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Bob Dylan 961116 in Davenport, Iowa

Subject: davenport vs. milwaukee maybe akron too
From: rwjg (
Date: 18 Nov 1996 05:04:22 GMT

     well i am suprised there is no posting on the davenport show 24
hours after the fact.
     this, in my opinion, was not a top rate concert.  i thoght bob was
out of sorts.  he just never looked like he was into it.  oh yes there
was highlights for me.  another wonderful version of tangled up in
blue, freind of the devil was nice.  i bet i could'nt count on 3 hands
how many times the band just flat out missed tonight.  i would give
this show a c.  but what can i say, bob is always fun to see, no matter
     i'm betting i feel this way because i thought milwaukee was just
flat out great.  i have a feeling venue is important to bob, and the
eagles was his kinda joint.  nothing against adler, an old movie
theatre, but it just was'nt the same.  i wonder if bob is getting
     i took sadiejanes advice and took a camera, no search, very little
security.  i took lots of shots, i wonder if they will come out.  i
really think bob oughta ditch the silver pants.
     also looked like a new hat this time.
     i have never been a groupie type, i always thought if i ever met
bob dylan, i would'nt like him.  but since i had the camera, and did'nt
really care to see bob do rainy day, or not really do it, we went out
to catch him going out.  the bummer was when we hit the street, it was
pouring down rain.  i hit my spot anyway and loaded up the camera.  bob
came out with a towel over his head.  i was about 10 feet from him,
only a handful of people around, and shot a pic.  then i must have
gotten giddy cause i said, "how bout a picture bob."  he looked at me
and threw up his hands, i blew it, did'nt get the shot off, i guess i
forgot i had the camera in my hand.  then he says, in that great dylan
drawl, "alright, man."  and as he walks of i remember the camera and
take a shot, probably of his back, i don't know.
     my wife was shocked on how small he is.  i told her he ain't
small, he' a legend in our time.  all you folks should never pass up a
chance to see bob.
     so that brings me to this, akron is the last show of this stretch.
it's a good 9 hours away.  anybody from the middle part of illinois
wanta go?  my wife says were out of money for this sorta thing.  she's
probably right, so what.  i'll buy if you fly.  maybe, huh, mark?
     so thats my tour story for now.  hope to see you again bob.  try
to have fun this last week of the tour.
     one more thing, as always, the stage jumpin did'nt happen till the
last note of one too many mornings.  bob was looking down, and did'nt
see her coming, by the time she was upon him, he looked up and was
visably startled.  he actually jumped back.  i just think he was
somewhere else on this fine night.

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