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Bob Dylan 990607 in Denver, Colorado

Denver Post review

Subject: denver 6-7 quick review From: Martybuwyo ( Date: 9 Jun 1999 03:52:11 GMT Organization: AOL My first bob show since moving to the wild west. I don't like going to hockey arenas to see shows, but I'll always make an exception for bob. Bob opened- The setlist was pretty close to what I expected from the first two shows, no real surprises. My first Cocaine Blues, nice opener. Tambourine Man & Masters got things going nicely, Charley mostly strummed along on the acoustic songs & let Bob & Larry carry the tunes. Awesome It ain't me, babe, with the first harp I've seen Bob play in three years. Tangled was it's usual crowd pleaser, Bob changing the words a bit as others have mentioned. Watchtower opened the electric set; very tight. Charley played acoustic, Larry played some nice leads. They didn't jam it as much as I've seen in the past, but it rocked. Then a very countrified Simple twist, really cool steel from Larry, more nice harp from bob; probably the best version I've heard. Memphis rocked, then a very guitar-based Make you feel my love, my first live version. Highway 61 was the first tune theyreally took advantage of a three guitar attack on; Charley played some nice, if tentative, leads. It reminded me of some of the early shows with Larry, the way he seemed to hang back & listen & watch a lot. A short set (10 songs), followed by a relatively short encore. Lovesick sounded a lot different- three guitars, no steel, but was incredible; great leads from Larry again. Like a rolling stone got everybody up, but wasn't all that exciting, and a wonderful Don't think twice in the acoustic slot in the encore. Then Paul came out, and the duets were accompanied by Bob's band- I'm not sure whether this happened at the first two shows. Sounds of Silence was chilling; Bob's backup was perfect, in contrast to what I heard about the previous two nights. The I walk the line/ Blue moon of kentucky jam was superb; nice fiddle from Larry and the band sounded great, and Knockin on heaven's door closed out a wonderful set. I'm embarrased to admit that I missed most of Paul's set; we had a 3 hour drive back to Wyoming & had to relieve the babysitter, but we'll have a chance to catch a few shows later in the tour. Oh, my wife's highlights were It ain't me, Simple twist, and sounds of silence. All in all, a solid show, if not an all out rocker. can't wait to see how things progress on the tour. marty

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