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Bob Dylan 970411 in Durham, New Hampshire

Subject: UNH show
From: Joshua (
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 00:57:16 -0400

Here's what I remember...

- Great cowboy motif...the bolo really worked

- Although Bob had trouble with the high notes, he sounded great!

- Silvio rocked, I mean rocked (even had a little jam in there that
seemed to hint at other songs, perhaps a Grateful Dead type-thing?)

- Lenny Bruce? Wow, that surprised me, but of course I haven't seen him
in 4 years...

- Rainy day was especially cool, that is until some bone-head jumped on
stage and decided to hug Bob (Dylan, for his part, didn't seem to care,
apparently neither did security since the guy remained on stage for a
least 2 minutes)

- I went with 3 other people who had never been before, they basically
said the same thing, "I was surprised at how good he sounded" (I think
they were expecting much worse) and on how impressive his guitar playing
was (I agree). Basically they had a good time, and were very impressed
(it didn't hurt that we had good seats either)

- Lots of young people, lots of Hippie/Grateful Dead types - A diverse
crowd of people none-the-less

Had a great time and I am so glad I went! Off to bed, Goodnight!