) (link found by Markus Hed)
7 - Bob Dylan & Michel Fest 2002 [BOX SET] by Michel Montecrossa, from (link found by Mark Goedegebuur)

Thursday, Feb 20, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan, Entertainment Centre - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by John Foyle, David Fenwick, ElectricGypsy, Mike Doecke, John Foyle, Phil Teece)
2 - Seeing Virtue in Life's Tribulations Rosanne Cash - (NY Times) (link found by JOhn Foyle)
3 - Dylan devotees' Highway 61 trip - (Daily Telegraph) (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
4 - Melbourne Feb 8 "Highway 61" mp3 Multimedia - ( (link found by Bo)
5 - Or here: Melbourne Feb 8 "Highway 61" mp3 bottom of page - (notdarkyet) (link found by Bo)
6 - Italian: Dylan Meeting 2003 When? - (link found by Bo)
7 - Sweden: H-D rockar: Dylan again? - (Harley-Davidson) (link found by Lars Lindh)
8 - "Simple Twist Of Fate" mpeg video 10.5 MB John Hammond Tribute, 1975 - (xxx) (link found by Michael)
9 - Sound clips - (dylanesque) (link found by Michael)
10 - "Mama You Been On My Mind" cover mp3 filed under "Music" - (jetsurfers) (link found by Audun Norgaard)
11 - In 'Gods' he trusts "Gods And Generals" - (calendar live) (link found by Alex Leik, Jesse Shanks, Howard Mirowitz, ElectricGypsy)

Wednesday, Feb 19, 2003
1 - Bath Tub From Bob Dylan's Hibbing MN Home! - (ebay) (link found by Magne, Arie de Reus, Martina)
2 - Bruce Langhorne - ( (link found by Jeff Klepper)
3 - Boomers still get off on their rockers - (Australian) (link found by David Fenwick)
4 - More Beatles Tapes Surface - (E! Online) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
5 - June: Austria Dylan Festival at the Plankenstein castle - ( (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
6 - "Blind Willie McTell" cover mp3 - (Bones) (link found by Carsten Boesel)
7 - Jazz Fest Blooms With Dylan, CSN, LL Cool J - (Billboard) (link found by Jesse Shanks, ElectricGypsy)
8 - Smithsonian Folkways Dusts Off Titles With New Technology - (NY Times) (link found by Peter Stone Brown, Douglas Schlachter)
9 - Singin' the Blues Facsimiles replace the original masters - (OpinionJournal) (link found by Frank Trainor)

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2003
1 - Today's Newcastle setlist (BobDates)
2 - Blowin' in the Wind - ( (by Manor)
3 - Some recent cover versions of Bob Dylan songs Marc Carroll, Loup Garou - ( (link found by Artur J)
4 - Earle is a rebel with a cause - (Boston Globe) (link found by John Foyle)
5 - Bob Dylan Birthday Bash May 26 - (B.B.King Blues Club) (link found by Alfonso Iachini)
6 - Dylan don't rock - (Canberra Times) (link found by Phil Teece)
7 - Sold: Bob Dylan LP-Box with 20 white LPs - (eBay) (link found by Rich Powell)

Monday, Feb 17, 2003
1 - Today's Sydney setlist (BobDates)
2 - Bob & Lucinda April 26 - also April 25 - (New Orleans Jazzfest) (link found by David R. Smith, Mark Smith, John Pruski)
3 - Bob May 4 - (Sunfest) (link found by David R. Smith)
4 - Moments . . . at Homer's Music and Gifts - (Omaha World-Herald) (link found by Doug Richard)
5 - Black's Tracks - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan, Dan Reaves, ZipLock)
6 - Country Radio: Nowhere in New York - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson, newstracker)
7 - Singing to the Grown-Ups, and Selling Norah Jones - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson, Jerry Chambers)
8 - Johnny Cash "Hurt" video QuickTime, also for Mac - (markromanek) (link found by Denoix (Ostend, Belgium))
9 - Enter on your WAP phone or PDA to try my WAP site.
10 - Jukes' honors history of Mississippi blues clubs - (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - In God on our side we trust - (gomemphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jim Maynard)
12 - Kathleen Edwards on Leno Tonight The new Lucinda? - (musicstation) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Sunday, Feb 16, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan Custom Mix CD - (yes, they are official!)
2 - Very early post from 1989 - (Google)
3 - Adelaide review - (BobLinks) (by Maris Sayner)
4 - The good, the bad, and the indulgent Sundance assessment - (Toledo Blade) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Robinson sounds great doing same old thing - (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - SunFest lands Dylan as closer - (Palm Beach Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Todd Ellenberg)
7 - The best my-mate-left-me-song is Bob Dylan's ... halfway down the page - (Columbus Dispatch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - The Blues Today: A Living Blues Symposium - (livingblues) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Bob Dylan 1979 pix - (Robert Bennett) (link found by Adrian Hayes)
10 - Ralph Lauren - (Newsday) (link found by John Foyle)
11 - People in America - Woody Guthrie, Part Two - (VOA) (link found by John Foyle)
12 - Ask Hilburn - "Love and Theft" - (LA Times) (link found by Manor)
13 - I heard Ron Sexsmith's "These Days" yesterday and liked it. Audio sample at
14 - With Pop On Our Side - (ORF) (link found by markus berger)
15 - sharp eyed men - (sharp eyed men) (link found by Jasper Steenbergen)

Saturday, Feb 15, 2003
1- I have sold my old house! And now I may shave off my beard (although I am still waiting for the new 17" PowerBook to be available - I was going to save the beard until then).
2 - Today's Perth setlist (BobDates)
3 - Bob Dylan Custom Mix CD Password barrier may not be gone before Tuesday, says Foggy - (from Columbia Records) (link found by, Uwe Meilchen, Robert Buchanan, desdemona)
4 - Former heartbreaker signs with Sony - (Nashville Citypaper) (link found by John Foyle)
5 - The Band - The Last Waltz [180-gram vinyl] signed by Robbie - (Rhino handmade) (link found by HwyCDRrev, Ron Mura, John Klink)
6 - Tour blowing the dust from Gutherie legacy - (Austin American-Statesman) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Pretenders' Hynde is the real thing - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Review: "Gods and Generals" soundtrack - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Bob Dylan Duet With Mavis Staples Highlights Gospel Tribute to Dylan Due in March - (Yahoo / PR Newswire) (link found by Catina Prieur)
10 - America's subconscious soundtrack Year of the Blues - (MSNBC) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - NASHVILLE SKYLINE: Johnny Cash's "Hurt" Video - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Tony Garnier site - (Northcountryblues
13 - On a Cloud of Folk-Pop Kenny Rankin - (NY Times) (link found by NYT NewsTracker, Cliff Warnken, Daniel A. Petit)

Friday, Feb 14, 2003
1 - Dylan provides the guesswork Brisbane review - (Courier-Mail) (link found by Evelyn Plater, Tricia, DEWOX, David Fenwick)
2 - Artists Salute Dylan's Inspirational Albums Gospel songs - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev, Ørjan Hjorth, Jesse Shanks, Adam Blaylock, Victor Puig from Barcelona)
3 - Dylan goes Gospel - (Rolling Stone) (link found by John Foyle, Victor Puig from Barcelona)
4 - Italian: La vita di Bob Dylan diventerà un film - (il Resto del Carlino) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
5 - Red-hot 'Blues' - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Rage against the machine Ani DiFranco - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by John Foyle)
7 - McGarcia: Wake the Dead's long strange Celtic trip - (Oakland Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - 'Let it Be'? Yeah, yeah, yeah NDC - (deseretnews) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Skewed priorities - (Kansas City) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - French: Daniel Lanois de retour à Montréal en mars - (Cyberpresse) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Dylan 1966 pictures by Dan Volpeliere-Pierrot - ( (link found by Adrian Hayes)
12 - Norwegian: "Standing in the doorway" - (pstereo) (link found by Ingve aalbu)
13 - Melbourne 2003 - Billy & Larry photo - (DylanPool) (link found by Arthur Louie)

Thursday, Feb 13, 2003
1 - Today's Adelaide setlist (BobDates)
2 - Map: Australian Tour 2002 - (DylanPool) (link found by Bo)
3 - Film Dialogue in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan - (by Jim Linwood)
4 - Allen Ginsberg: New York Blues - (Daily Vanguard) (link found by John Foyle)
5 - 75 achievements Oscar forgot - (Orlando Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Stuttgart 1991 intro and first "song" - (Razor's Edge) (link found by Homer)
7 - Jimi Hendrix's Remains Moved to New Memorial Site Nearing Completion in Seattle Suburb - (AP) (link found by Paul)
8 - Hard Rain - Dylan tribute band - (STL Today) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Oh, for a cheeseburger - (STL Today) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Folk music makers pour into Music City - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - How could you leave this out? Readers respond to the 50-best cover songs - (Austin-American Statesman) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - In the tradition of Woody Guthrie - ( (link found by Oxnard Montalvo)

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2003
1 - Washington's Front-Row Seat For History "Gods And Generals" - (Washington Post (wants your sex, zip and age)) (link found by John Foyle, Bill Baratta)
2 - Todd Haynes plans to direct Bob Dylan biopic - (EW) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - "With God On My Side" - new verse - (Bushwatch) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
4 - The "Dead" are not quite the "Grateful Dead" - ( (link found by Paul Pearson)
5 - Three cheers for the '50s - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Lindley builds career on bootlegs - (SF Gate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Aaron Neville, "Believe" covers Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody" - (Chicago Sun Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Rocker and activist Chrissie Hynde heads to Akron for a homecoming - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - An album to set mood for romance incl. Norah Jones "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" - (Gulf News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2003
1 - Today's Brisbane setlist (BobDates)
2 - Looking for Bob Dylan - (Herald Sun) (link found by John Foyle, Louise)
3 - Early demos show Red-Headed Stranger ahead of his time Willie Nelson - (Kansas City Star) (link found by John Foyle)
4 - Gibson and Baldwin ‘Kill Fascists’ at Folk Alliance Conference - (Gibson) (link found by Dave Johnson)
5 - "Nashville Sings Woody" a riveting cultural experience - (Gibson) (link found by Dave Johnson)
6 - Super session man: Kooper happy to move to fringe of music industry - (Boston Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Peter Stone Brown's website has been updated with new shows on the gigs page, as well as new audio and video in the Members Area. There is also some reviews and setlists up there now for the past few psb shows. (from Trev)
8 - Melbourne mp3s bottom of page - (notdarkyet) (link found by notdarkyet1)
9 - Musician key to Wilmington's plans David Bromberg - (Delaware online) (link found by Sean Day)

Monday, Feb 10, 2003
1 - Even for Bob, things have changed - (Australian) (link found by Martina Thierfelder)
2 - Shop owner traveled on long, winding road Nick Topping brought Dylan to Milwaukee in 1964... - (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) (link found by John Foyle, Marty Traynor, Paul)
3 - Italian: "'Cross The Green Mountain" literary commentary - (Maggie's Farm) (by Salvatore Esposito)
4 - Fine performers overcome festival's blues - (The Age) (link found by John Foyle, ElectricGypsy)
5 - Melbourne's feast of festivals - (Herald Sun) (link found by John Foyle)
6 - Next Sunday, the 16th, CBS Sunday Morning will be airing a story about Dylan and Jakob. 9 a.m. to 10:30, EST. (tip from Dee, Paul, Gary Baughn)
7 - Rubin "Hurricane" Carter - The Innocence Project - (Griffith University) (link found by Martin Barrack)

Sunday, Feb 9, 2003
1 - Dylan brings show to life - (Herald Sun front page) (link found by John Foyle, Dag Braathen, Alfonso, Fred Rufi)
2 - Instant live CDs of a concert? Testing to begin in Boston - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev, Douglas Schlachter)
3 - Johnny Cash video "Hurt" - (Johnny Cash Chart News) (link found by hodah)
4 - "Ferit d'amor" ("Love Sick" in catalan) mp3 plus another - (Jorcx) (link found by Artur J)
5 - "'Cross The Green Mountain" french translation: "Par les monts verdoyants" - (Traduction Bob Dylan) (link found by Francois Guillez)
6 - Dylan Film Panned After Sundance Premiere - (Launch / Yahoo) (link found by Tom Ceraulo)

Saturday, Feb 8, 2003
1 - Today's Melbourne setlist (BobDates)
2 - It's Dylan, knockin' on Melbourne's door - (The Age, also on front page) (link found by Mark A. Mikeska, Robert Reitman, Outfidel, ElectricGypsy, howlinwolf, Phil Hand)
3 - Tangled Up In Blue - (The Age) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Dylan pictures - (The Age) (link found by howlinwolf)
5 - Zevon Reissues Tout Bonus Material - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Early Van Zandt Unearthed First recordings by Texas songwriter due in April - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Don Himmelspach)

Friday, Feb 7, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan: New Shakespeare of the Movies "Masked & Anonymous" review - (Culturedose) (link found by liane & howell)
2 - Rastafarians wanted some respect for their religious beliefs -- yesterday authorities responded - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Patrick C.)
3 - Bob Dylan discusses the state of music, ceativity and a five-star-review - (Hilburn, LA Times 2001) (link found by francis mckee)
4 - The 500 greatest photos in rock history. - (rockx-posed) (link found by Jeff Butler)
5 - Norwegian: Tangled Up in Blue - (pstereo) (link from Ingve Aalbu)
6 - Down from the Mountain "Masked & Anonymous" - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)

Thursday, Feb 6, 2003
Bob Dylan opened his tour Down Under tonight in Canberra, Australia.
1 - Canberra setlist - Bill Burnette has replaced Charlie Sexton on guitar - (BobDates)
2 - Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@ NDC - (In These Times)
3 - Joan Baez audio interview - (KQED) (link found by Jim Linwood)
4 - Slovene: Live 1975 - (rockon) (link found by Bo)
5 - Slovene: Live 1975 - (mladina) (link found by Bo)
6 - The Producer Phil Spector - (Guardian) (link found by Martin Foyle)
7 - "Blowin' In The Wind" bonus track - (by al-diesan) (link found by al diesan)
8 - Nashville to pay monthlong tribute to folk legend Woody Guthrie - ( / AP) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Wednesday, Feb 5, 2003
1 - Pop's lost genius Phil Spector's first interview in 25 years, made before recent events. - (Telegraph) Registration required, but this interview is worth it. I normally only link to one newspaper that requires registration - The New York Times, which is always worth reading.
2 - Record producer Spector arrested in slaying - (CNN) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
3 - The first lady of songwriting returns Lucinda Williams - (ICE) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
4 - Vintage Dylan captured - 1966 Home Movies - (AP / FYI London) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Croatian: Live 1975 - (VIP online) (link found by Bo)
6 - Speaker profiles lives of musical storytellers Larry David Smith's book showcases Dylan and Springsteen - (Ball State Daily News) (link found by Arthur Louie)

Tuesday, Feb 4, 2003
1 - Hear the full "'Cross the Green Mountain" You need to sign up first - (Sony Classical) (link found by Gavin Lesnick)
2 - Order "Gods and Generals" soundtrack, Ltd. Ed. with Dylan video from -
3 - Croatian: Live 1975 - (moj HT hinet) (link found by Bo)
4 - New Simply Red album set for March Incl. cover of Bob Dylan classic 'Positively 4th Street' - (RTE) (link found by JohnFoyle)
5 - Don't Sever a High-Tech Lifeline for Musicians Janis Ian: mp3s create sales - (LA Times) (link found by Michael Ugorowski)
6 - German: Von Bohlen & Reibach Joplin's and Dylan's outfits would not stand a chance on this TV show - (Spiegel) (link found by Philipp Reutter)
7 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! - (Isis) (link found by Derek Barker)
8 - 100 best songs of all time Picked by Peter Holmes - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Stephen Baker, ElectricGypsy, Douglas Schlachter)
9 - Carolyn Hester (among others)  to perform at UK Dylan Convention - 17/05/03' (tip from John Stokes)
10 - It's time for the RIAA to sing a different song - (Inquirer) (link found by Charles Edinger)
11 - Spanish: Locos Por Dylan - (El Nacional) (link found by Adrian from Argentinan)

Monday, Feb 3, 2003
1 - Forty years on, Bob makes the top 50 - (The Age) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Víctor Puig from Barcelona)
2 - "'Cross The Green Mountain" full lyrics - (notdarkyet) (link found by notdarkyet)
3 - Singing the blues? Yes please - (The Age) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken)
4 - A handy primer to the Year of the Blues W. C. Handy - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Anagrams reveal bands' true colours - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Lou Reed's poem to Poe Some Kate & Anna content - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan Tribute) to perform at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, Sunday, February 9th (tip from Joel Gilbert)
8 - Marylanders have fun at Sundance, Slamdance - (sunspot) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Retro merchandise Dylan Desire T-shirt iron-on - (retroduck) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
10 - Cerys Matthews is to marry Bob Dylan is to be best man - (BBC) (link found by Brenda Miles)
11 - Music Legend Arrested In Connection With Homicide Phil Spector - (NBC) (link found by moltencore3)
12 - Phil Spector, Record Producer, Arrested - (NY Times / AP) (link found by myself)
13 - Music Producer Phil Spector Held in Fatal Shooting - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky)
14 - Star charged with murder - (Sky News) (link found by Fred Lawton)

Sunday, Feb 2, 2003
1 - Lee Grans's Outtakes M & A words - (SignOnSanDiego) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Pete (Townshend): Email that clears me - (Sun) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Happy birthday to me, sings Al Kooper - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - "Beautiful Road" album produced by Tony Garnier - (KateTaylor) (link found by Joy MUnsey)
5 - The battle of the bans - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - 'Troubadour', the latest work from the pen of author Andrew Muir, advance orders now being accepted (Judas!) (tip from Keith Wootton)
7 - Aaron Neville Biography Big Dylan fan - (nevilles) (link found by David Bilodeau)

Saturday, Feb 1, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan fan locator - (globaldust) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
2 - The 50 best cover songs of all time - (Austin Statesman) (link found by BVasek, Cliff Warnken)
3 - Stars invade Oz: Dylan, the Stones, the Boss, Jackson Browne, and many more - (evatt) (link found by Christopher Sheil)
4 - Guitarist Wood wields a mean pencil, too - (Inside Denver) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Piracy on the cyberseas - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - From Temperance to Sundance - (Toledo Blade) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Dylan at his darndest - (Mercury News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Circle Remains Strong With Dirt Bandâs Friends - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Cash's Latest Work of Art - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - "Times they are-a-changin" sound sample by Dylanesque - (fab productions) (link found by e.crimmins)
11 - February's Ice magazine says "Lucinda will perform at Jazzfest in New Orleans, and a gig with Dylan is expected to take place there that same weekend." (tip from Rhett Thomas)
12 - Bob Dylan, Kent 3/11/02 - (blackside) (by Hynek Pallas)
13 - Ralph Stanley on Austin City Limits tomorrow night - (link found by HwyCDRrev)
14 - Larry Sloman goes On the Road with Bob Dylan - (High Times) (link found by Bob Mazer)
15 - Los Lobos still howling; fans still run in packs Play track in M & A - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by John Foyle)

Friday, Jan 31, 2003
1 - New Dylan show Feb 18 Newcastle NSW Tickets on sale now - (ticketek) (link found by Tricia)
2 - Baghdad Awash in U.S. Goods, Pop Culture - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John Foyle)
3 - Dylan Festival May 30 - June 1, Verona - (link found by ridders)
4 - Music companies test ways to combat copying of CDs - (Globe Technology) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Norwegian: Bob Dylan slaktes - (NRK) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Tor Arve Barøy)
6 - Too Much i' the Sun - (LA Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Thursday, Jan 30, 2003
1 - Dylan's Thunder Live 1975 - (evatt) (link found by James Pope)
2 - Woody's pastures of plenty - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - The Fearless 50 - (AARP) (link found by Charles Owens)
4 - Italian: "Vorrei l'eternitˆ, come Hooker e Dylan" - (zan) (link found by Corriere della Sera)

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003
1 - Elvis, Dylan to Be Preserved - (Rolling Stone) (link found by John Foyle, Stephen Baker)
2 - Effort to Protect Recordings Begins - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Daniel A. Petit)
3 - U.S. Recordings Most Telling, Not Best-Selling - (LA Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken, LeeAnn Hansen)
4 - Feds Preserving Elvis, Dylan - (Yahoo / E! Online) (link found by Georgianna Johnson, Bob Mazer)
5 - The National Recording Registry 2002 - (Library of Congress) (link found by Ken Feinleib)
6 - Play it again and again, Sam - (SF Gate) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John Foyle)
7 - Music lovers not listening to one-time cash offer - (Louisville Scene) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Sundance has 'original' down to an alt-science Worst film? ... - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Sundance 2003 Wrap-Up the more stars an indie movie attracts, the worse it will be - (Yahoo) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
10 - dylan cd singles sleeves and more - (link found by Pachi Becerril)

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2003
1 - "Cross the Green Mountain" video The video will be on the bonus DVD - order from - (Dana's Page) (tip from Marion Hitzenhammer, Phil Mason, Dana)
2 - The DylanPool is accepting entries for the upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand (link found by Arthur Louie)
3 - The Alternative Bob Dylan Albums - (new Dylan site) (link found by Can't Wait)
4 - German: Jürgen erfindet Zeitmaschine True Dylan - (Taz-Ruhr) (link found by Holger Pauler)
5 - Musical backtracks - 25 years since "Renaldo & Clara" - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Boomers' backward look a theme at Sundance - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - There is No Eye: Photographs by John Cohen - (Georgia Museum of Art) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Big guns join SACD/DVD-Audio fight - (USA Today) (link found by Chuck Koch)
9 - Burns: Bob Dylan of the 18th century - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Monday, Jan 27, 2003
1 - Larry Charles Explains the Motivation Behind 'Masked & Anonymous' - (zap2it) (link found by Manor)
2 - Masked and Anonymous - a review - ( (by Michael G. Smith)
3 - Masked and Anonymous Screening - (smalltalkatthewall) (link found by mac)
4 - Premiere Night Out Cruz, Slater, M & A - (Sky News) (link found by Manor)
5 - Cast just a-blowin' in Sundance wind - (Jam!) (link found by Manor)
6 - Springsteen, Zeppelin Records Honored as Classics Grammy Hall of Fame - (Yahoo / Reuters / Variety) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
7 - Politics on Screen at Sundance Festival - (NPR) (link found by mjdorn)
8 - Subterranean Record Store Blues - (Daily Camera) (link found by Google and me)

Sunday, Jan 26, 2003
1 - Watch the video for the new Dylan song "Cross the Green Mountain" on TNT (US) during "Gettysburg" this afternoon between 5:15 and 5:45pm ET/PT .
2 - Blogging Sundance - Dispatchn #8 - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Mystique takes a hit in Dylan's 'Masked' - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Manor)
4 - Not masked or anonymous, but pretty well covered -- it's the star! - (Detroit Free Press) (link found by Manor)
5 - Songs in M & A - (Google) (list posted by by Arthur Louie)
6 - Freewheelin-on-line take nine is available to subscribers (from John Stokes)

Saturday, Jan 25, 2003
1 - The new Bob Dylan video for "Cross the Green Mountain" will debut on Turner Network Television (TNT) this Sunday during "Gettysburg", between 5:15 and 5:45 EST, going up against the Superbowl Pre-Game show. (tip from Jay Spiegelman, Jack Kelleher,, the jester on the sidelines)
2 - Inner Tube - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Dylan video preview from CNN - (notdarkyet) (link found by notdarkyet)
4 - The Civil War Inside Sony - (Wired) (link found by me)
5 - In His Time of Dying Warren Zevon - (NY Times) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
6 - What about Bob? - (People) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Utah Jazzed - (EW) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Emmylou Harris returning home to accept music hall of fame award - (Birmingham News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Sundance Film Festival With Jake Tapper - (Washington Post) (link found by Bill Baratta)
10 - Normal Guy - (page six) (link found by Faith Hartzler, Richard B. Sharrock)
11 - The file-sharing antidote: Bonus DVDS - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Leif Johansson)
12 - Lucinda Williams Returns Without Tears - (chart attack) (link found by Jeff Klepper)
13 - Woody Guthrie: A Man in the Sand (Ovation channel)1/30/2003 11AM, 2/11/2003 8PM, 2/12/2003 12AM (tip from Mary Shutak-Jenkins)

Friday, Jan 24, 2003
1 - Warren Zevon is 56 today, and we all wish him a happy birthday. (Rolling Stone Daily) (tip from Paul Pearson)
2 - German: Warren Zevon Birthday Special - (radio eins tonight, 21.00 -23.00 CET) (link found by Helmut Heimann)
3 - Sundance's biggest star - Roger Ebert reviews "Masked And Anonymous" - (Cicago Sun-Times) (from Peter Stone Brown, Cliff Warnken, Frank Trainor)
4 - Dylan unmasked as movie's writer - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Mike Stillman, liane & howell, Cliff Warnken)
5 - Sundance Notebook: ... Dylan Ducks Out M&A writer revealed - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by Otto Thompson, LeeAnn Hansen)
6 - Making movies, making moves - (LA Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - The picture links yesterday may have caused the W32.Elem.Trojan virus to appear on Peter Meerman's PC. Anybody else with the same experience?
8 - It's been a hard reign - and it shows, Mr Dylan - (Daily Telegraph) (link found by John Scarrott)
9 - Swedish: Dylan's nya frissa - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Hans Johnsson, Jim Morrison)
10 - French: Et l'homme sous le bonnet s'appelle... - (Liberation) (link found by Felix Wenzel)
11 - Italian: Vecchio e biondo, riecco il Dylan attore "Masked And Anonymous" story - (Corriere della Sera) (link found by Alberto Cuccu, Paolo Cazzato)
12 - Old-timers are a-changin' - (Sun) (link found by Homer, John Scarrott, Chris Gabb)
13 - German: Wie sieht Bob Dylan denn aus? - (Abendblatt) (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
14 - Ry Cooder and mambo politics - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - "Doin' Dylan" tonight at Maple Heights, OH - (link found by Ken Dixon)
16 - Adopt_a_Leaf programÊ - plus new vine and weeds message boardsÊ at
17 - Concert salutes life, music of Woody Guthrie - (Oakland Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
18 - Robbie Robertson Will Spill His Guts At CMW - (chartattack) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
19 - German: Der laute Tod vor dem stillen Alter - (Stuttgarter Zeitung) (link found by Thomas Brenneisen)

Thursday, Jan 23, 2003
1 - Pictures of Dylan and other "Masked And Anonymous" actors - (Yahoo) (link found by Jeanette Salskov, JP, Tom Farnsworth, Anneke)
2 - More images Write "Bob Dylan" in search box! - (wireimage) (link found by Jeanette Salskov)
3 - Sundance Sight Another Bob photo - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John Foyle, Ned Buddy, Jamie Reeve, ElectricGypsy)
4 - Old-Style Sundance vs. Star-Studded Premieres - (NY Times) (link found by David R. Smith, Cliff Warnken)
5 - Roger McGuinn signing an autograph for Tony Blair - (Free Republic) (link found by d x)
6 - The Aristotle of America' Woody Guthrie - (Mercury News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Live 1975 - (swizzle-stick) (link found by Junkstack)
8 - Highway 61 review by Nat Hentoff - (HiFi/Stereo Review Feb 1966) (scan by Russell)

Wednesday, Jan 22, 2003
1 - A New Folk Star in Ascendance - Freewheelin' review jpg 1 - jpg 2 - (HiFi/Stereo Review Nov 1963) (scan by Russell)
2 - Sony's New Day - (MSNBC) (link found by Eric Wishart)
3 - Wainwright still a jester with a message - (U-Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - NRBQ - Rock'n'Roll's Best Kept Secret (A&E Sunday Jan 26, 8 - 10 AM EST) (tip from Paul Fredrickson)
5 - Play: "Bob Dylan and the Lawn Jockey Revolution" - (Citypaper) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2003
1 - Bob Dylan gets 1st Handy nomination - (UPI) (link found by ElectricGypsy, lacrimatty, Alex Leik)
2 - Handys hail the many shades of blues - (gomemphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - W.C. Handy Blues Award Nominees Dylan's "Stepchild" - (handyawards) (link found by Victor Puig from Barcelona, Gregory R. King)
4 - The Return Of Jim Dickinson - (neumu) (link found by Will Rigby)
5 - Norwegian: Hør nye Dylan - (NRK) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Rock 'n' roll dream date Jagger-Lennon recording? - (metromix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - German: Legal, illegal, ins Regal Bootlegs - (Die Welt) (link found by Martina, ElectricGypsy)
8 - German: Stephan Teuwissen, Leiter der Theaterwerkstatt Vonalltagbiszurich - (zueritipp) (link found by Max Cherry)
9 - Redford speaks out against war - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
10 - Swedish: Bob Dylan tänder stjärnorna - (SvD) (link found by Markus Heds)
11 - Norwegian: Slipp l¿s din kreativitet - (Nettavisen) (link found by Marius Hjelle)

Monday, Jan 20, 2003
1 - Gods and Generals - (ronmaxwell) (link found by mattias davidsson)
2 - New SACD Titles From Peter Gabriel, The Police, Dylan and More - (audiorevolution) (link found by Robert Buchanan)
3 - Townshend's intelligence failed him - (Inside Denver) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Pete Townshend's own words - (hecktow) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Record stores getting burned - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Mother's Hunger for Justice at Heart of 'Emmett Till' - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Film addresses murder of Emmett Till - (AP / CNN) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - "Diamond Joe" mp3 excerpt (from M&A?( - ( (link found by Bo)
9 - New Dylan Film Unveiled... - (The stereo effect) (link found by EH)
10 - Great Music Warms up the Festival - (Sundance) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - JAN 18 SF Rally audio (4 hours) - (inymedia) (link found by Jim Linwood)
12 - Joan Baez picture - (SF Gate) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
13 - Unchained Memories Slave narratives, incl "Wade in the Water" - (HBO) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Barking Dogg and Rolling Thunder Live 1975 - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - The United States of America has gone mad Opinion - (Times) (link found by Paul Pearson)
16 - Keeping the National in International - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
17 - D A Pennebaker Q & A - (BBC) (link found by Eric DeBeck)
18 - Dylan's dictate: keep it simple - (Herald Sun) (link found by Victor Puig from Barcelona)
19 - Dylan treat for Stones fans - ( (link found by Vernon Purnell)

Sunday, Jan 19, 2003
1 - "Cross The Green Mountain" chords - (Dylanchords)
2 - Windows Media and the Sundance bid - (MSN) (link found by Mark Peterson)
3 - "Hearts of Fire" Sunday 1/19 at 12:00 CST USA - (Trio) (link found by Ryan Greer)
4 - 'Better start to swim or sink like a stone' - (Straits Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy, John Foyle)
5 - 31 songs that changed my life - (Observer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Sponsor pulls plug on Aids concert at Mandela jail island - (Observer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - In Europe and America, peace gets a chance Baez sings Dylan in DC - (Independent) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
8 - New country stars not afraid of rock 'n' roll influences - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John Foyle
9 - An indie to the core NDC - (LA Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Furay's foray into Christian music rereleased - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John Foyle)
11 - 35 years ago today: Woody Guthrie concert - (Denver Post - Musical backtracks) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Saturday, Jan 18, 2003
1 - Hear the debut of Bob Dylan's brand-new song "Cross the Green Mountain"- (Netscape) (link found by, Jessica R, Rick Seay, Stephen @ TV Talkin', ElectricGypsy, Jamesthomasmusic, Matt Bryden, Norbert Krapf, Baptiste, Ken&Rhonda, Todd Bartolo, Michelle Engert)
2 - Pre-order "Of Gods and Generals" Soundtrack Ltd Ed including DVD with Bob Dylan performing "Cross the Green Mountain": From - .ca - .uk. (link found by, Lars Haltbrekken)
3 - "Cross the Green Mountain" lyrics - (Google) (posted by James Zadok)
4 - Stars join an eclectic Sundance ...rumors are rife that Bob Dylan will show up to play a private concert - (Seattle Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Music legend performs at The Upstage McGuinn, Carson City, Tuesday Jan 21 - (Record-Courier) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Dylan on "Gods and Generals" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
7 - mp3 - (aol) (link found by Martina, dave cumerlato)
8 - mp3 - (notdarkyet) (link found by Notdarkyet1)
9 - Dylan Crosses The 'Mountain' On AOL - (Billboard) (link found by Jason Koffman, Jesse Shanks)
10 - "Knocking on Dylan's door" play - ( (link found by Brian O'Connell)
11 - Not your dad's Dylan - (Missoulian's Entertainer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Friday, Jan 17, 2003
The email address now works again, so good URL tips are welcome.
1 - Doubt Meets Determination on the Road to Sundance BobStuff in last paragraph - (NY Times) (link found by NYT Newstracker, Gary Cinnamon)
2 - "Masked and Anonymous" sold out Click on title- (Sundance) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Thursday, Jan 16, 2003
1 - masked and anonymous Two film clips! - ( (link found by Sean McArdle)
2 - 'Faith Music' carries Jakob Dylan - (Edna Gunderson, Gannett) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - 'The Trials of Lenny Bruce' - (NPR) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Cuing up rare clips of rock stars - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Tech, music firms said to have deal on copyright - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Blasts From The Past - (NY Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Elvis track voted "song that changed the world" - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Billboard Bits: Bob Dylan,... - (Billboard) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Live 1975 - (Daily Camera) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Live 1975 - (dry lightning) (link found by Werner Pastula)
11 - "The sci-fi series Star Trek has quite a few famous groupies, including Bob Dylan and Tom Hanks, who can actually name the episodes." (Star 1/7/03) (blurb found by Sandybeach42)
12 - Isis updated with current news about Japan etc - (link found by Derek Barker)
13 - 50 Greatest Singles - Ever! #4 - (Shredding) (link found by Kenny)
14 - The Woody Guthrie 90th Year Celebration - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - CD Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust LitigationÊSettlement Get back $20 (US) (link found by Paul Pearson)

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2003
1 - Dylan Film Picked Up by Distributor - (Go) (link found by Tricia, John Foyle)
2 - Masked & Anonymous - (imdb) (link found by jörgen Lindström)
3 - Elvis tune is 'song that changed world' - (CNN) (link found by Rob Stuart)
4 - Backward Christian soldiers - (the Age) (link found by Tricia, John Foyle)
5 - Judas! magazine brings out issue #4 (tip from Keith Wootton)
6 - Where the Home in the Valley Met the Damp Dirty Prison - (Counterpunch) (link found by Tom Fischer)
7 - Ronnie Hawkins interviewed re the death of Richard "King Biscuit Boy" Newell - (As It Happens) (link found by Faith L. Hartzler)
8 - Dear Abby: My nephew was married six months ago... - (uexpress) (link found by Greg King)
9 - Folk Alliance to Award Ralph Stanley, Rev. Gary Davis, Sing Out! - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Cops get back lost Beatles tapes - 1969 rehearsals recorded as band was breaking up - (SF Gate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Into the misfit Van Morrison bio by Clinton Heylin - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Rare Harrison Recordings - (Really Good Music) (link found by Daniel Moore)
13 - Classic Albums Get Super-Audio Reissues - (Billboard) (link found by Lucas Hanft)

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2003
My son John Erik's net connection is disastrous. I have tried for one hour to get all my mail, but still only half of it is in.

Monday, Jan 13, 2003
1 - Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour - (Val Denn Agency) (link found by Saul Garlick)
2 - Year of the Blues - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Plans for armory attract support from all quarters< - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Slumping record labels peer uneasily into Web-shrouded future - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Sunday, Jan 12, 2003
1 - Greil Marcus: Elvis Again - (Threepenny Review) (link found by William Robertson, Murray Pereira)
2 - It's all over now, Bobby blue. You've teed us off - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Karen R)
3 - Questions undermine armory plans - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - NBC President to Take Over at Sony Music - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker)
5 - Tangles Up In Blues Playing with Earl (Fatha) Hines - (NY Times)
6 - "Lyrics" and "Chronicles" May 15, 2003? - (Hoffman und Campe) (links found by Torsten Mewes)
7 - Let's not have a pop Pop stars on film - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Brazil: s Revista elege Bob Dylan como "gênio do rock" - (Yahoo) (link found by Adrian from Argentina)
9 - MP3 Cleveland, Ohio, 17th July 1991 - (auvac) (link found by Adrian from Argentina)
10 - MP3 "People Putting People Down", 17th Aug 1991 - (jokerman) (link found by Adrian from Argentina)
11 - Students write to, and for, real-life poets - (NY Times / Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
12 - "A Pirate Looks At Forty" (Dylan + Baez) mp3 - Lyrics - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
13 - The Mysterious Norman Raeben, the son of Shalom Aleichem, the man behind Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks (all this from Karl Kotas)
14 - The Oolong story - (syberpunk) The Oolong page is down as I write but I have no doubt it will be back up--here are the last pictures of Oolong in happier days,here is the death of Oolong, and here are the weblogs Folded Space and Defective Yeti on Oolong's passing. (links found by Karl Kotas)
15 - Lend us your ears Last Paragraph: Anna Moo's "Moochas Gracias" - (NY Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - Freewheelin' festival Annual tribute to Bob Dylan has grown bigger and rowdier through the years - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by David R. Smith)
16 - Maurice Gibb, Bassist for the Bee Gees, Dies at 53 - (NY Times)

Saturday, Jan 11, 2003
1 - Sony Music announces new Bob Dylan Super Audio (SACD) series - (Google) (item found by Richard Feinstein, Alan Lankin)
2 - Police 'Get Back' Rare Beatles Tapes - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky)
3 - French: Les légendes sont bien vivantes - (Cyberpresse) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Bootleg Series showcases Bob Dylan at his peak Live 1975 - (Canada East) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - The world is still in Odetta's hands - (Anchorage Daily News) (link found by John Foyle)
6 - Ann Arbor Dylan Fest - (ecurrent) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
7 - The Byrds Play Dylan - (Hartford Advocate) (link found by bigbang)
8 - Recalling Hank - (MacAlester News Capital) (link found by Carlton Matt Lane)
9 - Townes Van Zandt
Live at The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas
- (Music Box) (link found by Don Himmelspach)
10 - Arlo Guthrie's daughter Sarah Lee discusses her musical heritage - (Naples News) (link found by Tricia)

Friday, Jan 10, 2003
I have borrowed a Windows XP laptop, and will try to update this page from my own sofa. Let's begin with some pictures of the curtains in my new livingroom
1 - Zevon photos - (Warren Zevon) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
2 - Sony Music names NBC's Andy Lack to top music post - (MSNBC) (link found by Ed Schlosser)
3 - Dylan Woodstock pictures - (Landyvision) (link found by NN)
4 - Van Zandt builds a radio show on fundamentally sound music - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Itty-bitty digital 'jukeboxes' catch on big - (Courier-Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Dylan Days Tentative Events/Activities May 18-24 - (Hibbing) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue - (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Joe Strummer's favorite music - (Furious) (link found by Craig Proctor)
9 - Dillon - A Bob Dylan Tribute - (dillon) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
10 - Mono Blonde on Blonde interview - (Sundazed) (link found by Nijo)
11 - 'Some masterpieces, some disasters' Dylan quote - (ESPN) (link found by John Foyle)
12 - NoLinkYet - (Newsday) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - "Banjoman" Derroll Adams tribute - (Hans Theessink) (link found by Donald McCall)
14 - Update drug laws, ex-lawyer tells court - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by John Foyle)
15 - French: Sélection de disques rock Live 1975 - (Le Monde) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Leif Darwén)
16 - The Diva's Last Stand Joni Mitchell - (jmdl) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
17 - The Wheel World Dylan quote - (Miami Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Thursday, Jan 9, 2003
I have about new 40 tips in my mailbox, but the net is so slow that I would have to spend all day and night to check them out. So here is a small, unsystematic, selection:
1 - If you're a Bob Dylan fan, you'll like this 'Spider' man - (Miami Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Rare BOB DYLAN Signed Divorce Document 9/8/77 - (eBay) (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
3 - The Lady With The Tattoo Lillian Roxon Memorial Rock Museum displays Bob Dylan's wrecked motorcycle - (LA Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Album of the Year - Bringing it all back home: Paul Westerberg's Stereo/Mono - (Seattle Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Backtalk with Dave Alvin - (offbeat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Rebel rock. Remembering Joe Strummer and the Clash - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Event spotlights Guthrie's legacy - (Tennessean) (link found by Catina Prieur, Cliff Warnken)
8 - He's Younger Than That Now - (East Bay Express letters) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Tinariwen - The Radio Tisdas Sessions - (East Bay Express hearsay) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Forever Young - (Chico News & Review) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2003
I have a bad connection, not sure how much I will be able to update today...
1 - The unfinished story of Emmett Till - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan, Joseph Hunt)
2 - Mother of '55 lynching victim Emmett Till dies at 81 - (AP / Clarion Ledger) (link found by Jimmy Lee Hannaford, Alfonso Iachini, Paul, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Lynching victim's mom dies on eve of Atlanta visit - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Complete Patti Smith concert in Washington DC on 4 January 2003 - (Kennedy Center) (link found by Andrew F Wilson)
5 - The Best of 2002's Concerts and CDs: Our Online Readers' Survey - (Washington Post) (link found by Benjamin Bradlow)
6 - Hank Williams Remembered in Opry Tribute - (AP / Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
7 - Senators Cast in Civil War Film "Of Gods and Generals" - (Fox News) (link found by Alex Leik)
8 - Musical backtracks: KMPX 1968 grass ballot - (Denver Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2003
1 - "Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff" - (Salon) (link found by Hal Mason, Edward Wiereng, dave cumerlato, Mike Britten, David Maeda, Tricia, Randall S. Blumenstein, drp, Brian Shiffrin)
2 - They Buy all the Albums, but Trade Concert Bootlegs - (NY Times) (link found by John Foyle, Jack Regan, David Maeda, SoDamnHip, Francois Guillez, Ryan Cormier)
3 - 'DVD Jon' scores huge legal victory - (Aftenposten)
4 - Steve Jobs' keynote today at 9 PT - (Apple - MacWorld)

Sunday, Jan 5, 2003
1 - Year End 2002 Top 100 Tours Dylan at # 28 - (Pollstar) (link found by Jack Regan)
2 - Townes Van Zandt - A Far Cry From Dead - (Totally Adult/ Townes Van Zandt) (link found by Don Himmelspach)
3 - Dylanfest Sat 11 at 7.30 - (Ann Arbor) (link found by John Hinchey)
4 - Ventura feisty to the end - (Pioneer Press) (link found by John Foyle)
5 - "Isis" track by Al Diesan - (Al Diesan) (link found by Al Diesan)
6 - Al Kooper 2003 dates - (alkooper) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - Spanish: Un talento multifacético Eminem - 8 Mile - Lose Yourself - (Clarin) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - A Seeker in Search of Faith Joseph Arthur - (NY Times) (link found by John Foyle)
9 - Bob Frank re-emerges after 30 years - (Contra Costa Times) (link found by John Foyle)
10 - Divided we stand on world's greatest songs - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by John Foyle)

Saturday, Jan 4, 2003
1 - Before he was Hank Williams learned from Rufus "Tee-Tot" Payne - (LA Times) (link found by Mike Dorn, Howard Mirowitz)
2 - Companies in U.S. Sing Blues as Europe Reprises 50's Hits - (NY Times) (link found by myself)
3 - Like a Rowing Stone - article - (Smithsonian) (link found by Jonathan White)
4 - Al Kooper, the Details, and a 'tongue' sandwich - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
5 - Politics and Poetry With Patti Smith - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan, ElectricGypsy)
6 - French: Tosches, la main dans le sac - (Liberation) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - "Jews Who Rock" from - .uk - (link found by John Foyle)
8 - Ramsay Midwood - (House of Blues) (link found by adam diginirk)
9 - Ramsay Midwood sound clips - (Vanguard) (link found by adam diginirk)
10 - VH1 100 Moments that Rocked TV, 14 Jan 2003 19:00 (where?) includes Bob Dylan on The Johnny Cash Show (tip from Jesse Shanks)
11 - Dylanfest, a charity concert to benefit the Ann Arbor Safe House, Saturday, January 11, 2003, 8pm at Leopold Brothers Brewery (529 S. Main, Ann Arbor) (tip from David R. Smith)
12 - Mp3s: "Two Soldiers" Boston 1994 - ( (link found by Bo)
13 - Character actor dies in H'wood house fire Royce Applegate will appear in 'Gods & Generals' - (CNN) (link found by Alex Leik)
14 - No answers blowin' in the wind, just a lot of stuff - (Casper Star Tribune) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - Danish: Tordnende godt Live 1975 - (Politiken) (link found by Jonathan)
16 - Distances between cities in Australia Good luck making it from Perth to Sydney concerts - (frogandtoad) (link found by Chris Thaw)
17 - Swedish: Dylan rockgeniernas rockgeni - (Expressen / Blender) (link found by Leif Johansson)
18 - 'Freedom' tells America's storied past Public TV series featuring "freedom" songs by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Billie Holiday, Willie Nelson and many more notable artists - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by John Foyle)

Thursday, Jan 2, 2003
1 - Concert for George review and memorabilia - (Liverpool Beatlescene) (link found by Jean)
2 - The Roots Genius of Doug Sahm - (CounterPunch) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Mike Britten)
3 - "Great Dylan content + everything else" - ( (link found by Kevin Newhart)
4 - 'Word crimes' Lenny Bruce's legacy - ( Hartford Courant) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Spanish: Charly Garcia: "Ahora quiero keithrichizarme" - (Pagina 12) (link found by Jose Manuel Simian)
6 - Honky-Tonk Poet Hank Williams - (Smithsonian Magazine) (link found by Peter Aaslestad)
7 - Hank Williams, Gone But Not Forgotten - (NPR) (link found by David R. Smith)
8 - French: Hank Williams: Premiere rockstar de la country - (Le Monde) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Baptiste)
9 - Brian Sinclair, at 62, Harvard radio co-host - (Boston Herald) (link found by Saul Garlick)
10 - Joan Baez to perform at The Castro Theatre Feb 7 - (Castro Theatre, SF) (link found by Mike Warden)
11 - News and Nov 2 mp3 - (Inside a Prune) (link found by Homer)
12 - From Broadway to Baltimore? - (NY Times) (link found by John Foyle)
13 - New film on Dylan blowin' in the wind? - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by John Foyle)
14 - A Capsule Review of 2002 Entertainment - (Fox 23 News) (link found by John Foyle)
15 - Ott - Happiest people make the best of what comes their way - (My West Texas) (link found by John Foyle)
16 - Looking Back at the Misses, Hits and Unforgettable Bits From 2002 - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by John Foyle)
17 - Jan. 4 Sleepers from the Jokerman - (KPBX) (link found by Gregory R. King)
18 - Masked and Anonymous - Jan 22 - (Sundance) (link found by Jörgen Lindström)
19 - German: not dark yet infoline - (notdarkyet) (link found by Martin)
20 - Book: Jews Who Rock - (St. Petersburg Times) (link found by John Foyle)
21 - Swedish: Hyllningskonsert till Bob Dylan Dylan tribute Jan 18 - (Gillestugan) (link found by Yvonne Jensen)
22 - Survivors of the Downtown Scene, Unite - (Newsday) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
23 - Waltz time Last Waltz - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
24 - Art is a Stone's solo act - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
25 - Aaron Neville believes - (UPI) (link found by Catina Prieur)
26 - Hollywood honcho - (The Age) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

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