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Bob Dylan 970407 in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 22:07:45 -0300
From: Rob Clement (
Re: Thanks for the updates...

All I can say about the Fredericton show, is that it was one of my best
concert experiences...EVER. The band was very, very tight. I was a
little concerned when I had read somewhere on your site that the
guitarist was a fresh one (Joined in NFLD, no?)

Start time, about, 7:50-5. finish time was about 9:45-50

The guitar work was exquisite. Non-stop gold. His voice, surprisingly
even and confident. He was even almost dancing up there at one point.

The crowd, unlike what I've heard happened in Halifax, was allowed to
pretty much do what they wanted. Security was perfect. They were letting
people have fun. It was nice to see. It took the crowd untill about song
6 (Silvio) to REALLY get on their feet.  I'd say they were
dancing/standing right back to about the 6 or 7th row. 

I think the guitar work overall was what put this show over the edge for
me. I still can't believe how good the playing was. The three guitars
just intertwined perfectly all night, each melting in and out of the

I'm not big on remembering song names (for me it's always been the
music, not the lyrics) but some of the "unregular" tunes that he played
were, (I think # 10)Seeing the Real You at Last, (I think #11) I and I,
and the middle encore tune was The Times They Are A-Changin.

I have acces to a Sony mini-disc recorder, but didn't have the balls to
bring it. Too bad. I think could listen to that show over and over and

It was GREAT, have I said that already?

Thought so.

Rob Clement
Fredericton, NB