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Bob Dylan 970210 in Tokyo, Japan

Subject: Feb. 10 Tokyo International Forum
From: "" (
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 01:11:23 +0900

Dear Boboholic people,

The second night at Tokyo International Forum.
Probably I am not the first to post the setlist, as I went out
drinking orange juice with my friends (they drank beer) after
the show.

VEGAS (Dave Stewart/Terry Hall/Dave Disley)
Working Class Hero
? (Walk Into The Wind ???)
Our Lips Are Sealed
Here Comes The Rain Again

Down In The Flood
If Not For You
All Along The Watchtower
Shelter From The Storm
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie      @
Tangled Up In Blue           @
Love Minus Zero No Limit     @
Memphis Blues Again
You're A Big Girl Now
Highway 61 Revisited
Like A Rolling Stone
Girl From The North Country  @
Rainy Day Women #12&35

Tonight guitar solos were prolonged and harder and that made us go crazy
during 'Hwy61R'.

Masato Kato

Love Minus Zero/No Limit

Subject: Tokyo International Forum, Feb 10 From: Matthew Zuckerman ( Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 01:02:21 +0900 Well, I'm sure Masato's already posted the set list, but here it is: Tokyo International Forum Feb 9, 1997 1 Down in the Flood 2 If Not For You 3 All Along the Watchtower 4 Shelter From the Storm 5 Just Like tom Thumb's Blues 6 Silvio 7 Oh Baby, It Ain't No Lie @ 8 Tangled Up in Blue @ 9 Love Minus Zero @ 10 Memphis Blues Again 11 You're a Big Girl Now 12 Highway 61 13 Like a Rolling Stone 14 Girl From the North Country @ 15 Rainy Day Women Dave Stewart did the same short set with Terry Hall on vocals and Terry Dizley (sp?) on piano. They did: 1 Working Class Hero 2 Walk into the Wind 3 Our Lips Are Sealed (yesterday I called it Cecile) 4 Talk to Me Like Lovers Do 5 Psychokiller The audience seemed even more warmed up than last night's -- no thanks, I'd say, to Dave Stewart, whose performance seemed very dull. The singer (ex of the Specials) was particularly dull. 1 Down in the Flood A pretty good performance. A bit better than last night's, but still just getting into it. 2 If Not For You A gentle, routine performance. 3 All Along the Watchtower Now you and I know that this was a special one, being the 1,000th rendition, but to Bob it was all along just another watchtower. Of course, that still gets pretty hot. 4 Shelter From the Storm A new arrangement for this one, and at a first listening, not particularly notable. It has nothing like the magic of the 1995 performances. Still, Bob got into the last verse, so much so that he repeated it and two other verses and started to wiggle his legs a little. I get the feeling that jet lag and/or a few too many drinks the night before was telling on him a little. There wasn't the humour or spring in his step from the first night. 5 Tom Thumb's Blues A very satisfying version, the last two verses sung particularly well. 6 Silvio Same as ever and maybe a shade less intense than last night, but a real rocker just the same. 7 Oh Baby, It Ain't No Lie @ Another surprise to have this one repeated, but a welcome one. Upbeat and swinging. 8 Tangled Up in Blue @ A conference with a roadie as this one started. Not quite sure what was going on. Bucky started on mandolin but switched to dobro. Actually, Bucky was a lot more low key tonight, as was Bob. J.J. played a little more to pick up the slack. 9 Love Minus Zero @ A beautiful, rich rendition with fine vocals and guitar work. Faster and tougher than the amazing versions from recent years, and -- frankly -- not as good, but wonderful all the same. 10 Memphis Blues Again Definitely one of the highpoints. This was where Dylan seemed to shake off most of the cobwebs and really start to cook. No duck walks tonight, but a few wayward leg manouvers. 11 You're a Big Girl Now An excellent performance of this one, similar to last year's. He introduced the band here, all except for J.J. who he introduced after Love Minus Zero. 12 Highway 61 Another steaming version of this one. The stage rush started earlier tonight, on this song, and the audience remained on its feet for the rest of the show. There was absolutely no security (last night there was a little) but no one invaded the stage this time. 13 Like a Rolling Stone Another very good version. Second verse seemed particularly exciting. Dave Stewart on stage again with the video camera. 14 Girl From the North Country @ For me, this was the best performance of the night, and one of the best North Country's for quite a while. Heinrich was less impressed, so I guess we'll have to wait for the tapes to find out what it was really like. Dylan sang the first verse completely solo. Garnier came in on double bass in the middle of the second verse and then the others slipped in behind him. 15 Rainy Day Women As ever. Everyone rocking. My feeling was that this was a good show, with great moments, but not up to yesterday's. However, Heinrich prefered today. Who knows what the tapes will tell. Many of the people who came not knowing what to expect were absolutely amazed. A lesson to us all. More tomorrow! _________________________________ Matthew Zuckerman (