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Bob Dylan 961019 at The Buffalo Bills Hotel, Jean, Nevada

Subject: 10/19/96-DYLAN ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!
From: Melanie Thomas (dlc2352@TIPTOE.FHDA.EDU)
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 14:58:45 -0700

Note to all my tape trading buddies:  I promised a review when I got back,
but it would take too long to write individually to each of you, so here is
my spin on the "Vegas" (Jean, Nevada) show 10/19.  Sorry for the length.

WOW!!!  That's my first comment.  I have seen Dylan perform over a dozen
times in the last twenty years and this was the best one yet!  I am
surprised to return to work today and not see glowing reports of this show.
I thought it was incredible!  I had flown to Orange County (where my
parents and a sibling live) on Friday and drove to Vegas from there with my
brother.  We arrived at about 12 midnight.  I was already excited about the
prospect of seeing Dylan again after a year and a half without.  As soon as
we walked in, I spotted the bright poster with his photo (although not a
good one) announcing the show, in the lobby of Buffalo Bill's.  I saw a few
Deadheads and cars with Grateful Dead bumper stickers and it reminded me of
my three previous visits when I had come to the town of lost wages to see
them perform.  (missin' you, Jerry!)  We played some black jack and went to

Saturday morning I picked up my husband at the airport and when we got back
to the hotel, we went to the will call window to pick up our tickets.  We
didn't know where our seats were, except that they were on the floor.  Row
K--oh boy!  By about 6:00 pm the excitement had mounted, more and more
people were milling around until the doors opened or picking up their
tickets.  We were somewhat skeptical when we saw the "sports arena" which
looks a lot like the San Jose arena, with bad acoustics.  Luckily, this
proved not to be the case.  We were delighted to be able to have "in and
out" privileges.  We made it back inside just in time to hear Kenny Wayne
Shepherd and his band.  I thought they were great, but especially his
guitar playing.  He closed with the most awesome "Voodoo Child" that I
leaned over to Dorian and said, "Wow, Jimi Hendrix has been reincarnated
into a white boy from Shreveport, Louisiana!!  Unlike some of the folks
around me, I enjoyed him immensely.

skip intermission -- the lights dim; the familiar voice announces: Columbia
recording artist, Bob Dylan.  He started doing "Down in the Flood" and I
wondered if I was going to hear the same show I heard the last  time I saw
him.  (although that wouldn't be too bad)  "Senor" reminded me of Garcia's
rendition.  Was it the new drummer?  Or the many Deadheads in attendance?
I was sorry to see some confrontation between audience members--those who
prefer to sit objecting to those who prefer (or are moved) to stand.  I
expected to see a repeated discussion when I got back to r.m.d.  Was that
John Howells I saw?  I had the pleasure of meeting Rod and Leslie, HWY 61
folks from Las Vegas and was sorry we had to miss their get-together on
Friday night.

I loved "All Along The Watchtower", regardless of how many times I have
heard this song performed!  They kicked ass.  How could I possibly sit
down?!!  Then he sang the most beautiful "Simple Twist Of Fate" that I have
ever heard.  I thought of Jerry again.  (was it the drummer?)  David Kemper
sounded very smooth, nothing like the power of Winston, but nice.
"Watching the River Flow" was fast paced, so much so that I ran out of
breath dancing *in my seat*, trying to appease the folks yelling "down in
front".  I don't think my feet have ever moved so fast!  I tried to remain
seated for "Silvio", but I think I may have jumped up a time or two.  I
think this was the song that JJ played some spacey licks on and he and Bob
were "dueling guitars"--very fluid and enjoyable.  (was that the song?)

Anyway, the next three acoustic songs took my breath away, they were so
beautiful.  I liked the added projected image of flowers behind the band
during "Mr. Tambourine Man".  I missed the harmonica, but didn't feel like
anything was missing from the performance at the time.  The projected image
used for "Masters Of War" was rather disturbing, but so is the content of
the song.  I couldn't get this one off of my mind for two days.  It was
very well done--intense.  I was thrilled to hear "Love Minus Zero/No
Limit", no less moving than the previous two songs.  I have no idea what
Dylan said at this point, but I was watching and waiting for people to rush
the stage and as soon as I saw my chance, I ran down the aisle and right up
front to the center of the rail.  There was only one person between me and
Zimmy!!  I have never been so close or so thrilled.  And so happy to be
able to stand up and be involved in the music.

They rocked out some more on "Everything Is Broken" and then he sang "I'll
Remember You".  I  thought of Ann McEntee and her description to me of the
feeling of him singing this song directly to her.  Well Ann, this time he
sang it to *me*!!  ;-)  He seemed to really be enjoying himself, much to my
delight.  We all sang along on "Maggie's Farm" and "Stuck Inside of
Mobile..." which I thought was better than usual.  "One Too Many Mornings"
is one of Dorian's and my songs (seems to fit the circumstances so often)
and one of my all time favorite songs.  We all screamed and clapped and
yelled "Bobby" or "more" and they came back and did "Rainy Day Women #12 &
35" with everyone singing along with the chorus--very loudly from where I
was.  I was surprised to see and smell a big puff of "herbal essence" blown
out onto the stage.  (It's a felony in Nevada.)  Tony especially seemed to
really enjoy himself and the audience.  They all seemed to get off on the
feedback and energy of the audience.  When the song ended, Dylan turned
around, took off his guitar, and slapped Dave a "high five" before leaving
the stage.  Perhaps he was as pleased with this performance as I was!!  I
yelled out and waved good-bye to all of them as they left the stage.  What
a great birthday present!  (to me) My husband even lifted one of the
posters for me as a gift.  I couldn't be happier!!

oh yea, fashion report:  pretty classy attire, white dress shirt, short
black jacket and brown velvet pants, black shoes or boots--not sure which.
He looked great, folks!  I still love him to death.  (so to speak)

Now, come back to the Bay Area, Bob!!  WE LOVE YOU!!

Subject: Nevada: Oct 19, 1996 - Review From: BBorowka ( Date: 20 Oct 1996 15:17:04 -0400 Fantastic show in a very odd venue. Three hotels off the highway on the way to Vegas (about 40 miles away). I was very concerned as to what sort of audience would be at this show. The arena itself was terrific, great acoustics (he has been known to play in venues where this was not the case in my experience so this was a big plus). Started a little slow with Crash on the Levee, seems like this is his warm-up song. He jumped right in with Senor, though, giving those brilliant lyrics their due. Watchtower seemed surprising fresh, at least he manages to find somewhat different things to do with it from time to time (the phrasing at least with a little unique). Then came the highlight for me. The beginning of an incredible 1-2-3 punch. Simple Twist of Fate. He sang that one with his heart...I can't imagine anyone not being moved. It seemed so right for his current voice. There were some odd and subtle changes of lyric that I can neither remember nor explain, perhaps one of the people who were taking notes at the show could help. He followed this with rockin' versions of Watching the River Flow and Sylvio..Good to see that he actually wants people to sing along with him these days. The guitar work was always underrated (not by you folks of course) feature of his performances. Then, the acoustic stuff, finally dipping back into the early work to please the folks in the audience who were expecting Peter, Paul, and Mary. (lots of older folks who happened to be at the casino and "remembered" Bob Dylan and thought it might be nice to hear Blowin' in the Wind). Anyway, a beautiful Tambourine Man, a biting Masters of War complete with some very interesting drum work from that new guy adding a little extra punch. (despite the inexplicable picture that was on the screen behind the band). And a lovely Love Minus Zero. Seems like he convered a lot of ground with those 3 tune- love song, political song, and one that cannot be classified. It was at this point that he mumbled something very incoherently into the mike (surprise, surprise) and I hope to God someone at the show made out what it was. In any case it led to us being allowed to rush the stage and stay up front for the rest of the show... ...Which continued with a rockin Everything Is Broken. He seemed less concerned with bothering about the words here...wanted to get to the extended jam and was enjoying the hell out of it. I think he was feeding off the energy of us folks up front. (which included a woman playing tambourine and a lot of pot) Next came a stirring "I'll Remember You"..he really did a lot of 70s and 80s stuff at this show...Then he had a brief conference with the band and launched into Maggie's Farm, which, I later discovered, was nowhere to be found on the setlist. Here he really let loose, smiling at us in the front row and making all sorts of strange and interesting faces. He, appeared, at least to be having a good time. The encores started with Stuck Inside of Mobile, again a standout, audience really seemed to enjoy it. Off the stage and back on for One Too Many Morning. Again the singing was really crisp here. And then of course the grand Rainy Day Women finally. He only bothered to sing one verse of that one (he noticed something during this song and started cracking up (Tony Garnier seemed to be laughing at something every five minutes))..Anyway, straight into the extended jam with everyone else doing the "singing" for him...and that was it...Over far too quickly...Definitely one of the greatest of his shows...Everyone it seemed had a good time, including Bob. A few interesting observations, most notably that there was NO HARMONICA whatsoever during the entire show. Perhaps he wanted to showcase his guitar abilities? There were the two mikes on stage for him which seemed strange, but not harmonica at all. Set list included Alabama Getaway which he did not play...also on there as alternates were Highway 61, North Country Blues, Seeing the Real You At Last, and I Believe You....I have no complaints with the choices he made. But why Buffalo Bills Casino? Why not Vegas or LA? Anyways, thanks for reading this, if you still are, any questions or comments feel free to email me. And if anyone has a tape of this show I'd be very interested in aquiring it, i have a few shows to trade and lots of blank tapes! Brian

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