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Bob Dylan 970428 in Wheeling, West Virginia

Subject: Wheeling/Black Veil
From: (
Date: 29 Apr 97 15:03:06 EDT

Hey All,
  Okay, Long Black Veil was pretty sweet.  I didn't know what it was until the 
first verse.  Dylan's version sound just like The Band's version.  Bucky's slide
sounded like a Hammond B3.  He and Larry sang back-up on "Nobody knows, nobody 
sees..."  Bob kept looking at Larry and Bucky nodding approvingly.  Maybe this 
is a sign we'll see more of this.  It sounded a lot like The Band's version 
from Big Pink.  He sang all the versres, at least all the ones The Band sing.
    The rest of the show, of course was superb.  Under the Red Sky was 
especially good.  Great singing and melodic lead guitar.  I sat pretty close to 
the stage and was able to see how much fun Bob was having.  Lots of smiles from 
Bob.  Sorry I don't have  more to say.  It was a wonderful show with Long black 
veil and Under the Red Sky being the highlights for me.  But, every song is 
always done to my liking.

As always,

Subject: 'She walks... these... hills'- Wheeling WV From: Mike Fallon ( Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 03:00:29 GMT Bill Parr asked for a detailed review of the performance of 'Long Black Veil'. Here goes. Following "Real you at Last", the drummer tapped out the steady medium tempo, then cut the tempo it to about half. The band played an instrumental intro for a vers , then Bob sang. By the time he got to 'there was some one killed, ' people started to recognize it and there were a few whoops from the crowd. The pace of the tune was similar to The Band's version, but Bob sang the lines of the verses faster, ending the them ahead of the music. Hard to explain, but, timing-wise, kind of like.... one two three four I had been in the arms of my best friend's wife Bob sang the first two verses, then chorus, short solo, then third verse, then chorus, then instrumental solo. More later, but sure loved that white hat. Bob seemed to be enjoying himself. He hammed it up on the guitar solos, not quite as much as at IUP, where there was a big crowd down front for the whole show. Still needs some work on the guitar, solo-wise. I hope he let Larry Campbell play more lead. Isn't that what he's paid for? It would take some of the load off Bob and let him play a little more harp. Maybe he's getting caught up in the guitar hero schtick. Well, I'll tak what I need and leave the rest... peace, mike fallon