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Bob Dylan 970401 in St. Johns, Newfoundland

Subject: Set List: St. John's NF. Show #2
From: "Gerard F. Kenny" (
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 07:15:17 -0330

What a show!!! Dylan was in great form. Voice superb, back-up band tight
as a drum.  He hit the stage at 8:05 and left at 10:05.  I was 7 rows from
the front.  It was pretty incredible.  At the end of the show I went up to
the front of the stage and asked one of the roadies for the set list that
was taped on the floor next to the slide guitar player.  Here it is:

St. John's 2

Down in the Flood  (G)
Senor  (Am)
Watchtower  (Bm)
Simple Twist  (D)
Takes a Train (A) / Tom Thumb (E)
Silvio (B)
Oh Babe
Baby Blue (C) /Twice (C) / Boots (G)
Friend of the Devil
God Knows (G)
Masterpiece (C)/ Mr. Jones (Am)
She Belongs to me (A)
Broken (E) / Maggie's (A)
Rolling Stone
Forever Young (F)

That is what was on the sheet.  All the other dylan fans who were there can
correct this list as he probably changed it a bit.  Oh yes he ended on
"Everbody must get stoned " which is not listed .  What is the proper name
of that song???

Oh yes as a bonus I managed to sneak my Walkman in and taped the Ist 45
minutes of the show. Security was too tight to risk taking the walkman out
of my pocket and flipping over the tape and taping the other side. I guess
45 minutes is better than nothing. I got the Ist 8 tunes taped.  Now
before all the politically correct people out there bombard me with Flames
regarding unauthorized taping, just think for a minute, Didn't Dylan do a
few quasi-illegal things in his day??? How about yourself?? Do you have a
clean slate???  I got Dylan Live in St. John's April 1 1997 and that's no
April Fools Joke.

Best Wishes to All and to every one in the rest of Atlantic Canada and the
NE States enjoy the shows, if they are anything close to what he put on
here in St. John's they will be great.