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Brady, Paul
I was looking around one of the local record stores the other day and happened to see a Paul Brady CD. It had a sticker on the front with a quote from Bob Dylan saying something to the effect that:

Fame comes too quickly these days. Some people, Leonard Cohen, PAUL BRADY, Lou Reed have it down right. Secret Heroes.
Does anyone have any further comments on Paul Brady or the CD? What does the Secret Heroes mean? (Des O'Brien):
Paul Brady is great, I don't know what CD it was you you saw but it's unlikely you'll be disappointed. Regarding Brady himself it has been said that his fans are more famous than he is :-). He must be in his mid to late forties now, and most likely the reason people haven't heard(much of him is that he he never really attempted to conquer the world, as far as I know basing himself in his native Ireland at least most of the time. Dylan is also (I believe) reported to have stated that the only two people he's ever come across who haven't let fame change them in any way are.Leonard Cohen and Paul Brady. They have met at least once, several years ago at Dylan's request, but apparently Bob just wanted to be shown how to do a few things on his guitar!
Paul Brady did Arthur McBride many moons ago, it seems possible that this was Bob's inspiration for doing this song.
Sorry about the sketchy information, but I'm not a great authority on Brady to say the least - I have seen him live a few times though and he's brilliant. (Ed Ricardo) :
Is the Brady in the Bob Dylan song Duncan And Brady Paul Brady? Does EDLIS have lyrics for songs like that or is it only interested in Greatest Hits these days? :-) Lady From Baltimore, Polly Vaughan, Casey Jones, Duncan And Brady, Catskills Serenade, World Of Fools, Rise Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine. Is EDLIS ignoring that sort of thing?
4 June 1992, Chicago:
More than two weeks studio sessions recording 26 songs with David Bromberg and his band. The songs mentioned above are those rumoured to have been finished.
Is anyone here a David Bromberg fan? I understand "Catskills Serenade" and "World Of Fools" are Bromberg compositions...
Except for Lady Came From Baltimore, can anyone supply composer credits for the others? I'm guessing they're cover versions.
Lyrics to all of these songs are needed by EDLIS, as performed by anyone anytime. Any help is much appreciated.
And whatever happened to "Howlin' At My Window" (Bob Dylan-Jude Johnston)? I contacted Bug Music who, according to Wicked Messenger, copyrighted the song but they had no knowledge of it.... There is apparently a publisher's demo circulating with only a woman's voice present. Does anyone have a transcript?

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Subject: Who's Who/ Paul Brady

  Dylan:    There's a group you have here, what's it called, Plankston?

  Bono:     Planxty.

  Dylan:   They're great!

  Dylan:    I'd like  to have them. You know Planxty?
                I also like Paul Brady a lot.

      (What was it you wanted? #6)
      Conducted at the Slane Castle, Dublin, prior to Dylan's show.


Who's Who/ Paul Brady

>From David Gritten, "Paul Brady, the Unsung Hero of His Famous Peers,"
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, 27 July 1995, P. 14.

"He is 47, a stocky man with a wayward shock of rumpled reddish hair and a
quiet, bookish manner. His parents were teachers; it shows.  Yet he truly
is revered by peers.  Legendary ones:  'Some guys got it down,' wrote Bob
Dylan in the notes to his album BIOGRAPH: 'Leonard Cohen, Paul Brady, Lou
Reed. Secret heroes' [p. 31]. Quite an endorsement; but Brady stares at
his feet when I mention it: 'I met Dylan once around 1985, at Wembley
Stadium. But we never had an in-depth conversation. That whole thing's way

"As he won't trumpet his own excellence, here are the facts. He has been a
musician since his teens.   A traditional folkie earlier on, he was with
the Johnstons for five years before replacing Christy Moore in Planxty.
Around 1980 he changed course and ever since has written songs in a vein
combining folk with R & B, country, blues and pop."

Could someone provide a discography?  Any Dylan covers?


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