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Bob Dylan 961029 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 13:35:57 -0800
Subject: bob in Oklahoma City

BOB in Oklahoma City

	This was my first Bob show in 2 years, however I have many shows recorded
between that time. First of all, this is a whole new band with a whole new feel
to it, even though the only change was in the drummer. A big fan of Winston, the
new guy had a lot to prove. Anyway, on to the show.

	Bob wearing black suit with white cowboy hat: 

1. Crash On The Levee
2. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 3. AATW
4. Tears of Rage
5. Lot to laugh, Train to cry
6. Silvio

7. Mr.T.Man @
8. Masters @
9. North Country @

10. Real You At Last
11. Obviously 5 Believers
12. Born In Time

13. Memphis Blues
14. Knockin' @

15. Rainy Day Women

	All were very well played, although Bob's mind seemed to wander a bit here
and there. Everything had a country flavor to it- very nice. Bob and band seemed
to have trouble ending the songs without a sour note here and there. 

Tonight- the country feel really helps on this one Tears- Beautifully executed!
Bob really expressing himself on this one Lot to Laugh- SLOOOW, with a monster
jam at the end Silvio- got the crowd rockin'
Acoustic (complete with backdrop graphics) 	Mr. T. Man- completely changed,
very bouncy, very strange, doesn't work for me (yet)
	Masters- very, very nice Bob getting into it 	Girl From the North Country-
Beautiful, crowd very into it 

Real You- ROCKED! a new favorite
5 Believers- My favorite for the night, wonderful Born In Time- 1st time heard by
me live- beatiful pedal steel by Bucky Memphis Blues- Bob tore it up on this one,
nice change of pace into: Knockin'- acoustic, country-pickin' Lovely Rainy Day
Women- well played, well jammed, I loved it although I'm not a huge fan of the

	All in all a very fine show, although I'll have to get used to no Winston.
BTW- this one did NOT sell out, although the crowd there was great, very KIND. 

Matt Kneidel

Subject: notes from oklahoma... From: Christine Consolvo ( Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 23:48:03 GMT Well, I managed to stupidly run out of gas just 6 miles outside of OKC and spent an hour an a half waiting for assistance. You can believe the evening was uphill from there... Time for a fashion report... Bob was wearing a waisted black jacket inundated with silver threads, a black velvet collar, cuffs and inset pockets. His pants were of matching material with velvet piping up the sides. Underneath the jacket he had on a shiny gray shirt with black stripes of varying widths. The sleeves of this shirt were way too long and had large pointed cuffs and collar. He wore it buttoned all the way up and had on cuff links with large purplish stones. This fabulous ensemble was perfectly topped off with a white cowboy hat sporting a thin black band and bright green feather...his beautiful curls wisping out and curling up under the wide brim. Something about this outfit made him appear even more elflike than usual...tiny, tiny, tiny... Again, he needed no jump start to get going strong at this show. I don't think I've *ever* seen such an enthusiastic welcome as I witnessed here in Oklahoma City. I suspect the crowd would have stood for the entire show, but the elderly, black suited ushers insisted those in front, at least, sit down during the second song. This didn't deter the rest of the congregation from standing periodically during the rest of the show. The aisles had to constantly be cleared of "poachers"... This rapt attention served only to get Bob going even more strongly. The dynamics among band members had returned to a modicum of normalcy that was very welcome on my part. And Bob interacted with the audience considerably more than in the two Texas shows I saw. He had no problem rushing into some great leads, the highlight of which was during Obviously Five Believers.......I wondered if he would ever stop! Like the Energizer bunny, he just kept going and going and going! Totally amazing... Something about tonight's version of Born In Time...really indescribeable...Hopefully it was captured for posterity where we can all enjoy it. Bob has taken to turning toward the drummer in order to keep him at the correct pace...sometimes leaving his back turned for minutes at a time. I can think of worse things than being forced to observe the rear view! After the stage rush, the woman right next to me kept yelling "Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Bobby, Knockin' On Heaven's Door!" between songs. This kind of annoyed me until he turned to her and nodded! I thought perhaps this was just to try and get her to quieten down, but when he returned for the acoustic encore he launched right into it! This certainly made her day, but I noticed later that it was on the cue sheet, therefore planned all along...funny. I had wondered if some song might come into play as a tribute to those who died here in the tragic terrorist bombing and, I know this is projecting but, I believe this was it... Just thought I'd mention it... Christine

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