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Bob Dylan 990600 in Madison Square Garden, New York
Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre Benefit Concert

Rock and Roll legends Bob Dylan, left, and Eric Clapton perform for a sold out 
crowd at New York's Madison Square Garden during Clapton's charity concert to 
benefit Crossroads Centre At Antigua Wednesday, June 30, 1999. 
The center is an international, non-profit facility for recovery 
from alcohol and drug dependence founded by Clapton in 1997. 
(AP Photo/John Bellissimo) 

Subject: NY -- quick review
From: Zoner13 
Date: 01 Jul 1999 04:59:07 GMT

Dylan played 6 songs, plus the "all-star" encore, and it was a
nice performance, though nothing spectacular.

I will say this, though:  Of all the acts -- Clapton, too, I'm
afraid -- Dylan got the biggest reception upon his arrival. 
Very, very nice.

His performance was interesting, if only because he played
entirely with Clapton's band (they didn't seem to know Pillbox
Hot too well) -- and the Dylan fans in the audience surely
noticed the subtle differences of Bob playing in an environment
and band not of his making.

Not Dark Yet was the best.  (Very, very good.)

Don't Think Twice probably next.

On Crossroads and Born in Time, where Dylan and Clapton played
together -- you couldn't hear either of them too well, perhaps
because they sang into the same mic.  (Dylan gets REALLY close
when he's alone, I noticed in between.)

And since the band didn't play those signature loud parts of
Leopard-Skin-Pillbox-Hat, Dylan made up with a very forceful,
very effective vocal performance.

(I always like when the band is soft, and Dylan uses his voice
like a lead guitar, not unlike Cocaine Blues, where it's the
dominant force, completely unlike, say, Watching The River Flow,
where he hides behind the music.)

The encore (after Sunshine) was a little anti-climactic, and I
was a little suprised they didn't do Knockin' -- though not
necessarily disappointed. Dylan's contribution here, I would bet,
wouldn't show up too much on the tapes. If you weren't there, you
might not know he was there.

All in all, though, a pleasant evening and a nice teaser before
next month.

Subject: Re: Clapton & Dylasn Concert 6/30/99 - Partial setlist information From: Bill Parr William_C_Parr/ Date: 1 Jul 1999 08:54:40 -0700 From a report I received: Clapton set Sheryl Crow set Mary J. Bilge set Clapton set Dylan set encores last song of last Clapton set, Layla Dylan set: Bob on electric guitar, throughout, backed by Clapton and his band, tho it seemed that Bob and Eric were constantly talking during the instrumental parts, with Bob telling Eric what to play, and nodding at him Don't Think Twice (nice, countryish version, only 3 verses) It Takes a Lot to Laugh (only 3 verses) Born in Time (Dylan & Clapton, shared vocals, sort of , worked a bit better when only one of them was singing at a time ) Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat (complete song) Not Dark Yet Crossroads (Dylan & Clapton, shared vocals again, sort of , with backing first encore, Clapton and his band, alone: Sunshine of Your Love, second encore, Bright Lights, Big City(?), Clapton lead vocals, Dylan & Crow backing vocals, Dylan on electric guitar, Crow on accordian Clapton playing electric guitar throughout, except for Tears in Heaven & Change the World (Thanks, Eric S.) So, I guess the third song together was Born in Time. And the last played overall appears to have been Crossroads, as I understand this post. Bill Parr

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