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Bob Dylan 980217 in St. Louis, Missouri - Fox Theater

Subject: (few) notes from st. louis...
From: Christine Consolvo (
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 12:11:28 GMT

The weather pretty much sucked, but I'm getting used to driving to 
St. Lou in the rain...seems to happen that way most times. Wandering
around this grand old theatre during Kenny Wayne, I couldn't help 
but try to take in the sheer ornate beauty of it...impossible. Large
lions flank the stairway with eyes flashing. This place suits Bob
Dylan to a T...

Mr. Dylan was having a great hair day (unlike Cleveland :-), wearing 
the sparkling jacket and looking extremely dapper. He doesn't take
that warm-up time he used to...hitting the stage ready to start
belting out the songs. Highlights were, naturally, Man In the Long
Black Coat, Born In Time & Blind Willie McTell, but the entire show
was consistently very good. Cocaine was sung especially well and he
really got down with the guitar for Masters of War...bent at the knee
and leaning far forward then waving his head side to side with the
strumming. Having my daughter and best friend along enhanced my
enjoyment considerably...seeing it through their eyes which haven't
witnessed one of these performances in a year or more. The crowd 
was mostly pretty dead (except for the twirling girl to the left),
even sitting through Highway 61 which suited the Little Hitler
security staff at the Fox just fine. 

This was another in a long line of shows that did not disappoint.

Just thought I'd mention it...


Subject: StLouis late Review (Long) From: Perfunct ( Date: 20 Feb 1998 07:26:49 GMT Fox Theatre,St.Louis,MO 2/17/98 Bob Dylan turned in yet another stellar performance.Since 1988 Dylan's so-called Never-Ending Tour has rolled along.His touring bands personnel has changed many times but the current line-up could prove to be his best.His new masterpiece TOOM along with recent touring band adds up to a night to remember. Launching into "Absolutely Sweet Marie" the band rocked but ended the song rather abruptly. Dylans vocals were on with the PA making every word audible with surprising clarity. "The Man In The Long Black Coat" turned up next and seemed a perfect choice for this historic theatre. Guitarist Larry Campbell's eerie effects made the song sound very similar to 1989's "Oh Mercy" studio version. Next the first of four songs from TOOM. "Can't Wait" Dylan delivered this song without holding back, almost ranting and twisting the lyrics with an almost parody twine. "Born In Time" showed up next showing how good the songs on the underrated "Under The Red Sky" are. Dylan obviously likes the album since this and the title song among others show up periodically in his set. The night so far seemed to take a haunting almost laid-back feel probably due to cold and rainy evening. Dylan heated things up next with another scorching "Silvio". The first real upbeat song of the evening rocked even though its been played every night for awhile. His vocals were enthusiastic and Campbell's guitar work seemed very tasty. Dylan didn't seem to be taking as many solos as in previous tours. The Acoustic set started with "Cocaine Blues" another song that has been overplayed a bit lately but with a version like this who cares. Once again Dylans vocal stole the show. With more problems in the middle east and Pres. Clinton on TV that morning threatening war, it came as no surprise when Dylan started up "Masters Of War". Clearly an inspired version the crowd could tell Dylan was serious about the song and the crowd hung on every word. "Tangled Up In Blue" was once again a crowd favorite which got many hoots and hollers. Dylans and Campbells Acoustic playin along with Bucky Baxters mandolin insured some great jamming. With electric back in hand Dylan started "Million Miles" possibly one of the best live versions played so far. His vocals once again grabbed everyones attention and the band in the back churning out the music perfectly in sync with Dylans aggressive vocals. Next the now classic "Blind Willie McTell" had Campbell playin some 8-stringed triangled lookin banjo sounding instrument. It gave the song an old timey sound with you guessed it great vocals. This song was probably the peak of the night. After a brief intro of the band they launched into a rocked out version of "Highway 61". Bob definitely enjoying himself by now made eye contact and head bobs toward various audience members in the first few rows. After briefly leaving the stage the band was back for the first of four encores. Another TOOM song " Til I Fell In Live W/U" definitely a new dylan favorite which he pasionately sang with all his might. He radiates such emotion from all the TOOM tunes. A perfect rendition of "Forever Young" done with acoustics in hand followed. The back-up vocals from Campbell and Baxter made the song warm and beautiful. Watching a young toddler dancing and watching Dylan in the row in front of me really made the lyrics come alive. The first track from TOOM "Love Sick" was next, once again proving that hin new material may be his strongest. "Rainy Day Women" rock and rolled the sold-out crowd and was a perfect ending as the crowd made their way out into the rainy evening.

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