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Bob Dylan 991012, ABC-TV, "Dharma & Greg"
Bob Dylan's Dharma & Greg appearance in zipped RealVideo
Subject: October 12, 1999 - Dharma and Greg From: Bill Pagel Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:07:18 GMT October 12, 1999 ABC-TV--(Tuesday) Appearance on the "Dharma & Greg" TV show Title: Play Lady Play Show #3ABD04 Broadcast Time: 9:00 PM (eastern); 8:00 PM (central) Length: 30 minutes Bob plays guitar on 2 instrumental songs with a band. Dharma is auditioning for her friend's high school band and plays drums. Band members: Bob Dylan, T-Bone Burnett, John Field, Tony Gilkyson and Joe Henry.
Greg's litigious instincts are driving everybody crazy, even though he's no longer a practicing attorney. Also, Dharma (Jenna Elfman) hooks up with a garage band. Donald: J.D. Walsh. Stuie: Neil Cox. Oliver: Mark Allan Staubach. Jeanie: Elaine Bromka. Richard: Harry S. Murphy. Bob Dylan: Himself. (TV Guide, posted by John Junker)
Subject: Bob on Dharma & Greg Break Down From: Dave & Tina Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:21:49 -0230 I just watched the show I taped last night.We get it a day earlier in Canada for some reason. Bob's big scenes come at the last two and a half minutes of the show,with a commercial break in between. Dharma goes to audition for a band not knowing who they were. Here's the segment: Starts with a short jam session.Dharma turns to Bob and says "Well?" He says "Yeah" Commercial She says "What else do you want to see Bob?" He says "Do you know Meringue-Polka?" She says "Let me hear a polka." They run through a polka riff with her trying to catch the tempo.She breaks into a short solo and then says "Thats too funky for you guys isn't it?" Bob laughs "Not at all." She says "You want me to play some more?" Bob jumps in "Nooo!" She asks for help to get her drums in the van. Bob says "You got a van-Sure" Bob plays lead guitar(nice guitar too)on most of the songs. The last one sounds real familiar almost like Shooting Star, but I can't place it. He seemed as though he really enjoyed this and the actress was grinning throughout the whole bit. Catch it again tonight on ABC television at 9:00pm Dave Bob Dylan '99 Picture Galleries
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