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Bob Dylan 981023 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Subject: Minneapolis concert
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Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:42:05 GMT
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 The Minneapolis concert was even better than Duluth.  The Target
Center seems like a good venue.  Lots of people, but it's roomy,
and I think the sound was good.  (Will someone please please let me
know how to get a tape of Mpls.?  I have nothing to trade, except
money or blanks.)
 Last year the two TOOM songs Bob sang were already better than the
cd.  It's funny that he said in interviews when the cd came out that
the songs were complete and finished, and yet they too were blueprints
of music that's gotten better and better live.  They are so dense and
mysterious and full of momentum and emotion.  It seems like the
beginning of a whole new thing for Bob, that he's creating a new kind
of music yet again.  And his voice is so modulated and strong.

It seems that Minnesota is not the place for the sedentary and/or
discriminating concertgoer, because when Bob came out the audience
on the floor stood and stayed standing for the entire concert.  They
also clapped to songs, hooted, danced, yelled out compliments,  sang
along.  On one of the songs Bob would wait for the audience to sing
the line, and then would join in - it was pretty funny.  The audience
generally acted most enthusiastic if less than decorous.  Oh well, it's
the sticks.  Bob sure doesn't seem to mind.
 'Blowin' in the Wind' blows me away.  It's like the past and present
come together with that song.  I feel especially privileged to have
heard him sing that.  And we got three harmonica solos that night.
'My Back Pages' was so well sung and played.  First you have those
great lyrics and then the band goes into instrumental mode for the
best playing I've ever heard.  Bob gives his audience so much -
no one could be more generous.

Rock on, Bob.  Please come back soon.

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