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Bob Dylan 991110 in New Haven, Connecticut

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 11:21:34 -0500
From: steven 
Subject: New Haven review

Dylan was awesome in New Haven. The set list was great and Bob
was having a lot of fun. Not much to say except there was one
great moment that summed up the show. The last song before the
encore, Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat, was awesome Bob doing his
Chuck Berry duck walk and all. Near the end Bob was next to Larry
making faces as Larry soloed near the end.

Someone from the audience tossed a Leopard Skin pill Box hat on
stage and it landed right on Dylan's mike, spun around a couple
times and came to rest as if someone just hung it there. There
was a great gasp and then cheer from the audience. It was a great
shot. Dylan just kind of looked at it and shrugged but the rest
of the band was cracking up especially Tony who saw it happen.
Then they left the stage with the hat still sitting there.  It
was perfect.


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