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Bob Dylan 991118 in Amherst, Massachusetts
Dylan show #117 in 1999.

Subject: (KINDA) Amherst setlist?
From: yourself 
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:17:04 -0500
Organization: Smith College, Northampton Mass, USA

 ... Well, I was at the Amherst show, and it was completely
fantastic. As I was able to shove my way to the second row
through all of the stoned, peace lovin' hippies, I was able to
have a great view of Dylan's amazing facial expressions. They
ranged from "here you go, guys. yeah. you like this one. its real
easy for me. yeah. laugh it up, you little fools. you always did
like it when i played tangled up it blue. its just so fucking
easy and dull for me me now." to "Mmmmm. I love playing this
song," in highlands...which was, well HIGHLANDS. amazing. I,don't
realy remembe the set list perfectly, but here is what i do

somebody touched me
spanish boots of spanish leather
its all right ma
tangled up in blue
shes a big girl now
(out of order from here on)
just like tom thumbs blues (i think, maybe)
love sick 
highway 61

like a rolling stone, 
not fade away 
some other song he didn't write
blowin in the wind

second encore
rainy day women

Despite my less than perfect memory, the show was absolutely
brilliant. He seemed to be in a great mood. He was Smiling, and
making eyes at my pretty blond haired friend. He even winked at
her when playing Tangled up In Blue.

haha. He loved it when phil lesh's band came on and played with
him, and so did I as it added so much energy to their set.
Especially on the standards. His singing was great. His diction
soso. His passion came out more towards the end...but he was

Subject: Amherst review From: JefBaldwin Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 13:07:26 -0800 I guess since nobody has yet done a review, I could try to tackle the task. Let's see. The crowd was notably different than that of any other Bob show I have been to (including the Worcester show a few days earlier). Sooooo many Deadheads...and I'm not talking about just fans of the Dead, but the dirty tye-dyed dancing freaky kind. And, WOW! do Deadheads tend to be an ugly group of people! I haven't seen so many astoundingly homely people since the last time I visited my brother at Brown University. I Anway, enough Deadhead bashing and on to the show. I missed half of Lesh's set because security needed to frisk everybody. No great loss, however. Lesh and Friends were much better at this show than they were at Worcester. But didn't matter because, naturally, the real show started when Bob came out. Thankfully, I managed to push and shove my way up front. The acoustic set was good, but not great. In fact, the whole show wasn't as blisteringly brilliant as the Worcester show from a few days earlier. It's Alright, Ma was nice to hear and Bob began the song with the wrong first line, he then shook his head in dissappointment, and began the song over. It was interesting, but Bob didn't get into it until half way through the song. Also, Bob made a little joke during Tangled Up In Blue. During the first couple verses, the light setup wasn't working properly and instead of a blue light on them during the "tangled up in blueeeee" part, there was a green light shining on Bob and band. So, for the first couple verses, Bob sang, "tangled up in". I guess its the kind of joke that won't translate well on the tapes. Anyway, Bob finally got animated during the electric set, but never danced up a storm like in Worcester. Man Of Peace was all right, but, I mean, it's Man Of Peace so how good can it be? You're A Big Girl Now was excellent! Then came the always-played All Along The Watchtower, but WAIT!! Out came Warren Hanes? of Phil and Friends to spice it up and make it a little different than usual. He is more of showman-like guitarist than Cambell or Sexton (or maybe Bob won't let them be showy). Anyway, the version rocked and Bob seemed to be throughly enjoying himself...smiling at the guy and all. Top quality stuff. Then came Highlands, which would have blown me away if I hadn't heard him sing it already just a couple days earlier in Worcester. It was a fine, fine version and Bob didn't mess up a single line. Oh, and if you are wondering if Bob said "hard boiled" or "soft boiled" eggs, he said neither. He ordered "scrambled eggs" this time. Anyhoo, then came Highway 61 and it rocked as to expected. The two guitarists for Phil & Friends came out (Hanes(?) and some old guy -- not the 19 yr.old) and played at the very end of the H61. Bob was having a ball. For the encore, we heard another perfect Love Sick and a nice Like A Rolling Stone. Then they switched to acoustic instruments and Lesh came out to play electric bass (Tony on stand-up bass) for Friend Of The Devil. Then the two guitarists for Phil And Friends joined Lesh and Dylan's band for smokin' versions of Not Fade Away and Alabama Getaway...we're talkin 5 guitars and 2 basses at once here folks. The stage was crowded, but Dylan was in heaven...holding his own with all those talented guitarists. It was amusing to see Bob and band, perfectly dressed and looking handsome, next to the unkempt and casual look of Phil's band. Well they all left the stage and Bob came back to play Blowin' In the Wind, which didn't do much for me. Then, the band came back one last time to to do a truely excellent Rainy Day Women. Normally, I am as sick of that song as the next guy, but it rocked hard and was a more jovial arrangement than usual. Bob and band left to great applause. So, it was a very good show with moments of excellence, but not as unbearable perfect as the Worcester performance. PEAHEACE!!!
Subject: Re: 11/18 amherst: scrambled eggs + jams From: "M. LeBlanc" Date: 19 Nov 1999 17:49:21 -0800 November 18, 1999 University of Massachusetts -- Mullins Center Here's what I have for a setlist: Somebody Touched Me @ Mr. Tambourine Man @ (harp) It's Alright Ma @ Boots of Spanish Leather @ Tangled Up in Blue @ (Sometimes Satan Comes as a) Man of Peace You're a Big Girl Now All Along the Watchtower (Warren Haynes guest guitarist) Highlands (scrambled eggs and Erica Jong) ;-) Highway 61 Revisited (Jorma Kaukonen and Warren Haynes guest guitarists) Oh dear lord... Encores: Lovesick Friend of the Devil (harp) (Phil Lesh guest Bassist) Not Fade Away (Phil, Jorma, Warren guests) Alabama Getaway (Phil, Jorma, Warren guests) Blowin' In the Wind Rainy Day Women #12&35 This show was one for the books. I have never seen or heard anything quite like it. A few disorganized but sincere thoughts: Warren Haines and "the old guy" Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna) brought the guitar total to 5 -- count 'em -- 5 lead/rhythm guitars on some songs. Five screaming, wailing, blistering, tasty guitars. The old guy, by the way, rocks. Kaukonen's arrival a couple of nights ago brought another dimension to Phil and Friends. Jorma Kaukonen flat out rocks. All Along the Watchtower with Haynes' wild guitar was a jaw dropping treat. If this was the last Watchtower of the millenium ... then it was the definitive one. One of my favorite moments came when Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes and Jorma Kaukonen all came out to jam with Bob and his band. Tony Garnier was literally jumping up and down like a little kid who just got his license to police the candy store. The 5 guitar Highway 61 Revisited came out of the gate like a charging rhino and never for one second did it let up. Lord have mercy -- What a spectacular gallop! If I could've wished for one thing it would've been Obviously Five Believers, with all those guitars janglin' -- but I ain't complaining! I'm pretty sure that Buddy Holly was there for Not Fade Away. Right there in the Mullins Center at the University of Massachusetts. Best to all. Happy Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for. :-) Maureen
Subject: Scrambled 'review': 11/10, 14 & 18 From: Karen Hovland Date: 21 Nov 1999 11:39:03 -0800 Well, I just don't know quite where to begin, so I'm just gonna ramble onward ... 'wanted to give a few impressions and observations from the three recent shows that I attended, along with my good pal Dee; they were: New Haven, Worcester and Amherst. I am somewhat at a loss for words to describe my feelings ever since the amazing Amherst concert , have to say that I haven't felt this exhilarated on Bob since the Thunder Rolled through Waterbury back in November of '75 - WOW! But, anyway, here goes... I'll try to start at the beginning, New Haven was quite exciting and Bob was looking so handsome and so fine in his black suit with white piping, and those wild boots (a maze of black and white curly-ques). And no hat, thanks be to God! That opener, "I Am the Man, Thomas" it seems to express a very appropriate fact: Bob is indeed THE MAN, yeeeeeeassss! Highlights of this concert, for my taste, were many, starting with a gorgeous "My Back Pages" completely sublime harp and fiddle; then a perfectly done John Brown with Larry playing that mighty fine-looking bazouki of his, what a beautiful instrument; a romping "Tangled" aroused the audience, many of whom were still floating from Lesh's set, and a bit later he began the electric portion with that Johnny Cash tune "Folsom Prison Blues". He seems to really enjoy singing that line about "shooting a man in Reno, just to watch him die". But the major highlight of my night in New Haven had to be that most mysterious of Bobsongs (well, okay, *among* the most mysterious) "I and I". Wow, this one gives me shivers every time I listen to it, the lyrics seem to be of biblical proportion (!) and this was my first time ever to hear him sing it in person. "no man sees my face and lives"...wellllll, I guess! Once you are captivated by that enigmatic face, all the other parts of living just seem to become secondary somehow. Maybe that's a bit strong? Nah,...I don't think so! Speaking of that face, does anyone else (who compulsively stares at Bob through binoculars or up close at the rail) have any thoughts about his possible vague resemblance to Pan (pointed out to me by a friend whom I dragged to a couple shows, a casual fan, but one who "studied him closely" through her spy glasses at the time). And we do not mean Peter! 'Nuff said about that fascinating face. It's mesmerizing to watch him. Anyway, then he did Leopardskinpillboxhat, most likely because there was a woman wearing a lovely one right down in front of him in the second row, and in the first row just to her left was a man with a floppy, sort of "drinking hat" made of leopard fabric, and at the end of that rocking tune, the man tossed his hat up like a frisbee and it landed perfectly right on top of Bob's mic. I thought Bob looked like he wanted to pick it up and keep it or something, but then he didn't, he just gestured to the man as if to say "great shot" - it certainly was a delightful and clever addition to the ending of that funny song, and it brought much cheering from the crowd. Of the four encores at New Haven my favorite had to be "It Ain't Me, Babe", with an extended elegant harp solo - awesome how it cuts right through to the soul when he does what he does with that harmonica! Phil Lesh joined Bob for "West L.A. Fadeaway", a song which was unfamiliar to me at the time, but one which got me right up out of my seat and dancin'. BTW, our seats were in the section adjacent to the section directly to the side of the stage where the "naked man" appeared in the first row up there, I don't remember *when* that occurred because it was an alarming interlude, not so much because he had torn off all his clothing, but because if it had not been for some very alert and responsive folk(s) nearby, he might have succeeded in flipping himself over the railing and onto the cement floor far below. Finally some security people did some 'real' security work and carried him off to safety. So, then after eating and sleeping, and being taken on a local tour and a not-so local tour of the casino out at Foxwoods, thanks to the wonderful hospitality of my friend Dee, I set off to Rhode Island to visit with family for several days (cousins, auntie, oldest daughter & son-in-law & my two adorable grandsons, then on the Bostontown to visit with youngest daughter, in the course of which visit we fortuitously managed to score fourth row center seats for Lauren Bacall's premiere performance in Noel Coward's play "Waiting in the Wings"! She is just absolutely captivating as ever.. I half-expected that Bob might be somewhere in the audience, getting ready to wolf-whistle, ha-ha! Oops, digression is my middle name.) So, then on Sunday, 'drove on out to the home of my friends just south of Worcester (they are casual fans of Bob from way back). They like to humor me in my Bobsession. I was travel-weary but still nervous and excited about the upcoming evening's concert. I was computer-less on my trip once I left Dee's, so did not know what the setlists were like from Augusta and New Jersey. Welllll, Worcester turned out to be an amazing show, and I managed to sell my extra tickets outside beforehand, albeit at a loss, but I did not really care! And what a treat to hear so many personal favorites here as well: To Ramona, Mama You Been On My Mind (I always wonder who he's singin' about there, ahem...) Don't Think Twice, replete with amazing harp.. and I jumped right outta my chair to Watchtower's driving rhythym (sp?) , and then, what do my wondering ears harken unto? Is that the intro to HIGHLANDS? YES! I just cannot believe that it is actually happening here in the lowlands of southern New England! Unfortunately, Bob seemed to be struggling through some of the lines, from the waitress scene onward, but still, we didn't care, it was an ecstatic experience to have watched him accomplish its' performance live. What a strenous undertaking! Bob did a sort of little happy dance at the conclusion of that magnificent and lengthy ditty, which Dee alerted me to catch with the spy glasses, in the dimmed stage lighting. He seemed quite pleased with himself for having made it through, and rather quickly too. Our vantage point at Worcester was a little farther back to the side, but up in the second tier, so we could see the whole band at more of a frontal angle but were grateful to have our trusty binoculars for dwelling on that face, becoming a habit I'm afraid. As if Highlands wasn't enough, he also went and gave us a very soulful rendition of Not Dark Yet, which is one of his most beautiful songs ever (imho). Then, Everything is Broken just majorly rocked the Centrum - the whole entire joint was up and dancin' and Bob appeared to be feeling fine. There were four familiar encores, but I felt blessed to be treated to the third of these which was Girl of the North Country, it always brings a tear to my eye; but it is very odd that this beautiful and softly intense love song always seems to elicit such strangely inappropriate audience outbursts of screaming, hooting, clapping, whistling, etc.. all whilst Bob is softly singing his heart out.. I wish that they would just save it for the end, instead of messing up the tapes so dramatically. :( Not Fade Away is always fun, even though Phil Lesh and Friends had earlier in the evening closed their set with this song, but in a very different fashion, and so it was interesting to hear the two distinctly different interpretations of that Buddy Holly tune. My friend Dee had come up from the New Haven area to meet me for the Worcester show, and although she had a difficult road trip in, she left with a big smile on her face from all of Bob's magical musical manifestations that evening. BTW, Phil Lesh's set was really excellent, and I found myself humming that "Sugaree" tune sometime later in the week, it kinda stays with ya don't it? I think that this combination of Bob and Phil was rather sublime, and I haven't enjoyed such fine 'air pollution' or balloon bouncing in many long years.. and those twirling youngsters are really cute and very sweet kids for the most part, very blissed out and tryin' to create a little patch of heaven for themselves wherever they may roam. I enjoyed the tranquilizing effect of Lesh's set, because I tend to get so nervous and excited in anticipation of seeing Bob, especially once the incense is lighted, YIKES! I can barely breathe! So I found that becoming somewhat spaced-out on Phil's music was a GOOD thing. ;-) Well, then it was back to sleepover at my friends' house before trekking back to the 'northern highlands' (of new england) so I could go back to work for a couple days, just to catch up and clear the debris of the vacation daze, ya know. And before I knew it, no sooner had I gotten the cats fed when it was Thursday and time to cruise back down to Massachusetts to see Bob one more time, at Amherst. Arrived there early enough to afford some time for walking around town, spent money I didn't have on a book by Leonard Peltier, our most world famous political prisoner, the title of which is "Prison Writings, My Life is My Sun Dance".. then stopped next door at the record shop and snagged a copy of John Trudell's new cd called "Blue Indians", John's very incisive poetry backed with a fine rock band and some haunting traditional backup vocals, quite an extraordinary combination! John Trudell has a "different way of tawkin'", his seemingly wolf-spirit eyes come right through in his spoken words. He'll grab your heart, listen to his voice. Bob does. Oh, now where were we?.. Amherst, anyway, I was a bit apprehensive about this our last show of this tour, but by the same token I was hoping since it was the last show with Lesh and Friends that Bob would really pull out all the stops. My friend Dee had another stressful last-minute trip up from Connecticut, due to traffic delays, but as it turned out.. the organization or security factor at the Mullin Center was so lame that there was a huge herd of people still waiting to get inside when we arrived there slightly later that the scheduled 7:30 showtime. There were many folks who were needlessly deprived by the interminably slow and consequently LATE entry to the venue. But we were grateful that Bob was not first to appear, as it was our last chance to see him, maybe for a year or more. (Hey, Bob! How about doing Burlington next year, huh? We miss you in the highlands!) So.. when the Man came out, at first, he wasn't looking to be wearing his happy face, seemed a bit serious and stern, maybe wasn't appreciating the lateness of the program? He opened with Somebody Touched Me. But did not smile even once; then Tambourine Man fully engaged the audience, that song never seems to fail to greatly please the crowd. Some tentative but sweet harp on this one. BTW, he was wearin' the same or similar suit, those gawdamighty boots, but an unusual tie with (sorta) 'bright' sorta brownish/orangish colors(!). Musta been in a partying mood underneath that stern exterior, ha! Next highlight for me was It's Alright Ma, which got off to a false start but then went on into focused phrasing and excellent vocal, with the line about the president sometimes having to stand naked getting a big bunch of cheers. Another of my favs, Boots, was sung with quite a serious demeanor, subdued but intense vocal performance. Maybe he was still thinking about her running off to Spain..even after all these years. Or maybe he was thinkin' about some other "gal, who won't be back no more"? So, okay, Tangled got the whole room dancin' as it is usually wont to do, always such a rollicking good time. Then.. ohmygod, Man of Peace, one of my very old favorites, hot damn! Powerful and rocking rendition it was toooo. 'Can vaguely recall employing a quote from that lyric some years back in writing a letter to the local editor concerning the misbehavior of the then local police chief.oh well, that was in another lifetime, never mind. Now, You're a Big Girl Now, yaaaaaaahooo! Ain't it the truth? And thanks to Bob's music, "I can make it through", too. Then comes out that really cool guitarist/singer guy from Lesh's group, Warren Haynes I think is his name, to join Bob and the boys for a stompin' version of Watchtower.. and djeaux would be proud: again I bravely stood up in the land of the less-than-eager-to-dance. Playing this one really brought a big smile to ole Bob's face, it was a joy to behold, yes it was! They were beginning to stir the pot. Now I don't know for sure, but when I realized that he was about to sing HIGHLANDS, yet again (!) in the same state, in the same week, I was dumbstruck and almost went into shock (well, I tend to exaggerate a little); but after we held our collective breath through the waitress saga, and realized that he had completely nailed it this time, without a single messed up line, I decided in my mind that it musta been his intention to "do it well" for Massachusetts.. or something like that, because ya know how responsible he always is about making things right and all..... what other explanation could there possibly be for such an extraordinary treat? And he was so pleased with himself in the course of this performance that he decided to go crazy and order some "scrambled eggs" this time around, ha! An absolutely purrrrrfect performance, and from that point on, Umass had the time of its' life. Warren Haynes was again brought out along with the other Friends' guitarist (I cannot remember his name, but he was excellent and quite a fine looking dude tooooo) to join Bob and the boys on Highway 61 Revisited (which reminds me that I also got to revisit a few places from my distant past on this trip, pretty spooky to do that sometimes.), and this one really rocked the house; then the break, back out with a powerful "Lovesick" and Bob could do no wrong! LARS was excellent anthemic magick! Then. Phil Lesh was introduced and joined Bob for Friend of the Devil, and by this time the place was just going abslutely nuts, with Bobcats and Deadheads all flipping into a state of high and wide ecstacy all over the damn place. And then, Tony started waving the two guitarists to come back out on stage for Not Fade was a gas!!! and then! Alabama Getaway! OHMYGOD! "LET'S HOPE THAT THE ROOF STAYS ON"!!!! Words just fail me quite often. Wish I were a musician, so I could give you the minute details of all of this, but I was just completely amazed and awed by the whole scene and sound, I mean I was just about done. When what happens next? Bob and his band return, yet again, and they go and rub everybody's back with the lovely acoustic "Blowin' in the Wind". He was really looking like he could *play all night*, if ya know what I mean but , with Rainy Day Women, the song seemed to signal that this was indeed going to be the grande finale. Although, even at the end of that happy closing tune, Bob looked reluctant to leave the stage (or so it appeared through the spy glasses). But eventually he picked up his white hat and disappeared into the night, much to everyone's dismay. But ohmygod! I never thought I would admit it, but I was really finally spent! We had to stop at the ladies' on our way back out to the 'real world', and waiting in the long line I had an overwhelming wicked urge to giggle and scream in delight, and Michele: yes my face was flushed and blushed, ha-ha! I felt like post-aldente spaghetti! Although I hadn't worn my appropriate headgear at the Worcester show on Sunday night, I did manage to sport it at Amherst (for identification purposes), so finally I ran into Maureen, of hwy61-l fame, who had recognized my dizzy self on the way out at the poster table, solely because of my "really-the-expensive-kind" and it was such a great treat and so delightful to actually have an opportunity to meet her in person along with her husband George, who seems to be doing very well these days. What a cute couple! And, you guys, thanks for introducing yourselves, and I apologize for being so completely whacked out at the time, ha-ha! It's actually the very first time that I have met others from the list at a concert, except for my dear friend Dee, who btw has some great Bobartwork at the bdx (gallery page) at Expecting Rain. We had so much fun this tour, we bought each other coffee mugs.. have you seen those? It says "Highway 61" on the outer side, and "One more cup of coffee for the road" on the inner side (if you're right-handed that is) It sure would be a gas to hear him sing that song live again, wouldn't it? Haven't had time to go reading setlists and reviews as yet since leaving New Haven, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it pop up on a recent setlist. Nothing would surprise me on this tour! Well, sorry for any redundancy, misspellings, mix-ups, and/or digressions, I guess that I'm just really 'very out there' since Amherst happened. And, in all the excitement, I suffered a major tape disaster crucially, right prior to that purrrrfect Highlands! So, if there is anybody out there who might likely furnish me with tape so to speak, I would be so grateful. Will happily trade NH and Worcester for a copy of Bob's set in Amherst. Also, I have Lesh and Friends (most of) from both Worcester and Amherst. Please, please, puleeeeeeze, email me asap. I'm addicted already to "instant replay".. ;-) (And then, there was my second rose disaster of this tour, but that's another whole story, and it's not important anyway. ) The computer is only in my office, where I have not gone in daze, until just now (when supposed to be at home doing some baking, etc..) But I should be back to 'work' tomorrow. Of the three shows that we attended, needless to say, Amherst exceeded even my wildest expectations for a final blast with both bands. Once Bob nailed Highlands so perfectly, there was no stopping him, he was completely on fire and transformed right before our very eyes, smiling all over the place, all this after a somewhat serious and subdued beginning to his set. It was truly an evening where one could watch the magick begin. And have some scrambled eggs while we were doing it! Okay, sorry to take up so much time and space, now I gotta hurry on home again and make some cranberry relish, bake some pumpkin pies, and about ten million other things. I hope everybuddy has a happy and safe holiday. I believe we can all give mighty big thanks to the Universe that Bob Dylan has graced and inspired our lives on this small planet, halleluja! And bless you for reading through to the end of this "mixed up confusion"! Karen, (headed for that kitchen) in the highlands p.s.. This was such a fun-filled tour, imho, Phil Lesh and Friends were a truly excellent complementary choice for Bob. Now, ..if only Bob would invite John Trudell and band to open for him on some future tour. Now that would be a mind-expanding trip of a different sort! Yes!
From: "jmunsey" To: Subject: Amherst MA 11/18/99 Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 16:53:25 -0500 Hi I've already written Bill to tell him of the corrections to his webpage. I just watched the video of Amherst discovered the following: Larry plays lap steel and not pedal steel on AATWT and Highway 61. He also plays mandolin on Highlands and FOTD. If anyone wants to know about Larry's instruments, hopefully, my page will help: Joy
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