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Bob Dylan 990415 in Valencia, Spain

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 14:02:43 -0300
From: aijenbom (
Subject: Calamaro / Dylan Spanish Tour Poster

hope you can include it along with the reviews.

Here's my review of valencia 15/4/99

	First off I'll say I last saw Bob play at Wembley Arena
in Oct. 1997. It's funny because as me and my girlfriend
were picking up our tickets at the box office we met Andres
Calamaro. Real nice guy. A true fan.  A year and a half
later Andres is Bob's guest for the Spanish Tour and we
can't be happier.

	Calamaro played really stoned and presented a couple
tracks from his just-released 'Honestidad Brutal'cd (Brutal
Honesty) : los Aviones and Te quiero. It was a great
appetizer for what would come next. We were standing second
row right in front of Bob. We had a ball from the first note
to 'Friend of the Devil'. No pushing at this show. It was
funny how Bob reacted when a jerk from the first row kept
saying stupid things at him and raising his fists whenever
Bob commenced another number. Bob mocked at him from then
till the end of the show. Don't know if this is something he
does at every show. Maybe someone will elaborate on this.

	The way he played 'highway 61'was great and for me the
highlight of the show. Blowin was also superb. Miss the harp
parts from the other tours, and yes, believe it or not, miss
Silvio (justa  bit). It was worth driving 700 kms to see him
play again. Our faith was renewed.


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