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Bob Dylan 970209 in Tokyo, Japan

Subject: Tokyo show
From: Hirosi Yosizawa (
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 01:11:06 +0900
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Tokyo show   February.9.97

Bob Dylan was good mood.
He talked a little.  " Thank you "
He sang prettily.
A spectator went up for a stage.
They touched Bob Dylan.
However, Bob Dylan was good mood.
No harmonica.
A spectator greatly was satisfied.

Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)
I Want You
All Along The Watchtower
Just Like A Woman
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lite(acoustic w band)
Masters Of War (acoustic w band)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic w band)
Seeing The Real You At Last
Simple Twist Of Fate
Highway 61 Revisited
Like A Rolling Stone
It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic w band)
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35

Hirosi Yosizawa (

Subject: Feb. 9 Tokyo International Forum From: "" ( Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 00:30:11 +0900 X-Mailer: Eudora-J( Dear Boboholic people, Some people referred to me as the most popular man on r.m.d, but I do not think so at all. Because THE most popular man here is BOB DYLAN! Period. I have just come back home from the show and I know what I have to to before taking a bath. VEGAS, the new band that consists of Dave Stewart (ex-Eurithmics), Terry Hall (ex-Specials, Fun Boy Three) and a pianist whose name I cannnot remeber, opened the show. They played 5 or 6 songs. Working Class Hero (John Lennon) ? Our Lips Are Sealed Here Comes The Rain Again Psychokiller (Talking Heads) And then Bob Dylan. The band consists of Dylan, JJ Jackson, Tony Garnier, Bucky Baxter and David Kemper. We heard a lot of rumors, but ... Anyway the songs tonight were: Down In The Flood I Want You All Along The Watchtower Just Like A Woman I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Silvio @ Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie (Elizabeth Cotton) @ Masters Of War @ Don't Think Twice It's Alright Seeing The Real You At Last Simple Twist Of Fate Highway 61 Revisited Encore 1 Like A Rolling Stone Encore 2 @ It Ain't Me Babe Rainy Day Women #12&35 A lot of people rushed to the stage as soon as 'Babe' began. Some people even went up to the stage (soon cleared). I have never seen such crazy audience since I saw Napalm Death (a very hard core death metal band) last August. Dylan seemed to like this. He even smiled. But I do not think this kind of thins will happen again. Dave Stewart is standing on stage during the encores, but instead of playing the guitar or singing, he videotaped Dylan and the crazy audience. See you tomorrow. Masato Kato Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Subject: Tokyo International Forum, Feb 9 From: Matthew Zuckerman ( Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 00:45:22 +0900 Tokyo International Forum Feb 9, 1997 1 Down in the Flood 2 I Want You 3 All Along the Watchtower 4 Just Like a Woman 5 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 6 Silvio 7 Oh Baby, It Ain't No Lie @ 8 Masters of War @ 9 Don't Think Twice @ 10 Seeing the Real You At Last 11 Simple Twist of Fate 12 Highway 61 13 Like a Rolling Stone 14 It Ain't Me Babe @ 15 Rainy Day Women Before this, Dave Stewart did a short set with Terry Hall on vocals and (on the last 3 songs) a pianist whose name I didn't catch. They did: 1 Working Class Hero 2 Walk into the Wind 3 Cecille 4 Talk to Me Like Lovers Do 5 Psychokiller I don't know any except the first of these, so the titles are guesswork. Well, in the pub before the show we laid our opening song bets. I put 1000 yen on Absolutely Sweet Marie, Richard chose Rolling Stone and Mike said Union Sundown. At the hall Heinrich poo-pooed it all and said it would be Down in the Flood. He was right, but I think we had more fun. (I heard Heinrich muttering "Next time I think I'll go to a Johnny Cash show!" But, hey, I like Johnny Cash too.) The hall itself is a massive thing with a 5000-seater auditorium, conference halls and god knows what else. It's a nice hall though with good sound, although we were a little too near the bass speaker. No big surprises in the set list, but a big surprise as regards the musicians -- no changes! JJ, Bucky, Tony and DK, same as the last tour of last year. Here's a song-by-song breakdown. 1 Down in the Flood Disappointing, of course, that there wasn't something new. Also, a very leaden performance, a long way short of the 1995/96 ones I've heard. Fortunately, this was the only dud of the night. 2 I Want You Decent performance that really caught fire in the last verse. The whole band started to relax and Dylan's knees started to knock together, always a good sign. 3 All Along the Watchtower Well, ok, there's been lots of talk about this, but it really does work live. All the wrinkles have been sorted out in the first two numbers and this is the real start. A hot number, and it's here that Dylan's guitarwork really starts to impress. I heard people talking about this in October, but I just didn't expect him to play this well. Excellent lead work with a full, fluid tone, nothing at all like the grungy hit-and-miss style he's been pursuing these last few years. 4 Just Like a Woman The into to this is the only guitarwork he fluffed all evening. Other than that, a fine performance with a delightful last verse, dropping to the bottom of his range on the "just like a woman" lines. 5 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Usually, live versions of this song don't impress me much, but this was one of the highpoints of the show. The vocals on the second verse and bridge really kick in and there's some more fine guitar playing. Also a little duck walk and a lot of mugging. I think there's a lady in the first row he's paying a lot of attention to. 6 Silvio Same arrangement as last year, but cooking all the same. Another highpoint with more duck walks and other assorted legwork. 7 Oh Baby, It Ain't No Lie @ The only surprise on the set list. A very nice version of the Elizabeth Cotton classic, with David Klemper staying on drums. 8 Masters of War @ Same as last year, but very intense, especially the last verse, which featured a lovely little guitar figure from Dylan that he will no doubt never play again. 9 Don't Think Twice @ Starts off softly, but really gets steaming, with some great dobro playing from Bucky and some more fine guitar from Dylan. 10 Seeing the Real You At Last A rather different arrangement of this one, with a new riff. It's more melodic than before and some of Dylan's best guitar playing of the night. 11 Simple Twist of Fate Probably the very best performance of the night. Nothing surprising, just very very good. He introduced the band here. Minimal intros. 12 Highway 61 Again, no surprises, but a real rocking version. 13 Like a Rolling Stone First encore, and a tremendous version. I'm looking forward to hearing a tape of the second verse. Some great phrasing. 14 It Ain't Me Babe @ A very up-tempo version of this, and then there's a big rush for the stage. This kind of thing might happen in the States, but in Japan, even getting someone standing up and dancing is a pretty far out sight. About a dozen people jump up on the stage and shake hands with Dylan. He's smiling as wide as I've ever seen and obviously enjoying it. The security people clear the stage, but to the end of this song and through the next one, the whole hall is on its feet. 15 Rainy Day Women Ok, ok, I usually skip this one when I'm listening to the tapes, but it IS a nice way to end a show. Everybody up and dancing. One more person gets up on stage to shake Dylan's hand. Two sung verses, lots of instrumental, then that's it. Disappointing then that the format is just a continuation of last year, but a fine show all the same. If I had been to a dozen or so shows last year, I might be bummed out, but on the other hand, if I hadn't heard any tapes since Dylan's last shows here in 1994 I would have been absolutely blown away. As it was, I'm somewhere in the middle, but more blown than bummed. More tomorrow! _________________________________ Matthew Zuckerman
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 11:21:57 +0900 (JST) From: Ryutaro Sue To: Subject: Tokyo first night February 9 ,1997 in Tokyo at Tokyo International Forum Setlist Crash on the levee (Down in the flood) I want you All along the watchtower Just like a woman I'll be your baby tonight Silvio Oh babe it ain't no lie (acoustic) Masters of war (acoustic) Don't think twice,it's alright (acoustic) Seeing the real you at last Simple twist of fate Highway 61 revisited Encore1 Like a rolling stone Encore2 It ain't me ,babe Encore3 Rainy day women #12&35 I went to Bob's concert for the first time. His performance was more exciting R&R than I have expected. This night may be special night for not only me but Bob. Because a lot of people ,one of them was me, rushed to the stage when he began to play "It ain't me ,babe" at 2nd encore. And we danced and sang 'everybody must get stoned!'. Bob seemed very delighted ,even smiled. Now I think back that Bob's performance has a great power to bring all the young people to the stage. -- Ryutaro Sue ( Tokyo university ) e-mail: WorldWideWeb: