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Bob Dylan 990203 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Subject: re: Feb 3 New Orleans Song-by-Song
From: J&L (
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 15:14:54 GMT

The lights go out, strobe lights flash and light up the stage!  Thsi is
gonna be awesome......

Serve Somebody - Very distinct vocals, knew from the first line he was
singing good tonight.  I liked this live, never heard it live.

Million Miles - Same ol version although Dylans vocals the whole night made
common songs sound fresh and new.

Stuck Inside Mobile - Nice.  Glad to hear it.  Just can't stress how well
his voice sounded, especially on the "Oh mama" that he usually just
talk-sings nowadays. Band is definately tight tonight.

Make You Feel My Love - Beautiful rendition, Bob put lots of feeling into
it, The toomers like it a lot.

Silvio - Nice to see it back for a glance, it rocked loud and hard and long.
This is a song that the boys can bring out if they wanna just rock for 10
minutes, and they did.

Stone Walls - Really growing on me, dig the chorus and so did the audience.
Acoustic set sounds like it's got good levels and clear vocals, gonna be
good :-)

Masters Of War - You could've heard  a pin drop from where I was!  Bob
flubbed the lyrics and forgot two verses but it was a great performance of
the song that usually seems so re-hashed.

Girl From The North - God damn the best version of it I've ever heard, two
seconds away from crying (guys, if you were there you would've been too!).
Felt like he was living all over again.  You could hear a pin drop and it
would sound like a bomb it was so quiet!  Beautiful is the only word I can
term for it, beautiful.

Tangled - Oh man, ya'll know what I'm talkin' about, those fantastic solos,
the crow walk, lifting his leg (like he's talking with it) and looking like
he was gonna fall over. and THE HARP!!!!!!!  He went towards the drum set
and took off his guitar and I went crazy! VERY beautiful sound to hear, very
clear!  Highlight of the night!

Honky-Tonk Blues - Just loved hearing Bob go "i got the ho-e-onky tonk
blues" and keep a goofy look off his face.  He really dug this song you
could tell.  Tight performance.

Can't Wait - Lots o' stress on the words, sounded good although I'm tired of
it.  Damn he's hot tonight!

Highway61 - Rocked, loud and the groove was really tight and deep so it
sounded great in the big place.  I'm assuming he did it because Highway 61
(same one he wrote the song about) runs right through here on it's way to

Love Sick - Everything seems to sound clearer and better nowadays.  This one
was good, entranceing.

Leopardskin Pillbox - Another rocker like Hwy61.  Seems he took out some of
the words in his new version, like--Your head feels under something like
that (then there's s'pose to be "under your brand new....)

Blowin' In The Wind - Nice "Anthem" atmosphere on this one, I'd not heard it
for a while and the crowd really dug it, nostalgic to the max.

Not Fade Away - Simply fantastic, rockin', touching tribute and Bob seemed
on a mission when he sang the words!


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Subject: Feb 3, New Orleans From: J&L Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 14:53:56 GMT Well, I'm so stunned "I dunno what to say. I'm a Dylan vet but last night just amazed me! Never seen him make faces so much since god knows when! He keot lifting his left leg completely off the ground and letting it hang out like he was gonna pee on a hydrant but never lost his balance. The harp on "Tangled" was geat too, very loud and distinct. When I saw him back up towards the back of the stage I went crazy 'cause I knew what he was gonna do...then he took off his guitar and did the lounge-lizard swoon, etc. Fantastic show, NFA was great. -Jeremy

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