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Bob Dylan 970424 in Clinton, New York

Subject: 4/24/97 Utica Setlist
From: "Brian M." (
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 00:36:55 -0400

4/24/97 Stanley Performing Arts Center, Utica, New York - sponsored by
Hamilton College:

Absolutely Sweet Marie
All Along The Watchtower
Simple Twist of Fate
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Unknown Title
Masters of War
Tangled Up In Blue
Unknown Title
Never Gonna Be The Same Again
Highway 61
I Shall Be Released
My Back Pages
Rainy Day Women

	This was the first and only show of the current tour for me and the
first time I have seen him with this band.  The band included a second
guitarist who also played fiddle; a bass player who also played upright
and acoustic bass; drums, and a pedal steel player who also played
dobro, guitar, and mandolin.  The band was pretty tight, although did
not seem as polished as last year's band, who I saw at the Landmark in
Syracuse about a year ago.  
	They opened with an electric set starting with "Absolutely Sweet
Marie". This was followed by "Senor", then "Watchtower".  During
Watchtower the crowd started dancing and many people moved to the front
and were eventually chased back by security. "Simple Twist of Fate"
followed, then "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight", then "Sylvio".  
	Next a brief acoustic set...I am not sure of the song titles but the
first one was a real country sounding song with a refrain  something
like "Gambled Your Last Game".  This was followed by "Masters of War",
then an excellent acoustic "Tangled Up in Blue" which, although
acoustic, really had a big build up and long jam.  The drummer played
throughout the acoustic set.  
	Stratocasters returned for another song I could not recognize, which
was followed by "Never Gonna Be the Same Again" and "Highway 61".  The
encores began with "I Shall Be Released", then a full band acoustic "My
Back Pages" (the only song that Bob played harmonica on all night), and
then closed the show with an electric "Rainy Day Women".  The band all
in all was really good, and appeared to lay back and allow him to stand
out more.  Bob played guitar solos on every song and obviously led the
band.  The show lasted about 1:45 or so.  If anybody has a tape I'd sure
like a copy....

Subject: Reactions to Utica. Incredible show! From: Dennis3917 ( Date: 25 Apr 1997 05:45:43 GMT What an incredible show! My first show despite years of being a fan. The hall was nice-- old opera house with gold trim everywhere. I was in balcony, where sound was good. Scene was weird. Young people, old people, people who seemed to be there only because it is Dylan. Dlyan was on fire. I was really blown away by this show. Started out a little rocky on Absolutely Sweet Marie. Band sounded good, but sound was messed up. Seľor (Tales Of Yankee Power) was really good, with a nice solo. All Along The Watchtower was tight, but ho-hum in my opinion. The highlight of the show for me came next. Simple Twist Of Fate sent shivers down my spine it was so good. I have really never been so blown away by a song in concert. The emotion was coming through Dylan like I have never seen before. Incredible. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight and Silvio were both cool- nice bass on Silvio. Then a white backdrop camedown and Dylan switched to acustic, playing a song I have never heard, Roving Gambler. It was really cool, and his voice was strong. Masters Of War was great. Not to get into politics, but this song is truer than ever with the recent escalation of arms exports. Dylan really tore up Tangled Up In Blue. It seemed like the band expected him to end, but he kept jamming, really working the crowd up for the first time of the show. It was SO good. next was Seeing The Real You At Last and Never Gonna Be The Same Again, really nice. Dylan closed out the set with a pretty conventional Highway 61 Revisited. The encore was incredible. I Shall Be Released was so intense.. Dylan was burning through it. Second encore was another highlight. It was the best My Back Pages I have ever heard- So nice, with a Scarlett sounding fiddle solo from Larry, and a nice harmonica from Bob. Closed show with Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - another ho-hum, in my book, but it sounded great! other reactions? -Dennis I REALLY WANT A TAPE OF THIS SHOW. I HAVE NICE TAPES TO TRADE. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ONE! THANKS.
Subject: Tales of Utica From: Jon Bercovici (JonBercovici@MSN.COM) Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 19:15:50 UT I traveled the 4 hour sojourn from New York to Utica after having seen the Wayne, N.J. show 11 days earlier. In a beautiful restored old theatre in a desolate old city surrounded by dancing college students I saw Bob deliver a powerful performance. Without repeating the setlist song by song I thought I'd comment on the show as a whole. Bob wore the same snakeskin color suit he wore the week before minus his white hat, and his white boots were conspicuous by their absence as well. As opposed to 96 where I thought things became predictable after the acoustic set, this year's model actually picks up steam as the show goes on. Roving Gambler continues his tradition of old blues numbers. Tangled up in Blue was as powerful as Wayne. Never Gonna be the Same Again was another one of the large number of melancholy love songs he has been doing on the tour(was that P.J. Harvey story a hoax?). It was during the encores that the show really became incredible. The new version of I Shall be Released with Larry Campbell and Bucky Baxter joining in on the chorus was powerful. The true highlight was My Back Pages which harkened back to Restless Farewell at the Sinatra Tribute. Larry Campbell played fiddle throughout and at the end Dylan joined him on harmonica. It was as good a moment as I've ever seen at a Dylan show. Also, the band seems to be coming more together. At Wayne, Bob played most of his leads while almost instructing Campbell. At this show the two of them worked effortlessly together with Campbell playing some more lead guitar. Campbell's versatility really gives the band new possibilities for different arrangements of songs. All in all it was a truly moving performance.